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Fri Sep 29 23:18:54 2017 +0000
7ad82b201efc262f016b2c521052a5df452c8a52Francois Marier — WIP: Fix merge conflict from last rebase
35b9b54e0a5ba535a121bc107adc86fbf8a09a2bFrancois Marier — WIP: pull files out of the unified build that don't have to be there
0cc3c9292e466b39e44d7bc0160ac0b49b2b25c4Francois Marier — WIP: fix upstream header file
1e1ae65ff1066e6a45ff8ad01e1277e91b2840cfFrancois Marier — WIP: fix globbing pattern in upgrade script and add missing files
9c29516f72f159ffdc2e3afdc5ec428b95bb2468Francois Marier — WIP: upgrade to protobuf 3.4.1
3df4e7610e656e827850ed7c95885e3240ac0317Francois Marier — WIP: Re-sync LayerScopePacket.proto with the generated files
6feb9fc6078c4ec89a53fd6494592d9a133edbdaFrancois Marier — Bug 1385461 - Update to the latest version of the protobuf library. r?fitzgen
5b614965e23e21272c9d7fcd8e0911956d98d543ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-327 - a=hpkp-update
ce78e246e9e3d7850694dfedc5af99568d907ee7ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-327 - a=hsts-update
935eca685536793ab7df8bfc9fb52d70128f7756Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1402457 - Disable the TC periodic-update cron job due to more work being scheduled than expected. r=Callek, a=me
cd9c8c48e4b3ded47a776f757008f3dcf570c59cSebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
8c7e7ec5fd3844be7e22e677ddc82e285a58591aNazım Can Altınova — Bug 1396102 - Add some testcases to verify that we consistently serialize the default line directions in linear gradients (iff stylo is enabled) r=dholbert
8d22eba3f47a259c4ec009df250c683ad3fa1ac3JW Wang — Bug 1404187 - group timeout messages for MediaTestManager. r=kaku
5f8ff8f2c4b9ef30b637bd8c482ef3092d84add4Kaku Kuo — Bug 1401757 part 1 - set MDSM::mMinimizePreroll to false once seekToNextFrame() is engaged; r=jwwang
1fe25bc278e75281a56b0e400f55a0f73bc5635eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5a0227d048e8 (bug 1305777) for failing devtools' devtools/client/styleeditor/test/browser_styleeditor_media_sidebar_links.js on Windows 7 debug without e10s. r=backout
883484b7794765b796e9eeeef38a958b7a6052aeSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6ae05de7437d (bug 1305777)
4e494ae5b19d9280c2c228f5340fd5f2d405cc0aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 776ad30a20db (bug 1305777)
27bf9dc1839e5feb9bb59c1c554819319e39aa49Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6e0cb1927bfe (bug 1305777)
d9d93f156d3b3afe7a70e6b867e503c653586107Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c311ac4b05b7 (bug 1305777)
3ff120562b4a06a3eb829901771e02d1f8168fd2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0169ee5c78fb (bug 1305777)
84606fe1cd2df32342f4d3eb512bf911e2151cd0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ffb4e22a4347 (bug 1305777)
140805019de38dbfbb9f4fe363de8d7c8a52d387Munro Mengjue Chiang — Bug 1402377 - Stop the corresponding track instead of the whole stream when an external device is plugged out. r=jib,pehrsons
06df09ff7e6419a1b8f931f6b618d92ed85cff5dMarco Bonardo — Bug 1402373 - Slack's red badge favicon is shown for no reason and then isn't cleared when all messages are read. r=Mardak,nanj
27bd931e843d46869717e4160704a49e5c13a74eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 130a44290c28 (bug 1401411) for eslint failure at browser/extensions/formautofill/test/unit/test_createRecords.js:207:8 | Missing trailing comma. r=backout
130a44290c28b51b919c3f0d01ababad2a594c1dSean Lee — Bug 1401411 - All name related fields should be counted as 1 field only when creating the records. r=lchang
53670ed7793d9ecf06821403aeabbd9c41cf209asteveck-chung — Bug 1393756 - Part 2: Add mochitest for credit card doorhanger saving with masterpassword. r=lchang
7a98b2ce8a962451ea50f092c2e301cc54f0f87bsteveck-chung — Bug 1393756 - Part 1: Add mochitest for credit card doorhanger never save option. r=lchang
7c43769de237d820797c702e9c3c17fe66c33fd6Sean Lee — Bug 1403007 - Add the regexp flag to cc-exp rule. r=MattN
c538d5d2d2c240bd113a5e2154081604457a66e7Mike Hommey — Bug 1403843 - Disable static sizes on debug builds. r=njn
e292482fdbe790eae58915a8af6bed61c0c6f437Mike Hommey — Bug 1403843 - Make quantum, small and chunk sizes always static. r=njn
78024b5b78dd9ee4ff88f580fadd9ee1c45ce168Alastor Wu — Bug 1403478 - part2 : merge 'test_SeekableBefore*' and 'test_SeekableAfter*' into 'test_SeekableBeforeAndAfter*'. r=jya
c2b6049d51c789eb01da4bd2f8d2d1d1cc376237Alastor Wu — Bug 1403478 - part1 : check v.seekable before and after calling ms.endOfStream(). r=jwwang,jya
33868c610ffc8062050874b29458299a1c17a000Makoto Kato — Bug 1403841 - IsSelectionEditable should check whether focus node and anchor node aren't null. r=masayuki
244604e87eece74b198746f89d8e8addee6fe294Makoto Kato — Bug 1135901 - Remove nsPrintProgress and nsPrintProgressParams from OS X printing implementation. r=mantaroh
cb864315059c490518033ef85d40ab48174c62f9Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1403869 - Update 'about.png' for 57 Nightly. r=nechen
62e1a30599a6a0b19abafc172fe88c637689a164Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1404182 - add testcase for bug 1380468. r=kinetik
322eba7fa97aa0cd3595242cefbe45be8c626ce1Masayuki Nakano — Bug 1403026 - Make IMEStateManager release all string buffer of its static members at XPCOM shutdown r=smaug
5a9b49e80fff07d791185be5a153caaa01efaa73Ricky Chien — Bug 1402244 - Recover broken treecol & treechildren font-size r=jaws
b9f281fc27ad670787ea37df41ff07163f0cdd14Manish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #18667 - Update debug bindings for removal of mFrameRefCnt (from Manishearth:bindingsup); r=emilio
772f7c02ef1933e0b04a0cf22449b3d18b9645b9cku — Bug 1373750 - Part 2. Add a crash test consists of two mask layers. r=mstange
02991800138174eb92484cada7861a4efe29777dcku — Bug 1373750 - Part 1. Except the bottom layer, recompute clip state of each mask layer by a clear clipState object. r=mstange
600792598d4243fd9005c0891a95c8f24a0c3ab1Bobby Holley — Bug 1403397 - Add a testing API. r=bz,r=Manishearth
17044f9cf2a39350f3686da6a8fc6e4acd2e3c43Bobby Holley — Bug 1403397 - Protect the hashmaps outside of rebuilds. r=Manishearth,r=dmajor,r=ehoogeveen
820174e66b1842aa9ce48d2ed484050abd84add8Bobby Holley — Bug 1403397 - Round hashglobe allocations up to the nearest page size. r=Manishearth,r=dmajor
9d688ebb802b46efd02d5cefcd701d49fafbacb5Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
9793aaf426996ecdf77eb4995fecc48d13e6665bBobby Holley — servo: Merge #18668 - Add mprotect diagnostics for HashMap crash (from bholley:mprotect_diagnostics); r=Manishearth
6c5c7e9dd360c0f9aa2507f7faa0d1b155568aa3Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1404124 - Pickle account right after it's created r=eoger
3e7cd55f6cb9b509ec29196ce4393a16a302acf9Jared Wein — Bug 1399111 - Keep the loading indicator gray for tabs that have been unselected since load. r=Gijs
fcced3138ab78be12a0ec7fc89ba63adbcc9d918Jared Wein — Bug 1399111 - Tabs that start loading in the background and haven't been selected before completing loading will show a lighter tab burst. r=Gijs
6e145fde853db3ca6799b2ce92c7b98d68b6a0caBlake Kaplan — Bug 1396110 - Fix races during watchdog shutdown. r=billm
3c83c4edd842a7955e5b3371e3900500d1c77447Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
a49d2fffbeb7c6a719d934c39c07870aad45c331Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #18664 - stylo: Don't serialize default position on -moz- prefixed linear gradient (from canaltinova:gradient-default-direction); r=emilio
e331b951c34705c1bfd940e3d00249bb3c3a9760Andrew McCreight — Bug 1277260, part 2 - Add and use method to annotate CC crashes with a class name. r=rweiss+418169,smaug
36de9e91851fe85b73574686174490a573c7884bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1277260, part 1 - Make PtrInfo into a class and mark it final. r=smaug
22bcb41cbaec6f8b728360aa3693904be0b7f656Brad Werth — Bug 1396151: Remove fuzzy on macOS for backgr_layers-opacity.html -- no longer needed. r=xidorn
2a91649c5285aaad5ef33362bf5a1169fe189562Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1389274 - Correct the behavior of Element.scrollIntoView to match the draft spec and pass web platform tests; r=annevk,bkelly
a327ade4032c0801a1c022b3d40fa44fbecc8290Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1401756 - [Mac] Remove unneeded mach-lookups from plugin sandbox rules. r=Alex_Gaynor
03dca80f55baa2c158d29469a7cde6e0e4d9d2a3Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1400757 - Add telemetry to MediaRecorder and TrackEncoder to track basic usage. r=francois,pehrsons
ef87d74f001bb6f75a5daf3b9cabe5a898b3aac0Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1403787 - Register FxA device with a default client name if we fail to obtain one r=eoger
8654953bc112ea236fb97a25bf0c98672ae383d2J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1403465 - Crashtest. r=emilio
7d672562f7a5e55872e5e1710dffb4c187698f78Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18666 - style: Avoid creating element data in Servo_ResolvePseudoStyle (from emilio:mathml-is-not-fun); r=bholley
6e019978b9d3c65f9ed34174c97dfb19125334afJim Chen — Bug 1385124 - Close tab when new tab redirects to external app; r=sebastian
f7ca10f036dead2c66687b0290a4067e29e9b36dJim Chen — Bug 1384829 - 4. Add test case to testInputConnection; r=esawin
c6a68e0e09b2578d28b1e64c859c8dbc24f8a663Jim Chen — Bug 1384829 - 3. No longer ignore certain exceptions; r=esawin
5c83f8313d0b2f30bccb6a5745b2718b1136691dJim Chen — Bug 1384829 - 2. Add more user-friendly debugging output; r=esawin
6e2c72495a1bf8d292f97a99b984fc0ed8a25c38Jim Chen — Bug 1384829 - 1. Always perform shadow text actions; r=esawin
859483e77e443a94df04a54768cfcf6a35319994Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset cf0280811b62 (bug 1394457) for sessionstore related bc failures a=backout
6314d54af8b87a7bff0fcda9a93732b9d5cef476Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1403714 - Only regard max_fs when set explicitly. r=dminor
52fb045e622a10a17b4dc40b1474c1c987b6ca9bMike Hommey — Bug 1403821 - Don't force the allocator to be always compiled with optimizations. r=froydnj
8ef9a047e8c3429ca59d3d6eb9196c3c38b669bfEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403712: Crashtest. r=bholley
51d9d64884e28892bf1f691137ff55f7e94b85d3Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403712: Clear the restyle root at the end of UnbindFromTree too. r=bholley
56032de853c456240c0e0969cb82c9c4ba4d27faEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403712: Make some assertions not assert for conditions that may happen mid-unbind. r=bholley
dccd87824efadeb509c0bc9b1a848911e124368dImanol Fernandez — servo: Merge #18580 - Associate WebGL textures with texture units (from MortimerGoro:webgl_active_texture); r=jdm
754da8e698978a5d21542fd1f35ac250c2768077Christian Holler — Bug 1402815 - Add interruptTest function to JS engine. r=jandem
ffb4e22a4347adfd47536ccec04d3b2e95c8f2c7J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Fix ESLint issues for moved files. r=jdescottes
0169ee5c78fb71d4d7c9f3b0dc9433f266ded36eJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Clean up touch simulator after old RDM removal. r=ochameau
c311ac4b05b7da9fe839699847227bf30d154850J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Clean up tests that supported both RDMs. r=ochameau
6e0cb1927bfe6a686847275d19a787b83bb6c147J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Remove old RDM. r=ochameau
776ad30a20db29cf79ee0feef36ebeeb59f34966J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Move RDM GCLI commands to new RDM. r=ochameau
6ae05de7437da2b603d3ab3994e10d81f39ceeefJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Remove RDM manager switch and pref. r=ochameau
5a0227d048e8aee2a7fc22304c4879122d0859e6J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1305777 - Move RDM frame script to new RDM. r=ochameau
f1b4bde4dadd0bc2f4867334c051c915bfe814b9Matthew Noorenberghe — Bug 1401343 - Expose a 'tabs' getter in the child-process actor. r=jryans,ochameau
cf0280811b621a6034a99ff20e535c6f9faa4a2bErica Wright — Bug 1394457 - Update illustration for about:sessionrestore. ui-r=shorlander, r=dao
f1cc3260d807414824324f6749fdadb2f5472733Marco Bonardo — Bug 1403508 - Change browser_WebRequest_ancestors.js so it doesn't matter if we fetch a favicon. r=mixedpuppy
aaf93f2c8f1a433d08fe9a9ae5f3afb956142d5bMarco Bonardo — Bug 1403508 - Tabbrowser is no more storing root favicons in Places for pages not defining an icon. r=Mardak
53da1770ecd10b289fdaddc199431c94b415aacaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1402321 - Update webrender to commit 9c5f8682e75839ad8c26480b89f87bbb37aa7894. r=jrmuizel
13e8329439654bbf9c888d37c6abb342d114a8cdBrad Werth — Bug 1402942 Part 2: Add a test to check the reported devicePixelRatio strings for different zoom levels. r=heycam
63c671797226285289c6679d6aa61385f04f37e3Brad Werth — Bug 1402942 Part 1: Use double precision math in computation of Window.devicePixelRatio. r=bz,heycam
02eed89f56e3006140d475855d0d22e742f79ab2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 13e001aa0253 (bug 1395841) for altering strings without using new string ids. r=backout a=backout
946b9c995ec331f4f96360409fd8d2fc49e46838Jan Varga — Bug 1403023 - Set mSentCommitOrAbort to true when HoldWorker call fails to silence the destructor assertion (this is a followup fix for bug 1399322); r=asuth
3baddc8863b2898efff2f52db657e5d997ebf1b5Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1403642. Avoid an extra property table lookup. r=ethlin
7bdc00f1e6877f2e83f38bbad48240e765847acaMatthew Gregan — Bug 1403043 - Avoid reentering libcubeb from data_callback. r=jwwang
2e95ed440045c3a0e1013d9804f532daac391822Ethan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part4. Update reftest annotations for new failures. r=kats
ed4b70492285b166dec9f020251330205b327a17Ethan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part3. Update reftest annotations for unexpected-pass tests. r=kats
ed003bffcb51c47725234f23bb822ccdda8a07adEthan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part2. Use stacking context's scale value to compute the correct paint rect. r=jrmuizel
0c8a91346605eafd3d28572f8430ed7559f25731Ethan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part1. Store inherited scale in stacking context. r=jrmuizel,kats
5b0935d488462ccbc30e58a0140ad28743a1e18eStone Shih — Bug 1316251 Part3: Trigger pointer event implementation in EventStateManager. r=masayuki
c60d8a8d46dfa4e4489370474ef1220ec41c8e4bStone Shih — Bug 1316251 Part2: Revise pointer event implementation. r=masayuki
aaa9c6d59bd58bd679834970e2142c46e04238efStone Shih — Bug 1316251 Part1: Separate pointer event implementation from PresShell. r=masayuki
ad900f0ccb5cf25e971d605da23eebc9948b4214Yoshi Huang — Bug 1403162 - remove StackRooting. r=jonco
296e1b4704deb1c6b3f9a6f5fc56688e89c01117Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1403646. Make sure dead object proxies have the same background-finalization status as the wrapper they replace. r=jonco
76b6ae2fc6eb389810cb2a745f976be11516eb44Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1402218. Make sure to clone our CSSDeclaration as needed when removing properties. r=emilio
294dfd15f0e45937b5220ae49cd925ecf65af30bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1403293. Make sure that anonymous table columns and column groups never affect hit testing. r=heycam
238ad8ca8df0aaa72446a11594108607e1f7ca18yuyin — Bug 1329019 - MIPS: Add some missing functions to fix build errors. r=luke
772f1641588ac2fc20ff6ec5fc14df98314f4660Kris Maglione — Bug 1403348: Include details about AsyncShutdown failure in crash reason. r=baku data-r=rweiss
c37ef428d978f4dd447a8e0c546ff8537b20d9f5Aki Sasaki — bug 1381597 - switch bbb test to a warning until we smooth out the issues. r=callek
f44332154b9489f4499dbcdf522c5cd0b40cc554Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
e6c32278f32cd5f7d159627b2157396b62d0c4a9Wes Kocher — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1388413) for failures in browser_userContextId_openWindow.js a=bustage
6600fc968276f7e82e71197039f30a716217f598Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c a=merge
d018ea90b0c2334274f7b3316c19ab7906c8efbfDavid Parks — Bug 1403707 - Change content sandbox job level to JOB_LOCKDOWN. r=bobowen
6dea0ee45b66b850c1ec62301724a67db901f81aWes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
e365cc4aa8f1d3d7bfc6ace91522896cbaf3741aMarkus Stange — Bug 1402416 - Use the correct font smoothing background color for disabled menuitems. r=dao
a4c7a0be983302308f4485269de5218b66af1745Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8855ba3f65ba (bug 1397744) for failing browser-chrome's browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_synced_tabs_menu.js. r=backout
d2b23d922b73f0ed865bbf877d9bd715c7048043Wes Kocher — No bug - Mark variable-substitution-variable-declaration.html as passing on stylo after servo PR 18660 a=bustage
6f05e80e4bbf0e5ef4b5e51ebe7b461d0dc7bff8Henrik Skupin — Bug 1403503 - Remove obsolete socksUsername and socksPassword capabilities. r=automatedtester
638e145f6bba437642d55f7b2baf5458df61419aGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402896 - make the url bar strip javascript even when preceded by control characters, r=mak
489a4a560c60f2eb0f0a145ab01626f798247498Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8a970e561fe1 (bug 1389274) for unexpected passes of web-platform-test /cssom-view/scrollIntoView-shadow.html. r=backout
93561ea081ffb2bb4a68a4828a230f95ba201078Dão Gottwald — Bug 1366405 - Stop using -moz-appearance: -moz-win-glass with the Windows 10 default theme. r=nhnt11
