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Tue Dec 10 15:46:25 2013 +0000
8618a149ea2e673f6c0af23ee1f6183e39f0a6efBoris Zbarsky — Fix these tests to not break at smaller window widths or larger fonts. a=test-only default tip
23455773db732b8809ee086f627d90a485a9f335Kyle Huey — Bug 641325: Turn PGO back on for JS. rs=ted a=sayrer
59f8f339653f666efb232e0b02cabfc566030968Steven Michaud — Breakage fix for patch for bug 637367 (4da037fe27b0). a=breakage-fix
4da037fe27b011014244ba56e04e38e74ca66fbcSteven Michaud — Bug 637367 - Stop DrawPlugin from accessing deleted nsObjectFrame. r=roc a=beltzner
9c3ef79b8ebafad754f5e5593a8112b23e061468Benjamin Stover — Bug 642205 Followup: workaround for Android compiler bug r=tnikkel a=blocking-fennec CLOSED TREE
61bb16eb15db760ff50147e0ab7c1f4f88446afcJoel Maher — Bug 636753 - annotate reftest manifests to note tests that fail on Android (2 of 2). r=dbaron a=test-only
378591d78e0075ce1554280ac1aed0eb9b5f65c2Joel Maher — Bug 636753 - annotate reftest manifests to note tests that fail on Android (1 of 2). r=dbaron a=test-only
af5988b2e2ca4d3c01a1b2f17ba695812cad0da9Brad Lassey — bug 642794 - add support to android for removed-files file r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
bb383015d668aa67781ef00eb85b6ea1cf8a82a1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 637325 - Fix a typo in xpcom/tests/TestStrings.cpp:test_strip_chars. r=bsmedberg a=tests
55f34457893202d4eff1786c743ebbde971ca778Gervase Markham — Bug 642395 - further change to handling of bad certificates. r=kaie, a=beltzner.
f6215eef227606c071677a722a55afd99192ede9Kaie Engert — Bug 642395 - change to handling of bad certificates. r=rrelyea, bsmith. a=sayrer
b853c6efa929735b8ee1927becd469726752a50dDoug Turner — Bug 642291 - crash [@ nsBufferedInputStream::Write] motovational poster. ipc serialization does not work here, removing it. r=bent a=blocking-fennec
e6ce7ec66a236aa12677f6d424942de8b7106982Benoit Jacob — Bug 641630. r=ted, a=respin
4c66d8ddc98905d2a9d0cc0b14e20aa655584525Brandon Sterne — Bug 589457 - remove delay from test_x-frame-options response, r=ehsan, a=testonly
d0e5ba1e0bbb490fd082ba90de4f8d5c33334bc3Bob Clary — Bug 610185 - JavaScript Tests - temporarily mark ecma/Date/ as random due to DST orange, r=jorendorff, a=NPOTB.
40d2d7bcc30af5bacdc885c2edf70825a0089fdeSerge Gautherie — Bug 535893 - [SeaMonkey 2.1] mochitest-a11y: test_combobox.xul fails; (Av1a) Add support for XPFE autocomplete popup and differently ordered children, Add explicit "no children" checks.
e273946b74c8d631ed86bd74ba9afe0e67b12378Mark Finkle — bug 642203 - Must treat locale pref as localized in multi-locale builds r=blassey,dougt,gavin,mossop a=blocking-fennec
bb59490890025376aadb83090ee55f9731c20dc2Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 75147c0a4b89 because it actually changes code, and is not test-only. a=silly-me
75147c0a4b895f1e6bf07c66f640d6fb51847dc4Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 582216 - Make sure that we set _scrollTarget in every case in order to address intermittent failures in tabbrowser overflow handling; r=dao a=test-only
821740bc1b4d076551e70d2411a26fa567fdde3bBenjamin Stover — Bug 642205 Followup: Remove bogus assertion r=roc a=followup-for-blocking-fennec
54cb5591480ebb8f90db013d69970593acd029c6Benjamin Stover — Bug 642205 Do not build layers for asynchronous scrolling if element shouldn't be scrollable r=tn a=blocking-fennec
aed7e42e4d0ff6fb415e69835bba977a72fb33f8Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 626168 - Intermittent failure in content/events/test/test_bug426082.html (make sure to wait long enough for a paint to happen); r=smaug a=test-only
bd942ed342bbedf38cef8493d6ea3fd6674a1ec1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 614643 - Cause a repaint no matter what so that the test becomes more robust; r=neil a=test-only
4f07bebb993bd0abe2530bd34bef5274486e0187Serge Gautherie — Bug 544171 - [SeaMonkey 2.1] mochitest-a11y: test_txtctrl.xul fails; (Av2a) Add support for XPFE (and Toolkit) autocomplete popup.
02e5836b10c242a9d106836b68d37d62074cba9bJeremias Bosch — Bug 630186 - Ensure Rotation functionality in Qt Port after removing meegotouch. r=wolfiR,mitchell.field a=approval2.0
ee18eff42c2e73e646f9658ed0661b815e9dc506Jeremias Bosch — Bug 640504 - Qt-Fennec, Language Code is not read correctly from System. r=romaxa a=npodb
34d44aee909267d69e2baf00a0dbec672af7bb23Oleg Romashin — Bug 641591 - Touch start point not mapped correctly to qt widget transformation r=wolfiR a=npodb
9e256ad2c3a29cf9296670cd5d583577014ade6bOleg Romashin — Bug 641263 - Pinch zooming state not canceled properly in some cases. r=wolfiR a=npodb
ea72a8a055cee843601f8cf3f071bc45374ef46dFlorian Haenel — Bug 640615 - Remove unwanted inward sunken frame r=wolfiR a=npodb
5a6de9619cd26669a0c2e6ab303854278bd0f626Benjamin Stover — Bug 618975 Follow-up: Fix for non-IPC builds and remove warning r=blassey a=fix-comm-builds
7d92741097d9e26bb13d8e054a10662ef582fc9cTimothy B. Terriberry Bug 641019 - "Crash on video with odd widths and 16-bit displays" [r=tterribe a=stuart]
1604da0cfed4bcd00ab926e04056be53ce8ba369Timothy B. Terriberry Bug 640588 - "Bad rendering of webm and ogv with 16-bits displays on Linux" [r=jones.chris.g a-2.0=doug.turner]
d66b9df51efff8c07b7ffd43f051803d960a2f1bBenjamin Stover — Bug 618975 Followup: bitrot and remove mDisplayport from nsDisplayScrollLayer r=cjones r=tn a=blocking-fennec
dea535299cf25062dd34133fd4cfaf9f27d5e410Benjamin Stover — Bug 618975 Pan overflow elements in parent process r=cjones r=tn sr=roc a=blocking-fennec
5f7f9a0d61621f77c974ddaa1da8bcef058f6d31Nick Thomas — Create UPDATE_PACKAGING_R11_1_MU tag on 138f593553b6 for major updates to Fx4, a=beltzner NPOTB DONTBUILD
4866be78732f042ba9ffed96fc69a40942d16e26Serge Gautherie — Bug 635844 - Update pushState to latest spec. Again.; (AAv1) Fix (2) removeEventListener() 3rd param, from bug 500328 and this bug.
415f9b51fc5cde93ace926db15bd3ed603e32ce2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 609551 - Move the operations which happen at the script global scope before the document load to the point where the document is fully loaded; r=roc a=test-only
4a58a3c4d04612f646444f93c8088df8c3c45e44Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 611457 - Move the object which is supposed to survive the function's return out of the function so that a possible garbage collection doesn't collect it before it should be used; r=roc a=test-only
da4e84ab56c22d82b2326b120614a1d4f09534a0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 618041 - Move the object which is supposed to survive the function's return out of the function so that a possible garbage collection doesn't collect it before it should be used; r=roc a=test-only
770b9488e967d8e03ae903e39ad1a1657f55bcefEhsan Akhgari — Bug 627624 - Make the crashtest for bug 428844 actually test something; r=roc a=test-only
6729d770f7a9818b67ff8ade917e153eb52f834eBrad Lassey — bug 640190 - Browser process dies, and second attempt hangs on restart when switching languages r=crowder a=blocking-fennec
c408cb353a744ce4b88894898c9183e9a9327f2dtbirdbld — Added tag THUNDERBIRD_3_3a3_RELEASE for changeset 290712e55ade. CLOSED TREE a=release COMM2000_20110314_RELBRANCH
7fd8f2b01b1719ecc43abd7e5d0eb5777dd985c4tbirdbld — Added tag THUNDERBIRD_3_3a3_BUILD1 for changeset 290712e55ade. CLOSED TREE a=release COMM2000_20110314_RELBRANCH
b78e947a68e51fe19b1bff6f2519209ce8ee570dAlexander Surkov — Bug 455840 - change test_nsIAccessible_focus.html mochitest to use eventQueue, r=marcoz, a=test-only
b0e08414abe12c0ec0f8cf88fcac87e61afebd65Serge Gautherie — Bug 641358 - "Document" that test_txtctrl.xul uses a deprecated 'timed' textbox (too); (Av1) Just do it.
c8bef0022a62c3d3886a667a5d2a6f1c6ec196e2Marco Zehe — Bug 415943 - Test that password field text is not readable through accessibility APIs, r=surkov, a=test-only
f60cd210a3e182a1db0548c74b93685c175fcfc2Wes Johnston — Bug 641079 - GetMimeInfoForFileExt should return a boolean. r=blassey, a=approval-2.0
a7c8c8e4d92879cb7c4a09a6bf23bd7a57e7924cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 640889 - Disable test in debug Windows < Vista while work proceeds on making it pass with the XP resizer in the way, r=tn, a=test
305256fdcb9abd36d44c7949726b17b5a88d05bfPhil Ringnalda — Bug 641174 - Protect timer in script_bug602838.sjs from being eaten by GC, r=bz, a=test
d8fe8514d7e69344437c3f525d99bb862adcec4dChris Jones — Bug 640444: Self-copies end up changing all buffer content, so we need to read back the entire buffer after swapping. r=Bas a=b
4173c1b88642d3577130394baa3c74640aa05683Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 639885 - Don't use named Windows kernel objects because they will cause conflicts when running multiple Firefox processes concurrently; r=jrmuizel a=stuart
021b90fe4b26928ab64445785a7342a7a57884dcSteven Michaud — Bug 637367 - Add null checks to nsPluginInstanceOwner::DoCocoaEventDrawRect(). r=bsmedberg a=sayrer
cbe7235114f4264a2b673cb64f4aa08f0c7c980eDoug Turner — Bug 616426 - fix paramater type. r=blassey. a=me
79e153479dc87e04765ea3eaac246920533d07d2Chris Jones — Tests for bug 593243. a=b
24c25a9f87fafa41aef81478a29b239e3e13f952Chris Jones — Bug 593243: Clip invalidations to the displayport when one is set. r=tn
529e0a66b709e6638a49f105349d4af6f79e2ad8Brad Lassey — bug 616426 - crash [@ nsThebesFontMetrics::GetMetrics ], follow up r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
4512b571e48e270d4369c10127acde01769550ffJoel Maher — Bug 639678 - annotate manifests to see green jsreftest runs on tinderbox. r=blassey, a=tests
1512e152385ef9eee4e4e6ed68b7c969631bf422Joel Maher — Bug 636641 - remote reftest needs better logic for automatically building the remote manifest. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
2269cb1136f91fd8828c2061987d8a18296ad2e4Joel Maher — Bug 637660 - add sandbox.Android, and skip a few crashtests so we can run green on Android. r=dbaron, a=tests
3570861040e98ed5331fdac7a8aa8d8b489eb84dChris Jones — Bug 637822: Translate invalidated content by the offset at which it was made valid. r=roc a=b
e00e8ee0aeb7d156e65521ee0dd4bf4627c1e337Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 640652 - When unsetting an attribute on a XUL element, don't let the script blocker to be removed when the document nested update count is 0, since that can trigger XBL bindings, which may run scripts to do things which would lead into crashes; r=sicking a=sayrer
823105711a3bd08104651bf5971f5f6357c40e47Doug Turner — Bug 640068 - Browser does not restart when installing extensions. This approach uses ps instead of hitting the proc file system. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
81a547b0884614293eeb703bcd5eb7413a7dc98aBrian Crowder Bug 636903 - reduces ALOG noise while debug. android only. r/a=dougt
d4f00dcf1bb8070adfea540ca1f7a0e6247aa86dBrad Lassey — bug 623820 - Text zoom reflow messes up layout on AMO and other sites r=roc,dbaron a=blocking-fennec
c56df99c1c75a88184f33c830af249f9ba39172fAlon Zakai — Bug 616426 - Crash in nsThebesFontMetrics::GetMetrics. r=blassey,stuart a=blocking-fennec
9bfca7725abf5702a3b7fdace25f390939ea8e12Wan-Teh Chang — bug 626866 - Fennec doesn't support IPv6 on Android r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
fc05d053ed0354203f30df9910e4d8419b04d336Luke Wagner — Bug 634594 - Ensure XPCCallContext string cache is aligned (r=mrbkap,a=pavlov)
d5122581a0b49c374467451a96d9b32b6303fc24Mounir Lamouri — Bug 621056 - Prevent the timer to be eaten alive by the GC. r=bz a=tests
db05de7b2d3d502bd1e2eaa31ab828eb78d83a1fMounir Lamouri — Bug 633566 - Prevent the timer to be eaten alive by the GC. r=bz a=tests
6a898157f842c4d8f47504c5df98e625652b15f3Brad Lassey — bug 640337 - long tap in URL bar crashes fennec r+a=dougt
015b5b3dcb794b272c1d191a44df54edaf0571c2Brad Lassey — bug 640232 - 4sec pause occurs when restarting Fennec on Galaxy Tab r=dougt a=mfinkle
78372301e5fdc74111b9e30e0d234e38296cab0dMounir Lamouri — Bug 589502 - Don't use two images in content/base/test/test_bug421602.html to prevent race conditions. r=bz a=tests
71c15b2de18ed8534d6a55a82964666d45f05c96Benjamin Stover — Bug 634397 Setting displayport redraws entire displayport r=tn a=blocking-fennec
5b58ca341da48709e4e72ebd2547a60a52a89c0cChris Jones — Followup to bug 635373: Shadow-layer buffers might be resampled in the chrome process. r=roc a=b
54f451b29081be265e0b4fa1c794c0b8c4acc8acChris Jones — Bug 635035, part 7: Remove obsoleted gfxASurface::SupportsSelfCopy. r=roc a=b
edf7507120f7f33ba37c21c3bd9e4763ea914228Chris Jones — Bug 635035, part 6: Use gfxASurface::MovePixels() for self-copies of ThebesLayerBuffers. r=roc
