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Sun Jul 13 14:45:31 2008 +0000
7b66eb66ba95f04cfa2392550b012262466a1275Benjamin Smedberg — Fold fixes and remove patches that were upstreamed and are therefore no longer valid.
cd96178a2e472dc6cd10443a56a3cedf9e8e1140Benjamin Smedberg — Rebase to actionmonkey tip
4c630a56956efc3c5f3443dd2561a6139e17aeaeBenjamin Smedberg — Remove automatic
02eb136bf089b07658139feb7f266e0e1a79b823Benjamin Smedberg — Fold
1c04169f4d4554e160914c40347481a10244dcfdBenjamin Smedberg — Incorporate jst's fixes into the correct patches, revert until it can be genericized, correct the series comments, and prepare to rebase
13eaa3adde4be1d470346a98e7cc7ab6b2ada1c8Johnny Stenback — Updating bsmedberg's patches to current actionmonkey.