1b728c9c1f45131bbbe71fdba8c2a6b384c4018bDão Gottwald — Bug 1403951 - Dark/Light themes shouldn't make the window transparent on Windows 10. r=johannh
16f3c04bb0ead41a9646c7bc806f182c3d31c0e0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
50958575534033662c87ef2423922a1ad2cc96c4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1403983 - Fix reftest regression where screenshots aren't being output and add a test, r=jmaher
8855ba3f65ba482513c0bfe322b351d4555d8619Edouard Oger — Bug 1397744 - Show the Sync animation immediately after clicking the manual sync button. r=markh
7dcc9de817630a81d69720554d733018433b45d3Johann Hofmann — Bug 1391227 - Make buttons in the tab toolbar more opaque. r=dao
7ae685cc47f34d9c56aa46f3dbec222f87f96c33Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18663 - Make DomRoot<T> a type alias of a more general Root<T> type (from servo:ROOT-ALL-THE-THINGS); r=jdm
8063ebcb25dbdf541b6cc9dd71216219fb42ffb5Milan Sreckovic — Bug 1403945: Add utility functions to recognize OS X 10.13. r=mstange
30d8969e3ec6ea2d21a0542cc83708ee64dab283Alastor Wu — Bug 1403832 - part2 : reuse ErrorName() in MediaResult::Description(). r=jya
89061adfacb3d6ac68b093087fd7ea4be828e5ccAlastor Wu — Bug 1403832 - part1 : replace Error.Code() with Error.ErrorName(). r=jya
dd4eea6b8ae40bc9d304ebe8c33fb5f48e677360Ed Lee — Bug 1400920 - The pocket section briefly shows up and causes the scrollbar to make the whole page flicker. r=ursula
e003f2efac27d627c3ac1395d1de6993f2ad61d3Andrew McCreight — Bug 1403377 - Destroy hash table iterator before modifying hash table. r=smaug
56ca38c33b965a00186b39082a461784baf9f694Dão Gottwald — Bug 1403951 - Stop setting -moz-appearance: none; on :root for lightweight themes as it completely breaks the window when the Windows compositor is enabled. r=johannh
6916341875529a05d2c821bd5205a31d448dbb9cMichael Cooper — Bug 1403758 - Sync shield-recipe-client v76 from GitHub (commit 2419d02) r=Gijs
8a970e561fe106adbec7554499292d7fe8d6c1b5Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1389274 - Correct the behavior of Element.scrollIntoView to match the draft spec and pass web platform tests; r=annevk,bkelly
f215f88437f1db1884858be2c78582ab2b11bbb0Scott Wu — Bug 1397114 - Disable smooth scrolling when value changes come from input box r=mconley
97ea12f298158a90c90860888ca4ed8086185656Scott Wu — Bug 1401876 - (Part 2) Add browser-chrome test for reopening picker. r=mconley
e238860e4943cd1bb4c2c5f7175a36d494f0e91bScott Wu — Bug 1401876 - (Part 1) Close datetime picker on popuphidden. r=mconley
112de4d9e9e67a7a10cb9d6dc8eb4d4bee6585e2Brian Stack — Bug 1400223 - Merge tasks added by action tasks into graphs used for subsequent tasks r=dustin
8547b76f8dfef0e55d8c8c3690fca1cfb19a798cTom Prince — Bug 1403982: Pass --disable-xcode-checks to js/src's configure; r=gps
4c664d3d37fa46fc4175e7eaa766302e0fd49896Ian Moody — Bug 1375485 - Add test to verify that requesting an origin or permission in the wrong field throws an error. r=aswan
d3efdc909cb923712a71d9edfceb40c4ea317df8Ian Moody — Bug 1375485 - Update the extension manifest schema to distinguish between permissions and origins. r=aswan
353baf72f7896fecd6fbc738fc222a099bbc0be3Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1403319 - Expose Intl.NumberFormat.prototype.formatToParts. r=anba
1654d3ffca3e79e8204b0c592f9e35d49cfd2a22Sam Foster — Bug 1387415 - Make empty toolbar spaces be drag handles for the window. r=dao
8dad665a3b1ae9c7e269fe8e401e7967b03f74abXidorn Quan — servo: Merge #18660 - Don't use inherited custom properties for substitution (from upsuper:var-sub-inherit); r=emilio
6fad485bf9640d263dc0dc9c432c16818ab7879bTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1401807 Part 3 - Use a local reflow status when reflowing nsVideoFrame's children. r=dholbert
6db5435a16a4648ae969d0a2693936d99fedce97Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1401807 Part 2 - Add a crashtest. r=dholbert
dce12df1e58de9328c53f9fb54bb51d662d52840Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1401807 Part 1 - Give unconstrained block size when reflowing mPosterImage. r=dholbert
6304aff270522a06d4bd5f269c2f549c241e1a13Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 9323d33afd50 (bug 1397180) for flake8 linting failure attesting/talos/talos/ | local variable 'path' is assigned to but never used. r=backout
0e83790a93a65371876838527f7a4e6abaec7e26Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1359242 - Update reftest annotations. r=jrmuizel
62f5be86a33c1d1f6f146bddf26d448fa181105fKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1359242 - Enable background-image layers by default in webrender. r=jrmuizel
9323d33afd502a26f0d496aa9be81109c0371fb0Tarek Ziadé — Bug 1397180 - Ability to run with heavy profiles r=ahal,jmaher
fe21efcf224e262497c8788b3721b44bfb203688Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1384870 - Show 'Folder updated' in snack bar after editing a bookmark folder. r=nechen
e595d08c3ee222648f788e2f5b1ea29e9284fafcJared Wein — Bug 1402493 - Don't prevent switching back to Reload for top level about: loads. r=Gijs
4a92efa8e87d65ae1f468cbc93e7bb3c70f48012Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1401309 - [mozlint] Remove and use mozversioncontrol instead, r=gps
f148c6eeb1d9f8a63c3901cf86dc12d1b52eb531Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1401309 - [mozversioncontrol] Add an option to make failed subprocess commands non-fatal, r=gps
46f18abdbe32657bb1504dec0467b64bc17baa5aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1401309 - [mozversioncontrol] Add ability to get outgoing files, r=gps
bb1af5a946f9dac8caae4998a6dbd67e7454f8f5Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1401309 - [mozversioncontrol] Merge get_modified_files and get_added_files into a single function, r=gps
f2cb38633e49f8bb1f1e8c05ce92b12a7223c2cdAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1401309 - Add python/mozversioncontrol to flake8 linter, r=gps
442abdab3a1c24dcc61adb0252706a0c79a56062Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1403437 - Use MenuUtils#safeSetVisible to hide '.*_add_to_launcher' safely. r=nechen
e7da45f5f6a42f07cc00a94dc344babb63209dd6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a505b6b021dd (bug 1395501) for Windows bustage at gfx/layers/wr/StackingContextHelper.cpp(94). r=backout
3bc2bfadcf57de227142be7fa7d08ac87a5fd401Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 3b3e9f5671b2 (bug 1395501)
472e75fe095a87c35a3c6e29539cb446a630ad20Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 75f20de3a189 (bug 1395501)
38bede6d40f6a9dba92ea3b0adba38fde47e5560Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset dccc79e2b399 (bug 1395501)
dc852a1928cb4a2085871ee211095604f750a805Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1398576 - Fix listening for debugger reload on DAMP. r=bgrins
b50e085efc2f9601530aa95d39f49696408139b8Johann Hofmann — Bug 1397265 - Add a titlebar-placeholder on the right-hand side of the tabs. r=dao
31a6dd7f81f9888ed7e2756d2349d1b81162fcd3Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1403808 - Move mFrameRefCount to GeckoStyleContext; r=emilio
dccc79e2b399d5d2ff1a03d0f1bdb391b9f0a2bfEthan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part4. Update reftest annotations for new failures. r=kats
75f20de3a18992d0a6f23a2b5734f85851aaa106Ethan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part3. Update reftest annotations for unexpected-pass tests. r=jrmuizel,kats
3b3e9f5671b208553c9eee087d087addcec5d7a0Ethan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part2. Use stacking context's scale value to compute the correct paint rect. r=jrmuizel
a505b6b021dd78f65a76e20836e51cbdd387872cEthan Lin — Bug 1395501 - Part1. Store inherited scale in stacking context. r=jrmuizel,kats
77a18bd0383cbfd36e1c8a54eb0a5aa86a009be1Hugh Wu — Bug 1381747 - Removed browser.display.history.maxresults from mobile.js. r=JanH
90960f0aa023e28df22f385a4c951fb19382177dMark Banner — Bug 1403486 - Convert some xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/bookmarks to Bookmarks.jsm API. r=mak
16813d52b75cbb18f9f47c48b5c5a30cf02eae0cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset dbe60b600dc0 (bug 1397853) for failining linter py-compat at testing/mochitest/ r=backout
35460a8966c7e32c45407cb9a2a333d20b120875Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1403325 - Use a single --sandbox-read-whitelist argument in mochitest and reftest, r=Alex_Gaynor
dbe60b600dc0b9aabce3d197b438e4a6816f117eSteve Armand — Bug 1397853 - Enable py2 and py3 linter on testing/mochitest. r=ahal
13dcb717827363acb5ab0f83952acf15d70e7269Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 240bd9bd8b3e (bug 1403508) for failing toolkit/modules/tests/browser/browser_WebRequest_ancestors.js because it got mid-aired by bug 1305237. r=backout
3077f546e9b2ebfd05612e02c4ff1a872ae5a6e9Mark Banner — Bug 1403494 - Remove batch mode handling from the tagging service as we will be handling batches differently with async Places APIs. r=mak
b55bc9d096efc1d2b8a286c9115e4d908308f6b6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396073: Simplify and remove some more code. r=xidorn
ec77f71780ff6e7f68478e2a22788d51f5ca3187Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396073: Remove some never matching rules for applet. r=xidorn
736aac6f2c4d705e7d889b9dbd3cac25a37d4e1aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396073: Remove :-moz-empty-except-children-with-local-name. r=xidorn
69d30bc2d04869e2214443e99f62c2986bbc6da8Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1396073: Hide :-moz-devtools-highlighted from anywhere but UA sheets. r=xidorn
b45571b600da2bf732775c82ce03fbfaad0e8665Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18659 - stylo: unship some stuff (from emilio:unship-stuff); r=xidorn
36994cdc6201f085f16c83aaee85611613dda5f6Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
75620646ccb8f68282ba4fbc45304c40f2a71275Ricky Chien — Bug 1393417 - Make Preferences Android and iOS icons highlight in high contrast themes r=dao
4659afc70a237dc812c15f0aa8428d7cefadc2d8James Cheng — Bug 1403830 - [Part2] Remove unnecessary code and include header using gmp-platform.h. r=cpearce
4e4757f3ec896ec523322263cc252493d185c707James Cheng — Bug 1403830 - [Part1] Remove gmp-decryption.h and its related code. r=cpearce
3b92948b9fa4b2defb27a0317734555e9a8f4038James Cheng — Bug 1403804 - P2 - Remove remaining GMPCDMProxy term. r=cpearce
4785e88cd39ac18713f112d00ec7d43246934aa8James Cheng — Bug 1403804 - P1 - Remove PGMPDecryptor.ipdl and its related code from code base. r=cpearce
38571a57eb1161597abd001704684b79e7715479Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1395841 - Part 2: Support creating a shortcut from page option in menu. r=nechen
13e001aa0253aa789eac679b4dc3137d4c871b83Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1395841 - Part 1: Change page option strings fom 'add to home screen' to 'add page shortcut'. r=nechen
65ea1109e3eff17366b7eca808302be5daf2dda4Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1399378 - Update Fennec logo icons for 57 beta/release. r=nechen
30ddb433b63d21e548321b014cf683dbc0298290Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1ae1bd9b2b5c (bug 256180) for crashtest failures on Windows 7 debug, e.g. in layout/base/crashtests/507119.html, and on suspicion of causing crashtest failures on Android. r=backout
5adec9b302150ba3f6dcb2d534f88ba59aa222e7Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6a527c7a89a0 (bug 256180)
5fce48b39d5838eb91e2a0441b44bf256d956097Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0ce8d073a16e (bug 256180)
d2b369de68ee0aa889f112469b27ab19224633c2Dão Gottwald — Bug 1403853 - Hide the menu button separator in popup windows. r=nhnt11
e0adce5b62a4f10f346b95f51f2553b7ce320109Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 1372065 - fix cppcheck linter error in Necko. r=jduell
e2174dbb6efc708cbb67b1d4b54938c12e3f2fa1James Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part8 - Delete fakeopenh264.voucher. r=cpearce
8454cca82c4d874d3354bd181650bf62f6677dfdJames Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part7 - Rename dom/media/gmp-plugin to dom/media/fake-cdm r=cpearce
d5f0f1ba4b5c733106c414d863055b1a337cc0ddJames Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part6 - Fix unified build error due to adding a new gtest unit. r=cpearce
c41c0cd0601619150c3ea8948b9119cf305b9547James Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part5 - Split out the CDM testing from TestGMPCrossOrigin.cpp to TestCDMStorage.cpp and rename GMPStorage into CDMStorage. r=cpearce
8faa7ec9f5d34f06bd2560129e3454c0e9804c7aJames Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part4 - Fix the include header name after renaming by Part3. r=cpearce
8e98418e6c1b2998c9d497afce270442b75d41a9James Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part3 - Rename only the file names from gmp-* to cdm-* a. r=cpearce
2dcc72594553867e363631189577fb6140045af0James Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part2 - Modify the gtest to adapt to the interface change. r=cpearce
4dcf9f51015d7df4a374922634378586509aa265James Cheng — Bug 1396493 - Part1 - Convert gmp-fake to use Chromium ContentDecryptionModule8 interface. r=cpearce
c8631efa2592d201ecad4fe61cf3a2a42cb460aaAlfredo.Yang — Bug 1388991 - add test case for subtraction underfolw in SampleToChunkIterator. r=kinetik
f2df51e1bf8a5e58b95b7da60996eb92274e0a7aAlfredo.Yang — Bug 1388991 - check subtraction underflow. r=kinetik
240bd9bd8b3eb4cda22fb19c3d6d23d2e5c523ceMarco Bonardo — Bug 1403508 - Tabbrowser is no more storing root favicons in Places for pages not defining an icon. r=Mardak
c050d8574203c0344a9570fef73df51a1a489091Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403592: Crashtest. r=Manishearth
0a0cc4bb885a2487b643e94fc244620751616d03Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403592: Never flush the user font set when getting font metrics from style resolution. r=Manishearth
c62e4471a0e31fde6ef570137e8648eb5612fbc8Chris Pearce — Bug 1402825 - Extend life of VIDEO_CAN_CREATE_*_DECODER telemetry to 68. r=francois
77229cfe153a7f5c417490baf14951efab5cda9aValentin Gosu — Bug 1403178 - Remove mParent assertion from Performance* as it's triggered in headless mode r=baku
813556d9e389f580d8e6efa9c24825edec952259Xidorn Quan — Bug 1402094 - Blacklist about:reader from using stylo. r=bholley
c70dcd8228e28af2c100340559accb48e7adee72Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 8ce27eeef766 (bug 1402094) for bustage on Android: dom/base/nsDocument.cpp:13613: 'bool ShouldUseGeckoBackend(nsIURI*)' defined but not used. r=backout
0ce8d073a16ee3275d3bbc93741ec9a40e7f1261Henri Sivonen — Bug 256180 parser part - Insert elements as siblings instead of children at the Blink-defined magic depth for compatibility. r=smaug
6a527c7a89a02bb34f7e5fcc772508053d4efaccHenri Sivonen — Bug 256180 layout part - Increase MAX_REFLOW_DEPTH to reduce the probability of content going silently missing. r=bz
1ae1bd9b2b5c0198a685fe8b86d6ba6660b19381Henri Sivonen — Bug 256180 build config part - Increase the max size for the runtime stack on Windows. r=glandium
8d4f4b54141ac107d52688bf2b4392e860ab554dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403615: Also follow the NODE_DESCENDANTS_NEED_FRAMES bit in ClearRestyleStateFromSubtree. r=bholley
f0d6d70e39ae3893893a56ff6ee9aeef03db9e51sajattack — Bug 1364333 - remove leftover code and strings from standalone about:addons UI r=rhelmer
f4b5a83e20e92dd32fc5b151d7f61c96ff6ba51fXidorn Quan — Bug 1403127 - Don't try to pass fullscreen element through IPC. r=jaws
e3221268f8fc67bd461c2e04ed486e264c070abfEd Lee — Bug 1403215 - Fix broken Snippets pref, perceived performance and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=k88hudson,ursula
8ce27eeef7662c04deed1328ff25937e530aaf79Xidorn Quan — Bug 1402094 - Blacklist about:reader from using stylo. r=bholley
56e8182e239d28d20f0088d61a96c14d204c26c0Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1389315 - Isolate Safe Browsing completions cached by each provider. r=francois
c4db9dfba44dc89ac669b314204fc1139dc75543Mike Hommey — Bug 1403824 - Keep track of arenas in the arena tree. r=njn
32eb992ba469bc2b215ecea1f4e7e99e3de5d3bcXidorn Quan — Bug 1401420 part 5 - Add crashtest for this bug. r=dholbert
14190aa23ce612d553ee9afd0b4f734e6a168d7bXidorn Quan — Bug 1401420 part 4 - Have ruby frames only push children to overflow list, and reparent floats when adopting children from prev-in-flow. r=dholbert
2164d769710e6470e22c114deca0c92e1fe00dd6Xidorn Quan — Bug 1401420 part 3 - Add nsContainerFrame::PushChildrenToOverflow. r=dholbert
14fe3196aa1e00046ecf452e2f4f12965f060817Xidorn Quan — Bug 1401420 part 2 - Remove some duplicate function comment from nsContainerFrame. r=dholbert
8f3f409faf2f631e6a8990b69913738bf0b885f7Xidorn Quan — Bug 1401420 part 1 - Move ReparentFloatsForInlineChild from nsInlineFrame to nsContainerFrame. r=dholbert
a8597af836f83caf916ff32c17dab60b949d24bfJim Chen — Bug 1258106 - Extend testEventDispatcher timeout; r=me
307a7a34013060a6a1e87dfbb911f058d0781a2eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets d0d30a90efa1 and fd1d81b93380 (bug 1305237) for causing bug 1403932.
2bffa263522b1c7444d62c98e398972691bb5fc2Eugen Sawin — Bug 1394520 - [3.0] Translate null-URI to "about:blank" for URI loading requests. r=snorp
e176fee9dc7efa6e9452b0b758c61f8ef4e61fa4Eugen Sawin — Bug 1394520 - [2.1] Add support for external URI loading with e10s in GeckoView. r=snorp
7f980b17c3b92af4575e046aabab51838c681c31Eugen Sawin — Bug 1394520 - [1.2] Extend nsIBrowserDOMWindow to support content window creation without URI loading with e10s. r=smaug
76945af24d9b8e714884341d358825fccee2e277Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1403798 - Update sRGB expectation to "pass" on Windows.