4ab41ca945e0f4e03be72cd6da4b3b3b03f5fe56Chris Jones — Bug 635035, part 5: Add a helper to check whether a gfxRect is rounded within a given epsilon. sr=roc
d4a93181df15b4a678c0eeb6999e3f71c8fa5af7Chris Jones — Bug 635035, part 4: Implement MovePixels() for image surfaces. r=roc
173971a4af7efeaeead7a8b38a1c3abb9e879eeeChris Jones — Bug 635035, part 3: Add gfxASurface::MovePixels() interface and generic impl. sr=roc
5a3f1c4e63c198dfe1fef41ebb5bfb503ef4f66cChris Jones — Bug 635035, part 2: Ensure that the buffer rect only grows in the presence of scaling. r=roc
439f8db100d7d77257c5edbe3436e95e5e347002Chris Jones — Bug 635035, part 1: Separate the extended draw region and computed draw region so that shadow-layer readback gets the same quadrant as what was drawn. r=mattwoodrow
cae1cd4aae738d6702bcc80eef63722e9a184292Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 639885 - Abort the program execution if the status of program is unsafe due to thread safety issues in ReadbackManagerD3D10; r=Bas,jrmuizel,cjones a=beltzner
864d3507de6e5a7585da08c527200c91164026b7Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 30a98bd29e53 because it landed on the relbranch by mistake GECKO20b12_2011022218_RELBRANCH
30a98bd29e537f9f6418b0245bbab9155501b5a5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 639885 - Abort the program execution if the status of program is unsafe due to thread safety issues in ReadbackManagerD3D10; r=Bas,jrmuizel,cjones a=beltzner GECKO20b12_2011022218_RELBRANCH
d205dbeada8c3bc3c6ff1649a6f1020d9b58e282Brad Lassey — bug 640080 - get/set android clipboard must be done on a thread with a java message loop r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
3268032022693d48024c06c721ab88add032e1cbDoug Turner — Backing out 99f6b3acc464 (bug 618975). Bug This caused a reftest crash. a=bustage
99f6b3acc464b2ca1d519de7a8c381def4005463Benjamin Stover — Bug 618975 Pan overflow elements in parent process r=cjones r=tn sr=roc a=blocking-fennec
475ae5b4954071824abd78dc504996f03c859b7aDave Townsend — Bug 626998: Ensure we wait for a cancelled download to send onStopRequest before proceeding with the test. r=gavin, a=tests
acb121c0e3407951ee476ed621166d1b13f09e0bMichael Wu — Bug 637892 - Do not filter soft keyboard key events, r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
19021b7524f2cbacfa15b131a633ca96d0b04d2aDave Townsend — Bug 611178: Intermittent failure in xpcshell-unpack/test_install.js. r=robstrong, a=tests
53f4bee0bc1192c9a0d95fe72ba7f7675a28f47bDave Townsend — Backing out incorrectly landed patch from bug 611178. a=backout
acdd32f121999b26e0554cfdef5f01c59ed4c269Dave Townsend — Bug 611177: Intermittent failure in xpcshell/test_bootstrap.js and xpcshell-unpack/test_bootstrap.js. r=robstrong, a=tests
bf2db29072f48f8f267a929cba518ce37d76f0dcDave Townsend — Bug 610619: Wait for window to completely open before continuing browser_contentAreaClick.js. r=mak, a=tests
3792abcada4a449ee4d2b10c039ee6ef4805e92dDave Townsend — Bug 573259: Wait to go online before running browser_relative.js. r=robstrong, a=tests
1aea32eff90315d8ed442f75f7c02468703ac7ecDave Townsend — Bug 611178: Intermittent failure in xpcshell-unpack/test_install.js. r=robstrong, a=tests
89429f5cbf816db25d2f6dd3f9f7d79551758d62Alon Zakai — bug 634407 - Going to a canvas based tetris game will cause the content not to redraw r=cdouble a=blocking-fennec
e28388957c4d0707803ebd5f1f28276cf923928bBrad Lassey — bug 638523 - Save Image saves htm, not the image r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
51bdf0bca017febcacaf39e7ab36561a8de13f1cMakoto Kato — Bug 635857 - nsWindow::ResetInputState() commits duplicated composition string. r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
5666cb06e51971d2f9ca2e66ca148b40b1fe1b9aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central. a=fennec-blockers
a90c3a81835f9a1716758da9b745397c1dccb28aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 637777 - Bump Sync client version to 1.7. r=mconnor a=stuart
e32a8deafe71878f4e7502a87e091da19a9aa4bfPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
eff51222337e295a29e087f43064718313570eccPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636312 - Forms and passwords engines: yield back to the main thread during batches of synchronous I/O. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
cf2463e452bac530deb85e22075d02f30ceb560aRichard Newman — Bug 638297: don't zero-pad buffers, reject short IVs. r=philiKON
bd8f30e6eb18762ba16d90cfc38a5a4770e941a1Alon Zakai — Bug 634666 - File streams perform disk I/O when being initialized. r=philikon a=blocking-fennec
b1f60621c95bbe479a81d4bf3b6e812a5bd46253Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge mozilla-central with services-central
a4fa0edbfec8becabb1d221c56ccbc447fe0a880Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
a5360f16ee60fa24fd76c1df3253a5eb353d7f0fRichard Newman — Bug 638297: reuse buffers for generateRandomBytes. r=philiKON
847b56a02ae88ccec11861792da2ae846e4e8393Richard Newman — Merge.
66df10cc265c6bb9bc6c748d400979099a2325d8Richard Newman — Bug 638297: share buffers for encryption and decryption. r=philiKON
2ef1943bd05bde75f3940dd0aea8cebf7a560dddRichard Newman — Bug 638297: object reuse in WeaveCrypto. r=philiKON
c4bd627b9dcef395bc1a18f265e4b8279374a5b1Makoto Kato — Bug 637961 - Crash in [@ yv12_to_rgb565_neon]. r=jmuizelaar a=blocking-fennec
6dab3f1dfa0eba2d528ac528fdcea4939cd0d898Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 637828. Reset the transform on the dest image. r=joe a=blocking-fennec
86a09f53b7ee08ca5a7a06d54d72c75606d53810Brad Lassey — bug 639353 - hang during keyboard input r=dougt,crowder a=blocking-fennec
1240004b90e66af6a16df200e5f5b6ffc7f5c16aBrad Lassey — bug 639353 - hang during keyboard input r=crowder a=blocking-fennec
4e771e65764ae79e2270fb02f00e7009fa331d06Matt Brubeck — Bug 638963: Blacklist JIT on the Samsung Continuum. r+a=dvander DONTBUILD (Android-only)
204bb4873d1b555b25b0e9315a0ad9fa4709414bAlon Zakai — Bug 634666 - DEFER_OPEN option for file streams. r=bz,sdwilsh sr=bz a=blocking-fennec
f75cb4488da8522d7c005a89299b83c4ef50185cBrian Crowder — Bug 634555: sync with the Gecko event queue at the end of onTextChanged, r=mwu,blassey, a=blocking-fennec:2.0,blassey
6c41155a3f10273a27a62e84677aaac7d5914650Alon Zakai — bg 624344 - File name not parsed correctly while trying to save page via 'Save link' r=enn a=blocking-fennec
0b6f92a2cc745132172340aaff4f00fdb1f5e2cfAlon Zakai — bg 624344 - File name not parsed correctly while trying to save page via 'Save link' r=enn a=blocking-fennec
8ff955555d86ebd42935599f407943a24ec49c9eBrad Lassey — bug 611163 - Fennec doesn't start due a problem with 'ashmem buffer' in DDMS r=taras a=blocking-fennec
6b25a8d97e211308898a78b1e7e1ab9e75b3f4aaBrad Lassey — bug 636877 - Improve android restarts r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
378eec685e74ab810aff9bb3f910625256b774dcBrad Lassey — bug 637487 - Unable to install extensions when Fennec moved to SD Card r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
e56ecd8b3a68c158025207c5fd081d043e28f5ceBen Hearsum — No-op comment change to trigger Talos after update. r=NPOTB a=NPOTB
290712e55ade900bdaf71c6701aa9f25220c983bJeff Walden — Bug 637859. Anchor a string for a bit. r=cdleary, a=bsmedberg THUNDERBIRD_3_3a3_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_3_3a3_RELEASE
770e2709cff513f8690c27cd0c78d7a62849847cHenri Sivonen — Test for bug 638318 - Test that a byte run that has more than 1024 zeros but one non-zero byte among them before the 1024 byte limit does not sniff as UTF-16LE/BE. r=bzbarsky, a=test-only.
ed9c526f93b5373ff45415ccba4232369c82f645Henri Sivonen — Bug 638318 - Require all zero bytes to be in either odd or even position when sniffing for UTF-16BE/LE-encoded Basic Latin. r=bz, a=beltzner
a6eb991e7f05e82f1361c11412b8e86d43f0a551Dave Townsend — Bug 638113: Add-ons manager does not return results when searching for preliminarily reviewed add-ons. r=robstrong, a=dolske
646c6004d9d6bdd54a788fdfc4fb3b15cb7b8bf5Benoit Jacob — Bug 635059 - Update WebGL test suite to version 1.0.0 from - a=NPOTB
fb4921333812647a158ba862cf6d9d9507f30287Benoit Jacob — Bug 635068 - WebGL test array-unit-tests.html fails - r=dmandelin+vlad, a=blocking2.0
195a7aceb72b4e52d7110655408bc19a1f5aad13Benoit Jacob — Bug 635068 - WebGL test array-unit-tests.html fails - r=jag, a=blocking2.0
779f2ca8eb0c512b0699e08936a6cd6ab18dfe1aMarco Bonardo — Bug 551538 - intermittend timeout in browser_bookmarksProperties.js
61d11ecb169b1423ffe2ad425b4b7322be1fcc7bMarco Bonardo — Bug 467997 - browser_sanitize-timespans.js random failure when crossing midnight.
82912051f4231d8e35148efdae25f41f9374deb5Marco Bonardo — Bug 619689 - Intermittent browser_sidebarpanels_click.js | Item is visited followed by timeout and havoc in other tests.
0d3e9943f4635971130aecbb2a0a1c18d076caf3Dão Gottwald — Bug 631491 - toolbar's iconsize attribute is not updated correctly after switching themes. r+a=dolske
39982a2ba3446d77c210c2d0eff85bfb261540a9Dão Gottwald — Bug 586212 - Don't carry out the command when clicking on a disabled splitmenu. r=dolske
f76fac2730054ea2b0eb9dc1fe4c44dd1ebfe11cL. David Baron — Don't return NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INPUT when given an empty source buffer. (Bug 638236) r=smontagu a2.0=blocking
7570423a050f884c528033fcb6196be2baf3d864Alexander Surkov — Bug 638106 - CKEditor document should be editable, r=davidb, a=final+
c046188bb2f968cc0b45e1e9749e7bcb01f9815dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central. a=blocking-fennec
ab61ff6bdf9e35d867e0394faa18d2de71e27efaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
bf00bb0056ce8906d977bb7b1b351a5647a948f1Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636673 - Avoid accessing 'arguments' in code that's called a lot. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
e88c9b6c4ebded349b55beecb37dce566dcde827Richard Newman — Bug 618496: memoization of PK11SymKey. r=philiKON
0bea44f90d6d42ec0b617a4f116fb452d9582f61Richard Newman — Bug 618496: Revisit memoization of SECItems. r=philiKON
ab322645172b7f94a0af3089952b8e3f0c553a99Richard Newman — Bug 618496: remove algorithm adaptability in WeaveCrypto. r=philiKON
aa2115807bded25ec70be41d2655f930f8996837Richard Newman — Bug 618496: stripping out unused WeaveCrypto attributes. r=philiKON
e79b2b60d39488dfc295fc56345d35c0e7b328d3Olli Pettay — Fix bug 635776. r=bz, a=jst
e633e7a4af4b7ce6a45921b051eb24f4f652a81cFrank Yan — Bug 570279 - Tab+NavBar Connecting Curve Adjustments. r=dolske ui-r=shorlander a=beltzner
8be874c41712dd04f1e19d89aa9e19c0cf02c2eeL. David Baron — Fix converter stream part of bug 638236. r=bzbarsky a2.0=blocking
3404db11fbea366cefd0587b5f29db85db253649Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 638276 - Correct the name of the member variable in the comment for the nsTextEditorState class; a=doh!
bde96a66842976a7c9213111f044044b0cdbb51dEhsan Akhgari — Landing a bunch of patches while keeping the CLOSED TREE to make sure that the Windows builders issue is fixed; a=nthomas on #build
2a993660946f62144028b0087007c6677019430dHonza Bambas — Bug 638218 - Asynchronous policy-uri fetching causes connection problems when using NTML proxy; r=dveditz a=hardblocker
bb7ae274c2711c69c4a775397a4e37033d3562a6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 638116 - use different background gradient colors in split menu buttons in Firefox Button [r=dao, a=beltzner]
000fe7de6636c3ca63353faf9f7cf922e47e9f05Dão Gottwald — Bug 631270: move status panel to the opposite side of the screen when the findbar is open, to avoid it obscuring find results in the common case of them being at the bottom left of the screen, r=gavin, ui-r=beltzner, a=beltzner
716b7303beeab0fc5f8738c4dd5dc0fdabdd4bebEhsan Akhgari — Back out changeset 4b7c9efbf269 (bug 637644) to investigate whether it is the culprit for Linux Moth oranges on our CLOSED TREE; a=investigatory-backout-blessed-by-#developers
54a3038f2ca0a11f95b01432114af28dfcd88aabAxel Hecht — no bug, add Persian to Firefox 4, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
7536e407b70618c6e55f4ca05432692c0e526530Gavin Sharp — Back out 25027d672f50 (bug 636818) because it caused bustage (accidental file removal), a=#developers
99e112c8616d8a65a38f6931a37725b7d1ab7bb1Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset 8b3a403a6d26 (bug 636697, a=breaks Linux builds, cross-label variable initialization).
8b3a403a6d26432f9da40bf9b6ff7c49455ed75cJason Orendorff — Bug 636697 - Fix null deref in js_watch_set. r=brendan, a=dmandelin.
25027d672f5019164b67995e181ff80c66e64b95Jason Orendorff — Bug 636818 - Crash [@ js::CallJSPropertyOpSetter] or [@ js_SetProperty]. r=gal, a=dmandelin.
