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Thu Jun 26 12:21:38 2008 +0000
f51708e7f0d9Benjamin Smedberg — Fix up the rules default tip
Thu Jun 19 17:57:09 2008 +0000
30574df5c435Benjamin Smedberg — Comments bad... works on the entire tree! And the shift-reduce conflict is gone!
024b54ccabc6Benjamin Smedberg — Comments really really suck! Now I'm just going to remove them and see if I can convince shaver, at least temporarily.
3394439f0ddcBenjamin Smedberg — Hacks, quirks, etc... getting closer!
Mon Jun 16 14:13:35 2008 +0000
521ac1e42cbbBenjamin Smedberg — doccomments are parsed in very strange ways in libidl. Replicate the quirks for the moment.
Sun Jun 15 14:38:42 2008 +0000
ea4b1c101668Benjamin Smedberg — Passing lots of stuff now!
Sun Jun 15 03:27:17 2008 +0000
c9cc546fc95aBenjamin Smedberg — woot, nsIFile at least has the correct class declaration. Now for all that other macrology`
1914d690faddBenjamin Smedberg — More WIP... some doccomments, need to come up with a type "interface".
Thu Jun 05 20:10:01 2008 +0000
9608c862313aBenjamin Smedberg — More work. It turns out that libidl does keep track of some kinds of comments, so I may need to revise my grammar...
c5b0dfdbfa52Benjamin Smedberg — Classes are good in this case at least.
Tue Jun 03 20:53:47 2008 +0000
45605d017f1cBenjamin Smedberg — Parse nsrootidl and nsISupports.idl without errors (that doesn't mean "correctly"!)
Tue Jun 03 18:25:02 2008 +0000
0e9e86907aa6Benjamin Smedberg — PLY has silent releases, upgrade to 2.5 and have lots of fun!
Tue Jun 03 15:48:43 2008 +0000
b517a34167cfBenjamin Smedberg — Basic test works... have 5 shift/reduce conflicts that I'm not sure how to resolve.
Tue Jun 03 14:34:40 2008 +0000
bcee2804dcd5Benjamin Smedberg — XPIDL-in-python, early draft. The tokenizer is mostly complete but needs to recognize keywords: the parser needs additional productions.