67974008894e0dfa6a287167ddefbb31280549b5Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1396326 - VRDisplay.getFrameData() now returns false when orientation data is not available,r=daoshengmu
b0e818e98bb51abf5336484a7cf47b10ddfb88faJim Blandy — No bug: RollingMean.h doc fix. DONTBUILD r=kentuckyfriedtakahe
923ba800cbb8b056f72dce600995d5f1675ef3b3Jan de Mooij — Bug 1398768 part 6 - Remove functors for array natives. r=evilpie
62a67f9e89668e4e0a77c8b394e14e09ba978f5fJan de Mooij — Bug 1398768 part 5 - Remove unboxed arrays shell flag and context option. r=evilpie
d2d0f8a0196f515b99037091dbd75d6ec821d7dcJan de Mooij — Bug 1398768 part 4 - Remove unused temps from some LIR instructions. r=evilpie
6ec5b0fd9f4dcf7610a54130d264e7930022b2bcJan de Mooij — Bug 1398768 part 3 - Use ArrayObject* instead of JSObject* in some places. r=evilpie
fa608874b0f3e7335a638b5a2953356cfa9b55a6Liam Hodgins — Bug 1403334 - Make sure the property value overflow is indented r=gl
e4862be7721039f6472654622e4d7c9504a58c8bStephen A Pohl — Bug 1404036: Display window titles in non-default themes when titlebars are showing on macOS. r=mstange
dfb5fe61c3e648087af16b2571c04c28e55143baStephen A Pohl — Bug 1402740: Position modal sheets correctly on macOS now that titlebars are being hidden by bug 1401297. r=mstange
79580c3ab33855761d3fbe22ba61e7a1fc056d97David Anderson — Block D3D11 when using Intel drivers on Windows 7 systems with partial AVX support. (bug 1403353, r=jrmuizel)
c6edffdecb576f9c2d92edbb1a9d5a610a4abefeDavid Major — Bug 1403220 followup: Limit the PGO workaround to just where it's needed.
ced38f207b5ef8ebb1a6573e80845fef7d28aea4Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1403798 - Fix EXT_sRGB activation, particularly on Windows+ANGLE+ES2. - r=daoshengmu
d90bf67c029f0d2fb8147b962555dd0d4e964fc0Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
3177c1b64ffe7ba5c08851791bd495421dcedb05Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset c4cf992aa65c (bug 1366405) for causing bug 1403951.
d3f71dfafe9d70ebd37304458adba77e75c801d4Kris Maglione — Bug 1399375: Disable test_ext_permissions on asan for frequent intermittents. r=me
4781ee1472b3e2b7285cb4a86e30674f4427fe62Eden Chuang — Bug 1403080 - Return null DOMString while PaymentOptions.requestShipping is false. r=baku
5d5b9b4480c44dee1ce9889a630a7f77fa9ebf40Jim Blandy — Bug 1397385 - Clarify use of JSOP_GIMPLICITTHIS. r=tcampbell
26a6bdc37e040604f256600d893ed807f49c9841Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1330492 - Check for nsIDocument::READYSTATE_INTERACTIVE if mObserver is null. r=peterv
195987f4eed86acf469016cfbae17d7829e790faKris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Follow-up: Fix and re-enable test_ext_webrequest_background_events. r=me
fb26449905c0a24eb0f7294f78345b2dbb682ba6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 16f21b8add66 (bug 1367069) for about:home bustage.
65ff7c0adadcb1236ad5ec604bdd8a6cb65fd0aaPaul Adenot — Bug 1403041 - Don't re-enter libcubeb from the audio thread. r=kinetik
b1962479ed9688bf67836c12c9e8ad2293ed4eddPaul Adenot — Bug 1403041 - Fix typo in AudioCallbackDriver member. r=kinetik
d1d32fa5437d9b4513ea3765fdb6abb19b900e77Christian Holler — Bug 1403962 - Add JS test for FillWithUndefined special-case. r=anba
6bb669555e241577a55d99c43ea401b435dbb9a6James Willcox — Bug 1372926 - Followup to fix lint failures r=me
aa2f3c4c32422f2ba66a76dc6402a7eefb67c5a5Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1388413 - ServiceWorkerClients::openWindow() - OriginAttributes test using tabs, r=me
405cec6a92e77c1cbdb1dfc370c1879b7e4c85ccNicolas Silva — Bug 1403857 - Clear with transparent black to benefit from fast glClear optimization. r=kvark
2ac21f869569f53da63443662fc3ec562bc8a24fJames Willcox — Bug 1372926 - Support new shortcut API in Android O r=nechen
787e7de1ace6be026dcdad66e96aa4b48bc7f024James Willcox — Bug 1372926 - Revert bug 1394356, allowing "add to homescreen" again on Android O r=nechen
507fd8ac4448aacff075960f38b979801636682aJerryShih — Bug 1388240 - use EGL stream to support d3d11 A8 format texture. r=jgilbert
0b9876a0d19f97b51e64b91281bd5c4211b9b075JerryShih — Bug 1388240 - turn to use TextureExternalHandle in DXGIYCbCrTextureHostD3D11. r=nical
91808daafa07063d8946cdc83b42244f4e28da1dJerryShih — Bug 1388240 - update the DXGITextureHostD3D11::Lock() comment for non-compositor use case. r=nical
1d58c76e748192ed36dff40a589d5632c6acbfdbStone Shih — Bug 1355497: Ignore preventDefault on pointerdown by WebExtensions. r=smaug.
3d19050cc86a74b001a66ab1a08e9bdabb6faed5Jon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Remove RuntimeAllocPolicy now it's no longer used r=sfink
f6fce9f85d91df0daff217e577a9af7de4c8a02bJon Coppeard — Bug 1400278 - Replace runtime allocation with system or zone allocation where possible r=jandem
b6ecd2cc921732c42a24bffe69379b4a3a2b9c51Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1120178 - Migrate DOMError to DOMExtension in FileReader, IndexedDB, DOMRequest and so on, r=smaug
89ffaadaf58b8afabb671cfcc7382aa743f78a51Shawn Huang — Bug 1389561 - Part 1: Convernt MOZ_ASSERT to MOZ_DIAGNOSTIC_ASSERT for more debugging information, r=janv
b90c6fd05bdc3a8ae62b40168352028bff3f205cTom Schuster — Bug 1403723 - Correct metadata when using management.get. r=mixedpuppy
d115c631b9956cb6dd3a56067573bcd3adde1fcbTowkir Ahmed — Bug 1403875 - Add missing fill and fill-opacity attributes to bookmarks-toolbar.svg; r=dao
b981cbc24c83c2058c20056a8b940d1770f32a8eSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
76a26ef7c493311c170ae83eb0c1d6592a21396dSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
82c2eecf82ba820c4593aa4a9749662f7d54d9a7Henrik Skupin — Bug 1403616 - Defer logging of Marionette IOError to after post-test checks. r=gbrown
b72247744144d1bf462ffdcb8ff5c2354eb98c1fJan Henning — Bug 1403693 - Fix IDN conversion during theme installation. r=jwu
007e7f04bab6dedd202edcb46788a4f68958266eMike Hommey — Bug 1403766 - Always use some sort of thread local storage in the allocator. r=njn
1383b74c057975f256bffa78795ac11040c06ddfMike Hommey — Bug 1403765 - Use native TLS in the allocator on Windows. r=njn
99cbce113cbad212bf735aeb1f6b1965201f345eMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Remove typedefs for RedBlackTrees. r=njn
7c81f176ea70ad4e057a9ec9d03a1992287a811dMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Rename the RedBlackTree member variables. r=njn
b498ca38f5bc759da88d76eb61136399aa13e799Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Add a helper class to avoid the tree traversal code having to use Trait::GetTreeNode noisily. r=njn
f0aef1a9d5ac970744229fca6c9bf2f121c493d0Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Replace the rb_foreach_* macros with a range iterator. r=njn
8c09ef23038e7ffa8dbb7d1ffe26a330af03a6d2Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Remove rbp_f_synced. r=njn
9093162201a6b782f04d3edc13398f31eeabd341Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Replace rbp_move_red_left and rbp_move_red_right with private methods. r=njn
ccae5ad584bccdc73afd89b6fcc7846093de1397Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Replace rbp_lean_left and rbp_lean_right with private methods. r=njn
6ec1867b2d380c90fd8a45243d04e966006c11ffMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Replace rbp_rotate_left and rbp_rotate_right with private methods. r=njn
65d0d8bf7a529a67d649ad6f81c7522cf519d1b9Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rb_remove. r=njn
1429099bea5c59d38c3922ae579a8d6fe57de9d0Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rb_insert. r=njn
ed366676ea6746e21ae49181eb0bf3a3920db1dfMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rbp_first and rbp_last. r=njn
12cdddcf6f48d9650b784a4dd613435aee8e7a42Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Allow First and Last to take a start node, and use that in Next and Prev. r=njn
13b60a25e0af13127c11187b3d34f61876d828bbMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rb_search and rb_nsearch. r=njn
abe60e0e33c62387943f21f4772f8000e3c5f1e4Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rbp_next and rbp_prev. r=njn
0f46392fa6f2fb20ce6c51ce1b21c15876c9a5dfMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rb_node_field. r=njn
2251b63c2f085209e8cfadb0dd2b8e70d5efa457Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rbp_node_new. r=njn
7f30afe9cb7c793c0d7df93fb4127f6252b0671eMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Expand rb_new, rb_first, rb_last, rb_next and rb_prev. r=njn
be4970676624126391335f7c767baec6ddb77de0Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Add methods to the RedBlackTree template class, replacing rb_wrap. r=njn
4921fe77c9e12a67c49eccee302a3cdb747fcff9Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Move miscellaneous size related constants and macros earlier in mozjemalloc.cpp. r=njn
f6335a2c4a31bd3b92c2fa5b1392b06c851346d9Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Replace some uses of IsRed() with Color() or IsBlack(). r=njn
8ff410c98e54b908a0eb55cf781e24224dc53d8aMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rbp_{color,red,black}_set. r=njn
a43b8b37d7d9327518149501b5f458fe6bedff19Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rbp_right_set. r=njn
26968aab7b2de2e34f769554055081bc46e889b3Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rbp_left_set. r=njn
6c1c1b8d66abdb715f8e6e6ee9b8e32665b17f65Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rbp_red_get. r=njn
0d20144aa03845bf8351131a111e2cacc35531c4Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rbp_right_get. r=njn
565c560547073df093c479a943a7a40f0555be60Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Trivially expand rbp_left_get. r=njn
cfb67812dddd7c07f0772f92dd0b952d1300f48fMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Abstract red-black-tree link field reference with a new macro. r=njn
580a17be2513390db474749a5eab1d25d488558aMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Apply clang-format to the rb.h macros. r=njn
47be00052ea5cf23797a1f0e0ff80ba9ec62248aMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Use a fixed size for the stack space used during rb_foreach. r=njn
fbefb8ef77a0df0002e71465cd246b68867ca7f6Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Make the "static" part of what the rb_wrap macro expands to.. r=njn
cbe9f428b8f523635f79902e5527df18c88487a8Mike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Add getters and setters on RedBlackTreeNode. r=njn
7abab00981a4718ad98e7789bb494a3b6bf2ca2cMike Hommey — Bug 1403444 - Use templates for rb_node and rb_tree, and rename them. r=njn
4930e4c3462b8a70318dd981ec7b036be1caba4cKyle Machulis — Bug 1402180 - Remove nsIDOMHTMLAreaElement; r=bz
0a9862245514d47698d699924d05a304ef417395Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1403473 - Init loggingEnable for hashcompleter r=dimi
5447c1cbd95ec352340d1f28ab64220bbac7285dEvan Tseng — Bug 1401868 - Unset the line-height of the menulist label to make it align to the middle of the menulist. r=mconley
6cd5181ec29df2d0095316f8b553bb3382c93f61Evan Tseng — Bug 1400829 - Remove trackingProtectionPBM5 string since it is no longer being used anymore. r=flod
6a46ed72cd5f1895cd08eaad0a6da7b99458a006Kaku Kuo — Bug 1403412 - disable VP9 estimizer on Mac; r=jya
6010c57965174945650d8aa4e51c067c23c594a2Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1395244 - add gtest for index out of bounds in rust mp4 parser. r=kinetik
4c9a3206fa9f92339702263abe2929c088ef48b2Ricky Chien — Bug 1402918 - Initialize Applications pane in preferences.js r=jaws
ad6d2f974da770e2b807b3d7b75035c482795fbePhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to autoland
b8b62d3ba3799f380c30e5b8a41066a48b49a94eXidorn Quan — Bug 1403024 part 2 - Add more diagnosis information before crashing for adopting element across style backend. r=francois,heycam
cf08f9815613d8ad1676eaa22febcd2473d53924Xidorn Quan — Bug 1403024 part 1 - Add nsContentUtils::SchemeIs helper function. r=bholley
5193b9173c69a2976422bc6e4d161846e72fc714Sam Foster — Bug 1395674 - Adding subviewbutton-nav class to menu-type toolbarbuttons and display the '>' in the overflow list. r=Gijs
ad2e7c189a20d3b22d3343820522cc6a17a6d9d3Andrew Swan — Bug 1401584 Properly cancel local installs of incompatible extensions r=rhelmer
aece6300bbea935dc825ec784f015606c0389528Michael Comella — Bug 1402026: Correct formatting for AS telemetry bulleted lists. r=liuche
cd12463f904316353f0f6a7c0a08095039f447e7Michael Comella — Bug 1402026: Add interaction extra to AS telemetry. r=liuche
55432b5c3cd8fb491a4be297b60eb5a31d8662ffMichael Comella — Bug 1402026: Correct top site context menu telemetry note. r=liuche
9e6eb09000d39ecc9078d2e54a6e3c53f454e2b8Michael Comella — Bug 1402026: Add caveat about suggested source_subtype. r=liuche
628bbe2a4815f27055d8002eb1fd14a8ef0e8e25Tom Ritter — Bug 1402355 Require TLS_OUT_OF_INDEXES to be defined before ThreadLocalKeyStoragewill be defined on Windows r=glandium
b223a56281da648aa40daf8211d6c5b246ee5731Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1394600 - Allow VRDisplay.requestPresent update the VR layers after presentation has already begun r=daoshengmu
f7c9ef0a19198a49e2d0f8f3c935c78753884443Gerald Squelart — Bug 1403753 - Added missing #includes in some dom/media files - r=SingingTree
a0fe70019432f5169cdc5245ab255fb07d5ace44Nazım Can Altınova — servo: Merge #18658 - stylo: Handle quirks mode on font base sizes (from canaltinova:font-size-quirk); r=Manishearth
2a4e70a2512b71867a66157df55fb29eabf1e1b6Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge CLOSED TREE
5b41500e859258114d5b8e2d45b75758be88c6a4Wes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1398576) for eslint issues a=backout
d6a7f900b90882121a98f59fdcf22276da3c46d8Jared Wein — Bug 1403550 - Update the X offset of the library button when the window is resized. r=sfoster
5ee43ebb87c71fee0ffa88b5b32f5fe2a52087bdKartikaya Gupta — Bug 424274 - Mark some table-background tests as fuzzy-passing instead of failing. r=dholbert
28c4a0eaad7d484947a33269edd126451eac55daMichael Comella — Bug 1403347: Don't cache CustomListPreference dialog items. r=liuche
ccb4646447410f7edaf3053b85aabf0229db54e9Michael Comella — Bug 1403347: Set dialog titles in createDialogItems. r=liuche
5bfd1cac74e52a8f9a6ce55c4b1886432a4eb059Michael Comella — Bug 1403347: Move initial setHidden to panel preference constructor. r=liuche
29370b6a2758d011fe0909f75ae4562f2870ccdfAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1398576 - Update and sign DAMP add-on. r=ochameau
ccf179cde8f707a05f8cc77ed601fb88581e4db2Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1398576 - Fix listening for debugger reload on DAMP. r=bgrins
a23e9449a6f4f252570baedfc1a5c0978982e3eeWes Kocher — Backed out changeset b31be2f4c9b4 (bug 1403215) for mac failures in browser_newtab_focus.js a=backout
6d5418bb52b02fdfe716401fe9afe4b0744fe313Thom Chiovoloni — Bug 1400467 - Ensure services/common/logmanager.js awaits it's cleanup function r=markh
8551f071adbd1b1f8176f0e044bc406cdaf42c9cThom Chiovoloni — Bug 1400467 - Make WeaveCrypto use promises instead of spinning event loops r=eoger,markh
b31be2f4c9b4ba95e376a31f25f15cbe72d77347Ed Lee — Bug 1403215 - Fix broken Snippets pref, perceived performance and bug fixes to Activity Stream. r=ursula
5d9e0402afdb51dfc9050c511dd4bb4f5a44c4a0Jan de Mooij — Bug 1398768 part 2 - Inline some small helper functions into the callers. r=evilpie
519f00b3168b77001af57d270b89a39b686a46acBevis Tseng — Bug 1403822 - Fix the failure of IndexedDB/interfaces.worker.html in WPT. r=baku
8f8b7e60f3973e421889c7d79511271f18151afaAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1388413 - ServiceWorkerClients::openWindow() - OriginAttributes test, r=smaug
a4d6924a59f1c6fbe9154decac76a4f76aef2d8aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1388413 - ServiceWorkerClients::OpenWindow() should use the triggeringPrincipal, r=bz
5983c0af046d5ea8f3beebafdbf27d6d0f800998Nicolas Silva — Bug 1402274 - Adjust the shm allocation size in IpcResourceUpdateQueue. r=dvander
91a6629e22f771b1a6ef892d8221dff6e7613857Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 45a57448087d (bug 1364295) for failing mochitest gfx/layers/apz/test/mochitest/test_bug982141.html on Android 4.3 API 16. r=backout
55795addb20e552ebd55834bed45324207cd57a2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e7be72224105 (bug 1364295)
82c4de44f947e5bb0f9210658c0be6b1c3c753e8Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402350 - Update Brotli library to release 1.0.1. r=glandium
1c88159ec23c58bed3bd8fe7e4edac67db3033fbMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1403218 - Remove no longer used XRE_DONT_SUPPORT_XPSP2 definition. r=glandium
d355c3627e1cce42fd5b43a2877f0d48aa9a1b55Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a9fb635e2d2f (bug 1403334) for failing devtools' devtools/client/inspector/rules/test/browser_rules_pseudo-element_01.js. r=backout
9a835f056d253215f23b3d086307e40d4c7dc833Julian Descottes — Bug 1352586 - decrease sw timeout in about:debugging test;r=me
282bd21bb8de1769ae52c1a9ad23ae8c3dc27e44Emilio Cobos Álvarez — No bug - Remove unused variable. r=me
4fa258d306fce9d4754a031f54856c791ad2e948Julian Descottes — Bug 1403831 - fix alias typo in inspector webpack config;r=me
3cf29ac1111d956f37465bc21c557ff3630d75d9Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Follow-up: Also disable test_ext_webrequest_background_events on Windows debug. r=me
e7be7222410583294475ff4c8bf649b9373d1760Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1364295. Simplify some code now that we don't create displayports during display list building. r=mstange
45a57448087d56cd1add3616942aea536a1ffb08Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1364295. Walk the frame tree looking for a scrollframe to add a displayport to, or one that already has a displayport before displaylist building. r=mstange
b739c84106b5ed4262d906544bb4185144f8e885Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Follow-up: Disable test_ext_webrequest_background_events on Android due to cascading failures. r=me
a9fb635e2d2f81cdbde625a452fe5fed46158e6aLiam Hodgins — Bug 1403334 - Make sure the property value overflow is indented r=gl
69c3cb2e731ca166b01409da65d2d095f7937c31Stephen Horlander — Bug 1403202 - Update macOS DMG Backgrounds for label reability. r=dolske
6ee2c4dfac883c92ef1b0f61facf75e3bd1e0126Kris Maglione — Bug 1399550: Skip test_ext_permissions on OS-X debug for frequent intermittent failures. r=annoying
8e965a330f00bbc18600780440d1a889e0f16675Kris Maglione — Bug 1402503: Follow-up: Make sure we get a new content process for process hang tests. r=bustage
557dd09e0e29b0ac8f8e9e67a218e4b444edf6b4Kris Maglione — Bug 1403369: Correctly handle content-side errors in tabs.executeScript(). r=zombie
