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Fri May 02 19:07:20 2008 +0000
644dd0dd8cc46e1e3bed267850f717306b42d9baBenjamin Smedberg — Yay for location-based heuristics.
92d0937528900523d92648981b2e7c36e839b9c8Benjamin Smedberg — WIP version of finalizer-checking... doing more surgery now, so want to save this version.
Tue Apr 29 20:10:22 2008 +0000
1cf47cdb0feb0184e26baf4fe93127d2a286247fBenjamin Smedberg — A gigantic nuclear furnace...
0fe9798a810be26df1b592863600545f2e076994Benjamin Smedberg — The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace!
bb0daa43a9cb15a4a2b187e07b3985d614c46318Benjamin Smedberg — Port gcobject-inheritance finding to gcc-dehydra. Accuracy hurts! There's a performance problem with this one... probably need to bring the class cache back.
Thu Apr 24 14:47:55 2008 +0000
5efab25e10a8ef260156617cfb3d300235e1050cBenjamin Smedberg — Fix extraneous semicolon
f52b9eb1520af03948836535a37e522f93b2100cBenjamin Smedberg — Rebase manual rewrites before automatic rewrites. Without conflicts, amazingly enough.
Wed Apr 23 16:39:14 2008 +0000
0a47cc2ccf92f1308538619cd27418b7744a636cBenjamin Smedberg — Manual fixups and real patches galore... time to regenerate soon!
Tue Apr 22 18:39:36 2008 +0000
2975de671d13a3a3e841fa8a876a7fd6db10443fBenjamin Smedberg — Stringbundles... wow that's old and annoying code.
Tue Apr 22 16:15:15 2008 +0000
d03021664afc7183bb3f54432dedaffc441e77ecBenjamin Smedberg — A little bit of work... necko's a bit happier!
Mon Apr 21 18:19:21 2008 +0000
5c0f47743d922f6366e7a126b28e4b3f2d68b519Benjamin Smedberg — Some post-automatic stuff... getting somewhere again, thank god.
Fri Apr 18 19:21:32 2008 +0000
33529a5c309fd85dad4adb0f672eaeb6493195adBenjamin Smedberg — Rebase to newer actionmonkey
Thu Apr 17 18:50:53 2008 +0000
9905102122bc97034c8f5b2106e9b62d3f00adcaBenjamin Smedberg — Rebasing before the automatic rewrite. Pretty easy, actually.
e7cf47d51ee6653804bbe3fe92ef6b971738f815Benjamin Smedberg — Let's try this: before reordering patches, add empty patches around the automatic stuff. Hopefully this will reduce the likelihood of false merging caused by qpush -m sucking rocks.
Tue Apr 15 21:51:22 2008 +0000
ebc3ada35b90025e196358904a17f4592a9042a9Benjamin Smedberg — Update patch queue with post-automatic patchery
88c079f540d9c6731f5176972a81d583ac388aa6Benjamin Smedberg — Automatic patchery
ec4553d1d33868e95580f51eea95d55222d9f351Benjamin Smedberg — update generate-automatic-patches with new pork-barrel syntax and better commit messages.
721c3fc8efb0bf21a1057e673bf568b3a5eb1cc2Benjamin Smedberg — Be strong, merge well... still need to figure out where this needs to be folded
d52adeda732ee7bc8940354d669927b6ebfc33bfBenjamin Smedberg — Add in gfx-refcounting, and fix some odd compile errors
57d3a55865f4ad702e9567f73fdaac0f8ba20023Benjamin Smedberg — Merge up!
496e70b511f9203959b6e6021e9c5459cbdcea8eBenjamin Smedberg — Import some of the gfx-refcounting stuff, but I need to do a m-c merge before taking the rest :-(((
2f5dd5185b9d8eb4f3b3855f7789aae182fd06daBenjamin Smedberg — Full series, before importing gfx-refcounting from my mozilla-central patch queue
395bae52542874b86d37c9ac681f0087eacd6e37Benjamin Smedberg — 8 cores, for the speed!
