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#ifndef _nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible_H_
#define _nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible_H_

#include "nsIAccessibleWin32Object.h"
#include "nsBaseWidgetAccessible.h"

struct IAccessible;

class nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible : public nsAccessibleWrap
  // This will own the nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible. We create this where the
  // <object> or <embed> exists in the tree, so that get_accNextSibling() etc.
  // will still point to Gecko accessible sibling content. This is necessary
  // because the native plugin accessible doesn't know where it exists in the
  // Mozilla tree, and returns null for previous and next sibling. This would
  // have the effect of cutting off all content after the plugin.
  nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible(nsIDOMNode* aNode, nsIWeakReference* aShell, void* aHwnd);
  virtual ~nsHTMLWin32ObjectOwnerAccessible() {}
  NS_IMETHOD Shutdown();
  NS_IMETHOD GetFirstChild(nsIAccessible **aFirstChild);
  NS_IMETHOD GetLastChild(nsIAccessible **aLastChild);
  NS_IMETHOD GetChildCount(PRInt32 *aChildCount);  // Zero or one child

  void* mHwnd;
  nsCOMPtr<nsIAccessible> mNativeAccessible;

  * This class is used only internally, we never! send out an IAccessible linked
  *   back to this object. This class is used to represent a plugin object when
  *   referenced as a child or sibling of another nsAccessible node. We need only
  *   a limited portion of the nsIAccessible interface implemented here. The
  *   in depth accessible information will be returned by the actual IAccessible
  *   object returned by us in Accessible::NewAccessible() that gets the IAccessible
  *   from the windows system from the window handle.
class nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible : public nsLeafAccessible,
                                    public nsIAccessibleWin32Object

  nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible(void* aHwnd);
  virtual ~nsHTMLWin32ObjectAccessible() {}


  void* mHwnd;