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#include "domstubs.idl"

[scriptable, uuid(1a38762b-4da5-4f61-80fb-9317e198cb92)]
interface nsIDOMDocumentXBL : nsISupports
   * If |elt| does not have an XBL binding attached, return null.  Otherwise,
   * return a nodelist of |elt|'s child nodes in the flattened tree.
  nsIDOMNodeList        getAnonymousNodes(in nsIDOMElement elt);
  nsIDOMElement         getAnonymousElementByAttribute(in nsIDOMElement elt,
                                                       in DOMString attrName,
                                                       in DOMString attrValue);

  void                  addBinding(in nsIDOMElement elt,
                                   in DOMString bindingURL);
  void                  removeBinding(in nsIDOMElement elt,
                                      in DOMString bindingURL);

  nsIDOMElement         getBindingParent(in nsIDOMNode node);
  void                  loadBindingDocument(in DOMString documentURL);