91c1b7c9ad098a4138c70c9203c96ff5f7beb920benjamin — Every patch in this series compiles now.
b35cbfa6ad4f8bac97b5a0ae2a3bfc18ed88de35benjamin — Rebasing to actionmonkey-bsmedberg. This has only been merged, I haven't actually tested it yet! That's the next step.
eee7d037abf561a2fc8a8ad571b8b3d885f57b79benjamin — Remove patches that are unnecessary or upstream
df61ab286401b51b747c95ce51a721b542790cc9benjamin — Saving these in case I want them later
8b20238f62d5aa5a3ea9e716ddf911200c6fa591benjamin — Remove the automatic patchery before rebasing
a4cb8b28a4e3b3af6934012b2d66b29a646d58ffbenjamin — Why not save this too, for moving?
5e9d62ec847bbcc015f1b084d90f461c94fb8df5benjamin — Some random changes to find-stack-comptrs worth saving before moving over to tchaikovsky
e614658a016b06b6f91c05e94a124d6e99508f87benjamin — gcc-dehydra works... need unit-tests for it next
3c4963bbc6b89c5e784bc7f4017305a65bef9b3fbenjamin — Fold, slice, bend, and come up with something that appears to be clean-ish and building.
6419604414bca01b0bbfa56c0180fa65672a8335benjamin — Update to actionmonkey tip. Discovered some ordering problems, especially with NS_RootUntilShutdown which is currently in mark-dirservice, as well as the nsThreadManager::create being referenced before being created... going to go back and fix that mess next.
25758f819266acd05cd2104d6205640f6c705a4bbenjamin — Final folding
79c926be2760194fd27fbdd9b4117227be80a825benjamin — More folding, and make the atom rooting a standalone patch
1288e8ec20f77711058f7cd16268f9d1a00caf55benjamin — Fold some related patches together.
7a9dda4b3dc53f333d2413af2b9cab15c58eb6d6benjamin — Rebase manual patches before automatic patches.
ba505859ba00a5a9298ad653bb5e124cb263c5f4benjamin — Whoopdeedoo... this works with gc.greedy through the XPCOM unit tests, *and* shuts down cleanly.
c44369c08f6589473ff14827f7c0001428eae19ebenjamin — Merged to actionmonkey stage 1! Yay.
07783adadb3b0f82cea9c4f71d2f410d3ccb5c17benjamin — Prior to merging the new actionmonkey.
7add011ef5c4a79a6ed97eed7ac2cd46de7e5015benjamin — After reordering
de1d37e87cf475be8a34750609238c74740b5611benjamin — Working static-checker tool... still missing some edge cases due to bug 410685, but it catches the vast majority of cases. This is a merge checkpoint for inheritance reordering
0d2e29f3d17d9dcbc3b5133dc2c15bf86e880c4cbenjamin — Working, mostly!
21e06e84e6d63f6a586aaafd6cca51b0370b9335benjamin — Working on automatic generation again, with stack annotations.
aa1b133fd1616ee46ee56e3d4cbeea19da6c6650benjamin — Fold related patches together.
346e89a0513f60471481a6b4336d26dc72e184b0benjamin — Fixed xpconnect-gc-mainthread-only for 1.9
50bd5b08c38f605ca75e3bbc847e0a3ba960e6e4benjamin — Fix up bad merge of xpconnect-gc-mainthread-only: we need this to have no artifacts because I'd like to get it into 1.9
214e4b59372d4c0180197b191f66b391b94f21dcbenjamin — Fix up patches from reordering and merging so that things actually build. Next step... folding and more reordering.
70ec1aa8d4ad52472b356e5cbccd2a8da0605f0bbenjamin — Merge to new base: 90a4d9e2db83, this picks up new patches from jorendorff as well
94e945ee06a99c5ffbcfd08ce99176f1694328d3benjamin — Merge manual fixups before automatic fixups.
d09f8c6883b5fea4797d39d21345ead6b7f96ed3benjamin — It's time to start merging fixes backwards... especially to deal with stack-allocated classes. See nscore-class-annotation-types for my magic mojo.
49c5ee4b50b4e29f7da5e637a83b47436455034dbenjamin — Assertions and fixes discovered during the necko unit-test process.
5fcbda874b5844dafeed28ff6ad7f9cb500afea8benjamin — Bunch of deadlock work
4161d51d7ccbb4019a5cb4d18a855094024a52dbbenjamin — Bunch of deadlocking stuff
5674a3e586f318223a76af5d678101ee58d80805benjamin — What would happen if the world world were a toroid instead of a sphere?