4f543b1fec65cccb9d0f6757726aa5b7ebb83f11Markus Stange — Bug 615693: improve the inactive window appearance for tabs on top, r=dao, a=beltzner
9da72b3918773986d568a9e955808332ffa036b9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 628049 - Improve the hover styling of split menus in the Firefox menu [r=dao, a=blocking]
9ddd1f8658cf7416dfc803159b963caa3d3aa187hsivonen — Remove the Hotmail-specific hack that forces the old parser for (bug 636692, r=bz, a=blocker).
b6ca6d65fafaa9c2e8867374e8d054c393860ca5Benoit Jacob — Bug 627464 - Annotate crash reports if the forced-enabled prefs are set - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
c1aecf6ba5e7bcbe55978d646dc955f7b78dee2eJeff Walden — Bug 637385 - Don't try to trace through a bindname in strict mode eval code. r=dvander, a=dmandelin
38028bf13fb261d8898361d40bda2c86e6a8aaeeMarco Bonardo — Bug 637957 - Followup, add proper QI. rs=mossop a=blocker-orange-fix
4b7c9efbf26945c46b6f07499e3d63301039b97aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 637644. Start layout on the new document in CreateAboutBlankContentViewer, since if we don't do it here no one ever will. r=jst, a=blocker
7bc88a8f9095ec8f9c7bceb5ccb3d77779c5bf1bBjarne Herland — Bug 634906: Allow Allow-Origin:null in CORS. r/a=sicking
29040397114927156f83b862e4e41befcbbdd9c9Marco Bonardo — Bug 637957 - Make results notifier hold a strong reference to mCallback, to prevent it being destroyed prematurely.
b6fd106a4eb3bd23b08c2dbc0f9f24f304701298Dão Gottwald — Bug 628048 - hovered highlight on menu item sticks around too long after moving to a different menu item. r+a=gavin
1cc322a175fecc6f225ee01cc8bc963428edb872Chris Jones — Bug 637004 (and maybe bug 637282): Guard against attempting to paint after NPP_Destroy. r=bsmedberg,karlt a=a
629de14f9ef9a0d0039f509e50c2ca1fd7eb097bChris Jones — Bug 637987: Don't compile IPDL unit-test protocols when not asked to. r=bsmedberg a=a
3e456bd488af2243c9ee0e4876630905021a7363David Dahl — Bug 636169 - Web Console notifications needed for customization via Addons r=mossop a=approval2.0
a9058439d9858038933d5c8b720e2204dfb274c3Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central. a=merge
73897fabd6ddcd471d862cf622d6385ed8d65905Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
2b14cbd242f2fa60c7fd2d4ada69a2ef95ed3ba4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636305 - History engine: make incoming records comply to mozIPlaceInfo. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
3dd3e050beaaacce6bc6f2ff2b6bc12551d76bedPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636676 - Utils.queryAsync: reuse mozIStorageStatementCallback object. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
a213e981b60620f0336f1e09323ac2e925b3762aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636677 - Don't create a new nsICryptoHMAC object for each HMAC verification. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
76784798d9a7424a105caed70eae54cd3b798e8cRichard Newman — Bug 629463: delete bad server-side clients records. r=philiKON a=beltzner
1a0094bc7086d77609c5626b726baa5dfe37ac0bRichard Newman — Bug 612401: could not get engine: clients. r=philiKON a=mconnor
83f06b6f346d14d635a2e02a7d8c8c9b717948e8Richard Newman — Bug 602110: duplicate declaration of nss_t.SECOidTag. r=philiKON a=mconnor
a72d0f50429bba505e9b2e9ab38cd2a0b0f86053Dave Townsend — Bug 629869: The skin and XUL caches need to be flushed after showing the startup compatibility UI. r=robstrong, a=dolske
51aca1e8e3f8308c8781746d20b23341818b0dfeAdam — Bug 630693 - Web console's copying adds extra newline between groups.; f=rcampbell r=beltzner approval2.0=beltzner
72fa9452e56a7b0dd1702fb263702765a4cc43a6Brad Lassey — bug 637559 - Add logging to Android Bridge, move HideProgressDialogOnce after check r=dougt a=2.0+
efbce8140bb4691e1465a919866decc151a82387Brad Lassey — bug 636602 - Android crash reporter crashes r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
f4449a441aea3e465d6ea72eea12ee00bf3d5f8eBoris Zbarsky — Backed out changeset 7de6b799a753 (asserts for bug 637214) because they still fire. a=fizzy-citrus-soft-drinks
ab7fd603bb9d8aa21777468c8e51f3e2363ab2f7Olli Pettay — Bug 637621, allow selection collapse more often, r+a=jst
3a4967bd43e8e777aeef9a4acfd67d7814f07c37Alexander Surkov — Bug 612872 - HAL/Supernova needs tweaks to our window emulation, r=davidb, sr=roc, a=davidb
7de6b799a7531d6a415c80511b9d042b467902b6Jonas Sicking — Bug 637214. Restore our nice asserts. r=bzbarsky, a=blocker
23cf0cedfd4abd49c46ee007a587abd3a0297b74Jonas Sicking — Bug 637214 the continuing saga. Add removable script blockers in a few more places, create an auto helper for that. r=bzbarsky, a=blocker
b2d9d4028d67e019214b390aac29f62d6d01bf1cMarco Bonardo — Bug 603793 - D3D9 followup - Popup menu disappears when using Aero basic on a secondary monitor.
8b4dbf4b6ac5829024734aefe7faf032cd028cf1David Anderson — Fix trace/interp mismsatch in |this| computation (bug 636795, r=gal, a=dmandelin).
dd542a890eb7c5f37cb36c40594a274be2c44daeDão Gottwald — Bug 623615 - Disable fix for bug 595656 to improve scrolling performance. r=unfocused a=mossop
01037ab16a65c001367054e5837a6376825c8b7fMatt Woodrow — Bug 637901 - Don't trash our cached ImageContainer unless the retained layer manager has changed. r=tnikkel a=blocking2.0
919f15d71153a0d7de08928b7184b66edf959591Andreas Gal — Removed another assertion from bug 637214 (a=orange).
01bbfa9ef32294644b7b9341650a273d25443e38Andreas Gal — Merge (a=orange).
18c62a838be0459052c2af08d8f7250b3c384075Andreas Gal — Backout asserts added for bug 637214 (a=orange).
ed5db6019d75d63bcefa40d4c70069feaf350338Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 637214 - Test case; r=bzbarsky a=test-only
65db1504a456cb1810fa607a3485777e178d8a45Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 637214 - Assert that adding/removing elements to/from the ID table is always performed under a script blocker. r=sicking a=blocker
af9c212658df7e670cdab922cd8246a151709f63Jonas Sicking — Bug 637214: Add scriptblockers around all callers of AddToIdTable/RemoveFromIdTable. r=bz a=blocker
82aabe4f0c3b869feca2f6b303a49cb48ced75ecAlexander Surkov — Bug 636945 - add downcasting for nsRootAccessible, r=davidb, a=davidb
f8f86e837e25b57b489c4a5a97ff88e2a7856dbfTrevor Saunders — Bug 562262 - fix license in a11y files, r=surkov, a=beltzner, NPOTB
dad15c7d80d7d0bbf7f2c02ca06ed2c5f8e00edeBrian Smith — Bug 637361: Backout bug 573043, a=blocker
3c5f25ac14bf2cdfc5855c7aee09980c1d32b35eBrian Smith — Bug 637361: Backout bug 573043
3436b367b4a438a47f867835958d025b37dfc813Ehsan Akhgari — Work around the Windows subpixel antialiasing craziness as a result of changesets 502114bb31e8 and c1d77dbe4193 by adding a padding to the div containing the text; rs=roc a=orange
8961733a5283c9932d5b8154c5a38caf55493221Johnny Stenback — Bug 637683 followup. Also need to implement nsIIPCSerializable here. r=sicking, a=blocker
f0a5657c643cf7cf6704cca1bdc5ac4b08d3973aEhsan Akhgari — Partially back out changeset 90b3dedc677d because changesets 502114bb31e8 and c1d77dbe4193 seem to have fixed those failures on trunk. rs=roc a=orange
f40ce345119866968fbdc783c186fc463346842fAndreas Gal — Merge.
d43a40ec3d3d1ea609f8136038860e0dff3a2b45Andreas Gal — Merge from Tracemonkey. bug 636879, bug 635155, bug 637206, bug 636820, bug 637397.
4d16463b0655a7663acb8af214f08e2876c9454cDavid Anderson — Fix tracer integration edge case (bug 636879, r=billm,luke).
f85299200bd392f06277e0875d50c8e4727edd72Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 635155 - Get full JIT-tests coverage back. r=dmandelin, a=beltzner/npotb.
f1e0fac5d508ea023ba9245ad9266b06fb50e5e3Andreas Gal — Avoid excessive GCs after CC (bug 637206, patch/r=smaug/gal).
83242d9362cd5f8a17a83e23c95b3bb0744785b1David Mandelin — Bug 636820 relanding: Use new |this| computation in mjit implementation of callgname, r=dvander,gal, a=blocking
c804473c7e9a67b36f817a143ffb1af8855586d0Luke Wagner — Bug 637397 - Set runtime debug mode in js shell with -d (r=sfink,a=npotb)
a7c87d6ee78f692a9fbb850b51aad4ad435d6e61David Mandelin — Backed out changeset 672a84576ca6 -- tinderbox build bustage
672a84576ca6e9d1e8ec0b90c0e9a320c92db3fbDavid Mandelin — Bug 636820: Use new |this| computation in mjit implementation of callgname, r=dvander,gal, a=blocking
635bb4ffe6ad1a0e377e75f60987ddac6ed2c73fMatthew Gregan — Bug 636894 - Revert bug 634787's change to AUDIO_DURATION_MS to work around a regression in MozAudioAvailable event delivery. r=roc a=roc
bea6dacd47f9b55b3e9b1dae2a0a515280967edfhaytjes — Bug 635005: new RegExp(undefined) works like new RegExp(''). (r=cdleary, a=jst)
ce9aafdae3818739ec1515ba8a10ddea744be31dDavid Mandelin — Bug 636820 relanding: Use new |this| computation in mjit implementation of callgname, r=dvander,gal, a=blocking
aaa780337c054c8d194b78c8e465c743fa480fa7joe — Bug 636870 - Using webgl on optimus hardware causes instant crash [part2] (r=jmuizelaar, a=blocker).
1ad100f2850b75c1763b4835057eb7d1fa2456e3joe — Bug 636870 - Using webgl on optimus hardware causes instant crash [part1] (r=jmuizelaar, a=blocker).
5f7e8502a55651d75fb7043791fd04e2533097a6Brad Lassey — bug 635814 - add shellName and shellVersion to nsSystemInfo r=dougt a=2.0+
40c34b1c4736f27d38e35cd004ff122dafa6bbe7Kyle Huey — Bug 637683: Ensure that the underlying buffer does not go away before any streams handed out by nsDOMMemoryFile. r=sicking a=blocker
d02b25c4b1a83599acecabcde100e3f267e4931dDoug Turner — Bug 637915 - nsJNIString is leaky with zero length strings. r=mwu, a=blocking-fennec
7b40750599400f41014723bb78acea821d2bf77fEhsan Akhgari — Back out changeset 7ed9b3bc059e (bug 637214) because it's not the correct fix; a=me
5b9b948eb7173b8185a312ea07ef269342c10adcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 636465 - Reset the spellchecking override status when detaching an editor object from the content node; r,a=roc
7f63b0b1f7c064d09682f526df2cfd5b3e5ba4c5Matt Woodrow — Bug 637367 - Add null checks to DrawPlugin. r+a=roc
c0b114d35e7b397e294f968f7894795a1f4909f4Benoit Jacob — Bug 632587 - 3/3 - add isContextLost - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
4110a0918c4c3f6b93cc928f5c04102dbdcf8373Benoit Jacob — Bug 632587 - 2/3 - add isContextLost - r=jrmuizel, a=blocking2.0
23ef0e8b9e121b05d16dd0c7c5e1e8d10a719da1Vladimir Vukicevic — Bug 632587 - 1/3 - implement getSupportedExtensions - r=bjacob, a=blocking2.0
09afa1295d85ff1cb315f1f721873a46aa5ef9e0Benoit Jacob — Bug 636613 - Let WebGL mochitest run on Windows XP - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
24cff06ec75f5ae20a0299b014f7b9ed955313a8Benoit Jacob — Bug 636611 - Block WebGL on Mac OS X 10.5 (not on 10.6) - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
b758d7b3e1394bbbd78b0e9f1d5d472d44deb2c3Timothy Nikkel — Bug 632423. Fix typo in reftest.list file. a=duh
75082063f8e6a85a69eb6c4c10a59bc5eeed601cSteven Michaud — Bug 627649 - [Mac] Some events incorrectly passed to a plugin that occur over the plugin. r=roc,josh a=blocking2.0final+
c1d77dbe4193e45e526044c91e6011eb39ddbc3dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 632423. Enable subpixel AA when we draw into the opaque subrect of a surface. r=tnikkel a=beltzner
502114bb31e816f708ac67af94194ad135941c74Robert O'Callahan — Bug 635373. Disable ThebesLayerBuffer rotation for non-identity resolutions, and add API to disable rotation explicitly. r=cjones a=beltzner
7ed9b3bc059e3d5746ec33560c5da24c95bd556bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 637214 - Block scripts when the document's ID table is being modified; r=bzbarsky a=hardblocker
52ffeed74f9649899984d5ff11daa1c4f1508a10Chris Jones — Bug 637278: Fix indentation. r=roc a=b
88074e56362792e1fc976da1e212b66db7ddb93bChris Jones — Bug 637278: INVALIDATE_NO_UPDATE_LAYER_TREE should subsume INVALIDATE_NO_THEBES_LAYERS. r=tn sr=roc
21b0f3548852cfd82bf9577ac6f929730b70230cJoe Drew — Bug 637413 - Always use a blank blocklist.xml file in the addon manager tests so we aren't broken by blocklist file updates. r=mossop a=blocker
eccac62d00926931ad13ae2c6593b5201194431aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 636817. Make LayerManagerForDocument return the correct manager even when there is no root frame so that empty transactions work correctly. r=roc a=hardblocker
30d4fd4a62d247d6689979339bb561c1977d0d95Mounir Lamouri — Bug 637321 - Fix tests that try to use the 'telephone' input type instead of 'tel'. r=bz a=tests
92b0df2936fefe5e6a9bc8baff1af52049b5244bAndreas Gal — Avoid excessive GCs after CC (bug 637206, patch/r=smaug/gal).
fab60117e622e0dfcdc518b27500a3dbd0d72c1fOlli Pettay — Bug 630919, add collect and invalidate phases for tree ranges, r=enn+neil, a=jst
44f9507b17c738e8a24551288fa210f3d500c328Bug 636114 - Crash [@ PluginBackgroundSink::~PluginBackgroundSink() ]; r=jones.chris.g approval2.0=johnath
07f2c90fe67acae359a96c6d95ffabde981377e7Tim Taubert — Bug 636637 - "e is not defined" error while trying to log "Error while loading thumbnail"; f=mitcho r=ian approval2.0=beltzner
0914f594bfb096f8e2816cb137b64bf593de33ccTim Taubert — Bug 636408 - When opening stack window the titles of the website are not visible; f=mitcho r=ian approval2.0=johnath
270aec271dc8459b02e6688a8ef29bc70421fb2aRaymond Lee — Bug 623768 - Pressing Backspace in Panorama causes last focused tab to navigate backwards; f=mitcho r=ian approval2.0=beltzner
9f426a5d89f526bcf36329e8676cc32dc707f893Rob Campbell — Bug 637032 - Repeated Console messages in the Web Console not showing number; r=sdwilsh, a=beltzner
ec8a059bea58fd550dad8d34c265293bf2d3d706Dão Gottwald — Bug 636846 - Search field changes size when focused. r+a=mossop
372eca6704c2555906a06ae68e10b22005f00ceaWolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 634942 - HelperApp launch is broken with GIO. r=karlt, a=beltzner
a7b9ace8b3a36f3738d3ec89cb02aa619724f429Jonas Sicking — Bug 635844 part 3: Update extension manager and tests to new pushState behavior. r=mossop. Includes parts by mossop which are r=me. a=jst
9e139c2c0c25bcee4d9cb59cd33483297bc42db2Jonas Sicking — Bug 635844 part 2: Update pushState to latest agreed behavior. r=jlebar a=beltzner/jst
d34e0e81327a059a1bb6773522bb1d13ef517a37Jonas Sicking — Bug 635844 part 1: Back out bug 615501 since we'll no longer fire the "initial popstate" event, and thus don't need a way to differentiate it. r=jlebar a=beltzner
410519307e63e2e48b6c6d646fc8bf3750aa65f5Doug Turner — Bug 633305 - about:memory should display memory reporters that live in the child process r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
621f7ea2a6f494ffb92f3ce34f24a4f6cc5bb2e2Doug Turner — Bug 636418 - Firefox 4 Beta 5 cannot start (NullPointerException). getMessage() can return null, so we need to check for that. r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec
e244bdf7eff702f29a0e8943217f4860c864cf72Doug Turner — Bug 637559 - Add logging to Android Bridge. r=blassey a=blassey
d53314c913a83b208b27ed46028aa4d9979f56d8Brad Lassey — bug 636666 - paste option doesn't appear in context menu for text boxes in content on android r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
d0bbc12031dfb07d634b54160026b235dbc31716Makoto Kato — Bug 637538 - Use Droid Sans Japanese instead of Droid Sans. r=blassey a=blassey
459f9ea753a2a3149b152a5c7142137542b0b48dBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 635980. Change Nv3DVStreaming assert to warning. r=jmuizelaar, a=jmuizelaar
65c1d9309c578332074b200e4c4490f4e3b20705Matt Woodrow — Bug 637040 - Set the correct active texture unit for plugin layers. r=roc a=blocking2.0
e47efbba2fef05fe9e0d6e6bc2e7d6ae845b4ec7Ginn Chen — Bug 633895 /bin/sh: syntax error at line 4: `dirs=$' unexpected in services/sync r=rnewman a=mconnor
4ff62915a2b4856b7b92a87b419a4587d49a3e73Benoit Jacob — Bug 636906 - GFX blacklisting not affecting WebGL; r=joe a=hardblocker
41ce2958892a57845739f76bf6acbde432b9152aHenri Sivonen — Bug 636689 - Rename the HTML5 parser enablement pref and make it show in about:support. r+a=jst.
