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Mon Dec 15 20:46:17 2008 +0000
f968472d57b8Benjamin Smedberg — Slide around in a spiral, rather than in random straight lines. This produces a much denser overall texture. default tip
fd877bb1e6beBenjamin Smedberg — Add shark instrumentation. Secret, for now
c18b21740d39Benjamin Smedberg — untabify
Mon Dec 15 15:08:20 2008 +0000
696ec5de44ccBenjamin Smedberg — It turns out that blocks with 'let' vars are not traceable currently. Use vars for now :-(
Fri Dec 12 22:07:02 2008 +0000
51e58ba88e40Benjamin Smedberg — clearRect is apparently not perfect. Just clear everything to avoid leaving turds. And fix the markup a bit so that the textarea doesn't float.
Fri Dec 12 22:00:40 2008 +0000
e50e4b275149Benjamin Smedberg — Luke is better, and it's Christmas! Fix up the case where there aren't 200 words.
1d79c88c68bbBenjamin Smedberg — Let users paste into a textarea
Fri Dec 12 21:25:26 2008 +0000
2842d1ea59aaBenjamin Smedberg — Add license/readme. Link up canvas to our docs.
c7f0ffcfb541Benjamin Smedberg — Better cancellation, better text... Papa John's!
177f4022f463Benjamin Smedberg — Remove direct references to wordle: don't want to tramp on any toes, or get into trademark problems. Also add cancelability and font selection.
266549722e4eBenjamin Smedberg — Better normalization... the more we fail, the more random it will become!
a87e98928885Benjamin Smedberg — Asynchronicity was pretty easy!
b45eafc86660Benjamin Smedberg — This seems to do something useful. Now I want to break it apart into little chunks that can be run from timeouts, to avoid long-script warnings. Profiling might be nice too!
8be31ac9ef27Benjamin Smedberg — slideUntilHit works, apparently
c6cb8be67953Benjamin Smedberg — Vertical words... happy
0830e9aac98bBenjamin Smedberg — Saving state... place the first few anchors randomly, and then start fillling in?
67d051d75975Benjamin Smedberg — Argh, this is sucky
75edc5057178Benjamin Smedberg — I do *want* the vertical bits, but I'm having second thoughts about doing them up front... saving state so I can play.