581fe3be70d52aaebfdc51f86203e7cf12576b35benjamin — Start work on request-model. Much crashing. Saving state before taking jorendorff's fixes.
b406a8a121ecb0ce80c663e6481ec3edc24ace3bbenjamin — Generate new automatic patches, with fixups
b005435c5001afa51a07d433f52ac9fdbca0f883benjamin — Automatic patch generation tools and scripts (update to latest dehydra API and create a meta-runner script)
e90b21f493041b0b2202c588c76386d386443b94benjamin — Move the mmgcts patchsets up to the front of the tree and fix them a little bit... yay it all applies!
0aa235cc1bf230352fd1b32efd23146ab61d97e0benjamin — Merged to actionmonkey tip... boy was that painful!
d364a33213b70a696a116acd20d51257e481895cbenjamin — Final merges and remove obsolete automatic rewriting.
8ecbd849199dbe6e9e281aa564c617fd9eba4899benjamin — Merge patches that were after the automatic rewrites to before.
230d3f80e0bb18f55c4df42e2baefcd98e436b3dbenjamin — Merge related patches together and reorder
e183e32bb7454727e344b24e968d87fe22398616benjamin — Root threads, and then import the mmgcts patches.
ec311a0cdbebd512eaf9434b57d952f72a639ce6benjamin — Merge with recent actionmonkey-tamarin changes.
b08f9569127f154ba647dee4782ca9ecc751d9eebenjamin — God help us all, I'm ignoring this over thanksgiving.
6d63a1ff8c33466eaa0be64595c2985fe6059cabbenjamin — Commit WIP... crashes in GC now, due to objects that aren't actually finalized even though they claim to be.
ebc8ffe5a3009a1c6c10c324d3e9066f18486d87benjamin — Save a bunch of patches for GC correctness, before playing with rooting
582be821e1d70635bcc04f7cb7ab588f2ddf464ebenjamin — Started the laborious test/assert-crash/fix cycle... yuck
e3f23db3ec2213343262434cb811173f1d3d5bfcbenjamin — A bunch of manual fixes to get things running... found a garburator bug and need to go back now... :-(
2dba947841b0525d01569a3133f4eb95a45a5d8ebenjamin — Post-rewriting fixes, before folding
b8f8da9690e4fd8c8bfc9d70808473d06e98d4debenjamin — Now that garburator is done, use real assertions.
2be8f5496cb0bff6d9d3eee2fcfd2da11bfeb587benjamin — Merge from Taras changes
6258595850a09df718105be60e1dd4a8b3381eb1Taras Glek — workaround preprocessor nastynass
831269439bba95581846667c8ecc3f1691d7b332Taras Glek — workaround preprocessor nastynass
1a1955a53d03c9491b9f61f540feee48cf031ddeTaras Glek — avoid abuse in places
77c2d411084a49bc8c44711ee4617a05881d3ad4Taras Glek — workaround preprocessor nastynass
c3dd5cea429740aa0812849333ee6f018a536ba6Taras Glek — manually blacklist an entry that the blacklister can't auto-identify in all cases
4b448285bafe09958286196a7b4528ee124462a4benjamin — Commit garburator patch in my tree, to prepare for merging from Taras' tree.
1e07e3686c5e6cf7741475bb65b51eff10eac94dbenjamin — A bunch of changes to make automatic rewriting work/easier.
0bdf1faa8c22fa5691eece76af2a4e43297876b1benjamin — symlink objdir/config/ to to add new rules:
3330e0827011dda1194d95a992bfe39bfe2ec536benjamin — Fix up nsMaybeWeakPtr to be a little less stupid and a little more rewritable (hopefully)
ee71ace1deb894d07d55a136e9e9424f435ba912benjamin — There were some missing files... quite odd, but I've copied them from the other computer.
430158d0a32b38798f64f3e376bf3fd650bf75ffbenjamin — Merge with Taras changes for nsCOMPtr removal... no conflicts, yay!
559e2a59cc222d8d122be849e3e90ec048466093Taras Glek — still don't handle COMPtr< FOO> format, workaround
943062084a67edbabf0b682e55b00679f81f58ccTaras Glek — had NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS hiding code from me again..that ungrateful macro!
7f73780f5c85d21fe9c8841b47fd47aa3a1ec9e9Taras Glek — got rid of a seemingly unneeded cast
d4da5e7ebebab8b5db91508de96161e987525ac5Taras Glek — had NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS hiding code from me..that ungrateful macro!
