Bug 600215 - commit to pass hook check. a=johnath.
authorGervase Markham <gerv@gerv.net>
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 14:52:06 +0000
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Bug 600215 - commit to pass hook check. a=johnath.
--- a/toolkit/content/license.html
+++ b/toolkit/content/license.html
@@ -761,16 +761,17 @@ under either the MPL or the [___] Licens
 <!-- This list created from mozilla-central and comm-central on 2011-01-18.
      It was created using a modified version of the "relic" script in
      tools/relic, along with the make-id-list script in the same directory.
      See the comments in make-id-list for instructions on how to regenerate.
 Aaron Leventhal,
 Aaron Nowack,
 Aaron Train,
 ActiveState Tool Corp,
 Adam Barth,
 Adam Christian,
 Adobe System Incorporated,
 Akkana Peck,