Merge the backout head.
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Merge the backout head.
--- a/js/src/tests/e4x/Regress/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/e4x/Regress/jstests.list
@@ -13,17 +13,17 @@ script regress-277935.js
 skip script regress-278112.js # obsolete test
 script regress-283349.js
 script regress-290056.js
 script regress-290499.js
 script regress-301553.js
 script regress-301573.js
 script regress-301596.js
 script regress-301692.js
-skip-if(! slow script regress-308111.js
+skip-if(! script regress-308111.js # slow
 script regress-309897.js
 script regress-311580.js
 script regress-313799.js
 script regress-318922.js
 skip script regress-319872.js # slow
 script regress-321547.js
 script regress-322499.js
 script regress-323338-1.js
@@ -36,17 +36,17 @@ script regress-327697.js
 script regress-328249.js
 script regress-329257.js
 script regress-331558.js
 script regress-331664.js
 script regress-344455.js
 script regress-347155.js
 script regress-350206-1.js
 script regress-350206.js
-skip-if(! slow script regress-350238.js
+skip-if(! script regress-350238.js # slow
 script regress-350629.js
 script regress-352097.js
 script regress-352103.js
 script regress-352223.js
 script regress-354145-01.js
 script regress-354145-02.js
 script regress-354145-03.js
 script regress-354145-04.js
--- a/js/src/tests/js1_5/GC/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/js1_5/GC/jstests.list
@@ -1,21 +1,21 @@
 url-prefix ../../jsreftest.html?test=js1_5/GC/
 script regress-104584.js
-skip-if(!"Darwin") slow script regress-203278-2.js
+skip-if(!"Darwin") script regress-203278-2.js # slow
 script regress-203278-3.js
 script regress-278725.js
 script regress-306788.js
 script regress-311497.js
 script regress-313276.js
 script regress-313479.js
 script regress-316885-01.js
 script regress-316885-02.js
 script regress-316885-03.js
-skip-if(! slow script regress-319980-01.js
+skip-if(! script regress-319980-01.js # slow
 skip script regress-324278.js # slow, obsoleted by 98409 fix
 script regress-331719.js
 skip script regress-338653.js # slow, killed on x86_64
 script regress-341877-01.js
 script regress-341877-02.js
 skip script regress-346794.js # slow, killed
 script regress-348532.js
 script regress-352606.js
--- a/js/src/tests/js1_5/Regress/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/js1_5/Regress/jstests.list
@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@ skip script regress-106244.js # obsolete
 script regress-110286.js
 script regress-111557.js
 script regress-114491.js
 script regress-114493.js
 script regress-115436.js
 script regress-116228.js
 script regress-118849.js
 skip script regress-119719.js # obsolete test
-skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) slow script regress-127243.js
+skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) script regress-127243.js # slow
 script regress-127557.js
 script regress-131510-001.js
 script regress-139316.js
 script regress-140852.js
 script regress-140974.js
 script regress-146596.js
 script regress-152646.js
 script regress-155081-2.js
@@ -125,17 +125,17 @@ script regress-310607.js
 script regress-310993.js
 script regress-311071.js
 script regress-311629.js
 script regress-312260.js
 script regress-31255.js
 script regress-312588.js
 random script regress-313967-01.js # BigO
 random script regress-313967-02.js # BigO
-skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) slow script regress-314401.js
+skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) script regress-314401.js # slow
 script regress-315974.js
 script regress-315990.js
 script regress-317476.js
 script regress-317533.js
 script regress-317714-01.js
 script regress-317714-02.js
 script regress-319384.js
 script regress-319391.js
@@ -160,17 +160,17 @@ script regress-334807-01.js
 script regress-334807-02.js
 script regress-334807-03.js
 script regress-334807-04.js
 script regress-334807-05.js
 script regress-334807-06.js
 script regress-336100.js
 script regress-338307.js
 script regress-340369.js
-skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) slow script regress-341360.js
+skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) script regress-341360.js # slow
 script regress-343713.js
 script regress-343966.js
 script regress-344711-n.js
 skip script regress-344804.js # bug 524732
 script regress-344959.js
 script regress-346237.js
 script regress-346801.js
 random script regress-347306-01.js # BigO
@@ -233,23 +233,23 @@ script regress-407024.js
 script regress-407323.js
 script regress-407957.js
 script regress-410852.js
 random script regress-416628.js # BigO
 script regress-416737-01.js
 script regress-416737-02.js
 script regress-417893.js
 script regress-418504.js
-skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) slow script regress-418540.js
+skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) script regress-418540.js # slow
 script regress-419018.js
 script regress-419803.js
 script regress-420919.js
 skip-if(xulRuntime.XPCOMABI.match(/x86_64/)) script regress-422348.js # On 64-bit, takes forever rather than throwing
 script regress-424311.js
-skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) slow script regress-425360.js
+skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) script regress-425360.js # slow
 script regress-426827.js
 script regress-428366.js
 script regress-438415-01.js
 script regress-438415-02.js
 script regress-440926.js
 script regress-449627.js
 script regress-449666.js
 script regress-450369.js
--- a/js/src/tests/js1_5/extensions/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/js1_5/extensions/jstests.list
@@ -39,17 +39,17 @@ script regress-315509-02.js
 script regress-319683.js
 script regress-322957.js
 script regress-327608.js
 script regress-328443.js
 script regress-328556.js
 skip script regress-330569.js # Yarr doesn't bail on complex regexps.
 script regress-333541.js
 skip script regress-335700.js # bug xxx - reftest hang, BigO
-skip-if(! slow script regress-336409-1.js # no results reported.
+skip-if(! script regress-336409-1.js # no results reported.
 skip-if(!"Linux")||xulRuntime.XPCOMABI.match(/x86_64/))) silentfail script regress-336409-2.js # can fail silently due to out of memory, bug 615011 - timeouts on slow debug Linux
 skip-if(! silentfail script regress-336410-1.js # can fail silently due to out of memory
 skip-if(!"Linux")||xulRuntime.XPCOMABI.match(/x86_64/)||xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT")) silentfail script regress-336410-2.js # can fail silently due to out of memory, bug 621348 - timeouts on slow debug Linux
 script regress-338804-01.js
 script regress-338804-02.js
 script regress-338804-03.js
 script regress-339685.js
 script regress-341956-01.js
@@ -101,34 +101,34 @@ script regress-361346.js
 script regress-361360.js
 script regress-361552.js
 script regress-361558.js
 script regress-361571.js
 script regress-361856.js
 skip script regress-361964.js # slow, alert not dismissed, now busted by harness
 random script regress-363258.js # bug 524788
 script regress-363988.js
-script regress-365527.js slow
+script regress-365527.js
 script regress-365692.js
 script regress-365869.js
 script regress-366288.js
 script regress-366292.js
 script regress-366396.js
 script regress-367118-01.js
 script regress-367118-02.js
 script regress-367119-01.js
 script regress-367119-02.js
 script regress-367120-01.js
 script regress-367120-02.js
 script regress-367121.js
 script regress-367501-01.js
 script regress-367501-02.js
 script regress-367501-03.js
 script regress-367501-04.js
-skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) slow script regress-367589.js
+skip-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT"&&isDebugBuild) script regress-367589.js # slow 
 script regress-367630.js
 script regress-367923.js
 script regress-368859.js
 script regress-369404.js
 script regress-369696-01.js
 script regress-369696-02.js
 script regress-369696-03.js
 random-if(xulRuntime.OS=="WINNT") script regress-371636.js # bug 528284
@@ -149,17 +149,17 @@ script regress-385393-02.js
 script regress-385393-09.js
 script regress-390597.js
 script regress-390598.js
 script regress-394967.js
 script regress-396326.js
 skip script regress-406572.js
 script regress-407019.js
