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Mon Jun 23 15:21:10 2008 +0000
e92f95c91dcae06c2ec6a583339c7f8886842ea1Benjamin Smedberg — Merging is hard, let's all go eat lasanga.
Wed Jun 18 22:55:18 2008 +0000
92f35840b6478895e714257685554ca6e0da4850Benjamin Smedberg — Rebase/remove
Wed Jun 18 22:22:47 2008 +0000
9bc5a4e8def910417bf55c289395830451d295b1Benjamin Smedberg — Lots of classes that are or could be stack classes. Going to remove the "manual-fixup" patches next.
933436512ab82e4e3c4d6fb07d3892a61755021dBenjamin Smedberg — Remove hacks, for upstreaming the "stackclass" patches.
Fri Jun 13 15:00:17 2008 +0000
059ad839c4b1733485a3c4b55e8e18b8a2b40642Benjamin Smedberg — Rebase the automatic patches out of existence, for recreation.
Fri Jun 13 14:48:49 2008 +0000
d12137ef66ee0e94446556b0a863afdc6d93f0ddBenjamin Smedberg — A bunch of cases found through static analysis. Many of the "stackclass" patches should just be the annotation, upstreamed to mozilla-central, because garburator will automatically rewrite the comptrs in those cases.
Thu Jun 12 17:15:32 2008 +0000
09bc16d43f7bf6f49ed07aa09802a6c8e2b41b03Benjamin Smedberg — Automatic rewriting fixup for dehydra 0.9
Thu Jun 12 14:34:20 2008 +0000
d76de26799c6cd5bfde2e1a4b337a63387efceb1Benjamin Smedberg — Get things working... even the static analysis, with real testcases and everything ;-)
Tue Jun 10 19:42:00 2008 +0000
9198aa54906777d1a77e806921e89bd9464ac88eBenjamin Smedberg — Whew, update to real actionmonkey tip!
Tue Jun 10 19:10:56 2008 +0000
e40ba022b1fa24d2b032c85f3c64ea5a1c23bdd5Benjamin Smedberg — Fold some stuff together in preparation for merging the "real" actionmonkey!
ed7d306bd129b107164a8121618c28e7a64d68d0Benjamin Smedberg — Merge forward! Things are looking good!
0f6daec64ecb954b82b5a550327242837700329fBenjamin Smedberg — Whew! rebase XPCOMGC patches to actionmonkey (broken) from jorendorff's repo
55f4c3203c4f384a083cc87cccea108f7db740b9Benjamin Smedberg — I was rebasing this against the wrong tree. Going to save the results and see what happens when I use the correct actionmonkey revision!
Mon May 05 14:53:12 2008 +0000
eb192196cd992859118c6da63ca40e6906da489cBenjamin Smedberg — Rebase before automatic rewrites, in preparation for merging from actionmonkey/moz-central.
bed93b2f797b693ee39558d7bfe3410b1deaaa98Benjamin Smedberg — Rebase static-check-finalizers against slightly newer gc-annotation-checking patch.... perhaps it would be wiser to just merge these together?
8efda5af99c6144e195fdab2ad22e5ef9426523cBenjamin Smedberg — Boy, static checking is hard!