47e21ce142a6918da1cbb9cc8bf538f6e7c926deHenri Sivonen — Bug 627729 - Force the old HTML parser for documents whose host name ends with "". r=bzbarsky, a=blocking2.0-final.
cd1aa5bb0d1a0a116fc31be9fd4dac3fc1077c6bMounir Lamouri — Bug 637019 - Select element should fallback to ElementSH resolve hook. r=bzbarsky, a=blocker
55c573e5eb6c9dc2023b09501ca4feda9aac056cGavin Sharp — Back out bug 628179 (make navigation and tab switching always close the Find bar) to reduce risk. r=dao a=backout
262b38ced70e37d0c816e6e1e1c2dcc2152286aeBoris Zbarsky — Bug 634986. Don't act like we're redirecting if we don't have a channel. r=jst, a=blocker
ad545273888ca11aaa45362c61f02d58cdef0af2Brad Lassey — bug 636877 - Improve android restarts r=dougt a=2.0+
f787a45488268c0392e8e71b7c32b275115c96f9Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 636655 - Back out bug 582852 because of the performance regression it caused in creating large textnodes (while it was supposed to improve the performance); r,a=bzbarsky
7fbcd2458b9ee583fc13c07ca847e2a44ca0239cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 635420 - Clicking on content within Normal tab of Composer and stops switching to other tabs; r=ehsan a=bsmedberg
621e26f425427b029755ad03cc139373d743bc4dRaymond Lee — Bug 629514 - Use public domain headers for our tests [r=ian, a=test]
587ce1b7cfc67dae746a1d81d0df89b2e4f4f5b5Ms2ger — Bug 637184 - Missing newline at end of file in MacIOSurfaceImageOGL.h; r=mattwoodrow a=josh
a9c54c0e838169e9953de715b18afcb00777f0faJeff Muizelaar — Bug 506207 - Check the return value of fread to make sure the readed data is valid; r,a=joe
96b0a0ff62661af3b61f3c23454f40e5a585ccbbJennifer Boriss — Bug 635937 - "Your add-ons have been updated" text not readable on OSX because of color; r=dao a=beltzner
e70c07f8d9db512c194836c55c6781bc71251ec4David Dahl — Bug 637401 - [regression] Console message nodes do not have unique IDs anymore a=approval2.0 r=mossop
e2a82bfadc6778b96da4762c94a99dd06fb77c59David Dahl — Bug 636169 - Web Console notifications needed for customization via Addons a=approval2.0 r=mossop
0e4b5530151d4881b58cd2ba62821391492e6639Shawn Wilsher — Bug 635482 - Crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | AbortIfOffMainThreadIfCheckFast ] (was: [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P]) from nsCycleCollectingAutoRefCnt::decr with mozilla::storage::BindingParams::Release
a1d3010eff92e6f1e43ac123bc370aa183edb339Vivien Nicolas — Add start/end attributes support to StackFrame [r=enndeakin,a=blocking-fennec]
99420cb92ff7f1cd9b4b8bd84ea6498cf0474d07Vivien Nicolas — backout because of Fennec breakage
9aac1cc647940567c2fd2be5d0bad9d6ef6d489dBrad Lassey — bug 635814 - add shellName and shellVersion to nsSystemInfo r=dougt a=2.0+
4f2b60e7cd68448f27491feed55d52d271a9a2b2Mike Hommey — Bug 637243 - Avoid crashdump bustage by disabling elfhack by default for now. r=ted,a=blocking2.0
19160e387553b117dc7a95eff27a48d3f818cb5aDão Gottwald — Bug 633390 - Crop long link URLs in the middle instead of at the end. ui-r=faaborg r+a=gavin
1cb5acba0d4f86dd5accfcbb36e6d14f8ae8bfeaDão Gottwald — Bug 636849 - Focus outline on the popup notification menu button's dropmarker doesn't reflect actual focus. r=gavin
f7de2d1130962c176ef6dc3f82a014cc3af502b4Jonathan Kew — bug 636968 - check windows API calls for failure in InitDwriteBG. r=jdaggett a=roc
554fa6c29f0788b52ceead2f9012b0c623ad85f5Makoto Kato — Bug 633465 - Turn off bug 591836 workaround on Win64. r=khuey a=johnath
fc44e3ee260870625b9cd77685758b16b4db24edMasayuki Nakano — Bug 636131 iBus freezes when it retrieves surrounding text and if the caret is at end of line r=karlt, a=blocking2.0
d24f0712886d325ccb6cbd27cec3bd6725701493Jesse Ruderman — Bug 386690 - add crashtest. a=NPOTB
39340a271c3361615965f0664f0f34092a5a3a7fGervase Markham — Add .ua to IDN TLD whitelist. (Bug 621686) a2.0=beltzner
86e1ba3e495af15ee56dab0bc704694e61e309d0Gervase Markham — Add to PSL (public suffix list). (Bug 621707) a2.0=beltzner
4aa1a8bc87fd7c7b6a282a92823b341bfd72b998Gervase Markham — Add to PSL (public suffix list). (Bug 621707) a2.0=beltzner
619daccbbf7cc38b68f8a2271e8ffc4e71039da4Gervase Markham — Add .masr (Egypt) to IDN TLD whitelist. (Bug 624733) a2.0=beltzner
7f5bdbca660ebd3973db37d06fc08094d335e66bSerge Gautherie — Bug 636197 - [SeaMonkey] mochitests-5: test_bug625187.html fails since landing; (Av3a) Skip test_bug625187.html when tab modal prompts are not enabled.
35b6854b0159c6a2a462ac9db346a84c53456861Karl Tomlinson — test for bug 634556 a=test
279792a400ff39cb8460ab87b2727b908e711ec2Karl Tomlinson — b=634556 don't assume 16-bit text when wordStartsInsideLigature r+a=roc
78f7521c8e7fc77dbf47fbdbe89938d557c47e80Phil Ringnalda — Back out f9e075d85552 (Bug 635482) to investigate Mac tp4 regression, a=backout
b66fe2e433c9024b057b4ff9adb1e74cd47a80cbBrad Lassey — bug 635342 - The word "Loading" on startup is not translated into any languages r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
04e69fadcbcd75b37319193c34bc701c836b420bRobert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers.
41218b2d043a9b80014dd1f03e190389aca71453Robert Sayre — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
8323a963fd6c473e0890972d783775ae6f45a7e3Jeff Walden — Bug 636078 - Fix some typed array bugs. r=vlad, r=jorendorff
d2f6db22db10a530482854838e684235a00204d8David Mandelin — Allow -a to be passed with jitflags in jit-tests, NPOTB
4c3e3695b8e14350fd73d572047eef1fd8a4cff9David Mandelin — Fix MSVC warning.
f007657da01e8f06cdf27a84513735cfa8abd15eDavid Anderson — Fix (bug 635200, r=gal, a=blocking).
d5a3aff4f8145b37169bf3ef7ed30989dbd4dd7aDavid Mandelin — Bug 635252: Prevent name collision in XBL field 'popup', r=bz,neil, a=blocking
a5e1f6c87d91bedb8b3fc1ec59e37481bb32a164David Mandelin — Bug 625417: fix detection of ?-quantified groups for empty-match rule in regexes, r=dvander, a=blocking
5ff5318a9b04416ea1709c168c1ad6be924bd7e4Serge Gautherie — Bug 633725 - docload_wnd.xul (and nsRootAcc_wnd.xul) tries to load about:robots which is Firefox specific (atm); (Av1) s/about:robots/about:/g, Replace bug 586818 comment with an explicit todo().
79d8465de149cb3b8c6c6c20bb3b65e143fcc2f0Kyle Huey — Whitespace change in r+a=me
1df2e6e48609777f6cd3ae4654706ec728a02ed4Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 631659 - Push Firebug Test Runner to m-c. Patch 2.4. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
aca8013c8cff17c12a7859b6d00855d2b6648f34Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 631659 - Push Firebug Test Runner to m-c. Patch 2.3. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
a95e6e05435177ce307cd5c1e264b221ab8cd9b9Joel Maher — Bug 636641 remote reftest needs better logic for automatically building the remote manifest. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
e4b73866be7d4943dc2a53a8bbd6a4775445a4e2Joel Maher — Bug 636534 - support incremental log output from remote testing harnesses. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
151d55505c10300e89e4cca795d79597e1705e0fOlli Pettay — Backout Bug 632835 in order to fix Bug 632835, a=backout
8996d8d193487f547dd87f2f82ff80b71bdd84fcKyle Huey — Backing out automated blocklist update on this CLOSED TREE.
0ac8887f208a62ac2f0a1455417b79d61e11f370Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 622942 - Set the antialiasing flag on OpenGL layers with component alpha content.
9de437da1546a86b1e6f1d0f1871e401e03d0088Markus Stange — Bug 635675 (part 5) - OS X Add-ons Manager polish. r=dao a=beltzner
6eb09fa2d543252aaf7ec73677eda590d4d97172Markus Stange — Bug 635675 (part 4) - OS X Add-ons Manager polish. r=dao a=beltzner
3bf54ae3415f0d5aacc185f12bfcfdf000a38961Markus Stange — Bug 635675 (part 3) - OS X Add-ons Manager polish. r=dao a=beltzner
21ebc5dc59e0a6f16b0c88117e26254055e3da06Markus Stange — Bug 635675 (part 2) - OS X Add-ons Manager polish. r=dao a=beltzner
d35818ad449b20af714877cac271cc8f7ce84df6Markus Stange — Bug 635675 (part 1) - OS X Add-ons Manager polish. r=dao a=beltzner
7dc677aafff8af7ac1ca80efc17156e599a0ef70ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave15 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
d708c2fa7fea7b3d5517c3d3122dcdd6b7687ef8Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge services-central with mozilla-central. a=merge
f20f6ca6be78703dad7c22df9f274c4ede9885d1Richard Newman — Bug 387138: set livemark attribute on toolbar entries. r=mak a=dolske
a0cd97a4231526c1042da16f009c7c786f2be993Richard Newman — Bug 636828: check for aURI in nsINavBookmarkObserver handler. r=mak, a=johnath
d7961dc7e5f40bfd0896c8671898fa136cee4decPhilip Chee — Bug 636176 - Sync should not sync general.autoScroll. r=philikon a=beltzner
f4e546b1b4a0b53f822c680bb05ab3ed09ef65eePhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
0d03339c1895492720b6a0d563ed087b0de95c51Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636402 - Simplify Sync.js to avoid creating new objects. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
ca16a346d9e22ab15bd900a854cbae8df44f77e7Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636478 - Simplify Utils.deferGetSet. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
74e0d893630a2ed7d47b55e94719ad58b27a1036Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 636382 - Log4Moz: avoid unnecessary object creation. r=rnewman a=blocking-fennec
c600993a7b03e9152d6e6a97a05c22ca52ae6a73Richard Newman — Bug 634441: livemark robustness. r=philiKON, a=beltzner
9c54431cbc069b8719bfc96e03b55aa0d92241b7Richard Newman — Bug 632287: delete and recreate if a bookmark update changes type. r=philiKON, a=beltzner
89eb39f162536d042fffa65aa3534b99ddf553f1Richard Newman — Bug 636021: 'let' and tidying in ensureMPUnlocked. r=philiKON
2b4767713e826e4934c606be4d30dbb962aeff10Josh Matthews — Bug 636569 - Fix incorrect reference to this when crashes fail to submit. r=mossop a=2.0
5534fbe5e318ccc1c0d4bbb79e7ca231002fee3aJosh Matthews — Bug 631553 - Avoid caching frame scripts during xpcom shutdown. r=smaug a=johnath
f9e075d85552ca435ad89787ce473e9d8d3f269bShawn Wilsher — Bug 635482 - Crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | AbortIfOffMainThreadIfCheckFast ] (was: [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P]) from nsCycleCollectingAutoRefCnt::decr with mozilla::storage::BindingParams::Release
c60c4769c89afec0e8574008491335d496efaa7bRob Campbell — Bug 611795 - Repeated messages in the Web Console should be collapsed into one; f=mihai.sucan r=sdwilsh,dao a=beltzner
7da0462c13017e2c584147a8db3ca60456b138dcFelipe Gomes — Bug 636143. Window is not sized correctly after minizing and restoring when launched in fullscreen mode. r=jimm a=beltzner
e180004e766ee4fee1aac9ae302dc97dd565aa5bRobert Strong — Bug 636088 - Blocked LSP: Microsoft Proxy Client / Microsoft Firewall Client Service Provider. r=johnath, a=blocking2.0-final
e8facc64c88e8275ed2ed72a1000a01b8c5264d5Mark Finkle — Bug 635375 - Preferences > add-ons > get add-ons 'go to page' disabled [r=dtownsend a=dtownsend]
032e7061575a5bd050acd0a8f1e3408667e68fb1Luke Wagner — Bug 619565 - Fix activation object handling by InvokeSessionGuard (r=waldo,a=shaver)
7d2cd63fbce9063294d52bf6b71045c676df1157Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 635418 - TabShow & TabHide should cause saveStateDelayed [r=dietrich, a=dietrich]
5c15691031e57368df422759358057356404e11cMounir Lamouri — Bug 635008 (4/4) - More tests for required radio groups. r=bz a=tests
7702940cf12cb41c8a963bb78e74aa34264db1fdMounir Lamouri — Bug 635008 (3/4) - Keep track of the validity state of radio groups. r=bz a=hardblocker
f644c17d2120cb7469247298eed1cbe2d5cccdebMounir Lamouri — Bug 635008 (2/4) - Remove dead code. r=bz a=hardblocker
10fe279c3613e9ee92f4a4081df5440638de1a0bMounir Lamouri — Bug 635008 (1/4) - Keep track of the required state of radio groups. r=bz a=hardblocker
0f1f5cc97ed5ebf2ccacce9f81784ee28986e2aaRobert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers
06e88afd8bbf690b612e13c4ff854c599a0fe002Andreas Gal — Fix bug 635137 (r=luke, a=blocker).
