author Aki Sasaki <>
Thu, 15 Feb 2018 18:14:26 -0800
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parent 122257 f24905861be56991d6572a9cf3bbf703724aa416
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bug 1438735 - balrog scriptworker push and schedule support. r=bhearsum - add balrog submit-toplevel - this replaces the final portion of the updates builder. - rename balrog transform to balrog_submit, because it's for balrog locale submission - make this default to the 'promote' phase. balrog and beetmover currently take the current phase, which isn't always the wanted behavior. - rename balrog publish to balrog schedule - add balrog secondary push and secondary scheduling, for RCs - remove the release_updates transforms - make the balrog transforms smarter - get rid of the release_balrog_publishing transforms; ad a generic worker_type transform - add BALROG_ACTIONS to - add get_balrog_action_scope() - remove the unused balrog channel scopes MozReview-Commit-ID: 369ACiOAd5F

diff --git a/media/libtheora/lib/huffdec.c b/media/libtheora/lib/huffdec.c
--- a/media/libtheora/lib/huffdec.c
+++ b/media/libtheora/lib/huffdec.c
@@ -320,16 +320,19 @@ static size_t oc_huff_node_size(int _nbi
 /*Produces a collapsed-tree representation of the given token list.
   _tree: The storage for the collapsed Huffman tree.
          This may be NULL to compute the required storage size instead of
           constructing the tree.
   _tokens:  A list of internal tokens, in the order they are found in the
              codebook, and the lengths of their corresponding codewords.
   _ntokens: The number of tokens corresponding to this tree node.
   Return: The number of words required to store the tree.*/
+#if defined(_MSC_VER) && _MSC_VER >= 1700
+#pragma optimize( "", off )
 static size_t oc_huff_tree_collapse(ogg_int16_t *_tree,
  unsigned char _tokens[][2],int _ntokens){
   ogg_int16_t   node[34];
   unsigned char depth[34];
   unsigned char last[34];
   size_t        ntree;
   int           ti;
   int           l;
@@ -367,16 +370,19 @@ static size_t oc_huff_tree_collapse(ogg_
       /*Pop back up a level of recursion.*/
       else if(l-->0)nbits=depth[l+1]-depth[l];
   return ntree;
+#if defined(_MSC_VER) && _MSC_VER >= 1700
+#pragma optimize( "", on )
 /*Unpacks a set of Huffman trees, and reduces them to a collapsed
   _opb:   The buffer to unpack the trees from.
   _nodes: The table to fill with the Huffman trees.
   Return: 0 on success, or a negative value on error.
           The caller is responsible for cleaning up any partially initialized
            _nodes on failure.*/