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Wed Feb 18 02:04:23 2009 +0000
450813b7b94aBenjamin Smedberg — Implement --no-print-directory, and log $(shell) execution... turns out that NSS uses $(shell $(MAKE) --no-print-directory echo-some-variable) and really expects not to have complete control over the output, which is terrifying.
Wed Feb 18 00:28:27 2009 +0000
a080d25e64a6Benjamin Smedberg — Don't try to regenerate included makefiles which would always be rebuilt.
51a1e6e5e804Benjamin Smedberg — When the target of a double-colon rule is present and there are no prerequisites listed, we always remake the target. For a single-colon rule, we never remake the target. This little but important behavior difference eluded me!
Tue Feb 17 20:06:47 2009 +0000
c8a5d22af417Benjamin Smedberg — More non-evaluation of conditionals when they can't be active.
2545f3385285Benjamin Smedberg — Don't evaluate conditionals if they are initialized in an inactive conditional context.
17169ca68e03Benjamin Smedberg — Implement automatic wildcard expansion in targets and prerequisites. I hate this, but NSS uses it, and I hate NSS more.