author Dirkjan Ochtman <dirkjan@ochtman.nl>
Fri, 06 Feb 2009 16:57:23 +0100
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Refactor pushlogFeed() so that it's a normal webcommand. Makes compatibility easier and makes sure various values are available that are no longer available to protocol commands in newer hg.

from mercurial import demandimport, context, util
from mercurial.node import hex, nullid
from mercurial.hgweb import webcommands
from mercurial import templatefilters

import simplejson

isodate = lambda x: util.datestr(x, '%Y-%m-%d %H:%M %1%2')

class HGJSONEncoder(simplejson.JSONEncoder):
    def __init__(self):
        simplejson.JSONEncoder.__init__(self, indent=1)

    def __call__(self, obj):
        return self.encode(obj)

    def default(self, v):
        if isinstance(v, context.changectx):
            return {'rev':         v.rev(),
                    'node':        hex(v.node()),
                    'user':        v.user(),
                    'date':        isodate(v.date()),
                    'description': v.description(),
                    'branch':      v.branch(),
                    'tags':        v.tags(),
                    'parents':     [hex(n.node()) for n in v.parents()
                                    if n != nullid],
                    'children':    [hex(n.node()) for n in v.children()
                                    if n != nullid],
                    'files':       v.files(),
        if isinstance(v, context.filectx):
            return {'filerev':     v.filerev(),
                    'filenode':    hex(v.filenode())}

        if hasattr(v, '__iter__'):
            return [o for o in v]

        return simplejson.JSONEncoder.default(self, v)

templatefilters.filters['mozjson'] = HGJSONEncoder()

def printjson(ui, repo, *args):
    e = HGJSONEncoder(repo)
    print e.encode([repo.changectx(arg) for arg in args])

# For kicks and testing, add a command-line JSON printer

cmdtable = {
    'printjson': (printjson, [], "hg printjson [rev...]"),

# Add hgweb hooks

def addwebcommand(f, name):
    setattr(webcommands, name, f)

def heads(web, req, tmpl):
    heads = web.repo.heads()
    return tmpl('heads', heads=[web.repo.changectx(n) for n in heads])

addwebcommand(heads, 'webheads')

def tags(web, req, tmpl):
    return tmpl('tags', tags=[{'tag': tag,
                               'changeset': web.repo.changectx(node)}
                              for tag, node in web.repo.tagslist()])

addwebcommand(tags, 'webtags')

def family(web, req, tmpl):
    """Get all the changesets related to a particular node, both children and
    parents, by walking backwards/forwards to a limit."""

    if 'node' not in req.form:
        return tmpl('error', error={'error': "missing parameter 'node'"})

    node = req.form['node'][0]
    ctx = web.repo.changectx(node)

        limit = int(req.form['limit'][0])
    except KeyError:
        limit = 2

    nodelist = [ctx]

    def children(n, curlimit):
        for p in n.children():
            if curlimit < limit:
                children(p, curlimit + 1)

    def parents(n, curlimit):
        for p in n.parents():
            if p:
            if curlimit < limit:
                parents(p, curlimit + 1)

    children(ctx, 1)
    parents(ctx, 1)
    return tmpl('family', family={'context': hex(ctx.node()),
                                  'nodes': nodelist})

addwebcommand(family, 'family')

def info(web, req, tmpl):
    """Get JSON information about the specified nodes."""
    if 'node' not in req.form:
        return tmpl('error', error={'error': "missing parameter 'node'"})
    nodes = dict((n, web.repo.changectx(n)) for n in req.form['node'])
    return tmpl('info', nodes=nodes)

addwebcommand(info, 'info')