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patch provided from Mauro Carvalho Chehab to fix extension working on Thunderbird

Welcome to Asalted Patches!

Asalted Patches is an extension whose goal is to provide an easy install 
mechanism for the preference required to maintain good inline patches in the 
Thunderbird mail client.

This originally came from the bug, "Can't mail patches in body to non-f=f 
mailers" ( ).  Which was 
split out of Andrew Morton's comment in bug 141983 
( ).


For now the extension can be obtained from the following source.  Drag this link
into the Thunderbird Add-on Manager window.
( or you can download this file, then use the (Install...) button from the same
Add-on Manager window )

On install the add-on will save your existing preferences to it's own local 
preferences, then filling in the correct preferences for sending mail.

Current Thunderbird defaults are:

mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed = true
mailnews.wraplength = 72

Asalted Patches add-on changes these to:

mailnews.send_plaintext_flowed = false
mailnews.wraplength = 0


During use of the extension you should see a small salt shaker icon in the 
bottom right hand side of the status bar of the compose window.  This indicates
that the extension is running.

If you change these preference settings during use the extension does not 
attempt to reset them until you restart Thunderbird.  This is a design decision 
so that you aren't fighting the extension to temporarily change the settings.
Future versions could try a more sophisticated method, however for now this is 
what you get.


On uninstall the add-on attempts to restore your old preference values to the 
original settings.

Source Code

Source code is available in a mercurial repository at the following location:

To grab the latest source just clone that repository like so:

  hg clone

Comments and Suggestions

Feel free to make changes and improvements to this extension at anytime.  You're
also welcome to contact the author at anytime, but suggestions or changes will 
not be implemented unless you provide them.