95d1efa60347f3037e8006e20d264e1b00968188Andreas Gal — Fix bug 635137 (r=luke, a=blocker).
199117e5cbd5e31dd36d42ca7a3e75dabb7cc758Andreas Gal — Fix for Apple gcc 4.2 compiler bug triggered by bug 636364 (r=CLOSED TREE).
37771f3f22ea353396ac40de27f3a973af7741d2Brendan Eich — Pushing new test I forgot to hg add (636364 ; thanks to philor for reminder).
a4dedc663b686a77e3869c94bf0eff01ba8cd315David Anderson — Fix extra decref in rare IC path (bug 635968, r=dmandelin).
8aa277ade98df311e97a5bf0a28cbd65bcc2d1ebBrendan Eich — Further comment fussing (636364, r=me).
03c4b2e3d12d93e7e24d054b3a2fe399644f62e4Brendan Eich — Fix comment glitch in last push (636364, r=me).
6e2ee1f3f6c6899fa3d01b642913fff2b103f6b4Brendan Eich — Followup fixes and tests in wake of global |this| binding change (636364, r=luke/gal/dvander, thanks to Waldo for the newGlobal shell function).
d41da4931c345b0e793d7fa8f1d7c6a9ba4ea5e4Bill McCloskey — Bug 636219 - Reset interpreter's useMethodJIT flag upon entering/exiting a function (r=dvander,a=shaver)
c8128fa8a368cfe0da05fe33eab0b1f1293802e6Steve Fink — Bug 634648 - Mark tests that require to be run in debug mode
f84928566d5c255fab59465624511ab7dd2f75adMounir Lamouri — Backed out changeset d7ea5c7f6cb7 due to oranges.
d7ea5c7f6cb7a597a2b0206c243e46ec21b4dacfMounir Lamouri — Bug 633133 - Define in operator for HTMLCollections and <select>. r=jst
05a667873d4b8948eb1e40f562682f5fc6d6de39mrbkap — Fix bug 636097 (r=gal, a=blocker).
9d8a96a61d7161d454f5725108acf8ad1ce34eb8Gregor Wagner — Bug 636365 - Add separate GCTIMER interval for sweeping Shapes. NPOTB, (r=gal)
8101f728882a4007ebd902f1a0c91026d994bfa2kosver — Remove bogus assertion at jsdbgapi.cpp:781. Bug 635195, r=jorendorff, a=dmandelin.
107724086389ed7f683ccfc8b487c400549f45bdJason Orendorff — Remove unused global variable. rs=brendan, npotb.
cf3c73cbd883dd4df0642bcc21808f973ff577f2Bill McCloskey — Bug 606960 - Purge property cache even for eval scripts (r=brendan,a=beltzner)
725b8cce5c72d97e5a1ece4e53a0b3f2bb679e4abent mozilla — Only run CC after the GC has run at least once (bug 626768, r=gal).
b19abe19a212e2bb1dcb7b10988aaa94b3d8633fbrendan — Unqualified function invocation doesn't use the global object the property was gotten from as |this| (bug 634590, r=gal).
4586c38a6a6e196e15b86e3b8905798d6a3b4d26Bill McCloskey — Bug 635594 - Abort recording if closeLoop() fails (r=lw,a=dvander)
0c398bad4c9935f55fd29087b0f09630ecd5fae1Bill McCloskey — Bug 635873 - Fix shape marking during per-compartment GCs (r=gal,a=dmandelin)
a9a670d16a92b9dc69d1af894aa8b91d4f5c2c96Dão Gottwald — Bug 635761 - Remove blurry white text shadows on Windows. ui-r=boriss r=unfocused a=mossop
d7ef42d7782c1b0796b33836057334397c0bf598Matt Woodrow — Bug 636609 - Remove DEBUG_GL_ERROR_CHECK. r+a=joe
a5eccf9bebda5031c9c2031283f5df5303e92c19Andreas Gal — Fix bug 635137 (r=luke, a=blocker).
c2c9c3eb5c2c4414e20bd1ada65880b559913eccBlake Kaplan — Bug 633133 - Resolve ids and names in HTMLSelectElement. part 2/2. r=jst, a=blocker
6c27993ee8096e0c8ea9e5f6f1833ec45363b12fMounir Lamouri — Bug 633133 - Resolve ids and names in HTMLCollections. r=jst, a=blocker
30b87b9ea0cc18aa6f999b88850befde345e11afMark Finkle — Bug 636526 - AddonRepository should use XHR.mozBackgroundRequest [r=dtownsend a=dtownsend]
c6c296b5629cc71f687d2adf06e73e6d8075236fDavid Anderson — Fix extra decref in rare IC path (bug 635968, r=dmandelin, a=blocking).
2b2fc7d3a193591c1b75bc668e6e02bd808901c0John Daggett — Bug 630201. Don't use DirectWrite for pre-RTM versions of Windows 7. r=bas, a=joedrew
918a7ef8abb3becdadda2f454b8ef1652aacf669mrbkap — Fix bug 636097 (r=gal, a=blocker).
285a09f4cc4915fad29e71df0bb1ccd566c91238bent mozilla — Only run CC after the GC has run at least once (bug 626768, r=gal). a=blocker
8fdc73f3e1ea00eee9886a91063159f7f22c06ebMatt Woodrow — Bug 629857 - When invalidating transformed items, round the original area out to the nearest pixel. r=roc a=roc
87e29a9b00965b1e5d44fdfedb0749d7c692e3b6Benoit Jacob — Bug 636002 - better messages about attrib index validation - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
0406b7cc083e89a7ec3622fa122456f5e7a7bc01Benoit Jacob — Bug 636356 - WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLBuffer::ZeroDataIfElementArray] - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
4654c0c956b29ec71151ecd21b421a3f0438a928Benoit Jacob — Bug 635666 - part 3/3 - WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLContext::CopyTexSubImage2D] - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
d5de293a00d1b1e581712e43fb97f3a5ca451a30Benoit Jacob — Bug 635666 - part 2/3 - WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLContext::CopyTexSubImage2D] - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
f79c1f63133cc1b1b2ca9eff5c848889a0f439d1Benoit Jacob — Bug 635666 - part 1/3 - WebGL crash [@mozilla::WebGLContext::CopyTexSubImage2D] - r=jrmuizel, a=joe
a454b4dafe193deb6efb8cdbfb4e4b2267b6406eBenoit Jacob — Bug 619773 - WebGL: Crash with blue screen : "NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error" with ATI - r=jrmuizel, a=blocking2.0
cbf7a32b4782950fa653ac5a7ea92509e5c51c33Benoit Jacob — Bug 635401 - Segfault when checking name of graphics driver vendor - r=bas, a=joe
3ac1a2ffa751e396d3aaafc64086f899311cdb76Benoit Jacob — Bug 631420 - OS X WebGL crash with too-small attrib 0 + optimizations - r=vlad, a=blocking2.0
7bebe6a7dcd0a70a5aca4e2f91af9c518ca21c6eChris Jones — Bug 636093: Remove assertion that's no longer asserting what it was intended to. r=roc a=a
52fbf869c82db481f88b2c7ee3efb9fec23d0439Jesse Ruderman — Add bug number to comment. a=NPOTB DONTBUILD
bc901af701c9e8503d9d2ec93100ca96594da8efOlli Pettay — Bug 572129, restrict data transfer data handling, r=enn,bz, a=hardblocker
cd17f857b8c0901dd6493859edea91a1faf3286bDave Townsend — Bug 635115: Allow opting out of sending add-on information to the discovery pane without disabling automatic add-on updates. r=Unfocused, a=beltzner
4806e2c8554ea5070126480070badc31f6dd4a27Benjamin Smedberg — Tests for bug 634534 (destroy a stream while a part-request has been requested but OnStartRequest has not yet fired). Fixed test_pluginstream_seek_close.html so that the first iframe onload (for about:blank) is not used with the test. a=blocker-test
25e1f247b7c26b61216babadf2eed502a51875daBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 634534 - Firefox 4 (and probably earlier versions) crash when they make a byte-range request and then call NPN_DestroyStream while both the "main" request and the byte-range request are active. This affects Silverlight on mac, and almost certainly Acrobat on Windows.
7e47bbbebc289feba255747f047119ff169f1ea9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 632433 Fix for "An error occurred - attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope" r=IanN a=beltzner NPOTB
6da15ed37f3788c0a60d3be96b14d9bf210dd8daJoel Maher — Bug 636450 - add a --host-os option for remote testing scripts. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
0c11cf1fe59491bc67760b9729d94a1a48e79694Joel Maher — Bug 636451 - devicemanager should have the ability to terminate when it can't launch a second process. r=mcote, a=NPOTB
5509926d2efd996422d70d950463e83d83425359Doug Turner — backout of 74a64df4f758 a=build-bustage
66167f6ecccef47a89dfb126de9726aee1513da5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 635286. Fix dynamic handling of :not() inside :-moz-any(). r=dbaron, a=dbaron
a8e0f63f173fd735293564157a19487ca2006355Boris Zbarsky — Bug 635977. Make sure to always send OnStartRequest to our listener from nsIndexedToHTML. r=jduell, a=bsmedberg
de0e9f27b60862dccb91d2fe549470990d82fb3dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 636495. Make sure --enable-shark actually enables profiling. r=ted, a=gavin
9d7024419b46725b5cfb876fc136b13f63a1d4f6Doug Turner — Bug 636086 - build bustage when building with --disable-pango. r=karlt a=build-bustage
ad46dba4f7e6df02ad8aee1d344bd00f1922c871Doug Turner — Bug 632900 - Backing out disabling NetworkGeolocationProvider on Android. The built in one doesn't do everything ours can. r=me a=blocking-fennec
74a64df4f75829435858b4fc48b7c09f7394499cDoug Turner — Bug 633305 - about:memory should display memory reporters that live in the child process r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
f4d6657f343946882c4920867e47c39cc8a72f76Luke Wagner — Bug 635811 - prevent call objects from escaping on error paths (r=dvander,a=hardblocker)
6229fab0d2e6c90543b63f5cdf4b81302bbd4a11michal novotny — Bug 632835 - Firefox doesn't pass iframe test from bug 363109 correctly, r=smaug+bz, a=hardblocker
9833991d7abb7654e6163d11cdab3ec7c467ec2eMarco Bonardo — Bug 635475 - nsIdleServiceDaily contructor can cause pointer corruption.
376390e73d83b1c02ea9c5d621c692a7bb6af471Marco Bonardo — Bug 507172 - Request longer timeout in browser_ui_*_sidebar.js Places tests and sync bookmarks test with others.
f8e466a3765d3cc5405acd9de4dde46e2dfb7336Marco Bonardo — Bug 619920 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_download_embed_bookmarks.js
c3d0a9679a9464b4b6e7d4b4fd8032db33d237a9Marco Bonardo — Bug 619623 - Intermittent failure in test_IHistory.cpp | Wait for frecency.
cdf6300f80f5d813b680da566bd0d4acf981bce2Mats Palmgren — Bug 635405 - Zooming a windowless plugin frame can cause it to "bleed" outside its bounds. r+a=roc
0c182eff35de43c9c87752845d28058fa8c067bdRobert Strong — Bug 631092 - Large number of blocklist requestors making multiple requests per day affecting the ping for metrics. r=dtownsend, a=approval2.0
881f4ab63c318439f1e53364aee82e497709904aSerge Gautherie — Bug 632893 - Remove useless Cc/Ci/Cr/Cu/Components.*/Services.jsm from Firefox tests; (Dv1) /components/privatebrowsing/test/*.
b608e4660fdbd230f0126e409939de815b23e8a5Dão Gottwald — Bug 632941 - statuspanel's minimum width should be an em value and max width should be a percentage value. r+a=dolske
e4c1bf9e0a35b5b37ce227e7b1999f699340191dDão Gottwald — Bug 635608 - Clean up sizemode=normal & disablechrome styling for aero glass. r=fryn
3031a0f31d5caef68a260b78e974810e33e5f53fAzat Tymerkaev — Bug 610235 - Remove duplicated aero variants of passwordmgr icons. r=dao
1c9cd44cff88310a3303844476a9adea88c52fd8Mounir Lamouri — Tests for bug 628938; r=smaug a=test-only
8b140daba936efb5dba83ce26fb6d3baa09c9ce7Craig Topper — Bug 628938 - Treewalker not working properly in Mozilla Treewalker Demo; r=sicking,smaug a=jst
7b6be2af0613624f8984438dc5014d22f8b7370aPardal Freudenthal — Bug 631827 - Use CSS to set the "align" and "pack" attributes on Add-ons Manager to make easier for themes to handle items. r=Unfocused a=beltzner
7394613d075056f0861dd2ff9fbce9ba4b956a07Blair McBride — Bug 611559 - Backgrounds never have PERM_CAN_DISABLE, even when they can be disabled; r,a=Mossop
91f89c7d20868a2c74d90464d1b7871099ff2bc9Ehsan Akhgari — Fix the tree bustage; a=orange
317ab332736c7f96ce2869bb7e15029fc51eae45Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 636074 follow-up: move the assertion count adjustment because a test was added in between
8b1eceaf5c89662608ba2c2e2e1eb925eea3e573Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset 8f8f80356db4 (bug 636197) because it broke the test in question on all platforms
8f8f80356db4f707bfacf401925684a894fd2d59Serge Gautherie — Bug 636197 - [SeaMonkey] mochitests-5: test_bug625187.html fails since landing; (Av1) Skip this test when tab modal prompts are not enabled.
f80c9b6780827a69984e4cef2bd0bf112dfc655bKyle Huey — Bug 636107 - Part 2: Maintain better hygiene by not passing uninitialized pointer values around; r=ehsan a=blocking-final+
b482c81e9af8d33416e02ad9a4d89236d212c3fcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 636074 - Part 1: Forget the transaction pointer when creating transaction objects in order to pass it to the caller instead of swapping it with random values; r=roc a=blocking-final+
0de597a9766c229f357ffdce0b932df8f61f1171Brian Crowder — Bug 634555 - Do not fib in the child process about whether we have gotten mime info or not, r=blassey, sr=bz, a=blocking-fennec:2.0,blassey
1d56b96c92a591d7597120205649de9e10ffc799Matt Woodrow — Bug 634132 - Reset the current GL context after drawing thebes layers. r=joe a=blocking2.0
8476781d5d2527104cd5b77ae2ace174ae2b0183Benjamin Smedberg — Merge backout of bug 634534 due to test failures. a=backout
bfdd01eb2e9f4c8f945ceabf8bdc97ab32303664Benjamin Smedberg — Revert bug 634534 because of test failures (test_visibility.html timing out, and neverending.sjs data leaking into other plugin tests?)
a820f7f5e50ed95e24e7e29c355d97943e62fad8L. David Baron — Disable opening of new tabs when double-clicking on the tabbar when the tabbar is unified with the titlebar, on GTK. (Bug 635397) r=dao a2.0=beltzner
c011e21f29f891e9a233c6e0799dfd6974a769e5L. David Baron — Linux theme: make dragging the tabbar drag the window when the tabbar is unified with the titlebar. (Bug 635397) r=dao a2.0=beltzner
7fcebdaaea8276c2c8b0536a23c3dc9644e551d6Joel Maher — Bug 636154 - server.js limits custom ports to 31999, we should make this 64K. r=ted, a=test-only
c3cd62743efe75302c81ab141c60259a1a702931Joel Maher — Bug 632895 - Reftests on device cannot require 800x1000 window size. r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
8d295a60c458ce81f76b0187fef1f9474f164e3bJoel Maher — Bug 629266 - org.mozilla.fennec is left running after dm.updateApp(). r=ctalbert, a=NPOTB
c84daebe92d2f0bee48f7c4e6599f184bb80a782Joel Maher — Bug 634691 - update devicemanager to adjust screen resolution and fix unit tests. r=mcote, a=NPOTB
865a1e5b97a1eec4f72a8f3862296a590fa47375Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 634534 - Firefox 4 (and probably earlier versions) crash when they make a byte-range request and then call NPN_DestroyStream while both the "main" request and the byte-range request are active. This affects Silverlight on mac, and almost certainly Acrobat on Windows.
