created 2008-02-14 14:57 -0800
pushed unknown
jwalden jwalden - Bug 414122 - Preprocess effective TLD data into C++ code (eliminate file I/O to read, move parsing out of C++, remove an arena, etc.). r=dwitte, sr=bsmedberg, a=blocker
created 2007-12-04 13:57 -0800
pushed unknown
dwitte dwitte - Bug 402013 - improve normalization behavior of nsIEffectiveTLDService. r+sr=biesi, a=mconnor
created 2007-10-25 01:14 -0700
pushed unknown
dwitte dwitte - rework effective tld service interface, fix normalization bugs and improve error propagation. b=368989, r=biesi, sr=dveditz
created 2007-07-25 23:31 -0700
pushed unknown
dwitte dwitte - rework etld backend to use a flat hash instead of a tree-hash structure, to reduce memory consumption and eliminate shutdown leaks. bugs 386154 and 386155,
created 2007-03-22 10:30 -0700
pushed unknown
hg hg - Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge from CVS: Module mozilla: tag HG_REPO_INITIAL_IMPORT at 22 Mar 2007 10:30 PDT,
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