Bug 1305502 - Add an option to download symbols for an artifact build. r=glandium
authorChris Manchester <cmanchester@mozilla.com>
Mon, 26 Sep 2016 14:54:24 -0700
changeset 347230 8a886c15e92de913aed3db32720a1c5d7fc4910c
parent 347229 3166f22eca269ebffdd71ea6ac12dbf6d284380b
child 347231 75e9e20c2d2de997edb70d223b9b021ddf45865e
push id10
push userfmarier@mozilla.com
push dateWed, 05 Oct 2016 23:37:28 +0000
Bug 1305502 - Add an option to download symbols for an artifact build. r=glandium MozReview-Commit-ID: HJxJeMkLiz9
--- a/moz.configure
+++ b/moz.configure
@@ -30,16 +30,26 @@ option('--enable-artifact-builds', env='
 def artifact_builds(value):
     if value:
         return True
 set_config('MOZ_ARTIFACT_BUILDS', artifact_builds)
+             depends(artifact_builds)(lambda v: False if v is None else None),
+             reason='--disable-artifact-builds')
+       help='Download symbols when artifact builds are enabled.')
+           depends_if('--enable-artifact-build-symbols')(lambda _: True))
 def imply_disable_compile_environment(value):
     if value:
         return False
 imply_option('--enable-compile-environment', imply_disable_compile_environment)
--- a/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/artifacts.py
+++ b/python/mozbuild/mozbuild/artifacts.py
@@ -123,48 +123,55 @@ class ArtifactJob(object):
         ('bin/xpcshell', ('bin', 'bin')),
         ('bin/plugins/*', ('bin/plugins', 'plugins'))
     # We can tell our input is a test archive by this suffix, which happens to
     # be the same across platforms.
     _test_archive_suffix = '.common.tests.zip'
-    def __init__(self, package_re, tests_re, log=None):
+    def __init__(self, package_re, tests_re, log=None, download_symbols=False):
         self._package_re = re.compile(package_re)
         self._tests_re = None
         if tests_re:
             self._tests_re = re.compile(tests_re)
         self._log = log
+        self._symbols_archive_suffix = None
+        if download_symbols:
+            self._symbols_archive_suffix = 'crashreporter-symbols.zip'
     def log(self, *args, **kwargs):
         if self._log:
             self._log(*args, **kwargs)
     def find_candidate_artifacts(self, artifacts):
         # TODO: Handle multiple artifacts, taking the latest one.
         tests_artifact = None
         for artifact in artifacts:
             name = artifact['name']
             if self._package_re and self._package_re.match(name):
                 yield name
             elif self._tests_re and self._tests_re.match(name):
                 tests_artifact = name
                 yield name
+            elif self._symbols_archive_suffix and name.endswith(self._symbols_archive_suffix):
+                yield name
                 self.log(logging.DEBUG, 'artifact',
                          {'name': name},
                          'Not yielding artifact named {name} as a candidate artifact')
         if self._tests_re and not tests_artifact:
             raise ValueError('Expected tests archive matching "{re}", but '
                              'found none!'.format(re=self._tests_re))
     def process_artifact(self, filename, processed_filename):
         if filename.endswith(ArtifactJob._test_archive_suffix) and self._tests_re:
             return self.process_tests_artifact(filename, processed_filename)
+        if self._symbols_archive_suffix and filename.endswith(self._symbols_archive_suffix):
+            return self.process_symbols_archive(filename, processed_filename)
         return self.process_package_artifact(filename, processed_filename)
     def process_package_artifact(self, filename, processed_filename):
         raise NotImplementedError("Subclasses must specialize process_package_artifact!")