d2fef59cb50727486b4d59125668808a0b2e46e4Kris Maglione — Bug 1402503: Part 2 - Add test for extension slow script dialog. r=mixedpuppy
71d2e5d65943b2fcd77faf2eebdcf3e1b20741c3Kris Maglione — Bug 1402503: Part 1 - Fix slow script add-on ID detection. r=mixedpuppy
19370d245a119cb5688c57ec5b2b61fd0c763ec5Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 11 - Use number rather than string value for getUniqueId(). r=mixedpuppy
fe52d17ee61bc3023d6118cc013dc8de30d6f52eKris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 10 - Minor runChannelListener cleanups/optimizaitons. r=mixedpuppy
5a295181603e8e47192126c2a2be3253f7c9edb9Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 9 - Optimize request/response header handling. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
c24a408f1574c847123ecd8561bc6eac6364a622Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 8 - Avoid X-ray overhead when cloning event handler responses. r=mixedpuppy
26711733ae3fc3e513e7879582d80d7a41871232Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 7 - Move traceable channel registration to ChannelWrapper. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
d5dad020fcd48b8294ce54f4e142d66621d24aeaKris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 6 - Optimize getBrowserInfo some more. r=mixedpuppy
cd219dd09639d421b6ebf2f85ada518dd8a4c0c2Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 5 - Move request filtering and permission matching into ChannelWrapper. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
364f04c7fee00054c8af092229ff01ed3a2f7bdcKris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 4 - Fold start/stop listener into ChannelWrapper. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
2c79c9374ca7899ce4e9fb81382976cbaaef0221Kris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 3 - Move error checks into ChannelWrapper. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
cd804ea3508a517f22ca23340cefdd93a4a92eafKris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 2 - Move error string logic into ChannelWrapper. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
7d2d020de2ab00fe42cb6ad415e43eb215e2d3ebKris Maglione — Bug 1402944: Part 1 - Document undocumented ChannelWrapper members. r=mixedpuppy,ehsan
9e8b40ab6e924e0371da24f7f9887549ca930e49Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
e1f660fc493bc4bf2f91b6df94bc98e8e3840c42Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset e8737573b0e0 (bug 1403490) for breaking Win10 mochitest-gpu
2e92d2ffd0869a71d424c08dd2a6c106f762cee0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1403413 - Remove deprecated MOZ_ extension prefix aliases. - r=daoshengmu
72de90e66155e392c510231d22928453d72d69a4Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge CLOSED TREE
5ebe2e8980c6fd3ede2b6617bbbc4073dd9b0369Wes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c a=merge CLOSED TREE
69e3f89816455e567f1a20b694fd6afd549c82c7Sebastian Hengst — merge autoland to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
d4f0e2c17276d8d7b89384ba66985c59616d7ffbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 48299b6e8832 (bug 1403484) for breaking gecko decision task. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
48299b6e8832917710aafde4debaa7fcaf3b983eRob Thijssen — Bug 1403484 - enable mochitest-webgl on tc win 10 opt & set to 8 chunks; r=jmaher
dbf1351a429ae23910a9001da1ad0fd0969ab67aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 379e7e7bf80d (bug 1403615) for failing own crashtest. r=backout
5d5d1d2271049d89c79f32b295b5859a5ffe7950abhinav — Bug 1400404 - Adding bool and number to list of PropTypes in Json-Panel. r=Honza
1e3c2c6f12d16798d2ca82f597205d854c7a5f82Michael Layzell — Bug 1403545 - Stop allocating in fmt::Write for nsA[C]String, r=froydnj
76abb09a9d97478a4f3db5257d570000de818e27Michael Layzell — servo: Merge #18656 - Stop allocating in fmt::Write for nsA[C]String (from mystor:bug1403545); r=emilio
aa97adfab999649954c013989d8aef2f7fd874abWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 11d5f873f409 (bug 1397744) for failures in browser_synced_tabs_menu.js a=backout
8d7de39443d6079916f80934fba26ab63eac557bKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove random-if(webrender) annotations for layers-specific reftests and instead skip the layers checks in the reftest harness. r=mstange
69d317fb512649d65f8493ffea511632bc390e81Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove random-if webrender annotation from test that's consistently passing now. r=jrmuizel
9936f2ea4dd2e16c35217dfa7b3350a2db8562ddKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove obsolete comments referencing closed webrender bugs. r=jrmuizel
edbbfba4df54e11e37a0b7e232b212ddfc7e8567Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove unnecessary asserts-if clause because we only run webrender reftests with e10s. r=jrmuizel
41025754ffb431a66a6a0311b88528036f50c738Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset db9c439a8298 (bug 1403559) for failing reftest layout/reftests/reftest-sanity/reftest-no-paint.html. r=backout
81520b5c3a92aed8a5107189ca177c4045770f16Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a785b7aea1e3 (bug 1403559)
14157a1ab206cd0cafd6773319f8326944e3f895Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0e37a70ad7ce (bug 1403559)
2bbc62515048f80a21bccacb7e91eaaf094a96e4Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 5572e837e2d0 (bug 1403559)
379e7e7bf80dec2bf8f7df41a7021e4839d9b0adEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403615: Also follow the NODE_DESCENDANTS_NEED_FRAMES bit in ClearRestyleStateFromSubtree. r=bholley
d4ccab1528bf4fe48bcbde2ea7b57cb9313e794aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to autoland. a=merge
e10a7083e7a7fab40f1aa1dd446decde7e340281Julian Descottes — Bug 1403489 - remove special loader rule for devtools/shared/platform;r=tromey
aab1bc673fd7caa494d8f21809d68a370faef1e4Edouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p4 - Add form history items deletions to TPS tests. r=markh,tcsc
243846e63be29af72b30c7929d84a8f28aff6302Edouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p3 - Allow form history items to be created with a specific guid. r=markh
728cc39c9cf94d0c7aa9bb90e65bbc50851b3249Edouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p2 - Include guid in formhistory-remove notifications. r=markh
8aebf21d1a67ab52760bde715ff19aa4c1b45e39Edouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p1 - Ignore tps logs/reports. r=tcsc
5572e837e2d0bebfa5a78724dc40f734c24b8cf7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove random-if(webrender) annotations for layers-specific reftests and instead skip the layers checks in the reftest harness. r=mstange
0e37a70ad7ce2f041a20d861918da95691da60f5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove random-if webrender annotation from test that's consistently passing now. r=jrmuizel
a785b7aea1e3ce6ce9408a130bf5aa5945f098b0Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove obsolete comments referencing closed webrender bugs. r=jrmuizel
db9c439a829823e91ebcbc7daa9e6881c31cc0f9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403559 - Remove unnecessary asserts-if clause because we only run webrender reftests with e10s. r=jrmuizel
2a235c8a50c0349c34dfe7b14ece19fed6252db0Ionut Goldan — Bug 1383896 - reduce noise in tests r=jmaher
193675c58378d942f7618a769d116b2c9e9b0946Jonathan Kingston — Bug 1330745 - Add 'No Container' when longPressBehaviour is 1 for containers new tab context menu. r=baku,Gijs
96609bba12f3afbd78db214448491b55a4c2fed7steveck-chung — Bug 1399065 - [Form Autofill] - Hide autofill doorhanger close button. r=lchang
7ae47699361c77e4282d9532160d2d220bbd28cfThomas Wisniewski — Bug 1388428 - Extend browsingData to restrict removing localStorage to a given list of hostnames; r=asuth,bsilverberg
2f33884ae03df743e1d4d1de5cd3209a68d08077Mehdi Soleimannejad — Bug 802749 - Make background sync over metered connections optional. r=Grisha Kruglov
f069d6b4d4866f93358048b962aaba12730415d0Ralph Giles — Bug 1391427 - Package upstream rust in taskcluster. r=glandium
c97badfbe3cf9c1bb13ce290b25128a84e54a0fbRalph Giles — Bug 1391427 - Port the repack_rust script to taskcluster. r=glandium
5e5e9ad6ed9abb45733d78082c429df0d7b6f17aRalph Giles — Bug 1391427 - Add script 'arguments' key to toolchain tasks. r=glandium
1db94c2f3321dca877079f52e539531036e33586Ralph Giles — Bug 1391427 - Execute python toolchain scripts with mach. r=glandium
fde231f9bb5194f4b353e14b1e654d4e1df89122J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1379687 - Clone device object on add to avoid debug leaks. r=me
af03af04a37dd18f2eb3465733b38aec988c8275abhinav — Bug 1379687 - Fix for device selection menu not remembering custom devices with unicode characters. r=jryans
d0d30a90efa1695eab6ec3f498598fdfd91c1a97Shane Caraveo — Bug 1305237 Expose frameAncestors to webextensions, r=bz,kmag
fd1d81b933809ef6d5507e0e279fd926b26bfac0evilpies — Bug 1305237 LoadInfo changes to include all ancestors principals and window IDs, r=bz
7fc714dba604f7c47747e043a11e9d1bd23afb60Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1402779 - Force using privileged Promise in panels. r=tromey
44053b9ef955feebc91703fab88c8719c02e1ffdEmilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18652 - style: Fix various issues with XBL rule matching (from emilio:xbl-stuff); r=TYLin
4f9b0c2f439dd1bb7a7c8542090b017e2e1ab177Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset cf5ecd16d87e (bug 1395427) for linting failures, e.g. at services/sync/tps/extensions/tps/resource/modules/forms.jsm:219. r=backout
583edc8f8c18deba37cf0bb1d9416d76ba0839deSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 553d26ab8ee8 (bug 1395427)
366541968f60ab0c967a6bc9892fd2921dcf9959Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d7876bfd8bfc (bug 1395427)
fabf7bab5fa89bdfdd78104b9cfed3e65c9482f5Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d86f2704b27a (bug 1395427)
d86f2704b27a11c02a7b46ac5c955ac27ef46f7aEdouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p4 - Add form history items deletions to TPS tests. r=markh,tcsc
d7876bfd8bfce35e6ef351f395038d6298860bd0Edouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p3 - Allow form history items to be created with a specific guid. r=markh
553d26ab8ee8641dd91972b43286d0ce9fc598dcEdouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p2 - Include guid in formhistory-remove notifications. r=markh
cf5ecd16d87ed1afb96e4956d06fa2b50f260beaEdouard Oger — Bug 1395427 p1 - Ignore tps logs/reports. r=tcsc
11d5f873f4094211cef995b58c41408b41fd9b95Edouard Oger — Bug 1397744 - Show the Sync animation immediately after clicking the manual sync button. r=markh
263b2736bf7656ae3051d75b8354afde54ee171dAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18653 - Move root-related things around so that the abstractions make more sense (from servo:ROOT-ALL-THE-THINGS); r=jdm
8189e90aad8efbb9737a5ff55437ad7f19405885Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1373745 - Fix structured logging problems in reftest, r=jmaher
4413d40813bb1a3de51e743431dbbfec3c9cdd3eAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1395835 - Rename "group" to "category" in the scalar code and docs. r=chutten
7a9240b488a2c9cd7ec133103a700c94587f9983Jim Chen — Bug 1403251 - Only display validation message when element is invalid; r=sebastian
925bee759927f9b35dab4ce7dc21073da32d7e71Julian Descottes — Bug 1403175 - move webpack shims to dedicated folder;r=Honza
4362432d8d32a8f60fed39defcb71bb3cb7b56b5Julian Descottes — Bug 1403175 - webpack: simplify netmonitor & console aliases;r=Honza,nchevobbe
317b62272ba81a824ea429f064c5c6846bafbd41Nan Jiang — Bug 1399880 - Add telemetry for page metadata size. r=francois,ursula
74462a725efc245ce0ada31d234fdcdbff850485Andi-Bogdan Postelnicu — Bug 1402362 - modified NET_MAX_ADDRESS to have UINTPTR_MAX value. r=valentin
9be45ed176f499fb999b9882d3e1a3e29c449722Guillaume Gomez — servo: Merge #18581 - Update mp3-metatada and thus audio-video-metadata (from GuillaumeGomez:update-mp3); r=KiChjang
747a89f3dead9930a778884fc90678c552a38cedChris H-C — bug 1397293 - Suppress TelemetryStopwatch errors in TelemetrySend tests r=Dexter
49ebf04b82914b43466590fd93e6ad61e701a78cChris H-C — bug 1397293 - Test TelemetrySend tooLateToSend r=Dexter
e663536181b03e7fa5635617004d73a1f1b16780Chris H-C — bug 1397293 - Don't try to send Telemetry after net shutdown r=Dexter
9e57229ccdb9c231c9506e115fd7f64fd84cb1b6Wes Kocher — Bug 1402445 - Tweak the error message for errors processing mozbuild files r=gps
e73300d22ba597dc397b34fc901fa3ab8f2fda56Zibi Braniecki — Bug 1395459 - Store the version of the locale data in a langpack based on HG push timestamp. r=gps
e8737573b0e0c8515487812b5f01aaba865bbef8Rob Thijssen — Bug 1403490 - enable mochitest-gpu on tc win 10; r=jmaher
fba4fab273da82554f428a70b8687d1e2fe713c9Dão Gottwald — Bug 1399567 - Remove uneven vertical padding from urlbar and searchbar input boxes on Mac. r=johannh
9510323f9f10546dfb2cb5e35e1b89aa07b61f07Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - Compute css variables with custom properties in keyframes for getKeyframes(). r=birtles
fe949f75ab28d6df71d1f810a9cbdcbf6871a359Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - Factor custom properties in keyframes into compute values in each keyframe. r=emilio
1a469ba7cc3d369e6e0cd3c5f8bf5cc8c246a27aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1402219 - Check the length of returned keyframes of getKeyframes(). r=birtles
ea46d757d7dd4b4a435ac3cb9cfa7d2a83ec4e94Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
cffc9b5b177ee35f34d25202067a4e83d6c1c9dfHiroyuki Ikezoe — servo: Merge #18650 - Handle custom properties in keyframes (from hiikezoe:custom-properties-in-keyframes); r=<try>
08f5f3a124d34babdf642fbedb93900fd5ef3acdMark Banner — Bug 1397728 - Use waitForCondition to avoid intermittent failures in browser_searchbar_openpopup.js. r=florian
85684a22314e7709243d0db92450721cd2ce889bMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1402183 - Part 2: Add crashtest r=mstange
542962171efc7cee55ede146e8adf36e85c7001eMiko Mynttinen — Bug 1402183 - Part 1: Make nsDisplayMask::CanMerge() symmetric r=mstange
69dfc35d912dfaa096f9e9d66cda13ef60babe38Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1402311 - use fill-opacity instead of hardcoded fill colour for disabled overflow button in customize mode, r=dao
3f05e4bf0fac5e97e76d8e15fb7c67b06e83d92bDan Minor — Bug 1403204 - Code that configures telephone-event should not assume that it is always last in the codec array; r=bwc
e81bc5a17a4f723b597085c72fb43d32595985efMark Banner — Bug 1094903 - Convert xpcshell-tests in toolkit/components/places/tests/unit to Bookmarks.jsm (async) API. r=mak
f4c8f95554888546a066e98a8e017eb579ca51dfSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
367484c62750ede3f737b9b72a53dc31d55242a9Jan Odvarko — Bug 1304328 - Stop using XUL in webconsole/jsterm.js; r=nchevobbe
bac67e7e708d992429db7ed7e473d9d2f68ba4c9Gregory Szorc — Bug 1395907 - Require Visual Studio 2017 15.3+; r=glandium
fa45427baa38ad8b33b483ac4e38013aea37e1e6Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e98b59ba190d (bug 1304328) for linting failure at devtools/client/webconsole/jsterm.js:1013: More than 1 blank line not allowed. r=backout
c4cf992aa65c0da43df9bdf273fe56d3a57a52a9Dão Gottwald — Bug 1366405 - Stop using -moz-appearance: -moz-win-glass with the Windows 10 default theme. r=nhnt11
e98b59ba190d05b97317a4ebb2050ea47b0d5393Jan Odvarko — Bug 1304328 - Stop using XUL in webconsole/jsterm.js; r=nchevobbe
0c46a70c3439ec915416fa1bec5a865d11485072Ian MacLeod — Bug 1389488 - Check that add-on file exists before forwarding request to AddonManager r=whimboo
cfcb518088438415e5c6f7776dc268abd0b86119Manish Goregaokar — Bug 1403282 - stylo: Add reftests for whitespace in attr(); r=bz
61dd2fbd336768c9e6dd2c474bdc73638965ef47Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #18645 - Update WR (support color emoji on mac, also sub-primitive clips) (from glennw:update-wr-emoji); r=KiChjang
469ad7100cae38afacee8c5591973b8600844dbbAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1392540 - Keep running debugger Promise while debugging workers. r=baku
4609ab443fb8c1ec70fb403567c342609194f5a2Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403190 - P3. Rename and re-organise dxva prefs. r=cpearce
b7e480d0fb8bf1c64857378ea8d3efd5d06ce279Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403190 - P2. Make wmf prefs public. r=cpearce
52715572c20a3462c8bbc6a871a7dfb60446ac8eJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403190 - P1. Rename* into media.wmf.* prefs. r=cpearce
87ed4a4213d8ae2c22d9191ad31b99cb17b876bdKan-Ru Chen — Bug 1397456 - Always use static name for ipc messages r=billm
3725c908a238712913dd3ee68de94f2f1aafc9a8Johann Hofmann — Bug 1403110 - Fix disabled button color on Windows 7 aero. r=nhnt11
4dc05aa0edae93b24c55f8e357ef8cb15bbe9f51Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 31a7d05125cc (bug 1403190) for breaking Windows builds due to wrong closing quotation marks in preferences file. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
55199351b72549d5ecdd8c576f663eae4958f985Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b031f13dfe34 (bug 1403190)
6afa923a83c429a9dfef91bc14be518e031a6522Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e6eb65564b76 (bug 1403190)
d10aeb884922ae1f6f79a9c97e91424bfaff61b0Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1351147 - Support ThreatHit requests in SafeBrowsing V4 r=francois
7c7be12b43be031741f7c5113e750ead7b327e77Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1351147 - Use fullhash instead of prefix in OnClassifyComplete r=francois
f2b1824179f8f72ce2bae50bfb9bb6dd80d4d555Thomas Nguyen — Bug 1351147 - Update protobuf to support threatHit api r=francois
11a1367ea526f70f7b8def6547614aa4718b3339Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403129 - Don't cache decoder's description. r=gerald
ddb02772078ec30849fa8299953d465643416d49Julian Descottes — Bug 1401889 - support alt+click to collapse all nodes in markup view;r=pbro
e6eb65564b76235018b7f79297d9562f6ce38c3aJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403190 - P3. Rename and re-organise dxva prefs. r=cpearce
b031f13dfe34284692b27a1355f3b2e056478ae3Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403190 - P2. Make wmf prefs public. r=cpearce
31a7d05125ccb219dcbdfc7e2e34578e9c31bcf0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403190 - P1. Rename* into media.wmf.* prefs. r=cpearce
1ede5092b3695bac4248f6f9435120a7ef603a7cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400459 (part 2) - Devirtualize nsIAtom. r=heycam.