32d14c9fbebb4f13941465f6a6e16b5facd315ffTaras Glek — worked around nsCOMPtr* abuse
cc0aa3606cbfc2578c47707e6c5ee98a869f7d0dTaras Glek — workaround preprocessor nastynass
0928914925a54e72d48d5c1dac2e4d8648b00bb3Taras Glek — disable more logging macros
55b2c947b6091462968e6ac3679fce518f52eeb3Taras Glek — workaround preprocessor nastynass
5d378e1237429241696fc407df00bca4daaea8e1Taras Glek — split multiple declaration into separate statements
fce2e164d2575e83b58aab5a8f805cb013443a37Taras Glek — rarranged the series
1d0c7ced3e9b03a16288da05118037d65dcb8992Taras Glek — Some workarounds to keep elsa chugging along
88c70ed07eeb6b5a92c0556fbe3c9282e46e7d79Taras Glek — merged with Benjamin's repo
5159fc845178fc7c2bbf497f78756f627a144de5tglek — merged with Benjamin's repo
d93b0063e07b1dc578edc230d5e54e3dcc81ed69Taras Glek — this completes nsGLobalWindow fun
ee3411113fcf070f989a076abb2608158e21f2e8Taras Glek — i think this should complete the nsGlobalWindow mess
35d715272e8361fb93782b46e994f916f399af0bTaras Glek — starting nsGlobalWindows hacks
c0b06ab4cae8215e504ee9da00584eb7e52fce24Taras Glek — Finally hit some template sillyness to nuke
bab9fca07bde5626dac3bc0fd5f538074958dbccTaras Glek — Caught another comptr* special case
01e1fdabba87e28ae5ff1e71dc704cdbd73564f5Taras Glek — Added a typedef to avoid rewriting certain COMPtr<>* case
a4f34cb06f34edb89f15ca150885a5a63fe3b949Taras Glek — moved the swap functions so they don't conflict with comptr-rewrite
822e67236b3cfa28b30f9d06af7f50dd999ba60aTaras Glek — rerewrite_fixes contains fixes to fix up semantics before rewrite..these are basically style bugs in the code.
2454966b9fb5748af44366d5d8f5806ffdb8d1e9benjamin — Update to recent changes - automatic text-based rewriting to remove unneeded addrefs, as well as preliminary support for nsCOMArray and hashtable GC, as well as some Windows fixes
0c225000c02c431b653f3d1e30b2990f7bf276acbenjamin — Test-compiled the patch queue: this now builds
822e427110ac7590dfc81d76c00719f48703f1e4benjamin — Fold a bunch of patches together, do the finalized-object thing.
218374122fcba67b3f4155159092d38ca1649bfbbenjamin — Merge with newer tree
5060b04f8cc7c767851fd65f537a71406fbb1537benjamin — Uncommitted changes from my mac tree... bah
ec513666100194a95610e25a88696214461cb192benjamin — Make it build, once again
26348c0e4153858385024ef34fe007dc9085d5c5benjamin — Merge in Taras fix file for real, and merge with actionmonkey changes.
7e3f444d7fb8d878aa0bea82808a4b2e185fb9fbbenjamin — Get ready to branch, and incorporate some changes from Taras
e3b1f30d493aedc954f11b8db4cfde887330229abenjamin — A bunch of changes... now gcobject automatic rewriting works completely, though I haven't test-compiled it yet.
04662542e84322ab7165328a120f64dac6f46e59benjamin — Reorder so all the manual rewrites are in front of the (now-missing) automatic rewrites.
5c6c8d80e0bb6b8a075ddd512881d39a85e39f1abenjamin — A bunch of manual fixes, update the automatic patch. Trying to have a working tree to hand off to Taras for the stack-comptr work.
d97da6a3fb75ec5b5dcdbb02a1281dfb214f31dbbenjamin — Some manual rewrites, and an initial cut at the automatic rewriting. I've also landed the dehydra/python automatic rewriting scripts here.
cf623a7515ef604931fe22702624d7a359897f54benjamin — Update with new series and some Windows fixes
af3f9966d6299832609f5bcea79da436b8844dadbenjamin — Add missing definitions to dlldeps so that Windows links correctly
13f993204d88b456526daf4a9b418cb36886773fbenjamin — Initial patches against actionmonkey