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Mon Apr 14 21:07:23 2008 +0000
76f6d3a9078a6aaa08d10d0fbf3fd9e0eaba9353Benjamin Smedberg — Actually use the moveTo context I added earlier.
d2b736ff622ba7a4b05a5fb254a3e819ef34a53cBenjamin Smedberg — Use curvy connection lines!
eb77b9602f5f5f4281ef0673f92667790eac520cBenjamin Smedberg — Layout the graph vertically. Fits more data this way, and is slightly more traditional.
12b2515fb5ff9bf52670ecc6254544bdb6a6e6a3Benjamin Smedberg — Highlight the context node.
a7a50641c6306dae46c677d470bf6bb54767a1a4Benjamin Smedberg — Draw arrowheads.
26235cd436e1808ecc83f9232b8fee936c273c76Benjamin Smedberg — Draw arrows from revisions that aren't loaded yet.
d4ea0f486b60485e08715df03a1f5a9ed4988535Benjamin Smedberg — Load nodes which are visible but not loaded yet.
1115da66d337923f24189093db17c44e8fbe9414Benjamin Smedberg — Animation needs to be stopped! Also fix some stray debugging code.
c428ff46384ed484dea0135bb9f3aa3f1a144628Benjamin Smedberg — Add a "jsoninfo" command to get information about an arbitrary revision without having to retrieve parents.