3ed0fecec71ef745dd62008170e2aaadd1034c74Nicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18649 - Devirtualize nsIAtom (from nnethercote:bug-1400459); r=froydnj
71dcce73cbdbeddd7a9ff8c7e972fa72af6e71fcBharat Raghunathan — Bug 1393453 - Moves Tooltips to ES6 classes retaining decorators r=zer0
fd98557b7d2ad826ccaf7bb168b865f66a3413e1Daniel Holbert — Bug 1383323: Add a property_database.js testcase to verify that we reject radial-gradient() expressions that lack comma between shape and first color (iff stylo is enabled). r=xidorn
b979663a7f4f4fe79f6e34cea1a1ddaa6a9fb674Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1389527 - add testcase for invalid sample table. r=kinetik
4263e1c081c940b4eae7bcd388274ec8c5b5dd8bManish Goregaokar — servo: Merge #18644 - stylo: Don't error out on trailing whitespace in attr() (from Manishearth:stylo-attr-ws); r=bz
8feb305b9cff05220ba5f5473932400f7d11ec09Jim Blandy — NO BUG: Fix misspelled name in comments. DONTBUILD r=jorendorff
255fcb2c262214280ded264943716d0ffe2c20e5Robert Strong — Bug 1392913 - Remove updatev2.manifest support and other code that is no longer necessary for backwards compatibility after the next watershed. r=mhowell
18a91f94f2ed4f049f5d1b62ee5674d2866e28a9Luke Wagner — Bug 1401827 - Baldr: use Fifo for wasm worklist (r=lth)
c1c2266d3e7038ca8992b932d8dc9c1f26e6f75eLuke Wagner — Bug 1401827 - Baldr: make Fifo::pop infallible (r=lth)
4f5b47c7ffc0d6dbdb91b7434d030bef5e067b86Luke Wagner — Bug 1401827 - Baldr: simplify ModuleGenerator by making asm.js less weird (r=bbouvier)
d6e4edbde66b3b3362e495c86eb27a5ce25d6738Aaron Klotz — Bug 1403687: Prevent use of SendSyncTextChangeEvent when replaying text changes from DocAccessibleChild deferred event queue; r=Jamie
50722cd6558f35512e4cd5597e2f815dfb1b6886Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1399086 - Refactor comments and remove gesture support code for macOS 10.7. r=mstange
006387a24bc91455ea66f2a37171a06817adb274Stephen A Pohl — Bug 1399086: Ensure that swipes on magic mice and back/forward buttons on other mice work as expected on macOS after the SDK switch to 10.11. r=mstange
45f0f5d939ee3203a95f5a71ecebeb9e3174fa4aGeoff Brown — Bug 1403565 - Improve test-verify behavior when reftest reference file is modified; r=jmaher
e06e885db07d553b42b17f52c19d490f8c6f4984Ryan Hunt — Disable the GPU process in xpc-shell after we kill it to prevent extra restarts. (bug 1402500, r=dvander)
43b3df38a4068f7d5f0e281fdd30bf76a59d650cSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d3ebcf7d4c31 (bug 1319342) for failing web-platform-test /dom/nodes/Node-cloneNode.html. r=backout
5b4af45c76d0ae01835ab7b7f3fe03072f413180Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 88700ecc3751 (bug 1401827) for leaks detected by asan, e.g. in chrome-1. r=backout
d86ac73a829ec4791fc18a3fb7247804d40cf5f0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset bbb1c8c9858b (bug 1401827)
5c179179dd1f0e17c49850230b3d36bf460afe3eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 6fca712ccc8c (bug 1401827) for leaks detected by asan, e.g. in chrome-1. r=backout
756e10aa8bbd416cbc49b7739f78fb81d5525477ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hpkp-update
3b5a9353f77cc6d3931b80a2b97a1c144ce5a91fffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-302 - a=hsts-update
204cf7fa87893e6e8c668ab4937b9eaa28dddf08Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound. a=merge
6100472d3aa833dff22a4edb0934fe600f43ddb8David Major — Bug 1403220 - De-optimize some font functions to work around an MSVC PGO crash. r+a=RyanVM
60fdac23fbc5c4793c276107ce2a1c45759c2a2eJon Coppeard — Bug 1401804 - Expose wrappee if we create a new wrapper r=sfink
f5d781a4d148f7e81bcc1e5d84f817315c2f78acFlorian Quèze — Bug 1403386 - ignore about:blank paints only when window.opener isn't set, r=dao.
be61a3dc120a6ebdbc213525fea45eedfded57efGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1336389 - Talos test for content process startup time. r=mconley
da1f2099ff448dfc2f0d533c6e89c6223996c49bhanbinchang — Bug 1386168 - Remove nsIOservice::mProxyService. r=bagder
67cd96ae5a7dc26fe9968c7ea9bb6342dafd7054Kershaw Chang — Bug 1401863 - Handle the case when gNeckoChild is null properly in RequestContext::BeginLoad. r=mayhemer
56a2f9812f9d41be0f57fef53e8a30f99d1deb78jason laster — Bug 1401659 - Remove integrations-tests file. r=jdescottes
d3ebcf7d4c316f1b2600477438595995a833ca83John Dai — Bug 1319342 - Clone a node should enqueue an upgrade reaction. r=smaug
ab04ea0c62316e0fd9c3021876503c6f52d5fb73Jan Keromnes — Bug 1403527 - Add third-party URL Classifier sources to ThirdPartyPaths.txt. r=andi, r=sylvestre
73ecf69d752dc882de38e684359531ea6ff1277dMyk Melez — Bug 1399202 - encapsulate language group selection; r=nhnt11
f2b5c9dd4f592de658126269d1488b88c3dd7d7aTowkir Ahmed — Bug 1361695 - Added illustration to about:license; r=dao
6fca712ccc8cca6e0e26877a65c6c0e2738e8629Luke Wagner — Bug 1401827 - Baldr: use Fifo for wasm worklist (r=lth)
bbb1c8c9858b36f7c55219fbb7106f8eb66832efLuke Wagner — Bug 1401827 - Baldr: make Fifo::pop infallible (r=lth)
88700ecc37513efe999ab3e849a544e1db156401Luke Wagner — Bug 1401827 - Baldr: simplify ModuleGenerator by making asm.js less weird (r=bbouvier)
f2cbc6c1b82ff42bb8383923bb8ee433e9da4777Jorg K — Bug 1403516 - Export dom/base/nsDOMTokenList.h and dom/base/nsStyleLinkElement.h. r=bz
9ab11fa73cc42e3dd26af4417310ee8be72d0accStephen Horlander — Bug 1402622 - Reduce size of Quantum wordmark to prevent it from possibly getting cropped. r=dao
2a0834c4397e6630e1875156db1eac8edff241b3Joel Maher — Bug 1398172 - only run tp6 on stylo-disabled for beta/central/try branches. r=rwood
c1a158ca2b1cfc009cd1545538cacbc4feabc48bJan de Mooij — Bug 1402876 - Remove unnecessary InvalidateCompilerOutputsForScript call. r=nbp
a9c119f9d99999ae978efa7dab41b8f7a5316d86Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1403535 - Ionmonkey: ensureBallast before visitControlInstruction. r=tcampbell
c9d461081948ab208e749d1ebb352f827e5ceafeKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403457 - Mark a test as fails-if(webrender). r=me
45e386a21c2a01c36c3f20aa5f868ac52d3d4285Mats Palmgren — Bug 1402715 - Treat URL bar contents as raw text when copying. r=mak
051041ba94d6bac70258746672ba5a731ac43b6dMats Palmgren — Bug 1398520 part 4 - Rename nsFormControlFrame to nsCheckboxRadioFrame. r=dholbert
2a8bca0c06b6d7d56c7a822df9a5252131d3189cMats Palmgren — Bug 1398520 part 3 - Remove a few unused function declarations. r=dholbert
b47d2dbb3dcd6d39160f17376d58630f3f7a223fMats Palmgren — Bug 1398520 part 2 - Remove nsGfxCheckboxControlFrame and nsGfxRadioControlFrame; use nsFormControlFrame instead. r=dholbert
191af237952d0ce867a1b329025e3a47640cc58dMats Palmgren — Bug 1398520 part 1 - Add missing #include for NS_THEME_* constants. r=dholbert
4426713945122777c3764ad45ca8d23956e5aec6Jan de Mooij — Bug 1398768 part 1 - Remove most unboxed array code. r=evilpie
4d44cbfb37ffea6bdde8ce5f50b569c46ece882cPaolo Amadini — Bug 1402279 - Part 2 - Unify the usage of the DownloadPaths module. r=mak,aswan
976b17e4e111ba340cc1468f24439e9ca1a4ae99Paolo Amadini — Bug 1402279 - Part 1 - Move the DownloadPaths module to the jsdownloads folder. r=mak
71a0b9ae6f97c3088a1437193f431f797dc71481Jonathan Watt — Bug 1399853 - Identify the ID of the elements involved in SVG reference loops in the Web Console error messages. r=longsonr
cdb9b6b2f6df11b6581259f3863020481e1309c0Jonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 5 - Fix unified build bustage by adding missing includes to TimeoutExecutor.cpp. r=me
c9129ef3f95a825733829b845cf7cba8127e62c3Jonathan Kew — Bug 1398802 - Support the AAT 'trak' table when shaping macOS fonts via Core Text. r=jrmuizel
6bd2d96c0c3d952b205e1bb2f6915cbc820a61a1Jonathan Kew — Bug 1370497 - Check ScriptExtensions property of combining marks when available. r=valentin
2aabd2eaef612827c1d243db70858e7c3dd52c0asotaro — Bug 1403439 - Fix WrExternalImageBufferType of DXGITextureHostD3D11 r=nical
c404bb3b5af70eb280c0c6e2c0fa642aa5e4ab7fJonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 4 - Rename nsReferencedElement to dom::IDTracker. r=longsonr
47e852b8e34a31f1618e61273d51a805fa8d2157Jonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 3 - Move nsReferencedElement.h/.cpp to IDTracker.h/.cpp. r=longsonr
4af144ee3dea2fac1129d69d0855e7537270cdd0Jonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 2 - Add missing includes and class declarations to TimeoutExecutor.h. r=me
302d3fb2a66054a438fa50c2b5e9743bbb0a89e5Jonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 1 - Add missing include to nsReferencedElement.h. r=longsonr
d9aeb2853320191a95e7bf235dec5108266c37e0Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
35fbf14b96a633c3f66ea13c1a163a3f3a4219b9Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
5563e7da39b265ed1ba7796ec058bdbcf6f792f6gasolin — Bug 1399536 - fix incorrect JS in test-onboarding-tour-type.js;r=Fischer
984d5493a4b3a4d6b55a9ad6a83dba51ce73d250Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1403022 - Abort session on BatchingUploader failures r=rnewman
1623a74b17bd2cf0aa121ea0937c2ecd243ac56fRay Lin — Bug 1397486 - Update controlBar width according to videocontrols which really grows along <audio> width. r=jaws
8bfe747029e1da11868bde9fdbf41b981af3bff9Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
a51ac764452ac1939023f3d321febb9a67a362e4Matthew Gregan — Bug 1403048 - Update Rust deps for audioipc. r=kamidphish,rillian
676427998df38ea39286b546b8b8ac372c9dee13Matthew Gregan — Bug 1403048 - Update media/audioipc to b5559d28. r=kamidphish
17b17a40b14a376b5509b759b2de11d7d3456846Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
4d35361e1aec0943999f72c83adb3b4089fd6c37Dan Glastonbury — Bug 1399978 - Update cubeb-pulse-rs to git commit 2e22e53. r=kinetik
e48250ab7382bc01d3f07e76ab04ad92fac6a5a2Ian Moody — Bug 1331769 - Test that there is no prompt for origin permission narrowing. r=aswan
1b732f1db72006bb01023dadae1fe4322e4c4f78Ian Moody — Bug 1331769 - Properly check whether new origin permissions are a subset of old origin permissions. r=aswan
ea48aa0eb4dc8888c7eef37571d330d41f35bcdbIan Bicking — Bug 1402932 - Export Screenshots 19.1.0 to Firefox r=kmag
ffcfc5b577221d93aaaa52babc30af96328d2c05Wes Kocher — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 335545) for asan failures in test_bug1123480.xul a=backout
ade76994700a497c337cd70ca360365b58da70c2Dale Harvey — Bug 1399642 - Use photon search icon in awesomebar. r=dao
a44a81c459ab2145cb40dfccbbedd85668c247f4Michael Kaply — Bug 1401009 - Add border between notification buttons when highlight is disabled. r=johannh
25a686779a940f1478aa2f4d1595f81344caac5cRob Wu — Bug 335545 - Count FD instead of looking for clipboardcache in test_bug1123480.xul r=mstange
b83ddb70c8b515b89b3e385d5b46f22b165792edRob Wu — Bug 335545 - Store clipboard data in memory XOR file r=mstange
ea69ee15ed90aa56ea1811b6ec473b0b0c31bad8Rob Wu — Bug 335545 - Use nsAnonymousTemporaryFile for clipboard cache r=mstange
f31e9db442adf1a5bc208beabbcba435bc052ecfAnthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18641 - Improve DomRoot<T> (from servo:ROOT-ALL-THE-THINGS); r=SimonSapin
50d414550fa4fe84656254dbdcac5e811a7fe6d9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ff34580cb279 (bug 1394457) for failing many session store related tests due to exception, e.g. Marionette's TestFirefoxRefresh.testReset. r=backout
fe2e626594f52afdaa6c573de9615bb1b3cae197Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1403292 - Add some comments to ignore the clang-format execution on these declarations r=jya
845822d9f2b99f2caeda515955bbb8cb957e07adKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1403288 - Remove redundant reftest lines since border layers are enabled by default with webrender now. r=Gankro
6924f941096f80468471fca7704b106a92bbbab1Shane Caraveo — Bug 1401350 fix proxy auth for system requests, r=kmag
e2ecf684f49e9a6f6d072c289df68ef679968c4cGregory Szorc — Bug 1366564 - Validate Xcode installation state in configure; r=rillian
8acec43298ab5a8477cc7bd7d936bb26e7dd0437Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset b9d7cdb3e163 (bug 1389344) for eslint failure at browser/components/tests/unit/test_distribution_cachedexistence.js:24: Cu.import imports into variables and into global scope. r=backout
ff34580cb279672bec10857c4ac5dc254a483119Erica Wright — Bug 1394457 - Update illustration for about:sessionrestore. ui-r=shorlander, r=dao
1009ff9620509976d6d44eb7d19d7af07ad29eb1Justin Wood — Bug 1402457 - Actually schedule periodic file updates. r=dustin
7b7658f89b02fac91203715f283c7bab3466e16dJustin Wood — Bug 1402457 - Add periodic file update task, but don't run it yet. r=dustin
b9d7cdb3e163e1b421f67c49a304368b786e9a62Felipe Gomes — Bug 1389344 - Avoid checking for distribution.ini existence on every startup. r=mkaply
4a9a6475bf7d0763049fba2a244a64a4e5af5ebdAlex Gaynor — Bug 1403210 - Remove unused access to AppleSNBFBUserClient iokit from content process; r=haik
bca021fc307356c38d68ff72212b54ef4501a809Francois Marier — Bug 1394017 - Default to Safe Browsing V4 on Fennec.r=dimi
51f79f99b1b5bab41d71f13285f6c35e3ff6f707Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1400748 - add web platform tests coverage for what status/statusText/readyState should be in various abort() edge cases; r=annevk,baku
709e623173d8410e2845de600f3877c1b2259290Thomas Wisniewski — Bug 1400748 - Correct our handling of XHR.abort edge-cases; r=baku
8a4d117fef7b36ae4ce36e8a415a78bf0df2eea7Greg Tatum — Bug 1381178 - Remove DEVTOOLS_MEMORY_ telemetry probes; r=jimb
6408f36a3bdc0802c57728d634099c59dabd324eJonathan Kingston — Bug 1403243 - Fix typo in identity exceptions. r=kmag
4006cb517f6c9432f2047de278e9e803d798a72aSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 4c769ea344a0 (bug 1403345) for busted Linux x64 asan opt fuzzing builds. r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
37db8c4ccf5c66ead5b5554e343694a1169f366eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 59252e3229f1 (bug 1403345)
3507f299b3581056cd117906e70328eacf844963Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1b5d3684ecfb (bug 1403345)
e7403204c8fa1353a4bdb4431362895781112eb8Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1389913 - IDB should not propagate the error events to self.onerror, r=bevis
791d50892077f250a17935f239978769b5a535e2Jonathan Watt — Bug 1374110 - Remove magnifyWithEvent and related code. r=mstange
1b5d3684ecfb48721794dfe956e912aaf81ab028Jonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 3 - Rename nsReferencedElement to dom::IDTracker. r=longsonr
59252e3229f1cbd17936013dc564446ca93e6d0bJonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 2 - Move nsReferencedElement.h/.cpp to IDTracker.h/.cpp. r=longsonr
4c769ea344a06c980b6ba428047d50842fdce2e1Jonathan Watt — Bug 1403345, part 1 - Add missing include to nsReferencedElement.h. r=longsonr
73e0d4e121d341bb93abcfe56eed925981e69babChris Peterson — Bug 1402666 - Part 3: Replace Replace(NS_LITERAL_STRING("")) with ReplaceLiteral(u""). r=erahm
f6ec34a9d13aca6643ac33f4172291f7f464ab49Chris Peterson — Bug 1402666 - Part 2: Replace Replace(NS_LITERAL_CSTRING("")) with ReplaceLiteral(""). r=erahm
07ba2828b1b07ccb74923734767905dc352fafe0Chris Peterson — Bug 1402666 - Part 1: Replace Replace("") with ReplaceLiteral(""). r=erahm
8ba719124ab62b79ca77510c0a979604830f9c5ePeter Van der Beken — Bug 1389406 - XSLT — nested xsl:apply-imports doesn't work in some cases. r=erahm.
