author Timothy Guan-tin Chien <>
Wed, 17 Oct 2018 02:31:04 +0000
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Bug 1486954 - Part I, Encrypt credit card numbers with OS key store. r=MattN This patch morphs MasterPassword.jsm to OSKeyStore.jsm while keeping the same API, as an adaptor between the API and the native API exposed as nsIOSKeyStore.idl. Noted that OS Key Store has the concept of "recovery phrase" that we won't be adopting here. The recovery phrase, together with our label, allow the user to re-create the same key in OS key store. Test case changes are needed because we have started asking for login in places where we'll only do previously when "master password is enabled". This also made some "when master password is enabled" tests invalid because it is always considered enabled. Some more test changes are needed simply because they previously rely on the stable order of microtask resolutions (and the stable # of promises for a specific operation). That has certainly changed with OSKeyStore. The credit card form autofill is only enabled on Nightly. Differential Revision:

head = head.js
prefs =
support-files =

skip-if = verify
skip-if = (verify && (os == 'win' || os == 'mac'))
skip-if = (os == "linux") || (os == "mac" && debug) || (os == "win") # bug 1425884
skip-if = true # Re-auth is not implemented, cannot cancel OS key store login (bug 1429265)
skip-if = (verify && (os == 'linux'))
skip-if = verify
skip-if = (os == 'linux' && !debug) || (os == 'win') # bug 1456284
skip-if = (verify && (os == 'win' || os == 'mac'))
skip-if = (os == "linux") || (os == "mac" && debug) || (os == "win") # bug 1426981