72cfb06dc8bc7b8155f55937ced06a5f5cac69deBenjamin Smedberg — Tests for bug 634534 (destroy a stream while a part-request has been requested but OnStartRequest has not yet fired)
41297d3b851183c20d4e2ff4741f8531dd8ec390Tim Taubert — Bug 635696 - restore focus after 'Undo Close Group' of last group [r=ian, a=beltzner]
aeace4a142e230c81acf741ce6d30a82795bace7Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 635733 - Weird transparency when dragging tabs out of groups [r=ian, ui=faaborg, a=beltzner]
7e2ebe8812428633b31174f31a1423e2d910e398Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 635728 - Favicon background must match group item background color [r=ian, ui=faaborg, a=beltzner]
9fad1f22f5566648e7f578076ddfc6930a7b9309Raymond Lee — Bug 633788 - "closing last tab" inconsistency between main browser window and panorama [r=ian, a=beltzner]
d6975e3ecb4e80d5b89800a2bc2dbefb5ed7ed46Tim Taubert — Bug 635668 - The zoom in animation doesn't work for new tab by group + button or double click on group or empty space [r=ian, a=beltzner]
f685908ac8f9f9431edeebe17e6d4cf5f5ae6b06Tim Taubert — Bug 635362 - Assertion fails when closing group item [r=ian, a=beltzner]
0f879ec8b3d29eff358fab2b3d5d390d9eb7f6daTim Taubert — Bug 635051 - revert experienced_first_use to experienced_first_run [r=ian, a=beltzner]
4e6809c053cdf1175bff043291f30d8e16c843beMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 635737 - Zoom animation frame is rotated when we zoom out of a non-top stacked tab [f=ttaubert, r=ian, a=beltzner]
27ab44a83e3e6a57564516f3d70c59815bcf562aPhilipp Wagner — Bug 634974 - JavaScript strict warning: chrome://browser/content/tabview.js, line 3274: anonymous function does not always return a value [r=ian, a=beltzner]
3c68f42b4682e87df86c30bdad984f53f6d7b926Oleg Romashin — Bug 636008 - [Maemo6] Fennec crashes on startup, with Xlib error. r=wolfiR a=npotb
5fad82bd457e10d63e4526c901a8c86264e61972Chris Jones — Bug 633462: Nuke this printf in release builds. r=bent a=a
fb28cc7c6bb0255ff6e7afa243b65d4b38b41820Chris Jones — Bug 631119: Don't let fake popup widgets interfere with IME state. r=roc a=a
20b7143e5a2723bc9a07003a1e0641c2e54488f5Chris Jones — Bug 624636, part 2: Allow reftests to disable layers-sync-before-snapshot, in order to test "natural" widget repainting. r=roc a=a
f96f8d9b0f63bdec968c795b6f6dd0c8ee4c926fChris Jones — Bug 624636, part 1: Allow reftests to override viewport+displayport. r=roc
004e15c38fa0292551157d9f02d2c8e026db8465Chris Jones — Bug 635014: Don't draw a checkerboard behind undefined <browser remote> content in sync mode. r=tn a=a
8dd9704f8d819f5c19a50e63c8ae47727e9665ceJeff Muizelaar — Bug 626678. Try to handle docking station device resets better. r=bas,a=b
6aaffde24c3b53cf621e09bd00b2451b9e1407cbPeter Annema — Remove duplicated code and restore NS_ADDREF() -> .forget() change, lost due to merge in 155d97b3f8c9. r=dwitte, a=beltzner
54d33cb3ebef39f815185dac11604340386cce7dJosh Aas — Bug 633941: Make opening files from the Finder work more reliably. Code written a while ago by Josh Aas, credit for this bug should really go to Peter Annema (jag) though. r=josh/jag a=josh
8a4f5201dc6a53bf9e81f813eabd32dcde91882cRob Campbell — Bug 632817 - Cannot filter search for NET events in the Web console; f=pwalton,mihai.sucan r=sdwilsh approval2.0=beltzner
5aa946c77f698416f4cf5713bbba27277fcd8d55Brad Lassey — bug 634555 - Caret is misplaced before the last typed in character when entering characters in input fields r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
056c9ea05c26bc99f2c2ede5713f44f80f0c09f5Brad Lassey — bug 624900 - '.com' portion of email address disappears when spanning to password field on r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
7dda35eab7fc665025a7b6c8ac67ac5fd8979aabPatrick McManus — Bug 635892 - HTTP/2.0 from SmarterTools Server. Fake it till you make it. a=hardblocker r=bz
88752f2b3088a6ac13e925912d8274971c81e60fJonathan Kew — bug 635768 - restore explicit font selection in gfxGDIFont::GetGlyphWidth to fix spacing issues when printing. r=roc a=blocker
3bf94b2e88336a0bef325dcda7fbde11d0f263dfMats Palmgren — Test for bug 635085 - Reconstruct any active formatting elements after auto closing a <nobr> in a nested <nobr> situation, per HTML spec. r=hsivonen, a=test-only.
494662b968c2e05967c635b395322c082348d857Mike Hommey — Bug 635966 - Avoid elfhack failure with llvm. r=khuey,a=shaver
4653a9f587612985c319b71f3f3b260af7aae66bMike Hommey — Bug 434592 - Enable url-classifier by default on xulrunner. r=bsmedberg,a=beltzner
f8279991d58f712441d13851c817065a3184de62Jonathan Kew — bug 635705 - reorder code in GetParameterInternal. r+a=bzbarsky
f011b244508d16c2a8e96ce0008225477896ba15Ginn Chen — Bug 607900 [startup-notification] Restore DESKTOP_STARTUP_ID if a restart is required r=benjamin sr=glandium a=beltzner
b8194445b36443828a319ee057195e854753706fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 630835. Make BuildLayer responsible for setting a visible region on the layer, and let FrameLayerBuilder only reduce it. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
8e377921a02387c1b2965f3bba40d2d496eacd07Robert O'Callahan — Bug 634844. Part 2: Don't create a new Image in BuildLayer if we already have one. r=cjones,a=blocking
3ce676745ec105d97652ad1d612bbd8e21bf8bb6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 634844. nsPluginInstanceOwner::IsUpToDate should not create an Image for the plugin. r=cjones,a=blocking
9ad79fc34fee1825e7ef6c11b29498030dd72b1fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 631388. Part 2: Don't let nsDisplayPlugin bounds depend on the ImageContainer's current image bounds, since that can change during display list processing. r=cjones,a=blocking
8b22f4933c311d788f1bd2f0d3f266d3b71e899eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 631388. Part 1: Add nsIPluginInstance::GetImageSize. r=cjones,a=blocking
d39a263d7f14335da94f8dedfebc5a0b937fdceeShawn Wilsher — Bug 632625 - xpcshell: intermittent "test_async_history_api.js | 2 == 3" or "0 == 3"; Be smart and wait for all background work to complete before moving to the next test.
67ee5b40edd529d9705b7fc2c19e566799f9b933ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 4.0b12 release. CLOSED TREE a=release
60d3dff2ab523182aaa9c41a70c0a13507161a34ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b12_BUILD1 for changeset d322a1c8537e. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12_2011022218_RELBRANCH
3c5ecd12a4d235694d24aea9b013f40185e8bcd8ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b12_RELEASE for changeset d322a1c8537e. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12_2011022218_RELBRANCH
d322a1c8537e6d61af69a336e3ea9a43632a030fffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 4.0b12 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12_2011022218_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0b12_BUILD1 FIREFOX_4_0b12_RELEASE
42e7f908897589d3d233b88ac239a096fc348f25Blake Kaplan — Fixing bug 623810.,, a=blocker. CLOSED TREE
afab01be11a899cf3caf7ffe73ca4f075e383395Axel Hecht — no bug, add zu to Firefox 4 Beta, ra=drivers, CLOSED TREE, DONTBUILD
0907c4ca12471120b0cc1780d330123332a76af0Robert Sayre — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. a=blockers. CLOSED TREE
a8926981d45261fcf234feb51f30f580bb644c51Steve Fink — Bug 635298 - Check return value of JS_ValueToString() (r=luke, a=gal)
711804514c8ef7e9065925a8080fbb60f84ba813Jason Orendorff — Bug 633890 - Assertion failure: prop == (JSProperty*) shape. r=brendan, a=jst.
767af66d704c57c900a44ed7db2dc9e8907f38beJason Orendorff — Add resolver built-in function to the JS shell. This is for testing. r=brendan in bug 458271, a=npotb.
4275e2d89d366d477913d0343cab5554f3157ff0Jason Orendorff — Silence MSVC warnings. no_r=me.
91cd576da2af137986be12d3d432d48ccdb0c716Jeff Walden — Back out af1e10bea0f4 from a CLOSED TREE for being orangetastic on one platform.
600fb260cffd2081ccea7426cad252b0492b3e38Jeff Walden — Back out a8574322a3ba from a CLOSED TREE, for its predecessor is orangetastic on one platform.
c89a89102e41a3b29bbd254f468c014204d2d421Jeff Walden — Improve E4X syntax error reporting. r=nnethercote, a=shaver. (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
a8574322a3ba779ed12a77272d68890fb19e7086Brendan Eich — Fix unqualified function invocation etc., part deux (635582, r=gal). (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
482d728659f7491f76e43dda100136790163771aAndreas Gal — When idle the GC holds on to unused chunks indefinitely (bug 631733, r=brendan, a=blocker). (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
af1e10bea0f47826772cb1a2450781c92d365596Andreas Gal — Unqualified function invocation doesn't use the global object the property was gotten from as |this| (bug 634590, r=brendan). (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
18ce1014fe2ca53746b5d38ba8356e7344d18085Jeff Walden — Bug 634444 - Back out for regressions (see the bug for their details). Either r=njn or r=me depending how you want to consider whose idea/plan it was (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
208ad12efa516a5dabaa830f43260215a8062a23David Anderson — Fix g-mail JIT crash (bug 635295, r=luke). (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
35ddad724c32c7771824267220eecc266b8bae9aOlli Pettay — Don't call GC or CC unexpectedly during shutdown (bug 635251, r/a=gal). (relanding in a CLOSED TREE)
92aa2e2f4c63a57b8ca252bbd09d765b4a8a094eJeff Walden — #jsapi observed the extent of orange in the TM tree and saw that OS X x86 opt was consistently and totally evil. So jwalden was sorry he had ever pushed changes for bug 631135. It broke his heart. And he said, “I will wipe this tree of every push back to 9105cd721d46. Yes, and I will revert the entire TM CLOSED TREE. I am sorry I ever pushed to it.” But 9105cd721d46 found favor with #jsapi.
335dbb9502e0240c2ffa30cce40f08343304a2feJeff Walden — Improve E4X syntax error reporting. r=nnethercote, a=shaver.
c307f596458f8f79c148911f9464e92a4b687f69Brendan Eich — Fix unqualified function invocation etc., part deux (635582, r=gal).
8ba032375d53eda14e67efd8e86aeef5309ec25dOlli Pettay — Don't call GC or CC unexpectedly during shutdown (bug 635251, r/a=gal).
f2fa1da62fe3ca7613c02a23d19e760abc2e1ac7Andreas Gal — When idle the GC holds on to unused chunks indefinitely (bug 631733, r=brendan, a=blocker).
3a7bba27f6c3e4253af081845586b1384f7db3d0Brendan Eich — Back out on orange (635548, r/a=shaver).
8c14f73ca5ae252dab05ac2aa2b0d2977342c687Jeff Walden — Backed out changeset 4d86e63ff60d, diagnostic patch; back out 3da12edf735e, followup fix; back out bug 631135 completely, unexplained intermittent orange.
1a8670f6d41ebbd75d2f986eb9dd3e552248d6eaBrendan Eich — Fix spurious "attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope" errors (635548, r/a=shaver).
4d86e63ff60d40f4c39a1c7d1d880b77d61f9565Jeff Walden — Diagnostic patch to debug intermittent assertion following bug 631135. r=debugging
4e085ba15d4c6bcd2020e6ba7cf3cda491bcc5ebAndreas Gal — Unqualified function invocation doesn't use the global object the property was gotten from as |this| (bug 634590, r=brendan).
3da12edf735eb7e76035bbf592f0603ad646410eJeff Walden — Followup fix for bug 631135 to use the right method to compute calling scope when calling evalInSandbox. r=mrbkap
3f71115041e81bef84d94f9550d55d8325f460e9Jeff Walden — Bug 634444 - Back out for regressions (see the bug for their details). Either r=njn or r=me depending how you want to consider whose idea/plan it was
39e3a00ea6e8c6622f658b984bb32f2117d0b19eDavid Anderson — Fix g-mail JIT crash (bug 635295, r=luke).
58eebd67ae57b016ccdc39ddbf697126d0294b34Jeff Walden — Bug 631135 - Objects created by or on behalf of fast natives and property ops (getters or setters) are parented to the wrong proto and global. r=lw,jst,mrbkap,bz, a=jst
9105cd721d46c12190db406a995987e17f52a39cOlli Pettay — Don't GC nsContentUtils::XPConnect on shutdown if it doesn't exist. r=gal a=blocking2.0:final+,hard
b0fd21292a781121d97938dfc935e52fd654bdc0Brendan Eich — Remove surprisingly-bogus assertion (634593, r=jorendorff).
