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bug 1438735 - balrog scriptworker push and schedule support. r=bhearsum - add balrog submit-toplevel - this replaces the final portion of the updates builder. - rename balrog transform to balrog_submit, because it's for balrog locale submission - make this default to the 'promote' phase. balrog and beetmover currently take the current phase, which isn't always the wanted behavior. - rename balrog publish to balrog schedule - add balrog secondary push and secondary scheduling, for RCs - remove the release_updates transforms - make the balrog transforms smarter - get rid of the release_balrog_publishing transforms; ad a generic worker_type transform - add BALROG_ACTIONS to - add get_balrog_action_scope() - remove the unused balrog channel scopes MozReview-Commit-ID: 369ACiOAd5F

# -*- Mode: python; indent-tabs-mode: nil; tab-width: 40 -*-
# vim: set filetype=python:
# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at

with Files('*'):
    BUG_COMPONENT = ('Core', 'Audio/Video')

EXPORTS.theora += [

# We allow warnings for third-party code that can be updated from upstream.

FINAL_LIBRARY = 'gkmedias'

# The encoder is currently not included.

# Suppress warnings in third-party code.
if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] in ('clang', 'clang-cl', 'gcc'):
    CFLAGS += ['-Wno-type-limits']
if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] in ('clang', 'clang-cl'):
    CFLAGS += ['-Wno-tautological-compare']
if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] == 'clang-cl':
    CFLAGS += [


LOCAL_INCLUDES += ['include']

if '86' in CONFIG['OS_TEST']:
    if CONFIG['OS_ARCH'] != 'SunOS':
        if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] == 'clang-cl':
            # clang-cl can't handle libtheora's inline asm.
        elif CONFIG['OS_ARCH'] != 'WINNT' or CONFIG['OS_TEST'] != 'x86_64':
            DEFINES['OC_X86_ASM'] = True
            if '64' in CONFIG['OS_TEST']:
                DEFINES['OC_X86_64_ASM'] = True
    if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] in ('msvc', 'clang-cl'):
        if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] == 'clang-cl':
            # clang-cl can't handle libtheora's inline asm.
        elif '64' not in CONFIG['OS_TEST']:
            SOURCES += [
        SOURCES += [

    if 'arm' in CONFIG['OS_TEST']:
        SOURCES += [
        for var in ('OC_ARM_ASM',
            DEFINES[var] = True
        # The Android NDK doesn't pre-define anything to indicate the OS it's
        # on, so do it for them.
        if CONFIG['OS_TARGET'] == 'Android':
            DEFINES['__linux__'] = True

        SOURCES += [ '!%s.s' % f for f in [

        # These flags are a lie; they're just used to enable the requisite
        # opcodes; actual arch detection is done at runtime.
        ASFLAGS += [

        if CONFIG['CC_TYPE'] == 'clang':
            ASFLAGS += [