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#ifndef browserprofilemigratorutils___h___
#define browserprofilemigratorutils___h___

#define MIGRATION_ITEMBEFOREMIGRATE "Migration:ItemBeforeMigrate"
#define MIGRATION_ITEMAFTERMIGRATE  "Migration:ItemAfterMigrate"
#define MIGRATION_STARTED           "Migration:Started"
#define MIGRATION_ENDED             "Migration:Ended"

#define NOTIFY_OBSERVERS(message, item) \
  mObserverService->NotifyObservers(nsnull, message, item)

#define COPY_DATA(func, replace, itemIndex) \
  if (NS_SUCCEEDED(rv) && (aItems & itemIndex || !aItems)) { \
    nsAutoString index; \
    index.AppendInt(itemIndex); \
    rv = func(replace); \

#define NC_URI(property) \

#include "nsIPrefBranch.h"
#include "nsIFile.h"
#include "nsStringAPI.h"
#include "nsCOMPtr.h"

class nsIProfileStartup;

void SetUnicharPref(const char* aPref, const nsAString& aValue,
                    nsIPrefBranch* aPrefs);

// Proxy utilities shared by the Opera and IE migrators
void ParseOverrideServers(const nsAString& aServers, nsIPrefBranch* aBranch);
void SetProxyPref(const nsAString& aHostPort, const char* aPref, 
                  const char* aPortPref, nsIPrefBranch* aPrefs);

struct MigrationData { 
  PRUnichar* fileName; 
  PRUint32 sourceFlag;
  PRBool replaceOnly;

class nsILocalFile;
void GetMigrateDataFromArray(MigrationData* aDataArray, 
                             PRInt32 aDataArrayLength,
                             PRBool aReplace,
                             nsIFile* aSourceProfile, 
                             PRUint16* aResult);

// get the base directory of the *target* profile
// this is already cloned, modify it to your heart's content
void GetProfilePath(nsIProfileStartup* aStartup, nsCOMPtr<nsIFile>& aProfileDir);

// The Netscape Bookmarks Format (bookmarks.html) is fairly standard but
// each browser vendor seems to have their own way of identifying the 
// Personal Toolbar Folder. This function scans for the vendor-specific
// name in the source Bookmarks file and then writes out a normalized
// variant into the target folder. 
nsresult AnnotatePersonalToolbarFolder(nsIFile* aSourceBookmarksFile,
                                       nsIFile* aTargetBookmarksFile,
                                       const char* aToolbarFolderName);

// In-place import from aBookmarksFile into a folder in the user's bookmarks
// with the name "From (STR:aImportSourceNameKey)" (aImportSourceNameKey
// is a key into with the pretty name of the application.
nsresult ImportBookmarksHTML(nsIFile* aBookmarksFile, 
                             const PRUnichar* aImportSourceNameKey);