060e7ed8536c184a4b8da50c1fe10f81feac29ffNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1401692 - Add crashtest. r=bholley.
4eb4cec5bc8ae74e8be07a0d2c5d950316c43099Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1403232 - Fixing the WebVTT parser when the buffer uncompleted, r=bechen
a28263319f142e04dd53bb7a4c436f1daf908282Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1402004. Use A8 as the format for the dummy drawtarget. r=Gankro
feb35ae6b09fe3e74a01b15e0fe68b598304893aJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1403214 - Fix webrender debug prefs. r=nical
0b2552d18368f73781c17c3c447d07ff6d920d85cku — Bug 1402798 - Part 2. Add a crash test for applying fill:url() property to an SVG text element. r=longsonr+218550
270418a3d48bf41752c25e1c785b506993a554bfAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1402317 - Remove dom.abortController.enabled and dom.abortController.fetch.enabled prefs, r=qdot
865e4c293d3784ee1961fe6faf2a3974765a1071sotaro — Bug 1403049 - Remove EGLImageImage r=snorp
792d4db07bef813d32b03ccdbc508174637767a2Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
70158e4e215d784d1391db5e517b18727f4b3683Wes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
50e9d398db417912d96a9f386cd0b413ab623662Mark Striemer — Bug 1390276 - Make the options_ui background transparent r=rhelmer
9e70f9e36ef18edbd3c07592032a748dff84928aMichael Layzell — servo: Merge #18643 - Remove unlanded TakeFrom methods from nsstring_vendor (from mystor:nsstring_vendor_untake); r=bholley
273f8af59697c9a025043bd050b62ae2f1ba04ecKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1389000 - Disable crashtests that are crashing with assertion failures with layers-free enabled. r=jrmuizel
9b97c8368e6aa4c76be2a051ce90779492353438Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1389000 - Disable talos tests that are failing with layers-free enabled. r=jrmuizel
552237145426c0465f327a6c3c0fbc0bd954b126Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1389000 - Skip a mochitest that fails with layers-free enabled. r=jrmuizel
662caed2c32f94efd67380f43619a9784767da9dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1389000 - Remove duplicated layers-free tests. r=jrmuizel
67db64a527a9d33fd1f91847a4e4a23aaa97ea95Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1389000 - Update reftest annotations for layers-free results. r=jrmuizel
43963e01119366305237c5b392f04069e681ccb9Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1389000 - Turn on webrender layers-free mode by default. r=jrmuizel
17a1159f7f4d38777269f00b595096dce6f63d26Tom Ritter — Bug 1402370 _uuidof is a Microsoft specific extension while IID_* is a portable solution that will fix the MinGW build of GLBlitHelperD3D.cpp r=jrmuizel
abdad1de090e92786a38c4df3ec9d9838c5c78cfTom Ritter — Bug 1402370 nullptr cannot be cast to bool, so return false instead of nullptr in GLBlitHelperD3D.cpp r=jrmuizel
3dd3689dbb207a82348b2e82394f4f44f0396fe1Ray Lin — Bug 1396094 - Handle change event of textTracks to update the closed caption UI state. r=jaws
c0402190aaca825a9559f3a9eb0116c2cca27f2bTom Ritter — Bug 1364560 Fix detection of Windows in Skia for MinGW build r=lsalzman
8ffa060c744644a20bcf70e41010654c13013270Tom Ritter — Bug 1364560 Add support for disabling Skia Jumper assembly code r=lsalzman
30fae2d9938c14f3926ceb3ddf3feaac227c8fb5Samael Wang — Bug 1328501 - Part 2: Add test case. r=smaug
1cac189fb696cdaac22e109591cdba9ba18d58a6Samael Wang — Bug 1328501 - Part 1: Apply iframe history if it contains only initial about:blank viewer. r=smaug
aff6bfbd21ee23b16de781610f62206531d28175Mark Striemer — Bug 1314674 - Maintain badge style in new windows and customize r=mixedpuppy
ef26244d8a058978faafcf46a0db3fd8dfc016faKearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1381085 - Submit VR frames with a separate ID3DDeviceContextState r=daoshengmu
48dfae2cfbe396523e7e7ebb4277448cb842a4a6Kearwood "Kip" Gilbert — Bug 1400387 - Change 32-bit VR Frame ID's to 64-bit r=daoshengmu
a0fd12fe601b8da22024dd6ae08774d58aeea48cAlexis Beingessner — Bug 1403167 - TextDrawTarget: fallback on partial ligatures. r=jrmuizel
7a77ab7e5e2ee4f51184a6f85189c35129d29940Alexis Beingessner — Bug 1403259 - TextDrawTarget: fallback on -webrender-text-stroke. r=jrmuizel
f4e69a521a5739c26c31c6cea244e5395afed9c8Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 0d8711590ab0 (bug 1351081) for mac dt bustage in browser_inspector_highlighter-iframes_01.js a=backout
ac60233276ed2798c2f2f42772362f729dec3468Servo VCS Sync — No bug - Revendor rust dependencies
471f09c048fdb2a9cabc0ebf0ecf0772ecd1f717Michael Layzell — servo: Merge #18642 - nsString bindings update (from mystor:nsstring_vendor_bump); r=emilio
611582e42451dd26fcaa38f251e2203a6e8b0bf9Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1402205 - Non-existent background page blocks extension startup. r=kmag
10e6c06f04d93f484c0a2d99f497f4511090bf6cMike de Boer — Bug 1395615 - Implement the "file moved or missing" check for download items in the Library Downloads subview. r=Paolo
68fc2ac8d51e24f16159011382951f35c305bba2Valentin Gosu — Bug 1403154 - Don't MOZ_CRASH in PerformanceNavigationTiming::Type if the navigation type is TYPE_RESERVED r=baku
4741b93cfdf29517ff8eae863825fdc2ab5bd7bdGabriele Svelto — Bug 1402966 - Search for libcurl in more paths to support various *BSDs; r=Dexter
6282e18a63f6161198bc5f1c0c4a450aea132f9dJing-wei Wu — Bug 1401871 - Check if menu item(home_add_to_launcher) exists or not before accessing it. r=nechen
59596c38ba70cb3b1c3a93d082964b70b64b870bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403100 - Fix compilation on High Sierra (10.13). r=froydnj
5ab65f749652117468e6e1d6f9d0a384d832433bAlexandre Poirot — Bug 1250832 - Remove DevTools globals from browser.xul scope. r=jryans
6f54019717c1df3812db9bbb4e70fd7e2cf65936Matt Howell — Bug 1403037 - Don't test attribution data in applications that don't use it. r=Dexter
0d8711590ab0f85a70a73a921d61f537abe4fa32ZER0 — Bug 1351081 - added `relativeTo` to getBoxQuads; r=pbro
8448eee20c9afa97a9679cae293ad1f21e7f6668Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Don't keep OutputMediaStreams with a null mStream member. r=jwwang
137df08190273099df8e8a083bc43ebc32652f2eAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Let waitForPixel and friends take a cancelPromise. r=jib
173b2aca33b5a275903dfa8b5a7f7fbb6298a226Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Let waitForAnalysisSuccess take a cancelPromise. r=jib
7e3345ae9751c6a7dae74ffec68e368986906783Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Make logic that passes buffered data to direct listener generic. r=jesup
fcf31ee0762781efc8607709e43998643cef5c55Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Don't notify of ended tracks when adding a direct listener. r=jesup
dae100b2958413ee671e8ca3dfea5331fa9c469eAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Make sure test_pc_capturedVideo.html doesn't run out of source before connecting. r=jesup
d84ded64c0bb1b6ad1ab1313e060c035bdf36771Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Don't wait for TracksAvailableCallback if tracks are already available. r=jesup
55682948b181377b5e77a554baf063757b3ccaa9Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Break out TracksAvailableCallback logic to Session method. r=jesup
fbb794b4ab77eb66d7c20f04fc895403d4b54132Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtests for starting a video track at t > 0. r=jesup
9fb91aa67681f291a0693ecbccc6ec0462b6cdfbAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Change track encoder gtests to better mimic Gecko usage. r=jesup
2f254c86634764e86890b3a163f5eb6e3b872240Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Don't use direct audio listener with full duplex in MediaRecorder. r=jesup
02d44644658bc8727f66758afb81992a0436166dAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Refactor MediaRecorder. r=jesup,SingingTree
5cba097bf1eda93c6e7e0b1d7e57e9362377c7e6Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add MediaSegment::IsNull. r=jesup
e70956077d8b3d3e67d23ec83af9bd1b70410f07Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Remove MediaStream blocking logic from HTMLMediaElement. r=jesup
f1f93df303b687e84a03725efda07101aeceea4eAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Don't notify of queued data after a track ended. r=jesup
555d0dc71713b7fe23ea372155ee3447019306d9Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Break out ShutdownTicket and GetShutdownBarrier from MSG to MediaUtils. r=jib
f265edf5234cf9bd937f1fe2a9cf5b2b320a3387Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Order MSGImpl.h-includes alphabetically. r=jesup
dd39cf469d202d7b18d3672c98568a4cf090f80fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Fix AudioTrackEncoder resampling gtest to match comment. r=jesup
463b0c40f07ec416c279a25e681810c692e0b55eAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for encoding audio data. r=jesup
3c010e4b44e04db2a9517e7eaae8dec04d0d4cb9Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add AudioGenerator to TestAudioTrackEncoder for simple generation of audio. r=jesup
a832d1310e6391a32751313b33a566aff47809bdAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Break out SineWaveGenerator from MediaEngineDefault. r=jesup
7ee3807be53447957980d846264ff2bc0729b996Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for AudioTrackEncoder metadata. r=jesup
bb47b1aba6c72b6d03a19c0c79fcdb627347e06eAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Rename existing AudioTrackEncoder gtests to match TestVideoTrackEncoder. r=jesup
4458029940336f73b78fdfd2ade8c7fe00a729d8Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Rename gtest TestTrackEncoder.cpp to TestAudioTrackEncoder.cpp. r=jesup
ff830ca6e0d241cdf0226bb5887a7e6214b7ab8fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for an encoding that ends before all pushed data has been consumed. r=jesup
9ff34ff8a7459f77831c464a7c48eb836f8f4324Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for encoding where suspend/resume timestamps happen in the middle of frame durations. r=jesup
81c3fc64fe9f32ff38a10632f273104724cf7919Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for an encoding that is suspended in the beginning. r=jesup
c4fae1605712ec3c9f597c139102d3c0550a1aeaAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for a VideoTrackEncoder suspended throughout the entire recording. r=jesup
bc3d9b8fa333e43dec72975ad5f5090127ccec71Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for a VideoTrackEncoder suspended until the end. r=jesup
6695e96afbdfd6fb278fc67c8c452a9e80419fa7Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest for suspending the video encoder. r=jesup
b0dda92d1574c799126a187e18b961197670f594Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add gtest checking that we encode by timestamp. r=jesup
57e339b35453d33a5bef2a8128b919b873850d3fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Log error first in test_mr_unsupported_src.html. r=jwwang
e9335ee7fdfddf2165983ab1a34478c54fa17d2fAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add error checks to test_mediarecorder_avoid_recursion.html. r=jib
43a5598d0fc68ad36d2eb25ae6499ec73255b1b9Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Remove deprecated MediaRecorder test. r=jesup,jib
112382900659ed3238bdc548cb6fa1765be80104Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Notify MSG track listeners of removal during shutdown. r=jesup
2b4e007978a16c9ba28acd75972cd3f7e84292caAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Change MSG ControlMessages from virtual to override. r=jesup
38c52a4cbb77c66854adcd8c6876883a398d80beAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Notify of realtime data after NotifyDirectListenerInstalled. r=jesup
d59f3574e5e80f7389d698d71d802381ffb56cb9Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Expose GraphRate through DOMMediaStream. r=jesup
2799df85e817e0d53d7eef0ec57830d45320aa1bAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Make AudioNodeStream work with track listeners. r=padenot
96755ae5bb882dc5568b050b6e943db7976db8d0Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Rip out direct stream listeners from MediaRecorder. r=jesup
c6f57ba4e67d9eab0b7b138ff7e5a4d3a76b20aaAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Add mochitest for recording a MediaStream with an extra added track. r=jib
bb7f0a1416e33aa8c6565479ad240d2886a54fe7Andreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Allow MediaSegment::AppendSlice to combine with last chunk. r=jesup
6272e456e63edb52cf2417b9f3d4b128b926e29cAndreas Pehrson — Bug 1296531 - Implement MediaSegment move constructor. r=jesup
b7d8ae4a03c62e549b9d82595b1d1964f0af70cdWes Kocher — Merge inbound to m-c a=merge
e0356189e6d130f3aae4da7f737b4503482602dbEugen Sawin — Bug 1401002 - [4.0] Fix linter warning. r=me
4954eb5975f5eba046c3b38552871a9e076f1a7dFelipe Gomes — Bug 1389344 - Avoid checking for distribution.ini existence on every startup. r=mkaply
f5249f8de8da6e80cf442ffa04c3a71d42fa4111Eugen Sawin — Bug 1401002 - [3.1] Add GeckoView setting for application data directories. r=jchen
cbc29f3fed8860014a4bd9b77a0f4a68202c3457Eugen Sawin — Bug 1401002 - [2.2] Enable GeckoView remote debugging. r=snorp,jchen
505c1e22424aa59809ccf33cec9bf1d20d784c2aEugen Sawin — Bug 1401002 - [1.1] Don't override chrome window type with default argument value. r=tromey
c845865489652eadaa3f9a12736c1db56c0e6f12Alexander Surkov — Bug 1321960, part2 - let an interrupted reflow finish before processing a11y, r=eeejay, f=dholbert
c65fce03b9e0a1a7591668f727b846675cffa44aAlexander Surkov — Bug 1321960 - rename nsIPresShell::mSuppressInterruptibleReflows to mWasLastReflowInterrupted to reflect better its purpose, r=dholbert
7d15bc419c6cd7e9f3b4d41370c3b0e5990c8d1bWes Kocher — Merge autoland to central, a=merge
5e311cd7074e6b649187f5a79371f0681c2d7504Makoto Kato — Bug 1402469 - Part 2. Add crash test. r=masayuki
5efdecc086858b4b4e5b0fcf9b7f27ef63d91738Makoto Kato — Bug 1402469 - Part 1. Return value of ConvertListType should use Element instead of nsresult. r=masayuki
c49501879fbc43e399f4dccbd2664985cafa8c33Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18640 - style: Really minor cleanups (from emilio:cleanup-as-you-go); r=nox
94a5ac2157687d91f036212ce9f29fbab3e0334fOriol Brufau — Bug 1399265 - Avoid relayout when switching tab in devtools r=Honza
da264d9bdd7d404bf93ebf11a86921ff60dff57aPatrick Brosset — Bug 1402386 - CamelCase the inspector-tab-panel component; r=Honza
0bae5cad94bfb79b7dc9d18b4172937cf94885dfDão Gottwald — Bug 1390025 - Add separator between the tab strip and the drag space in front of it. r=johannh
ba2cfab31a9297de4486b306bc54ee00feeaeffcDaosheng Mu — Bug 1398436 - Skip-if test_2_conformance__extensions__webgl-compressed-texture-size-limit.html in Win 7; r=jgilbert
bacc64f220bdbbd019ef3191fb7941f211b47217Julian Descottes — Bug 1331167 - fix TooltipToggle to hide tooltip when leaving target;r=Honza
f934778255f0962f7ec50ef6ae0ff9c60fbfe5bePhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsComponentManagerUtils.h in nsThreadUtils.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
372be3cc35d9f65a4b6efd421c3716dd7310cc4fPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include LabeledEventQueue.h in ThreadEventQueue.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
226f257ca582e51b62428db1186e00e5a0dc0f8fPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include AbstractThread in SystemGroup.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
c6aaaf7cdf7d9626ba844b67a08ae9f00aeb15c2Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsIThreadInteral.h in SynchronizedEventQueue to fix non-unified. r=billm
2060621594c27e40d21e12e3e4347cad15834f54Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Add missing includes in Scheduler.h to fix non-unified build. r=billm
bfaccb2f9e3dd54b343d5ad193537f6aeff63f25Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include Linkedlist.h in LabeledEventQueue to fix non-unified build. r=billm
5994b4dee2b7d8d40f52fc68c27b4812c4831c31Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Add missing includes in PrioritizedEventQueue to fix non-unified build. r=billm
5299d24f1e0bdcab5ee9ef8af9992bbe84a1b14aPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsTArray.h in InputEventStatistics.h to fix non-unified build. r=smaug
9929775b540b249b72f444ac1293868cdd4be453Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsIRunnable in EventQueue.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
1978d3213a4b6f04d3a693958d5a1a6ee87cd14bPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Add missing includes in CooperativeThreadPool to fix non-unified build. r=billm
e7342b6583bcb5ced975be590fbcfee29de0c93cPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Ensure mutationCount in HashTable.h is only used inside an JS_DEBUG ifdef. r=luke
be172a88ca6f8730eb6546592d7e888e11601cc5Jan Odvarko — Bug 1402820 - Fix immutable record for request; r=rickychien
b2f1c78e69710c4ee3f9da244c65a7e5dfbdcb60Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1403150 - Ignore the formatting on gHTMLElements r=smaug
6cc2df751ca9b47c27c5809cd993717d4477e2b7Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1386535 - Remove all DevTools shims used to support legacy add-ons. r=jryans
dd3698bc4bf78dbc910cb49564e517f2946928c6Emilio Cobos Álvarez — servo: Merge #18638 - style: Lazily tweak the traversal root to account for sibling invalidations (from emilio:invalidation-lazy); r=heycam
d75d1ebf0e99290906b838606dd907a0bd198e7aEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403078: Lazily tweak the traversal root to account for sibling invalidations. r=heycam
0fa2ed96c3a821ae57528b00b3ebccb793db5936Nicholas Nethercote — servo: Merge #18637 - Two small tweaks related to MallocSizeOf (from nnethercote:rename-add_size_of_children); r=emilio
72ccf148b3e67f025ee9638b661e90c41430f6d1Ian MacLeod — Bug 1368034 - Update default values for urlbar searches in Marionette r=whimboo
c7133f6730590a3c4f8e6314f9de2023b0c5d652Marco Bonardo — Bug 1401777 - don't use rich icons for tabs. r=Mardak
d4a29741c62807f145203dc5689cb74bfbd83daaSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 418e79946237 (bug 1250832) for failing devtools/client/commandline/test/browser_cmd_csscoverage_startstop.js on Windows 7 debug. r=backout
d2c18cfef4e3242545de01c1c36675d4c833bb43Bob Silverberg — Bug 1381992 - Add some reader mode support to the tabs API, r=mixedpuppy
cc9d239ebed1e08744e2acc483c34d2a8b09e92aJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1393087 - P4. Remove soft assertion. r=kinetik
71c088664c276cf4a4c693902ab10172283226e1Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1393087 - P3: Retry backward to find keyframe. r=kinetik
d78ce15e4d6f4eb821e082ab72d80d03b71483a0Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1393087 - P2. Add methods for range-based loops. r=gerald
a22a2fcf6d9429b9f5a48006e8ade2d7a3b8958dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1393087 - P1. Only consider a video frame as keyframe if both channels are keyframes. r=kinetik
422cd683ccaf40b0f469fb15e3c344bb3a06590eSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to autoland. r=merge a=merge
01ea5f8dcce030899fd6c4017652458a49811356Dale Harvey — Bug 1386611 - Remove outdated widgetName from UITour. r=Gijs
0cac2e15b4ca7cf03e75ee208da624495215382fAlastor Wu — Bug 1402681 - part2 : add log. r=jya
145eac8ba70636cdb1a235d6d7094b87bbfd8022Alastor Wu — Bug 1402681 - part1 : do not queue the task without task queue. r=jya
f8b6f4681fb8830cbdb904c0ee77313ebfebc31eSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 7c952d1beaaf (bug 1331167) for failures in devtools' tooltip tests, e.g. devtools/client/inspector/shared/test/browser_styleinspector_tooltip-background-image.js. r=backout
6f9635999d2cf776afa2b1a67a8344e37e89c752Anthony Ramine — servo: Merge #18635 - Rename JS<T> to Dom<T>, Root<T> to DomRoot<T>, and other things (from servo:RENAME-ALL-THE-THINGS); r=emilio