 script regress-407501.js
-skip-if(! slow script regress-407720.js
+skip-if(! script regress-407720.js # slow
 script regress-412926.js
 script regress-414755.js
 script regress-416354.js
 script regress-416460.js
 script regress-416834.js
 skip script regress-418730.js # obsolete test
 script regress-420612.js
 script regress-420869-01.js
--- a/js/src/tests/js1_6/extensions/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/js1_6/extensions/jstests.list
@@ -2,16 +2,16 @@ url-prefix ../../jsreftest.html?test=js1
 script regress-312385-01.js
 script regress-352392.js
 script regress-385393-08.js
 script regress-414098.js
 fails-if(! script regress-455464-01.js # bug - NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR line 1
 fails-if(! script regress-455464-02.js # bug - NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR line 49
 fails-if(! script regress-455464-03.js # bug - NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR line 1
 fails-if(!!isDebugBuild) skip-if(! script regress-455464-04.js # bug xxx - hangs reftests in debug, ### bug xxx - NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR in opt
-skip-if(! slow script regress-456826.js # bug 504632
+skip-if(! script regress-456826.js # bug 504632
 script regress-457521.js
 script regress-465443.js
 script regress-470310.js
 script regress-472508.js
 fails-if(! script regress-475144.js # NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR
 script regress-479567.js
 script regress-565521.js
--- a/js/src/tests/js1_7/extensions/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/js1_7/extensions/jstests.list
@@ -48,17 +48,17 @@ script regress-381303.js
 script regress-387955-01.js
 script regress-387955-02.js
 script regress-392308.js
 script regress-396326.js
 script regress-429266.js
 script regress-453955.js
 fails-if(! script regress-455982-01.js # NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR
 fails-if(! script regress-455982-02.js # NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR
-skip-if(!|| slow script regress-458679.js
+skip-if(!|| script regress-458679.js # slow
 script regress-469234.js
 script regress-469405-01.js
 script regress-469405-02.js
 script regress-470176.js
 script regress-470300-01.js
 script regress-470300-02.js
 script regress-473282.js
 script regress-474771-01.js
--- a/js/src/tests/js1_8/extensions/jstests.list
+++ b/js/src/tests/js1_8/extensions/jstests.list
@@ -27,18 +27,18 @@ script regress-455973.js
 script regress-465337.js
 script regress-465453.js
 script regress-469625.js
 skip script regress-471197.js
 script regress-472450-03.js
 script regress-472450-04.js
 script regress-473040.js
 skip script regress-475971.js
-skip-if(! slow script regress-476414-01.js
-skip-if(! slow script regress-476414-02.js
+skip-if(! script regress-476414-01.js # slow
+skip-if(! script regress-476414-02.js # slow
 fails-if(! script regress-476427.js # NS_ERROR_DOM_NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR
 script regress-476653.js
 script regress-476869.js
 script regress-476871-01.js
 script regress-476871-02.js
 skip script regress-479252.js
 skip script regress-479381.js
 script regress-481989.js
--- a/js/src/tests/
+++ b/js/src/tests/
@@ -146,21 +146,16 @@ def parse(filename, xul_tester, reldir =
                         random = True
                     pos += 1
                 elif parts[pos] == 'script':
                     script = parts[pos+1]
                     pos += 2
                 elif parts[pos] == 'slow':
                     slow = True
                     pos += 1
-                elif parts[pos] == 'silentfail':
-                    # silentfails use tons of memory, and Darwin doesn't support ulimit.
-                    if xul_tester.test("xulRuntime.OS == 'Darwin'"):
-                        expect = enable = False
-                    pos += 1
                     print 'warning: invalid manifest line element "%s"'%parts[pos]
                     pos += 1
             assert script is not None
             ans.append(TestCase(os.path.join(reldir, script), 
                                 enable, expect, random, slow))
     return ans