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Tue, 09 Dec 2008 13:15:17 -0500
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Save warning-parser updates to find new warnings. This is working, but I realize that I probably want to normalize the database a bit more. Not checking in master.cfg changes, but I hope it's pretty obvious how to use this thing: .addStep(WarningParserStep(command=['python', 'warning-parser.py', '.', 'cvsblame.db', 'build.log'], dbfile='warnings.db'))

#!/usr/bin/env python

Reads a build log on stdin. Parse warning messages (from GCC and elsewhere)
and store them in a sqlite database for later consumption.

Uses gmake "Entering directory" and "Leaving directory" messages to
keep track of the working directory. Resolves relative file paths against
these working directories, and also follows symlinks back into the
source tree.

import sys, os, sqlite3, re, mercurial.hg, mercurial.ui, mercurial.revlog, mercurial.node

(srcdir, blamedb, logfile) = sys.argv[1:]

srcdir = os.path.realpath(srcdir) + '/'

blamedb = sqlite3.connect(blamedb)
blamecur = blamedb.cursor()

repo = mercurial.hg.repository(mercurial.ui.ui(), srcdir)
ctx = repo.changectx('.')

emptyBlame = (None, None, None, None, None)

def getCVSBlame(file, line):
    Get CVS blame information for a specific line that is blamed on the initial
    import of CVS code to Mercurial.

    @returns a tuple ('cvs', who, path, rev, line) or EmptyBlame

    blamecur.execute('''SELECT blame.who, blame.rev
                        FROM blame, files
                          files.file = ? AND
                          files.id = blame.fileid AND
                          blame.minline <= ? AND blame.maxline >= ?''', (file, line, line))
    r = blamecur.fetchone()
    if r is None:
        print "Couldn't find CVS blame for %s:%i" % (file, line)
        return emptyBlame

    who, rev = r
    return ('cvs', who.replace('%', '@'), file, rev, line)

cvsimportrev = mercurial.node.bin('9b2a99adc05e53cd4010de512f50118594756650')

def getBlame(file, line):
        fctx = ctx[file]
    except mercurial.revlog.LookupError:
        return emptyBlame

    (blamectx, blameline), linetext = fctx.annotate(follow=True, linenumber=True)[line - 1]
    if blamectx.node() == cvsimportrev:
        # Walk backwards into CVS history
        return getCVSBlame(blamectx.path(), blameline)

    return ('hg', blamectx.user(), blamectx.path(),
            mercurial.node.hex(blamectx.node()), blameline)

cwdre = re.compile(r'g?make(\[\d+\])?: (Entering|Leaving) directory `(.*)\'$')
warningre = re.compile(r'(?P<file>[-/\.\w<>]+):((?P<line>\d+):)?(\d+:)? warning: (?P<msg>[^ ].*)$')
continuere = re.compile(r'(?P<file>[-/\.\w<>]+):((?P<line>\d+):)?(\d+:)?( warning:)?   (?P<msg>.*)$')

cwdstack = [os.getcwd()]

curid = -1
curord = -1

for line in open(logfile):
    line = line.strip()

    m = cwdre.match(line)
    if m is not None:
        e, wd = m.group(2, 3)
        if e == "Entering":

    m = warningre.match(line)
    if m is not None:
        curid += 1
        curord = 0
        m = continuere.match(line)
        if m is None:
            if line.find('warning') != -1:
                print "Found unexpected 'warning': %s" % line

            curord = -1

        if curord == -1:
            raise Exception("Found warning continuation before warning!: %s" % line)

    file, lineno, msg = m.group('file', 'line', 'msg')
    file = os.path.join(cwdstack[-1], file)
    file = os.path.realpath(file)

    if lineno is not None:
        lineno = int(lineno)

    blametype = blamewho = blamepath = blamerev = blameline = None

    if file.startswith(srcdir):
        file = file[len(srcdir):]
        blametype, blamewho, blamepath, blamerev, blameline = getBlame(file, lineno)

    print "WARN-DB: %r" % ( (curid,
                             blameline), )

    curord += 1