Name Description Last modified    
aero-window-title unknown at 2012-10-08T16:45:21+00:00
async-plugins unknown at 2010-10-01T17:55:31+00:00
blocker-report unknown at 2011-01-11T20:17:00+00:00
breakpadinject unknown at 2012-07-02T02:10:56+00:00
bug675221-patchQ unknown at 2012-01-04T17:11:05+00:00
bug90268-init-testcase unknown at 2011-12-30T17:36:20+00:00
buildbot-configs unknown at 2009-03-06T20:24:58+00:00
buildbotcustom Buildbotcustom changes used to implement bug 434289 (l10n for mozilla-central) at 2009-02-25T04:41:19+00:00
callchain-analysis Files for collecting a callgraph of Mozilla and saving it to a database, see bug 458807 at 2008-10-10T15:19:23+00:00
configure-scripts Shell scripts to configure various software, often for x86-64 to i386 cross-build at 2009-07-16T14:51:59+00:00
crashme unknown at 2009-03-06T21:35:26+00:00
create-cvsblame-db unknown at 2008-12-05T21:22:54+00:00
dehydra-buildbot unknown at 2008-06-12T16:49:01+00:00
dehydra-patches A patch queue for dehydra. TAt any given time this is likely to be out of date and useless. at 2013-12-10T15:30:55+00:00
dxrpy unknown at 2009-02-18T22:05:36+00:00
e10s-static-testcases unknown at 2011-08-23T19:43:27+00:00
flashreporting unknown at 2012-07-25T15:53:42+00:00
flatten-includes unknown at 2009-04-16T16:24:08+00:00
gcmonkey unknown at 2009-09-11T17:30:55+00:00
hang-detector-mq unknown at 2011-11-11T15:30:18+00:00
hghooks Inactive repo, please use hghooks. at 2010-04-26T08:24:09+00:00
hgpoller Inactive repo, please use pushlog. at 2010-03-11T13:54:41+00:00
iconic-firefox-menu unknown at 2011-02-18T17:11:23+00:00
idl-parser AA pure-python XPIDL replacement experiment. at 2008-06-26T12:21:38+00:00
jPlayer-testcase unknown at 2011-12-30T16:07:04+00:00
l10n-buildbot unknown at 2009-03-06T10:02:18+00:00
llvm-test Once upon I time, I thought LLVM would be a good JIT for Mozilla. This was an experiment, but I consider it a failure because LLVM weighs too much. at 2013-12-10T15:30:53+00:00
manager-dashboard unknown at 2012-01-04T18:51:39+00:00
mddepend-removal unknown at 2008-11-14T19:25:11+00:00
meeting-poster Configuration and code to run at 2015-04-14T19:09:26+00:00
mercurial-crew-patches unknown at 2013-12-10T15:30:57+00:00
mobile-browser unknown at 2011-03-24T19:42:17+00:00
move-fixup A Mercurial extension which works around a bug where `hg revert` doesn't track file-moves properly. at 2010-01-26T20:23:02+00:00
mozilla-central unknown at 2009-03-06T19:45:52+00:00
mozilla-central-jemalloc-patches unknown at 2008-07-31T04:19:00+00:00
mozilla-central-mq unknown at 2011-03-09T21:28:35+00:00
mozilla-central-patches A patch queue for mozilla-central. At any point, this is likely to be out of date or have bad patches. at 2013-12-10T15:30:55+00:00
mozilla-with-pymake unknown at 2009-04-03T15:16:03+00:00
mxr unknown at 2008-04-07T02:30:24+00:00
new-pageloader unknown at 2010-07-21T20:03:32+00:00
online-interdiff unknown at 2012-07-11T17:04:45+00:00
oop-jetpack-experiment unknown at 2010-07-09T23:56:45+00:00
plugin-perftests unknown at 2009-11-18T21:28:52+00:00
processmemquery unknown at 2010-12-07T19:04:10+00:00
pymake unknown at 2014-01-06T18:34:34+00:00
qi-rewrite Bug 391275 - patch queue for automatically rewriting QueryInterface to remove the outparam at 2013-12-10T15:30:54+00:00
redgreen-pointer-analysis unknown at 2009-06-17T20:36:11+00:00
servicemusic unknown at 2012-01-07T18:05:56+00:00
simple-html-app unknown at 2012-01-12T14:11:34+00:00
single-chrome-manifest unknown at 2010-08-05T14:38:13+00:00
static-analysis-buildbot unknown at 2009-10-01T13:35:55+00:00
static-xpcom-registration unknown at 2010-07-01T20:19:28+00:00
switch-locales unknown at 2011-01-10T18:00:12+00:00
tamarin-central-patches A patch queue of stuff for tamarin-central. Probably out of date. at 2013-12-10T15:30:56+00:00
telemetry-experiment-server unknown at 2015-12-15T01:49:22+00:00
testcases Various testcases I've been collecting: C++, dehydra, treehydra, etc. at 2012-01-04T18:53:35+00:00
triage-dashboard unknown at 2010-10-29T20:39:46+00:00
triage-groups unknown at 2012-05-23T19:28:20+00:00
weekly-updates unknown at 2013-03-21T17:15:59+00:00
windows-redefine-patches unknown at 2008-04-11T15:27:57+00:00
wordmap unknown at 2008-12-15T20:46:17+00:00
xpccallcontext-patches unknown at 2013-12-10T15:30:54+00:00
xpcomgc-patches unknown at 2008-07-27T02:50:20+00:00
xpcomgc-tamarin-patches unknown at 2008-04-22T17:58:02+00:00
xpcthreading unknown at 2008-09-11T15:18:45+00:00
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