     def process_tests_artifact(self, filename, processed_filename):
         added_entry = False
@@ -183,16 +190,25 @@ class ArtifactJob(object):
                     writer.add(destpath.encode('utf-8'), reader[filename], mode=mode)
                     added_entry = True
         if not added_entry:
             raise ValueError('Archive format changed! No pattern from "{patterns}"'
                              'matched an archive path.'.format(
+    def process_symbols_archive(self, filename, processed_filename):
+        with JarWriter(file=processed_filename, optimize=False, compress_level=5) as writer:
+            reader = JarReader(filename)
+            for filename in reader.entries:
+                destpath = mozpath.join('crashreporter-symbols', filename)
+                self.log(logging.INFO, 'artifact',
+                         {'destpath': destpath},
+                         'Adding {destpath} to processed archive')
+                writer.add(destpath.encode('utf-8'), reader[filename])
 class AndroidArtifactJob(ArtifactJob):
     package_artifact_patterns = {
@@ -425,19 +441,19 @@ JOB_DETAILS = {
     'win64': (WinArtifactJob, ('public/build/firefox-(.*)\.win64.zip',
     'win64-debug': (WinArtifactJob, ('public/build/firefox-(.*)\.win64.zip',
-def get_job_details(job, log=None):
+def get_job_details(job, log=None, download_symbols=False):
     cls, (package_re, tests_re) = JOB_DETAILS[job]
-    return cls(package_re, tests_re, log=log)
+    return cls(package_re, tests_re, log=log, download_symbols=download_symbols)
 def cachedmethod(cachefunc):
     '''Decorator to wrap a class or instance method with a memoizing callable that
     saves results in a (possibly shared) cache.
     def decorator(method):
         def wrapper(self, *args, **kwargs):
             mapping = cachefunc(self)
@@ -606,19 +622,19 @@ class TaskCache(CacheManager):
     '''Map candidate pushheads to Task Cluster task IDs and artifact URLs.'''
     def __init__(self, cache_dir, log=None, skip_cache=False):
         CacheManager.__init__(self, cache_dir, 'artifact_url', MAX_CACHED_TASKS, log=log, skip_cache=skip_cache)
         self._index = taskcluster.Index()
         self._queue = taskcluster.Queue()
-    def artifact_urls(self, tree, job, rev):
+    def artifact_urls(self, tree, job, rev, download_symbols):
-            artifact_job = get_job_details(job, log=self._log)
+            artifact_job = get_job_details(job, log=self._log, download_symbols=download_symbols)
         except KeyError:
             self.log(logging.INFO, 'artifact',
                 {'job': job},
                 'Unknown job {job}')
             raise KeyError("Unknown job")
         key = '{rev}.{tree}.{job}'.format(rev=rev, tree=tree, job=job)
@@ -743,28 +759,29 @@ class Artifacts(object):
     def __init__(self, tree, substs, defines, job=None, log=None,
                  cache_dir='.', hg=None, git=None, skip_cache=False,
         if (hg and git) or (not hg and not git):
             raise ValueError("Must provide path to exactly one of hg and git")
         self._substs = substs
+        self._download_symbols = self._substs.get('MOZ_ARTIFACT_BUILD_SYMBOLS', False)
         self._defines = defines
         self._tree = tree
         self._job = job or self._guess_artifact_job()
         self._log = log
         self._hg = hg
         self._git = git
         self._cache_dir = cache_dir
         self._skip_cache = skip_cache
         self._topsrcdir = topsrcdir
-            self._artifact_job = get_job_details(self._job, log=self._log)
+            self._artifact_job = get_job_details(self._job, log=self._log, download_symbols=self._download_symbols)
         except KeyError:
             self.log(logging.INFO, 'artifact',
                 {'job': self._job},
                 'Unknown job {job}')
             raise KeyError("Unknown job")
         self._task_cache = TaskCache(self._cache_dir, log=self._log, skip_cache=self._skip_cache)
         self._artifact_cache = ArtifactCache(self._cache_dir, log=self._log, skip_cache=self._skip_cache)
@@ -909,17 +926,17 @@ class Artifacts(object):
             trees = tree_cache.artifact_trees(pushhead)
         except ValueError:
             return None
         for tree in trees:
-                urls = task_cache.artifact_urls(tree, job, pushhead)
+                urls = task_cache.artifact_urls(tree, job, pushhead, self._download_symbols)
             except ValueError:
             if urls:
                 self.log(logging.INFO, 'artifact',
                          {'pushhead': pushhead,
                           'tree': tree},
                          'Installing from remote pushhead {pushhead} on {tree}')
                 return urls