627635529dbe021422c5eb99f560f81a2b979442David Anderson — Don't trace arguments in strict mode (bug 632924, r=njn).
0d4b01278890623d0919847432d2a103879d6525Nicholas Nethercote — Avoid assertion failures for bug 634444. r=me, a=blocking.
5f0a5b42ecc00a47b495cf31677a7b6e36f6e857Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 634855 (Memory leak with NoScript installed). r=bent, a=sicking.
2d44fc8340717826489efcad4a7b78bf0e7dbba7Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634444 - Errors in long lines cause memory spikes when a console is in use. r=brendan, a=blocking.
f73f073eca0c231eebe835408c437aa1de296843David Mandelin — Backed out changeset b0aa9c20ffe4 -- orange on tinderbox
b0aa9c20ffe476dbe6ee47d84b1dd072d4f4ef75Andreas Gal — Unqualified function invocation doesn't use the global object the property was gotten from as |this| (bug 634590, r=brendan).
902e844c46bdd1ddacbb6fe6029b171de7b88ea2Jeff Walden — Bug 633741 - Followup to fix an older test that expected non-standard behavior (which we don't quite implement, but it's not so important that it be fixed immediately now). r=orange
989687ae6fa3df9463e5d28283644b52130eb4baJeff Walden — Fix a JSBool-returning function to return false rather than NULL in one place, and use the func-to-pointer macro to avoid two further warnings. r+a=warning-fix
d3dd12467800cfa8735b31b0724875abde2fe9b2Jan de Mooij — Bug 633741 - Check result of defineProperty in js_InitFunctionAndObjectClasses. r=jwalden, a=dmandelin
19560901b9e764f99f15c0001a1fa59154009ea9Jeff Walden — Bug 621432 - Properly reconstruct the pcstack when decompiling for an exception thrown during script prolog execution. r=jorendorff, a=beltzner
dd971b2a61291d4708cdb9b88035c1bffb2d3064Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 632901 - TM: crash when assigning to function.arguments. r=dvander.
a4594bca8dd27b6cdbd77daae312980d547e418cJason Orendorff — Remove bogus assertions in the tracer and in ArrayCompPushImpl helper function. Bug 630377, r=brendan.
ceaf653b57d2ae19e74aa1b304292ae62b69f776Jason Orendorff — Bug 632612 - More thorough output from dumpObject debug-only function. r=Waldo, a=npotb.
88afdccd3ba6f404de469427675fe931610d6ab2Timothy Nikkel — Backout 273cb783edac (bug 627628) for causing bug 635465. a=backout
59beb0363569ebbce51350a82c82f2950c7e0773Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 565667 - 'Tools' > 'Add-ons' only works when browser window is in the foreground [r=dao, a=dietrich]
7e2360c48bbac8ad5fd846e9ae9684d6f429318fBrad Lassey — bug 634375 - kill plugin-container if it's in the way r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
a3f202325d27cdd88c66d82fa17b468ff6898eaeRob Campbell — Bug 632817 - Cannot filter search for NET events in the Web console; f=pwalton,mihai.sucan r=sdwilsh approval2.0=beltzner - merge a=#developers
a40e0f4b74d4aad16b49cec95418e901c1e8c010Rob Campbell — Bug 632817 - Cannot filter search for NET events in the Web console;
b6c2dbc631f731b3081069b49b6bd6a19aabc62eSerge Gautherie — Bug 632893 - Remove useless Cc/Ci/Cr/Cu/Services.jsm from Firefox tests; (Cv1) /components/places/tests/browser/.
c039f28137e58516284a44edc1468f9138614c65Jonathan Kew — bug 635451 - don't reject glyph index 31 in type-1 fonts. r=jdaggett a=joe
e949d8f936f99bd8f7d8c4cfd7e23c0fb1b58128Rob Campbell — Bug 632817 - Cannot filter search for NET events in the Web console; f=pwalton,mihai.sucan r=sdwilsh approval2.0=beltzner
d14d4de010c52143d0b8ea8dfa272135e6f57249Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 635546 - Calculate the string length correctly for REG_EXPAND_SZ values expanded through nsWindowsRegKey::ReadStringValue; r=bsmedberg,jimm a=blocking-betaN+
ad6b7107bbe695df27e53c36a3941998f76c1affBrad Lassey — bug 623136 - speed up font loading on android r=jdagget a=blocking-fennec
6e85cc1676c507b7871be58b00b9f13cf3218889Alexander Surkov — Bug 629358 - Baum Retec AG Cobra screen reader popup compatibility issue, r=davidb, f=marcoz, tnikkel, a=davidb
2b38350131d8889dd10c2aacb1c6433e95ce7f2aAlexander Surkov — Bug 630180 - ###!!! ASSERTION: No parent accessible where we're not direct child of window: 'xpParentAcc', file .../msaa/nsAccessibleWrap.cpp, r=davidb, a=davidb
a23d25fcc25d618b48a4fa7308cdc221c7d9d2b5Mihai Sucan — Bug 625187 - Alert origin is no longer shown for third-party iframes.
8be99120130a21cb2ebcbb1b6e4f89c48f713165Josh Matthews — Bug 620206 - Make nsFrameMessageManager::ReceiveMessage return consistent error values.
914d4d888c720a34dc5ab59e51df63da1e4576deRobert Longson — Bug 635442 - Crash [@ nsSVGComponentTransferFunctionElement::DidAnimateNumberList]
ac24aff2de9876785417be13c9ed4cd57ef92333Rafael Avila de Espindola — Bug 634745 - Fix ARM SIMD/NEON tests to work with LTO.
8ec967e7457b541e608e79275e2c0a382e0d67fdtimeless — Bug 620434 useless null check of result in nsXULTreeBuilder::ReplaceMatch
fcf0377b6a6153086b57aef45cf6298a5c9d217fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 635156 - typos in test svg files.
88204c53761b71d45c3163ad8ff712de52a484c3dolske — Bug 632833 - Crash [@ nsGlobalWindow::LeaveModalState(nsIDOMWindow*) ], r=smaug, a=jst
1da3405c74fdbec662409bb82f6f63401c6ecf6cMatt Woodrow — Bug 622585 - Add clipped transform reftest. r=roc a=shaver
8106f111b695cdaf06b6761d9bf92c4cf5722d5fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 635757 - Adjust the assertion count as a result of bug 633738; r=roc a=test
91f704d9bd95fa51a81b71844321c73551b9ab85Robert O'Callahan — Bug 634232. Call WillEndTransaction/DidEndTransaction notifications for FrameLayerBuilder's temporary layer managers. r=tnikkel a=hardblocker
102927bff6dea44a52ca35c3a1ed42a09f74e6f2Luke Wagner — Bug 635805 - Fix thinko in fix for bug 634542 (r=dvander,a=blocking-a-blocker)
2a947a76efcdb0fafc65f308a6e0b11038c2475eAlexander Surkov — Bug 452631 - enable setTextContents test, r=marcoz, a=test
478422d2a964b3d2fa8a2adb13905c556be131c3Alexander Surkov — Bug 635346 - allow relations for document accessible defined on document content, r=fer, a=davidb
e8627a71099c185c1142a98c1a4b96d03f8758f2Mats Palmgren — Bug 635085 - Reconstruct any active formatting elements after auto closing a <nobr> in a nested <nobr> situation, per HTML spec. r=hsivonen approval2.0=shaver
73d941bd2ef2f25caf04f7ab384b18b8dacb5d97Luke Wagner — Bug 634542 - Don't leave dangling call object when executing script with JS_ClearScope'd global (r=gal,a=hardblocker)
8fa0a465d15bd203350927bcac8a210a64930ac6Mats Palmgren — Bug 635636 - Don't return a value from void function. a=bustage
b63a30d564e0cfa9ee2e2233f98eeef78b6ff4e3Mats Palmgren — Bug 635636 - Crash [@ nsHTMLEditRules::DocumentModifiedWorker] with navigated-away designMode document; r,a=ehsan
3f4187103719cb3265343afdc9d0359cc9075119Timothy Nikkel — Bug 594596. Check the return value when creating a menu popup widget. r=roc a=roc
2ebeb6e9f036757e63d62707d8e057c57bf89372Luke Wagner — Bug 634542 - Back out diagnostic patches (r=dvander,a=backout)
a5f70c575b4ae14027324f6f57c7d59cd22dc203Olli Pettay — Bug 635434, dispatch to gKeyDownTarget using the right presshell, r=enn, f=masayuki, a=hardblocker
247891ec0f422bf2824f7978bd3d40b1612538cdDave Townsend — Bump feedback version, no bug. rs+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
cfa2a5ef17c3f3c564d7a76b366a13982c46e998Philipp Wagner — Bug 631657 - Bogus WARNING: Overflowed nscoord_MAX in conversion to nscoord; r=roc, a2.0=dbaron
7019dd8625a8e49013865d95450565de6897a8dfJacek Caban — Bug 635593 - Compilation failure in gfxWindowsPlatform.h during compilation without DWrite r=jfkthame a=joe
338a48d9f6033fa5a3e7ed38ed9210e048472462Jonathan Kew — bug 622507 - snap popup menu's view position to device pixels. r+a=roc
2ce0aeb5929caa71342cc26c55cb37aec0bae7f0Jonathan Kew — bug 622507 - allow a possible subpixel discrepancy at bottom/right of popup rect because we snap the top/left to a pixel boundary when positioning. r+a=roc, test-only
3db6693e136e2ae28e17b5e8f19d15b46305a128Simon Montagu — Don't create or delete frames when nsTextFrame::SetLength is called from bidi resolution. Bug 635329, r+a=roc
df4d35ffa99f3a787a2655fafe92aaf2311646a2Makoto Kato — Bug 621259 - USE -OPT:REF,ICF on Win64 PGO. r=ted a=beltzner
d30bc9781cfd23b7cd2dcb8720dd91863c098015Matthew Gregan — Bug 546700 - Recover gracefully from servers that send Accept-Ranges but don't. r=roc a=roc
b5a403b079d3b8c65d37e912de81b7f53c5c2e89Josh Aas — Bug 634814: Further limit Flash OOP logic (all of it) to i386 on Mac OS X. There is no case in which we'd want to hard-code running Flash in-process in a 64-bit browser. r=benwa a=josh
fe2375f12819ff47afd3ea8595077dc7f6f1ddb8Dão Gottwald — Bug 635534 - When entering tab candy with an overflowing tab bar and exiting it with not enough tabs to overflow, tab bar remains in overflowing mode. r=felipe a=b
62257785dc70999458dfb384a512d023b0476ef8Matthew Gregan — Bug 634787 - Fix frame wait calculation and early return from Wait(). r=cpearce a=roc
07b8187bdc68466f8f6496f7809cf120ca7813c2Matthew Gregan — Bug 633332 - Null check mElement in nsWaveDecoder::NotifyDownloadEnded. r=cpearce a=roc
be19d88330329f4fdddbfaa1e53f324ef81e0eefChris Pearce — Bug 627153 - Be less conservative when determining video readyState. r=kinetik a=roc
1863cc5e27a69274499c17e2eac0c888d6afcdfaOlli Pettay — Bug 635251 - Don't call GC or CC unexpectedly during shutdown, r=gal, a=gal
ab9118f27d179ffc65b685f78da2eeb0394f434fTimothy Nikkel — Bug 633762. Only bail early if we have an async scroll pending so the ScrollTo call can update mDestination. r=roc a=roc
a18bb9d573f4eb29f3b98a826483d2f9f54d88a2Kyle Huey — Bug 631421: Teach nsImageDocument to say the magic password to nsImageLoadingContent::RemoveObserver. r=jst a=b
3017b3459639e52e488b66b3cde4bc2570b37e33Tim Taubert — Bug 625320 - Move 'Tab Groups' to the 'list all tabs' menu [r=dolske, a=dolske]
28bf1def92065e9a6412a14b02eb08cfa9859656Jacek Caban — Bug 631513 - ots fails to compile on mingw r=jfkthame a=joe
aa28638dc457230f400f90a452eba32977a815e4Simon Montagu — Set correct output params. Bug 634257, r=emk, a=bsmedberg
e77f4eda0bad4081f5387acc1bc321b81ca2f4f4Brendan Eich — Back out on orange (635548, r/a=shaver).
12056f3beaf22a5ce2b23a171d61c02c7461ab65Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 635532 - Don't try to hide the editor anonymous UIs during the cycle collection unlink phase needlessly. r=roc,jst, a=blocker
4f8d5b10e4ef8046b35275c642ec9c72d5fa4552Brendan Eich — Fix spurious "attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope" errors (635548, r/a=shaver).
a633a0030ac6dce8c6e1f1f86a64c736c35166a1Mike Shaver — Backed out changeset 4d86e63ff60d, diagnostic patch; back out 3da12edf735e, followup fix; back out bug 631135 completely, unexplained intermittent orange. r=waldo, a=orange
6f544597b3305e781067a771b2f766c72501e6eeKyle Huey — Bug 633709: Actually commit the test. r+a=ehsan
5ba5ed2e239d2972e29bea25435ca85f47cf35f8Kyle Huey — Bug 633709: Convert bogus assert into a warning. r+a=ehsan
0a195cda5293e5a63fe958d0aa72b1ab81646ae4Kyle Huey — Bug 633709: Fix editor's handling of txn objects. r+a=ehsan
61ab16f6fa0b35e9bd2008f6f883067b8a1603d2Kyle Huey — Bug 633709: Test.
3e52c6d7f7283cc0921d19a74bf4867fdd8777d0Joe Drew — Bug 627656 - Rather than creating a new texture for the resizer every draw and then deleting it once we're done, create a texture once on our first draw, then hold on to it until our widget is deleted. r=jrmuizel,mattwoodrow a=jrmuizel
c22790bab37ac767d7bb098974443c9ed5c905a3Joe Drew — Bug 627656 - Move the implementation of DrawOver to nsChildView, because that's the widget on which we create our OpenGL view, and it's therefore easier to reason about texture lifetimes with that. r=jrmuizel,mattwoodrow a=jrmuizel
77e1fe783407e3af600bd794ed520ac35db0bccbMatt Woodrow — Bug 635302: fix flipping logic to handle both single-buffered and double-buffered cases correctly. r=joe, a=hardblocker.
36b58f89446d9c5a8fecd9ee8bc30aa6aabd2ffdJonathan Kew — bug 634762 - Don't call cairo_win32_scaled_font_select_font from SetupCairoFont, but from DCFromContext, and SaveDC/RestoreDC around it; fix usage of DC and font in Uniscribe/GDI shapers. r=roc a=blocking
61c6c43d9630a4496d65e03d0f83f24c231b70c5Mike Shaver — backout of 6bad6cd2dded due to failure of test it added (a=backout-orange)
4ae4b97f392bafd1fb8e7d6651f1c00da902db4dTim Taubert — Bug 604699 - Store thumbnails in the browser's image cache rather than in sessionstore [r=ian,sdwilsh, a=blocking2.0:final+]
97625b507157c24adef2f2ac31692c0a2a5bb718Josh Aas Bug 634387 - "[Mac] Firefox 4.0b12pre crash in mozilla::plugins::PPluginInstanceChild::FatalError [@ mozalloc_abort | NS_DebugBreak_P] opening a tab with Cmd-T while a Flash video has focus (youtube)" [r=smichaud, a=hardblocker]
afba7603a946119551165dae195e7f1be9f75799Ginn Chen — Bug 633457 - "Firefox hangs at startup" (r=bent, a=hardblocker)
6bad6cd2dded7db460b76377552e359d2a4eefb9Matt Woodrow — Bug 635302: fix flipping logic to handle both single-buffered and double-buffered cases correctly. r=joe, a=hardblocker.
