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<h1>Tabbed Browsing</h1>

<p>Tabbed browsing lets you open tabs, each displaying a web page, within a
  single &brandShortName; window.  You can open links in new tabs, where they
  will load while you read the current page.  You don't have to use tabbed
  browsing, but if you do you might find tabbed browsing is a better, faster
  way to browse the Web.</p>

<div class="contentsBox">In this section:
    <li><a href="#creating_loading_tabs">Creating and Loading Tabs</a></li>
    <li><a href="#moving_tabs">Moving Tabs Within a Window</a></li>
    <li><a href="#closing_tabs">Closing Tabs</a></li>
    <li><a href="#customizing">Customizing Tabbed Browsing</a></li>
    <li><a href="#tips_tricks">Tips and Tricks</a></li>

<h2 id="creating_loading_tabs">Creating and Loading Tabs</h2>

<p>To open a new tab, press &accelKey;+<kbd>T</kbd>, select <span
  class="menuPath">File &gt; New Tab</span>, or double-click an empty space in
  the Tab Bar.</p>

<p>To load a link in a tab, you can do one of the following:</p>

  <li>Middle-click the link. (If you have a mouse wheel, clicking the wheel is
    equivalent to middle-clicking.)</li>
  <li>Drag the link and drop it on an empty space in the Tab Bar. (If only one
    web page is open, the Tab Bar may be hidden. See <a
    href="#customizing">Customizing Tabbed Browsing</a> for information on how
    to change this.)</li>
  <li>Drag and drop the link onto a tab to open the link in that tab.</li>
  <li><span class="noMac">Right-click</span><span class="mac">Press &ctrlKey;,
    click on</span> the link, and choose <span
    class="menuPath">Open Link in New Tab</span> from the context menu.</li>

<p>To open a URL in the Location Bar in a new tab, enter the URL and press

<h2 id="moving_tabs">Moving Tabs Within a Window</h2>

<p>Tabs are displayed in the order you open them, which may not always be what
  you want.  To move a tab to a different location within a &brandShortName;
  window, simply drag it there using your mouse.  While you are dragging the
  tab, &brandShortName; displays a small indicator to show where the tab will be
  moved.  Alternately, you can use <a
  href="shortcuts.xhtml#windows_tabs">keyboard shortcuts</a> to move tabs within
  a window if desired.</p>

<h2 id="closing_tabs">Closing and Restoring Tabs</h2>

<p>To close the current tab, press &accelKey;+<kbd>W</kbd>, click the Close Tab
  button, middle-click the tab, or select <span class="menuPath">File &gt;
  Close Tab</span>.  To close all tabs other than the current one, <span
  class="noMac">right-click</span><span class="mac">press &ctrlKey;,
  click</span> on the tab and choose <span class="menuPath">Close Other
<p>&brandShortName; windows keep a list of tabs you closed recently. You can
  restore any tab by selecting it from <span class="menuPath">History &gt;
  Recently Closed Tabs</span>. You can restore all tabs by selecting <span
  class="menuPath">History &gt; Recently Closed Tabs &gt; Open All in Tabs
  </span>. Press &accelKey;+&shiftKey;+<kbd>T</kbd> to open them one by one in
  reverse order.</p>

<h2 id="customizing">Customizing Tabbed Browsing</h2>
  <p>To change tabbed browsing &pref.plural; select &pref.menuPath; and open the
    <a href="prefs.xhtml#tabs_options"><em>Tabs</em> panel</a>.</p>

<h2 id="tips_tricks">Tips and Tricks</h2>


  <dt id="bookmarking_tabbed_browsing">Bookmarks and Tabbed Browsing</dt>
  <dd>To bookmark a set of tabs:</dd>
      <li><span class="noUnix">Press &accelKey;+&shiftKey;+<kbd>D</kbd> or
        select</span><span class="unix">Select</span>
        <span class="menuPath">Bookmarks &gt; Bookmark All Tabs</span> to add
        all the tabs in the current window to a new bookmark folder.</li>
      <li>To open bookmarks in tabs, open a bookmark folder menu and choose
        <span class="menuPath">Open in Tabs</span>.  You can also middle-click
        on the folder to open its contents in tabs.  The bookmarks will open in
        existing tabs, not new ones.</li>

  <dt id="home_page_as_tabs">Home Page as Tabs</dt>
  <dd>Instead of using only one web page as your homepage, you can make your
    home page a set of tabs. Select your favorite web sites and open them in
    tabs in a single window. Select &pref.menuPath; and open the <a
    href="prefs.xhtml#main_options"><em>Main</em> panel</a>.  Under
    <em>Startup</em>, press the <em>Use Current Pages</em> button. Now
    when you press the Home button, your favorite web sites will load with just
    a click.</dd>

  <dt>Adding a New Tab Toolbar Button</dt>
  <dd>You can add a New Tab button on the toolbar to easily open new tabs by <a
    href="customization.xhtml#rearranging_toolbar_items">customizing your

  <dt id="keyboard_shortcuts">Keyboard shortcuts</dt>
  <dd>&brandShortName; has an extensive set of shortcuts related to tabbed
    browsing; see the full list in <a
    href="shortcuts.xhtml#windows_tabs">Keyboard Shortcuts</a>.</dd>


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