c2131082228a24d8ae74c12ac846e49ad950c169Mark Banner — Bug 1094864 - Rewrite most of browser/components/places/tests/browser to use the newer async Places APIs. r=mak
b8d59e74c0bbffc3c7728b708ea77ecd1b7fa1c7Mark Banner — Bug 1094864 - Remove unnecessary checks from browser/components/places. r=mak
cd1c3f84f3ec96ace1c361d249b80214fe52f672Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 2d59a91b2f2d (bug 1402824) for build bustage (mozilla/LabeledEventQueue.h not found). r=backout on a CLOSED TREE
99ab2cc7f7674dfb9d797229b596fb546c5eb8abSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset db56e6da54d3 (bug 1402824)
30cc1898f50c438edef4e57d3296874229267394Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 75e36b75f564 (bug 1402824)
2ac86f2bd9a52292b0ce407dc4ae0a4d67bcdb35Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 0ffa25137672 (bug 1402824)
6baa4aec27abf0a2085fff5b06ac67426bf9c470Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ef139c527822 (bug 1402824)
dd161d07dd6da8f769746eebd92c202d79aece0dSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 52d49783fdd0 (bug 1402824)
e7ac0b7b27029d0b32762739584199da61a154f3Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a414320a4559 (bug 1402824)
79b553efb22d0ac0c10fecf2b6778d950cbf3813Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 1ac08c6d8373 (bug 1402824)
a25425d3f88c1e8fb802a1489e7ec5f872341441Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset e0dd9d0e8bc1 (bug 1402824)
97bee5bbe57e3d592d17def2c05659c14b6ec905Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a3c51e77dccb (bug 1402824)
d7c765ec3ac074ec40e7ca3b12f8d7fe39edd2d8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c17cf6e4ee95 (bug 1402824)
7c952d1beaaf3c431061b82d9287c8572d81e570Julian Descottes — Bug 1331167 - fix TooltipToggle to hide tooltip when leaving target;r=Honza
f9a826fd9a94c1cc75e8d5116b27a97e1f93199dJulian Descottes — Bug 1354937 - stop using mutations in browser_service_workers_status.js;r=ochameau
418e799462374e5fde679651c09421cd46a5c207Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1250832 - Remove DevTools globals from browser.xul scope. r=jryans
d8ac3ab29d3c98c650f82ce40c1857365128aa17Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1403063 - Disable VP8 HW decoder on Windows. r=gerald
0d5ba763989ff0aaefdbfecd91795e6e437f80b7Cameron McCormack — servo: Merge #18623 - style: Add support for -moz-font-smoothing-background-color (from heycam:smoothing-background); r=xidorn
48eb17111ec7f7d28a7201003b4eecedb8ad50e7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403028: Crashtest. r=heycam
40bfa0d02096a350e229ffc4c8438b8134adc658Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1403028: Ensure the parent is in the composed doc before marking it as dirty. r=heycam
8acabce73863e53c985427c0f73861dade3a8189Jing-wei Wu — Bug 1388679 - Replace Fennec Nightly icons. r=nechen
edae6c684c0e29c8ab2dda551fa8af7a5bdaa304Alfredo.Yang — Bug 1401071 - move fallible memory allocation github instead of including source and other nits. r=kinetik
c17cf6e4ee95f168cf7006b6f739e9be673da243Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsComponentManagerUtils.h in nsThreadUtils.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
a3c51e77dccb7f0ffabb1db88729c1f96f0d0824Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include LabeledEventQueue.h in ThreadEventQueue.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
e0dd9d0e8bc1a3d00c765153514a6bb119c8980dPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include AbstractThread in SystemGroup.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
1ac08c6d837380fe4be3db71d3e79636f11cf1e6Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsIThreadInteral.h in SynchronizedEventQueue to fix non-unified. r=billm
a414320a455969bfff80664b1896ce5a038ed825Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Add missing includes in Scheduler.h to fix non-unified build. r=billm
52d49783fdd03096c3dc7e57d7f4dc07bf8c7580Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include Linkedlist.h in LabeledEventQueue to fix non-unified build. r=billm
ef139c527822ef3b5117439aa8cc3a5e396e5fa8Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Add missing includes in PrioritizedEventQueue to fix non-unified build. r=billm
0ffa251376725d07041471ab8d343508d5c11525Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsTArray.h in InputEventStatistics.h to fix non-unified build. r=smaug
75e36b75f56470e2b6e84b41953ef71682f9ba2cPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Include nsIRunnable in EventQueue.cpp to fix non-unified build. r=billm
db56e6da54d3ae92665335bdf88d4e32fed91cf3Philippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Add missing includes in CooperativeThreadPool to fix non-unified build. r=billm
2d59a91b2f2dbfce52ffc3f10245ed92eb260b3bPhilippe Normand — Bug 1402824 - Ensure mutationCount in HashTable.h is only used inside an JS_DEBUG ifdef. r=luke
44c358447666fd00d38fe9b72724d194b874e682Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset ff9c67df213a (bug 1319342) for failing wpt /dom/nodes/Node-cloneNode.html. r=backout
f0da5d64adedfa0658adf0d2c90d68e3a225a05cJan de Mooij — Bug 1403136 - Clean up JSSetterOp code now that slotful setters are gone. r=evilpie
5f1f580cf0dd8c96c25ed01ec4b04229647cd4a9James Graham — Bug 1402970. Make mach wpt-create work correctly again. r=bzbarsky
3d899ef058abd66c70cfd74554b7ecd0d0a0b4b6Oriol Brufau — Bug 1394559 - Better handling of inaccessible objects in the console. r=jimb
89578e7051811bf2bbc3777964d23fe02e1b9497jason laster — Bug 1401661 - Remove WasmDis and Wasm Parser source map url. r=yury
aef322779c5d3869a0223a9677ba56abaf873de4Anthony Miyaguchi — Bug 1402249 - Add the first-session-shutdown document to the TOC. r=Dexter
075e7eef53f45a57e6363b19decafa1219578288Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1399466 - IPCBlobInputStream should not use STS to read from the remote Stream, but DOMFile thread instead, r=smaug
c00155154bad78a770c271f6c69af8f3ee851602Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1253487 - Remove the explicit HTTP version from curl.js: Remove unused const. r=eslint-fix
e18f56d0dbd36b4ac7a2bc01fa979a0790971fa0Geoff Brown — Bug 1401035 - Avoid Android reftest restart after max run time exceeded; r=jmaher
87291aa18bf0ff52f81d39d84649bc3b358235a0Geoff Brown — Bug 1390884 - Enable limited test chaos mode in test-verify; r=jmaher
23e5c31fbaea0c266192851efb029d443f3cf895Joel Maher — Bug 1402426 - removing the requirement to sign addons from talos and run from source. r=rwood
ba971be22ebc9b60f7e417f60363b7b40a5619feJoel Maher — Bug 1401228 - disable transforms/* on win7 non-e10s to prevent Assertion failure: [GFX1]: Failed to create DrawTarget, Type: 3 Size: Size(800,1000). r=gbrown
a3ce51c3168ae80ccd15714d427ffd1dc44f8debJoel Maher — Bug 1374133 - Disable /html/browsers/windows/browsing-context-names/choose-_blank-003.html for frequent failures. r=me, a=test-only
c879bfc1067ec040bc32166ec167993d62f7d315Joel Maher — Bug 1389983 - fix skip syntax for dom/media/tests/mochitest/test_getUserMedia_addtrack_removetrack_events.html. r=me, a=test-only
56f8de0910b920ecfad9e661c916db21daccbb7aJoel Maher — Bug 1388764 - disable layout/reftests/bugs/508908-1.xul to avoid crash in mozilla::ipc::MessageChannel::WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop(). r=gbrown
16c8f3a7c6d4a1a12c47022096d355535d0d38e0Yura Zenevich — Bug 1362420 - show and hide emulated windows in e10s mode for Dolphin. r=surkov, smaug
eab929170ab0898bc23d88509efef9f8b3817152Dylan Roeh — Bug 1399504 - Pass more information to Intent:OpenNoHandler callback so that fallback urls may always be handled correctly. r=jchen
ff9c67df213ac4facfd517652cf29f156ea409dcJohn Dai — Bug 1319342 - Clone a node should enqueue an upgrade reaction. r=smaug
79a2f1bec652a3a6c3c379bca8becf6f0aafd7c1Daniel Stenberg — Bug 1253487 - Remove the explicit HTTP version from curl.js. r=jryans
4d0d55a7af1768144611f39935d4e1a7ce95be91Chris AtLee — Bug 1378153 - Add 'a2' to aurora/devedition branding's firstrun page. r=jcristau
8ba0ddc53833dfbdd3f2bff47deaad99654094c9Kyle Machulis — Bug 1389650 - Remove nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement; r=bz
ed3b3111d9762a4bc50e8ae5e45460c61800068cKyle Machulis — Bug 1389650 - Change nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement instanceof checks to getClassName; r=bz
fbd8e9aa0a0fc2b4540ac00aaf0e266c1264d03bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1400701 - Don't use text nodes under <bdi> elements to determine the directionality of the ancestors; r=smaug
fa27d9bd71e6cc46914185252047e2171460bed2Bob Owen — Bug 1403230: Block WRusr.dll in child processes when using Alternate Desktop. r=jimm
95a7edc3d438289870d60085917532eb50196d52Kris Maglione — Bug 1402066: Part 2 - Enable permissions tests in OOP mode. r=aswan
8049a55e5f8cd2cef6167689fa9aabc55f400bafKris Maglione — Bug 1402066: Part 1 - Fix ordering of base schema data in extension child processes. r=aswan
39aaf54972cb11a63815a96b532786133baa95bcBrian Hackett — Backed out changeset 072f8d4a9964 (bug 1355109) for causing crashes with various extensions. a=lizzard
64231d7a9dc8587d1c34957818279991a0bfbb08Gabriel Luong — Backed out changeset fdecf61ce83e (bug 1402318)
99dcb764fd9fd1ca6476e0e4403031593f83915dAndrew Osmond — Bug 1402592 - Ensure that ImageBridgeParent instances are closed by the parent during shutdown. r=dvander
b30ae5a455367f336ded1052081e4c54a139fa81ffxbld — No bug, Automated HPKP preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-303 - a=hpkp-update
e3f4b5f57a29f11da2f697365d32163730862565ffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from host bld-linux64-spot-303 - a=hsts-update
e3e936deef864d23751f7ce71556693a6c79f327Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389759 - Ensure we tear down CompositorManagerChild correctly if init or the GPU process fail. r=dvander
78681a30c037928df6c8e21d9f474032ecde983fAndrew Osmond — Backed out changeset 6ed0903b5242 (bug 1389759) because an old version of the patch was landed.
a4d1d138d90dba6ed1111da13f1a0ea1bb5517f8Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d5bc3152714e (bug 1402279) for failing devtools' devtools/client/jsonview/test/browser_jsonview_save_json.js. r=backout
353347df68d12bccd3874517afa67fa3af253e45Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 41da9c5daa90 (bug 1402279)
3053445906837db96cce7fc059576c9b5e821a1bMichael Layzell — Bug 1402969 - Merge nsGlobalChromeWindow into nsGlobalWindow, r=bz
6ed0903b5242fb86492095db60ca277aa98e39f7Andrew Osmond — Bug 1389759 - Ensure we tear down CompositorManagerChild correctly if init or the GPU process fail.
827357e7c274bd90edb4a0887746148912fa73ebMichael Layzell — Bug 1345733 - Increase timeout for large allocation tests, r=smaug
2da272c1ad8ddd8a731a1ff93e0b7a178e6c9dcbMarco Castelluccio — Bug 1403143 - Remove useless 'using namespace mozilla::ipc' from CodeCoverageHandler. r=jmaher
41da9c5daa902543f0f59818b2e3bbae44605036Paolo Amadini — Bug 1402279 - Part 2 - Unify the usage of the DownloadPaths module. r=mak,aswan
d5bc3152714edda86a0a4342b86fa2372d09f39dPaolo Amadini — Bug 1402279 - Part 1 - Move the DownloadPaths module to the jsdownloads folder. r=mak
2cc6a5ffe72d0afa5a0a536f0f2803f761fc7131Brian Hackett — Bug 1402580 - Support yield callback used when entering the system zone group in the JS shell, r=jandem.
bd4014f5f6bab71c87d0ba661ac016ce1ccc0edaJustin Wood — Bug 1403084 - Make beta point at l10n-central for android. r=mtabara
d0673fb534d06daa25cbc252ab22547f3d55866eDavid Anderson — Assert that the GPU process build ID matches the UI process. (bug 1333056, r=mccr8)
ad52ca20b04843fb42d94f59f282f20f5a785e77Ryan Hunt — Don't crash in SendBuildID when MessageChannel isn't connected. (bug 1333056, r=dvander)
726096220356633751136e66c456c4e97b24e1a3Julian Descottes — Bug 1403152 - fix test browser_html_tooltip_xul-wrapper.js for small viewports;r=me
999b0a7cc8dc279b49125e9786a0158139b981f9Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 22a322b57f50 (bug 1380255) for asserting and failing mochitest-plain toolkit/components/extensions/test/mochitest/test_ext_webrequest_responseBody.html. r=backout
594f4ea5d802555dd6924b56235052708a768decNicolas Silva — Bug 1383786 - Delete image keys as soon as they are not used anymore. r=sotaro
98c7b4d33f28065bf7babcd5f7e90dad63c94209Nicolas Silva — Bug 1383786 - Rename TextureHost::PushExternalImage into PushDisplayItems. r=sotaro
5a5aa364ea69a6f76cb49a8d22f6d98083c80fa5Nicolas Silva — Bug 1383786 - Update TextureHost image keys when posible. r=sotaro
a7da103dab00352fc79d587142a4e6cbd06345e5Nicolas Silva — Bug 1383786 - Make it possible to update TextureHost image keys. r=sotaro
8f5bd03fc5071f2c998fb071961dc6fcd954f958Nicolas Silva — Bug 1383786 - Simplify generating image keys for TextureHosts. r=sotaro
90fe4a380e8b4e595a440d124c52ac5dcf18c64eGabriel Luong — Bug 1402709 - Don't use capture for the toolbox context menu. r=bgrins
6dfa95b2d5afc1b9beebe0e1db0efa6a178d2cedJonathan Kew — Bug 1402861 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from nsNumberControlFrame. r=dholbert
22a322b57f5000dcd4a28b52d836a6dbec97eaa6Catalin Badea — Bug 1380255 - FetchDriver should have threadsafe refcounting. r=baku
23494177c6b2185632c0b9bfb9582c89df8fdbd2Alin Selagea — Bug 1397829 - add buildernames for stylo-disabled tests which run on hardware, win7 and win10, r=jmaher
eaf3b1eff03ce94c85d2066e1a517558bde2ac8cJan de Mooij — Bug 1153592 part 3 - Simplify GetExistingProperty now that slotful getters are gone. r=evilpie
57132aac9262cbe6077160cad75bc590fd60e92cJan de Mooij — Bug 1153592 part 2 - Remove JSPROP_SHARED; ensure accessor props don't have slots. r=evilpie
b4724648181dec232d4308f283df5db7e683afdaJan de Mooij — Bug 1153592 part 1 - Replace redundant checks in CheckCanChangeAttrs with debug asserts. r=evilpie
f41e4ba17689198d1f697af30ef3f519fa116105Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
bc56729898954e32d3a3731d03d178ed78924c33Sebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central. r=merge a=merge
6fb1f5fae37168c824b988733aac0d46499b6c11Cameron McCormack — Bug 1403073 - stylo: Fix some bindgen object layout issues. r=xidorn
f1157b4dfa69fccb2e97ac61afff58fbaba83f9bWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 5799b3ef8745 (bug 802749) at flod's request a=backout
e8fe20ec574b413f43cea5e0a129eb80cfe80c71Wes Kocher — Bug 1330608 - Fix up mozlint-yaml a=bustage
fa216426a67b833e30e5e3e7cc6dbfd2171ab69cTom Ritter — Bug 1330608 Add the MinGW32 toolchain build to Taskcluster r=glandium
4735518e975a1853f08a516f5baa97b13a10d114Mike Hommey — Bug 1402647 - Add a memalign implementation on platforms that don't have one. r=njn
b29d40633a3a37da2270d01fe730e7afd50fd0b7Mike Hommey — Bug 1402647 - Add missing stdlib.h header for system allocator. r=njn
61af19cbe6bf7fccd7cd7a1535caf857443d323eRay Lin — Bug 1393374 - Part 2. Add a credit card basic autofill mochitest. r=lchang
2c7fd224bfe00cdff5e6fc10f124c47d7a49f6c7Ray Lin — Bug 1393374 - Part 1. Introduce credit card helper functions in formautofill mochitest. r=lchang
5799b3ef87454cfbefde1fdf6124447b38a61d71Mehdi Soleimannejad — Bug 802749 - Make background sync over metered connections optional. r=Grisha Kruglov
29e8a6f664bf074137210a13a9977672a8ba9b74Glenn Watson — servo: Merge #18636 - Update WR (handle translucent brightness, invert filters. Hit test API) (from glennw:update-wr-filter-hit); r=pcwalton
94aa95999f4e52f34520d9f71d94d4532a9717b1Ed Lee — Bug 1402502 - Additionally disable browser_aboutHome_search_suggestion.js for linux 64 opt. r=ursula
27953b6cbc9b9bff5fb14cb0e69b492f08e62da8Kaku Kuo — Bug 1401909 - turn on preference of ShutdownDecoder feature on desktop version release and beta channel; r=bwu
bd58666900918c0fe04c668f6c94b0f6853623ceCameron McCormack — Bug 1403030 - stylo: One more followup to fix a build error. r=me
45cfb2a32cdeb11ae859ce02e8e3ed8522c0c494Cameron McCormack — Bug 1403030 - stylo: Followup for another missing const. r=me
6be6a2554828bdcff82092ae8de1e2426b6e9632Daniel Kolsoi — servo: Merge #18617 - Removed integrity check and test for no-cors requests (from TheDan64:master); r=KiChjang
bf266c3319e88fce40f00d13921c5dd6358331b6Cameron McCormack — Bug 1403030 - stylo: Fix some mismatching FFI declarations. r=xidorn
82a3a8ca311e5a814537c75eaf093a38f975f420Grigory Kruglov — Bug 1373254 - Ensure onStoreFailed won't be called twice r=rnewman
41c0020723649b183fcb7baab915e4c775f6f688Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to autoland, a=merge
5084608dc0bb4a5a19258827c943ae3584bd7fb5Wes Kocher — Bug 1400425 - Add a `mach try empty` command to push to try with no prompts r=ahal
72ec5bce838a5ae9be00473c0937d2b275472500Wes Kocher — Backed out changeset 7fc37806848f (bug 1400425) for flake8 issues a=backout
7fc37806848f3047db904293ffa4fe936cd1c8b0Wes Kocher — Bug 1400425 - Add a `mach try empty` command to push to try with no prompts r=ahal
c47c1d957c1968e040cbc2a5475f7f1fd1b5959fJosh Matthews — servo: Merge #17056 - Make dictionaries and unions containing GC values safer (from jdm:heapdict); r=emilio
4c23cc64c5270d83cd3b07e30eb74ba86a79b3ccKyle Machulis — servo: Merge #18629 - Update link to Windows Python Version in README (from qdot:update-windows-readme-python-version); r=jdm
6a9d008002efc9044416d5fff5713f899c954ebbSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset d828e2c01a60 (bug 1402066) for frequently failing modified xpcshell test toolkit/components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_redirects.js on Android 4.3 debug. r=backout
998dd0100a61ba5ceafe8fe27b13753b3537a8bdSebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 641430a49682 (bug 1402066)
f9df54bc39999524555f6d24ff609627fdc7553cJon Coppeard — Bug 1402649 - Fix valid GC cell pointer asserts and error handling in module instantiation r=sfink
f2881b8508abd84066418c42f1413bdc481262b9Jon Coppeard — Bug 1402535 - Handle errors while checking that a module object is frozen r=evilpie
590f81062c5f6b6a5df5a0d992fde2d633527257Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 50d5710ae6c0 (bug 1389650) for eslint failure at browser/modules/PluginContent.jsm:684: 'contentWindow' is assigned a value but never used. r=backout
2a16ec0d0828043aed627f480ef3c316390e83b2Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 26805294a547 (bug 1389650)
19efc28f755bfe47e62ce10d4c4753a376bba6f8cku — Bug 1402798 - Part 1. Check the type of an SVGPaint object from the correct frame. r=longsonr+218550
40ffba3a6034e0cc9a1a8e4fc9e739adb07f9e04Lars T Hansen — Bug 1391196 - Let javascript.options.wasm_baselinejit default to true. r=luke
9e7267c06e4e7fb037e539809b409519ea3d63c0Bevis Tseng — Bug 1399707 - Make entries in TabChild::sActiveTabs and EventLoopActivation::mEventGroups unique. r=billm
3dd36c1c48e3b5c83808efd5dd871da731da1758Jessica Jong — Bug 1334044: Replace detached callback (v0) with disconnected callback (v1). r=smaug
b900023d886cf52415f4eda41efa03da7429c084Jessica Jong — Bug 1334043 - Part 3: Update tests for connected callback. r=smaug
f0b6fd27656003fa28792b2c5f6a40ea08fde697Jessica Jong — Bug 1334043 - Part 2: Make nsContentUtils::EnqueueLifecycleCallback static. r=smaug
157b2ba57ad2c912ddd2aaf8f90308a0acb88cf4Jessica Jong — Bug 1334043 - Part 1: Replace attached callback (v0) with connected callback (v1). r=smaug
26805294a547518adc01e228fc77fcb7abd63220Kyle Machulis — Bug 1389650 - Remove nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement; r=bz
50d5710ae6c0ba262a3c8e58ff392005601e352eKyle Machulis — Bug 1389650 - Change nsIDOMHTMLAnchorElement instanceof checks to getClassName; r=bz
8377625a20c16e3fc12513b858e5daf5c306c017Boris Zbarsky — Bug 850684. Make sure offset* is computed correctly on absolutely positioned kids of relatively positioned elements with scrolllframes and borders. r=mats
1a063bcbef8a7bd9e6564c5b2c29264163066664Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1400459 (part 1) - Remove return value from nsIAtom::ToUTF8String(). r=froydnj.
