Name Description Last modified    
about-accessibilityenabled about:accessibilityenabled extension for Firefox at 2011-02-20T01:02:22+00:00
bad-slaves Code to look for bad unit test slaves by querying Bugzilla. at 2015-03-05T01:31:27+00:00
bug901365-testcase unknown at 2013-08-04T21:05:48+00:00
buildbot-json-tools Scripts for filtering buildbot JSON output into a format suitable for tinderboxpushlog. at 2013-02-25T16:39:46+00:00
buildbotpushlog Clone of tinderboxpushlog that no longer uses tinderbox data. at 2011-01-07T02:15:14+00:00
char-identifier Character Identifier extension for Firefox and Thunderbird at 2020-03-14T00:37:56+00:00
crash-data-tools Scripts for tabulating and analyzing crash data at 2014-11-04T20:14:55+00:00
crash-spike-analysis Scripts used to analyze data about Firefox 3.6.4 beta crash spike (bug 571118). at 2010-06-15T23:48:03+00:00
css21-implementation-report tools for creating a CSS 2.1 implementation report for Mozilla at 2011-12-18T13:22:06+00:00
csswg-specs Clone of at 2012-08-13T01:06:44+00:00
csswg-specs-patches An mq patch queue against at 2015-06-03T05:21:25+00:00
graphs-patches An mq patch queue for at 2010-08-09T00:50:11+00:00
leak-monitor Leak Monitor extension for all Toolkit apps at 2011-02-19T23:28:54+00:00
mozconfigs mozconfig files I use for building Mozilla apps in different configurations at 2019-12-26T21:35:38+00:00
neerja-column-span-patches mq patch queue for column-span implementation at 2018-02-16T01:18:11+00:00
nightly-downloader bash script for downloading nightly builds at 2010-06-30T21:31:15+00:00
nightly-topcrash-generator Shell scripts that build a table of queries for topcrashes from each nightly build (and cache the data needed to do so). at 2017-11-05T01:02:14+00:00
patches mq patch queue for my primary mozilla-central tree at 2018-12-11T21:39:40+00:00
patches-1.9 mq patch queue for 1.9 branch (CVS HEAD) at 2009-08-10T17:32:02+00:00
patches-1.9.1 mq patch queue for 1.9.1 branch (releases/mozilla-1.9.1 repository) at 2011-01-24T20:42:34+00:00
patches-1.9.2 mq patch queue for 1.9.2 branch (releases/mozilla-1.9.2 repository) at 2011-02-02T17:52:34+00:00
patches-aurora mq patch queue for releases/mozilla-aurora repository at 2017-03-02T00:33:12+00:00
patches-beta mq patch queue for releases/mozilla-beta repository at 2017-03-02T00:33:57+00:00
patches-clean mq patch queue for my secondary mozilla-central repository at 2018-12-05T19:03:12+00:00
patches-esr17 mq patch queue for ESR17 branch (releases/mozilla-esr17 repository) at 2013-08-04T20:00:48+00:00
qfixdrift Mercurial extension to clean up patch drift in an mq patch queue at 2018-08-01T16:18:08+00:00
svn-import-extensions Code I used to import source code repositories for about-accessibilityenabled, leak-monitor, and char-identifier from Subversion to Mercurial at 2009-04-09T16:27:50+00:00
tinderbox-log-analysis tools to download tinderbox logs and get information about ASSERTIONs in them at 2010-05-19T14:34:44+00:00
tinderboxpushlog-patches An mq patch queue for at 2013-03-03T19:19:32+00:00
tree-health-dashboard Code for a dashboard showing health (crashes, intermittent orange) of our major trees. at 2010-12-04T23:24:31+00:00
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