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Mon Apr 21 01:54:18 2008 +0000
53c5098cb79e0223016b6901194a89d913f235fbBenjamin Smedberg — Updates and imports
84ba4253dc28a9bce6153579cee311af1278267cBenjamin Smedberg — Update to actionmonkey-tamarin
432248c58b48b7a0d9123594d5d2690fa20933c4benjamin — hg qrecord to the rescue
6932d8476f00d56fba27ba70144a53f50ff46524benjamin — WIP
239589f2b22041d33ff4fe571dd6df639e5bbba1benjamin — It's all good, at least for Tamarin
da226d4db309e87167439b4c7daccbe493ea4af6benjamin — Merge from jorendorff again!
90c061d30873dfc7ea592b3f616be00ba73bf0dbjorendorff — Push some patches.
9997f3ca81086d4950ff752d63b40f87c34d92d8benjamin — Merge from jorendorff
ec1155ba48ec7f8f8b0c2e5f35f619d0ea4e95e3jorendorff — After pushing lots of changes.
89e259bfffb2247d50f643c9499715378fafaa2fjorendorff — mmgc-threadsafe landed in tamarin-central; start rebasing the stack off change 71816c0f4e03
5900e6424cbd989bcd7f8d3ff2c4bc2857f98ac1jorendorff — Preliminarily split mmgc-threadsafe into two parts, mmgc-threadsafe-baseline containing only the changes that are in tamarin-central, and mmgc-threadsafe containing additional actionmonkey-specific stuff on top of that.
e76f410f999ee1bc9091c760b98aa49841226c3fjorendorff — update patch series to apply on top of 919d02671bb8 (just line numbers)
be03eecfb4b6c4a3b9f04692b86064b2f535bfd3benjamin — GCThread commit
2437f06f3df6920657d414f4fa667cf2979850eabenjamin — Remove finalize method
70c871a7a5e6175cbd6996016b04339d09288922benjamin — Merge patches to tip
c1c4660628af8aa4c7fc87bf645d8afb9f3eca55benjamin — Merge changes from jorendorff's actionmonkey-tamarin-patches
9b49c7cbe92c06169695cd824b1582d4ceb86591benjamin — Did this get merged incorrectly at some point? Not sure it really matters, but it makes my debugger happier.
bc21193f2b1c59a00100551290b22248e035408djorendorff — configure-with-threadsafe-mmgc has landed. I've added a patch, 'unmerged-edits-to-mmgc-threadsafe' that fixes warnings I introduced in 'mmgc-threadsafe' that would break the Adobe build system.
7b177201b469fd969817e2461a2cfe93cef9a883jorendorff — Add patch for bug 392602
debe472d7df5aa7e8322d101564a9d1ca6387913jorendorff — Update these patches to a more recent actionmonkey-tamarin repository. From this checkin forward, this patch queue should be applied on top of actionmonkey-tamarin revision 6bb465e865cd.
0ca31a2285356f7802d7a2ecda77ba7591f833ccbenjamin — Merge changes from jorendorff
ed155007d2cd37876539f30bb6e2d35b34f80b94jorendorff — Two fixes in GCTests.cpp: extend the stack a bit more so the tests pass in debug mode on MacIntel; fix RunGCTests to compile in non-MMGC_THREADSAFE builds.
458babdaa518471a7a2e4b09f514955c86b7c60fbenjamin — Fix an interiorness bug, and some debugging gunk
9440555b77389c85b8100c0e8215f3b460613e2dbenjamin — Merge changes from jorendorff
964b0d139a110b363e3eba3d08426300b59ed477jorendorff — Add .hgignore to ignore 'status'
5db526fd0a127b52b5a4023074d5f35d23a8a75ejorendorff — New patch to fix GCTests in MMGC_THREADSAFE mode; rename mmgc-threadsafe-take2 to mmgc-threadsafe; incorporate latest changes to mmgc-threadsafe from my tamarin-central queue
6d5128c90b51b2baf0e98b990801927febd3730cjorendorff — Refresh patches for incoming changes. Also, tweak for esc/build/ to use the AVM environment variable if it's set.
208dbe8b1541075ecdd53987d78ce4fa271669ddjorendorff — Fix buglet in GC::CollectWithBookkeeping
d0f7c6e7ba23ae43885dcb69befe8a44854f8ab2jorendorff — Two-line change: add #ifdef MMGC_THREADSAFE in one more place
6a29ec7e67a19d85a0800edaa50ce47243b56e53benjamin — Merge in the mmgcts-tamarin patch queue
af07ce9c5d6110146c21f1fa02909c89a644885bjorendorff — Add include stdio.h to GCTests.cpp
553e043f72afe2b76d49737b9c0b960bc0fb2e0ejorendorff — More fixes, including a fix to configure-with-threadsafe-mmgc suggested by bsmedberg.
c5dfb5bb8df559a5a7cb7fc23fa86f23c23e9d33jorendorff — Update to actionmonkey-tamarin tip.
01b3ffa4acb6f282cd673c1ac70c925355b4b93djorendorff — Lots of fixes and updates for this queue, but nothing that *really* touches
6e30b55406170d46017ea7e169b27bfba22e3e5fjorendorff — Remove 'status' from repo.
66abaa75a3727ffeba67074a9210006ecdcb1e64jorendorff — First check-in, pretty horrible
b0246d10657e45b3622cad612f53a2b6d5efce1dbenjamin — Merge with actionmonkey-tamarin (several things were upstreamed) and prepare for merging pieces of jorendorff's mmgcts repository
399ff94b3d77e32c0b43ba646ea5ebc54f86589dbenjamin — Fix gcstack and workitem goofiness
2696e7fd59fb342037a49d4823cb86606b2d3fc7benjamin — New patches for GC stack sanity and access.
942335ad5ee9e1c0c52d9a0472ac3f4180d16ed7benjamin — WIP patchset
8b0ebf10667ee784780547bc06319abb3b2682c2benjamin — Merge Linux and Mac trees
c592a6ff3526ed20d1d151d3d7ffa77966d295cfbenjamin — Initial changes against actionmonkey from my mac tree
2e0056fabeed0bac675b880ab9d95aeaf1771bd6benjamin — Initial patches against actionmonkey from my Linux tree