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Wed Dec 10 20:06:43 2008 +0000
c77013199a86bd1be31de885e78dfa35b2504c64Benjamin Smedberg — master.cfg changes to support
03664a1472ce9af391d9b7ad4cea17843672be35Benjamin Smedberg — Minor fixes for the buildbot-side warning parser step:
79214df79809e0567c045701c10c488a9f699ec3Benjamin Smedberg — Use a better database schema with warning signatures... this makes checking the prior build for the same signature very simple indeed
923e095ab9e75a60a8a4dd20958c191667ce1ddcBenjamin Smedberg — Save warning-parser updates to find new warnings. This is working, but I realize that I probably want to normalize the database a bit more. Not checking in master.cfg changes, but I hope it's pretty obvious how to use this thing:
d20e874420d861d0003ea4924c4b59e444b69fe9Benjamin Smedberg — Report to Firefox... we seem to be stable, if slow