0e2959069bc35bfa468203980316ff63ca388b28Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1402772 - Change nsIEventListenerChange::changedListenerNames to a count of a11y-affecting elements. r=smaug.
7e992ffa004cbe740486fc477e34ab6b9321f57bAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1402888 - Remove nsIStreamTransportService::createOutputStream, r=smaug
560296786c0cefbc749f54b20ba8afcd79ffd12aAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1402888 - Remove nsIInputStreamPump::Init() offset and limit params, r=smaug
d434da3de9ea5e9b30238ccffde7faf43d51c427Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1402888 - Remove nsIStreamTransportService::createInputStream startOffset and readLimit params, r=smaug
cb604e7830ec443410a190bcf6c54be879d37ac7Yoshi Huang — Bug 1376971 - Part 5: test for pageInfo.js. r=baku
242437f8be99e364755c440b95f571e4fc201879Yoshi Huang — Bug 1376971 - Part 4: query loadingprincipal in HTMLMediaElement. r=baku
23473b758d5524f7434667f926f3207e4f370ff7Yoshi Huang — Bug 1376971 - Part 3: Query loadingprincipal attribute in image. r=baku
89160848b6a0238211c57f700a918199d21c491bYoshi Huang — Bug 1376971 - Part 2: add GetLoadingPrincipalForXULNode. r=baku
282f44b7a0e181c22a6655a8e551b6163129b886Yoshi Huang — Bug 1376971 - Part 1: add loadingprincipal attribute on the node. r=baku
1637b28b7f9023421b7701d98c19e51aad2b3e35sotaro — Bug 1402767 - Enable accleleration of GLScreenBuffer when WebRender is enabled r=jgilbert
641430a496824e34170786f6f3bc5e587f2056ebKris Maglione — Bug 1402066: Part 2 - Enable permissions tests in OOP mode. r=aswan
d828e2c01a60febf598dcc544da266042c74731bKris Maglione — Bug 1402066: Part 1 - Fix ordering of base schema data in extension child processes. r=aswan
42a6a1c9c4cf4c861d4911b5d3fbc26178f92e55Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1402760 - Change nsIApplicationReputationQuery::suggestedFileName from an AString to an AUTF8String. r=gcp.
5d1b6657fdb015ad795a6f720b7c28f11bf142d0Matt Woodrow — Bug 1402204 - Remove NS_SCROLLFRAME_INVALIDATE_CONTENTS_ON_SCROLL as it doesn't appear to be needed any more. r=mats
df95a1b7d7181c41b7d043bf08bf05bdc5896a9bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1402203 - Add a new layout phase for displaylist building. r=mstange
05a55026189070733d22b0ff75c41d0ee313c550Matt Woodrow — Bug 1402200 - Expose nsRect to pixman_box helpers. r=jrmuizel
84dd156b253e630d1341fe2dc86a95c9f3ddacd5Matt Woodrow — Bug 1402199 - Move code for adding extra background items into a helper. r=mstange
70b150570407df427bed31965fe29cf8736beab6Matt Woodrow — Bug 1397671 - Don't treat SVG transformed frames as being transformed for the purposes of computing Combines3DTransformWithAncestors. r=dbaron
92dd76c32727b7621c2fd50fa91b1dd0ed107958Matt Woodrow — Bug 1402197 - Add an option for GetTransformToAncestor to stop at stacking contexts and displayport. r=mstange
9db1c3303473492a4a239804d5e8d8b80fa4b788sotaro — Bug 1402739 - Fix mutex handling around async ImageContainer r=nical
3bc99baa78dfd4f25fbbcfb771b39c55370aeff1Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1402769 - Remove unused stuff in and around nsParserModule.cpp. r=mrbkap.
8203dbc82127f9e19408d08ab4d3f1ddd64be40cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1401873 - Remove nsHtml5Atom. r=froydnj,hsivonen.
9c24fa59b0073d866fe44e6c969c5481d78a6793Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1401873 - Expose nsAtom in nsIAtom.h. r=froydnj.
6602b0670805a8303607ea45bebcbb15a59ee222Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1401873 - Rename Atom as nsAtom. r=froydnj.
be79515b9f2afc703b5bcfc14546d9dad7692437Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to inbound, a=merge
e6b3498a39b94616ba36798fe0b71a3090b1b14cWes Kocher — Merge inbound to central, a=merge
1861531b8dc468415313e0429a567f6ff3317902Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1402743 - Remove nsIDOMWindowUtils::getCursorType(). r=bkelly.
05e9212469818e6b31790f7edc2324f921d8bf8dBill McCloskey — Bug 1398070 - Convert WillDestroyCurrentMessageLoop assertion to a safe no-op (r=dvander)
b4c0c90d80783f46ef315bb070b640ce3c8416bbMichael Layzell — Bug 1383411 - Introduce a distinction between nsCStr<'a> and nsCString, r=froydnj
97ac8133fe794afa8181ede2e23eb1bd8935898fMichael Layzell — Bug 1384915 - Part 4: Update RawRange to use RangeBoundaries, r=masayuki
785d03188e75a278064da1e40a4d8bb05353baafMichael Layzell — Bug 1384915 - Part 3: Avoid using node indices in IMEContentObserver, r=masayuki
446c82956eda195a47ab9f12bddf7a199e854a6aMichael Layzell — Bug 1384915 - Part 2: Make NodePosition a wrapper around RangeBoundary, r=masayuki
228b74cf9509bc34a9541facf09c5ee87140d927Michael Layzell — Bug 1384915 - Part 1: Refactor RangeBoundary out of nsRange so it can be used by other classes, r=masayuki
e507ee142c64d068c1d2f85f2c3d3a6efa51df42Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1394933 - Bookmarks toolbar dropzone icon updated; r=dao
9c7a64044f5688baf96ad28736cc4be57d6036d0Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset 86d7b2f346f0 (bug 1401319) for running and failing modified tests. r=backout
a172badf4ab6451346c22c982034da6bca9c5c67Kim Moir — Bug 1402955 - Fix syntax. r=rail DONTBUILD
05e1f74416aa38f0a30fd818ff855abd9d1d5696Jessica Jong — Bug 1392970 - Part 2: Get CustomElementDefinition from CustomElementData when possible. r=smaug
d18275f35b3d68f992854d8bc92bdfc440f432aaJessica Jong — Bug 1392970 - Part 1: Make CustomElementDefinition ref-counted and put it in CustomElementData. r=smaug
112fa91b456fac167d6a56ff2cc1cc4f62f436daOriol Brufau — Bug 1395276 - Make $ and $$ console commands throw errors created in the debuggee global. r=jimb
d8d8c0972cb42c9c5fa168b84f8beb343ac25d3dJim Mathies — Bug 1401561 - Avoid prompting about compatibility issues with JAWS when e10s is pref'd off. r=jaws
cd3e25fd615c08b36b3d16ca7cc6d740db9b0604Towkir Ahmed — Bug 1363028 - Update bookmark toolbar icons to photon styles. r=johannh
4ac94fd29b5afb1d25196add675a0c7ee2e606d7Randall Barker — Bug 1402594 - Fix regression where toolbar does not become visible when link is pressed r=jchen
c0e228638fe4bce3321c16a3ab812beb7275556cSteve Fink — Bug 1402504 - Switch to using in-source annotations more directly, r=jonco
86d7b2f346f0b5aaad459873d0c99ef7390e2e6cSteve Fink — Bug 1401319 - Implement xulRuntime.is64Bit for manifest tests, r=jonco
cb590aea27b5e364f6300dd93d31e5cf03090ec0Gabriel Luong — Bug 1402343 - Update Codemirror to 5.30.0. r=bgrins
68cc39f8ed249de918a406e1502905f3659e1ff8Ben Kelly — Bug 1402586 Hold the worker alive while Cache API completes a lazy body open IPC operation. r=asuth
eece8c1550bbdf555bfec2600d222f5612fef670Ethan Lin — Bug 1296410 - Add crashtest for the bug about NULL pointer read when opening a canvas html. r=mstange
27ba09aa4be87e7dc6e036bbbe1045e2a2a19f01Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset a50a428b23fc (bug 1377914) for frequent leaks during a11y run on Linux x64 asan. r=backout
f26c09f0f737b90e090b1bac5398671290f49676Luke Wagner — Bug 1329019 - fix JS_CODEGEN_NONE (r=npotb)
9007fcde0344ea646f0d6b6d9132e734bea7b6e4Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402862 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from gfx build files. r=milan
070650bf382120e958b5835e431c78c6ec9436edJonathan Kew — Bug 1402860 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from nsChromeRegistry. r=smaug
11d4c873648b5f1e0ec80e7fea402d0b78ce1d50Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402858 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional and non-Intl legacy codepaths from IndexedDB. r=janv
14a8731f290e70cdb8511c087139f97d0bf69a0fJonathan Kew — Bug 1402859 - Remove ENABLE_INTL_API conditional from webidl and dom/base code, now that it's true across all builds. r=smaug
e63c4c18678707060aa1834bb899e4d90f2f0a75Jonathan Kew — Bug 1401227 - Cherry-pick patch 0d1262a41e019e4511071e339bb8aa018596a1fd from upstream freetype to avoid potential crash in premultiply_data. r=milan
ebd3c3b2d64442c2b5eb7ab3e87c4b423311f3f4Gabriele Svelto — Bug 1401339 - Look for libcurl under platform-specific paths; r=Dexter
db42206dd4498e112ffad99103b8ceaf0af3a0beAndrew Osmond — Bug 1382783 - Retarget non-HTTP image URIs (chrome, blob) to the image IO thread if not an SVG. r=tnikkel
e8d213d3265f8d6cb0401b2c2b127b4b5908baf5Olli Pettay — Bug 1396584 - Remove support for multiple ShadowRoots, r=mrbkap
9a941556e9399914d1a5bbd0043bed3ab3807fc5Dan Minor — Bug 1402348 - fix screen_capturer_unittest and window_capturer_unittest segfault on Linux; r=jesup
4b97d4e53e02ffae46ffb3268d95d022509f47edBoris Zbarsky — Bug 1401739. Make sure to always call UpdateStyleOfChildAnonBox with the first continuation as "this". r=emilio
e6bf3b8e155b1f749ed4f6033a69164dafb09478Dylan Roeh — Bug 1388750 - Checkstyle fix. r=me
1f0a69b73cd1e944c511fcb8fbcadcc8cfca0e54Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build signaling common using; r=ted,jesup
a3c417b417241e458bb1d787cf659aad22aa536bDan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build peerconnection using; r=ted,jesup
ce7d7a06cf83c46cad925bbda67f549a3db500a8Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build mediapipeline using; r=ted,jesup
bf92c7059f794adfcfb37e338336cd6ca96bf94eDan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build media-conduit using; r=ted,jesup
addaa13f513c25d0bc06a244df962ed5b60f371fDan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build sdp using; r=ted,jesup
b2b754756c4c386f9c2a5f030f5dde7979c03296Dan Minor — Bug 1382182 - Build jsep using; r=ted,jesup
c8dece9996b7ce1beb83c03acc380bcb9ffa4f87Joel Maher — Bug 1402068 - move windows 10 browser-chrome from hardware to virtual machines. r=ahal
83fb17da1bd661591dc3271a08fc6b9f8e4d4254Dylan Roeh — Bug 1388750 - Add setActive() to GeckoView to make the DocShell active/inactive. r=snorp
a0bd70eac827683ebe353d02ccb70cdaf43d7c20Philippe Normand — Bug 1399833 - set default values for variables controlled by Preferences. r=padenot
2d14b96108c76d434bea5b464c68a8e2e7129925John Dai — Bug 1301024 - Part 4: Update wpt and mochitest tests. r=smaug
a47aacfccdb2bbd11ddcdb62bc07f010b0ac4bfaJohn Dai — Bug 1301024 - Part 3: Make the constructor created by document.registerElement() also set CustomElementData and invoke created callback. r=smaug
a6fdd6eae58340d86c716dca6a0be8aeedfb3573John Dai — Bug 1301024 - Part 2: Implement create an element steps. r=smaug
861b7c93c156abc54546d6a2af547f4847c99d80John Dai — Bug 1301024 - Part 1: Set CreateElement/CreateElementNS is attribute. r=smaug
ff2d7b9381fa1c3b181bd6609688af663ef59b70Eden Chuang — Bug 1389418 - Mochitest for payment method identifier validation support in PaymentRequest API. r=baku
a2c4317700a209372c56e65b90eda253ff7992c9Eden Chuang — Bug 1389418 - Support payment method identifier validation in PaymentRequest API. r=baku
66ed9c4a099734cd2ab1972e35aedc1ec97d712bAlphan Chen — Bug 1398985 - Remove a warning message in nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::ContinueInterruptedParsingAsync(). r=erahm
e922dceed924ba92c0f10e2b92885289c2651bafRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 1400586 - Skip dom/events/test/test_bug607464.html on e10s runs across all platforms.
97a7da69c10d7ade034f49a2ae110c9d7711bcbbJonathan Kew — Bug 1402799 - Remove '#if ENABLE_INTL_API' conditional from line-breaker code. r=m_kato
ff48fab67d3c8e41035cd8ea1cbda1696fdd12fcSebastian Hengst — merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. r=merge a=merge
a50a428b23fcfeaa84cb7f781d9a9f592216eaa8Olli Pettay — Bug 1377914 - Don't trigger a full GC in nsGlobalWindow::DetachFromDocShell(), r=mccr8
f637adb3bb88ee6d6d429e7f30bf033dd63d76a7Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402271 - patch 3 - Remove non-ENABLE_INTL_API code paths from the nsUnicodeProperties code. r=m_kato
7d84de3754029d3c297fbbe3bb2bcc1526193550Jonathan Kew — Bug 1402271 - patch 2 - Regenerate Unicode data tables with the stripped-down tool. r=m_kato
f8dd96508eb36dc52268860f83477c41530c29dcJonathan Kew — Bug 1402271 - patch 1 - Simplify the tool to generate only the data we need to supplement ICU properties. r=m_kato