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Mon Apr 14 15:21:26 2008 +0000
9238af9c1accb616c0367c5227c0d529dbe98a0aBenjamin Smedberg — Animation is cool! And make BASEURL more usable in multiple configurations.
92e5cfcae5553de1597e237e271e62e39185f380Benjamin Smedberg — Use ax() and ay() for drawing... currently the same as x() and y()
a74f146eb2de46aede0e6d387b197e5eefd9cca7Benjamin Smedberg — Replace _position with _x and _y for simplicity
de26e8c9b7350e2c50f7002203245a8958c99d3bBenjamin Smedberg — Canvas has some advantages and disadvantages... but right now, not having to keep track of DOM mappings is a huge advantage!
d0a8c7314fff51cc69e69f61cbd26c33754a4b7cBenjamin Smedberg — Add readme
c356d65d6d8f1eee2000e862f316f79a85f6226eBenjamin Smedberg — Small extension to create a feed from the pushlog hook
abcafbe52faa37620e17b50acb921820e8cb8715Benjamin Smedberg — Make it clear that revisions are clickable.
7c39dfdaedc6f86dcfe80416acf5993899cab3c8Benjamin Smedberg — Animated dragging. Performance sucks. I probably won't use this code.
d500162b6b9e47431dd651a62a480c981069e85cBenjamin Smedberg — Revamp how things move around so we don't clear everything all the time. Next up, animations?
43ab80cd01cd8a3f3f798c435281e40e46263997Benjamin Smedberg — Remove silly root context.
1e12e9eb263f1d2278e08f4d9a3bc9a641d7c85eBenjamin Smedberg — Structure tweaks to get full-page data with no scrolling, in preparation for some moving work.
c2b8096ba5a270a1dc713c0f9263b385af4d77b4Benjamin Smedberg — Change the title, so that navigation can be done happily
cfa5f1e9caaeadff4c9762f3fb0acc6859ab610bBenjamin Smedberg — Add the JSON extension and code to use it...
da886424da04ed29ca4d86c960da1a28da462ea4Benjamin Smedberg — Remove extraneous import
847c81e666c3c2dc09991d309db46f46df790824Benjamin Smedberg — Remove extraneous print statements
d043e5ef0c9b036279eed61bc3d0704a971ed49abenjamin — Foray into mercurial extensions... this took more work than I thought!