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Bug 1399501 - !MakeCurrent() should clear the current context. - r=kvark Make MarkDestroyed call MakeCurrent(force=true) to clear the current context also. Differential Revision:

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#include "GLContext.h"

#include "OpenGL/OpenGL.h"

#ifdef __OBJC__
#include <AppKit/NSOpenGL.h>
typedef void NSOpenGLContext;

namespace mozilla {
namespace gl {

class GLContextCGL : public GLContext
    friend class GLContextProviderCGL;

    NSOpenGLContext* const mContext;

    GLContextCGL(CreateContextFlags flags, const SurfaceCaps& caps,
                 NSOpenGLContext* context, bool isOffscreen);


    virtual GLContextType GetContextType() const override { return GLContextType::CGL; }

    static GLContextCGL* Cast(GLContext* gl) {
        MOZ_ASSERT(gl->GetContextType() == GLContextType::CGL);
        return static_cast<GLContextCGL*>(gl);

    bool Init() override;

    NSOpenGLContext* GetNSOpenGLContext() const { return mContext; }
    CGLContextObj GetCGLContext() const;

    virtual bool MakeCurrentImpl() const override;

    virtual bool IsCurrentImpl() const override;

    virtual GLenum GetPreferredARGB32Format() const override;

    virtual bool SetupLookupFunction() override;

    virtual bool IsDoubleBuffered() const override;

    virtual bool SwapBuffers() override;

    virtual void GetWSIInfo(nsCString* const out) const override;

} // namespace gl
} // namespace mozilla