806e75d1bc5836582df146a253dc86f781415683stefanh — Bug 635404 - Let a few more attributes inherit to the html input field in xpfe's autocomplete.xml. r=Neil, a=shaver over IRC (NPOTB).
4b0d51f06cda6ac94faa8ca1eb84b3c9137f5d4dChris Jones — Bug 635004: Notify the cairo backend that plugin surfaces have changed when swapping. r=Bas a=b
e4b9604fdba59053c877aaf9e5c93d12dd89dd27Chris Jones — Bug 635191: If the object frame has gone away, there's no way to determine IsUpToDate(), so just dispatch the paint-finished event. r=roc a=b
51b61720bc3507de21b1408ffd8dfeb15514d3a0Marco Bonardo — Bug 626341 - Fix bogus bookmarks position values with PlacesDBUtils.
966e0dacbdb861732a7deb40b615c0b9f8537058Olli Pettay — Bug 635227 - crash [@ nsJSContext::CycleCollectNow], r=gal, a=hb
ede573242c362bc01b63bbd2a929a672f1173427Mark Banner — Bustage fix for non-IPC builds from bug 634819. Add a required windows.h include. r+a=bustage-fix
657c2a92ee2be94a442f9efb5894eb44f68616afDaniel Holbert — Bug 596765, followup 2: Bail out of nsObjectLoadingContent::LoadObject for SVG-as-an-image documents (and re-enable reftest). r+a=roc
5dd4f10fb1fdac79319254e66c36cf652861b068Luke Wagner — Luke Wagner – Bug 634542 - Temporary diagnostic patch 2 (r=dvander,a=shaver)
9d6f665f7f845e3b21ded0516105eded6b0df8cdJeff Walden — Followup fix for bug 631135 to use the right method to compute calling scope when calling evalInSandbox. r=mrbkap, a=reported-extension-bustage
70f2033fac3673c713549af22047b40317601781Bas Schouten — Bug 635275: Only update portions within scaled texture bounds. r=roc a=blocking-betan
7a99ba70cd6363e5880c18f14533270d2bcc7b6fBas Schouten — Bug 603793: Switch off drop shadows under some conditions. r=roc a=blocking-final
b0bf06306261f118bf660c1c3538746c5b071353Jeff Walden — Bug 631135 - Objects created by or on behalf of fast natives and property ops (getters or setters) are parented to the wrong proto and global. r=lw,jst,mrbkap,bz, a=jst
49c49bcf67bd99cc11dde62246c9154f83d6d17bDavid Anderson — Fix gmail JIT crash (bug 635295, r=luke, a=blocking).
328483e1b820019df619c0f22f570ae3901d1fe5Josh Aas — Bug 633433: Limit plugin loading to Flash when we're trying to clear private data, but also clear anything else that happens to be open already. r=dwitte r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0final+
b5fdead607d4f54b8de872e6cbbbc9fb53249444Justin Lebar — Bug 634834 - Throw an error if JSON stringification during history.push/replaceState navigates the page. r=bz, a=blocking
ffca7d5d2810fc0842a50f45c078b2458717ba0fDave Townsend — Bug 604697: Shared GUID between survey and study won't work if survey submitted before study starts. r+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
ce20375693197918bba1e364e7c653f46b6d5ba0Jono S Xia — Bug 578209: Add capability to send study to random subset of Test Pilot users. r+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
689f55593c70c8a895d731bc931cd82166e239deEhsan Akhgari — a=me for backouts
f523472a47e695ca0484cd089c6c7f116ee35a63Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset 8c2aa133200a (bug 625465) because of test failures
542c70cfaf4734a083371be4997badce1920f3f3Ehsan Akhgari — Backout changeset f4d707ab6c43 (bug 631827) because I need to backout changeset 8c2aa133200a...
990a62f9f3cee58d044bf920402d5b37d691b6e0Felipe Gomes — Bug 626016. Prevent QuickTime plugin from stealing focus when it's hidden due to SetWindow call. r=bsmedberg a=blocking-final
04527f9407f96d0a07074b56b260eeea9dde636cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 634819 - Use the nsIWindowsRegKey APIs instead of direct Win32 API calls; r=josh,jimm a=shaver
8e79ca5d33fe128eb4eb004ac01fe88c88827575Rich Walsh — Bug 621818 - [OS/2] implement GenerateRandomBytes(); r=sdwilsh a=beltzner
f4d707ab6c43869a782aa1c8985a6a24e743da42Pardal Freudenthal — Bug 631827 - Use CSS to set the "align" and "pack" attributes on Add-ons Manager to make easier for themes to handle items. r=Unfocused a=beltzner
447f9ec41036b53d280e9f577ad867af0e05b24aBlair McBride — Bug 630120 - Change discoverURL to /%LOCALE%/%APP%/discovery/pane/%VERSION%/%OS% r=dtownsend, a=dtownsend
8c2aa133200aaa0fc7c312e5631f49da08bc9b60Blair McBride — Bug 625465 - Items in list view should launch description view with a single click on an add-on entry. r=dtownsend, a=beltzner
a63e2fb788992138dfd919574a96513c8745cc96Tim Taubert — Bug 634085 - Stacks do not show last-visited tab in the front for children after number 6 [r=ian, a=beltzner]
400b242a925bdbf186db0137f217e7953347564dRaymond Lee — Bug 624936 - Cannot close tab group if it has certain size because 'rename' field pops up and overlays close button [r=ian, a=beltzner]
56037752ef55282a29bb8a54578433fa19110766Tim Taubert — Bug 634558 - Hidden tabs flicker when dragging tabs out of a stacked group [r=ian, a=beltzner]
5872649c4e86a32410e56194dcfe8956ecaffdbcMihai Sucan — Bug 621644 - $ is shadowed in web console; f=rcampbell r=dolske approval2.0=dolske
c5d9189cdf218631a6de93032b8c4fe5271e0279Margaret Leibovic — Bug 633827 - [de] The settings button in the FF button menu is to small for the german entry "Einstellungen" [r=dao, a=gavin]
76bf08d096b9cda04c84a336a4853a781f849834Dão Gottwald — Bug 633524 - When maximising window with scroll buttons visible, they remain in tab bar (aero glass only). r=fryn a=gavin
4d19c1a15f6935b7baa1a2f5f37953979ed91655Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 620789 - Intermittent failure in browser_bug581253.js. Fix an edge case where bookmark is added during onload.
93e44413d0e1e809bce5e03a36d47fb9c60f638fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 634833 - Unused variables in PU_asyncGetBookmarkIds.
b1ef0685b2e0a6f090612d32c6ae73cdc6e4e36dHenri Sivonen — Bug 634262 - Correct assertions in nsHtml5StreamParser::WriteStreamBytes. r=smontagu, a=beltzner.
4b11eb3c12a05fe455ba3b199cd22b2a7ebb8c24Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 633738 ( bloats out of control (part 3)) - mark some known assertions caused by bug 439258. r=bz, a=jst.
5b5246f1e287cc37d3dab537edd4c5741baaf1d1Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 633738 ( bloats out of control (part 3)) - keep editor alive when navigating back. r=bz, a=jst.
9bac5cfcf7f203cd29a9c732bc3a2a14ea1999eePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 633738 ( bloats out of control (part 3)) - make nsHTMLEditor participate in CC, clear editor from SHistory if we're not storing anything else. r=jst, a=jst.
e95166704b63796ae3c014444811fe26c9d746caJonathan Kew — Backed out changeset 26c7b580d5a2 (bug 622507) due to orange. a=backout
26c7b580d5a2a19becc58022a2a9ae6976c94e88Jonathan Kew — bug 622507 - snap popup position to device pixels, to avoid Bookmark menu size getting stuck. r+a=roc
011e2812506226f2725c3a95c2a40267779878d3Jonathan Kew — bug 631035 - tests for changing tab width. r=roc a=test
df69f380b7278d846cd64e8f56df2fe85024ebacJonathan Kew — bug 631035 part 2 - optimize storage of tab widths. r+a=roc
7aa1f8091ae9a84680385abb272705ec1419361ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 634865 (Non libxul build bustage: undefined reference to xpc_UnmarkGrayObjectRecursive). r+a=jst
96dddc42612a28fc5a3166c4f1549088129705f6Pascal Chevrel — Bug 630604 - search addons field too narrow to display the placeholder text for most locales. r+a=mossop
1eed87fac9ce3535571e58afbc49f21d9399f206Daniel Holbert — Bug 596765 followup: Disable plugin in svg-as-image test, since it's apparently unreliable (orange on linux64) and might not be testing correctly. a=orange
911ef52fbc4978c48bbec5c8e8d1afe08e7d18a7Daniel Holbert — Bug 596765 followup: Disable plugin instantiation in SVG-as-an-image. r+a=roc
c1b04cd37871947ae22f598e4c9fc8c1c1fef5ffLuke Wagner — Bug 634542 - Temporary diagnosis patch (r=dmandelin,a=shaver)
9eea65b8b98ea29cf163a3c2e39bbd427ed600b9Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge places with mozilla-central. a=merge
393de498864f0bb5221cd0a6fe2cd5e5a3acc4c2Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633681 - Clean up and remove no longer used code. r+a=mconnor
5cc8a9310cde214396b30eaf7e95356e4e099df1Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633681 - Sync doesn't init all-tabs dropdown menu for new windows. r+a=mconnor
e4731ce9398894035daa4dd47fc120d4f5193da4Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync
51ac1d179a84bbbd77dea8576e85fafa90191842Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 633681 - Add a Status.ready flag that indicates whether Sync has started up. r+a=mconnor
90162df434dfb36dac25fb4000e17f3848a5da85Marco Bonardo — Bug 634401 - Use nsINavBookmarksService::moveItem rather than setItemIndex in Sync. r=philikon a=beltzner
9763667dfc4a668d6c0be3cb481a4eff0cd73ef6Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 634855 (Memory leak with NoScript installed). r=bent, a=sicking.
49440149f6a8d9a515c34db982787e9f2c237474ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave20 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
58cfb5629c44cdb4a83d16a5d82898d3becd335cDaniel Holbert — Bug 596765, patch 4: reftests for this bug. r+a=roc
762e8424548c9940984797f2c1887d358d27a6adDaniel Holbert — Bug 596765, patch 3: Skip chunk of nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame that's intended for root frames but gets triggered for foreignObjects in SVG-as-an-image. r+a=roc
680f69bed54ddb46e3895815a361e13e17730876Daniel Holbert — Bug 596765, patch 2: In nsSVGForeignObjectFrame::MaybeReflowFromOuterSVGFrame, don't mark kid as dirty if we know we're not going to reflow it. r+a=roc
7754be6aecc96d529c4d37593244f93b8eb77367Daniel Holbert — Bug 596765, patch 1: Don't skip initial reflow for zero-sized svg foreignObject frames. r+a=roc
65d2c29fe1b5a1b17d90fcb8f8b9c011f82bc0deChris Leary — CLOSED TREE: TraceMonkey merge head. (a=blockers)
3935be0d1062dae863be23806105941147f4da4eChris Leary — Merge.
73e4118aecdb49040b60b81d8fa18348983ec4cfChris Leary — Merge.
fc47dcefc1d01e7510bfea45dbb518026bd36d84Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (a=blockers)
1491ae1877c68765657f23728c28ca34e1335634Chris Leary — Merge new tracemonkey head.
41d1950c22a213c38a8056ecdb78d7eb59aabe7eIgor Bukanov — backout merge, bug 633219
c91eb9df95a996774192ff8a91dc370d1466b9fbIgor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 510c42c0d472 - bug 633219
ce54ab33686b5625404b557c2c133cda7a11908fIgor Bukanov — Backed out changeset 21a0297335d6, bug 633219
21a0297335d6836b1c24f0276f262bb50c850a24Jason Orendorff — Trivial fix for non-threadsafe builds of the JS shell, broken by rev 510c42c0d472. no_r=me, a=npotb.
510c42c0d472e69d245b980173ae3209a0f0339bIgor Bukanov — Bug 633219 - replacing per context resolving list with per-thread resolving list. r=lw
a2b20c2d773e612b0958e0d7d1662e9f910ca53eChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
641d4c7e217bddfbc030a9b6637d065f083e0ad3David Anderson — Don't permanently disable native call ICs on GC (bug 632729, r=dmandelin).
d0c8f25fe4f5bf52fe6c6325751430dde736ccd9David Anderson — Fix not bumping the commit with large scripts (bug 634629, r=luke).
90be6dccf2c6d5c4fefedcc2963d7e9eefd15594Brendan Eich — Method read barrier requried when changing attributes but not value (634210, r=jorendorff).
123057f166777bd10e24f5dc7108c778141c6fc5Andreas Gal — Fix GC/CC scheduling (bug 630932, patch by gal/smaug, r=mrbkap).
d7a8d64336ba015136f27e44f3dbaeaa070f755bChris Leary — Merge backout head.
36d2d943f4d78b00ef00108f121db61e04897d23Chris Leary — Backed out changeset 62a979cc89a2 due to risk (bug 614155).
14dda9fd96862cb20173bf2e346ab575926499b8Ben Turner — Bug 614347 - 'XPConnect-wrapped JSObjects must clear their gray bit when they are handed out'. r=peterv+gal, a=blocking.
34c05b9c0079571c3e15bfaede1e6c5b58d5ada3David Anderson — Test for getters in the tracer GETELEM IC (bug 633752, r=cdleary).
bddea4962013c02ecb95bcbb3cb004b811e90f24Chris Leary — Bug 632964: display RE-limit error properly. (r=dmandelin)
62a979cc89a2115466c9f1f5df91c9948c6dae14Chris Leary — Bug 614155: free memory for source cache on GC. (r=lw)
951f34044122ae7167be34beab926590337fc657Andreas Gal — Xray wrappers don't cache resolved native properties on the holder object (bug 633382, r=mrbkap/jst, a=blocker).
5e18294f6a9b294d93df1330f5211b9a80b47006Bill McCloskey — Bug 634436 - Fix bogus profiler assertion in tracer (r=gal)
a17596187c713ef8c249a68bbdbb4410c59667a6Steve Fink — Bug 632343 - Run debug tests under -d since debug mode is now asynchronous (r=luke)
af9658ce7993e7808024de395f5f40a84b8a1c5fSteve Fink — Bug 632343 - Fix live script check, do not recompile when turning off debugging (r=luke)
b7066265d596ea431d03ac2bbf50ad5820dcef40Brendan Eich — Warning fixes (630865, r=jorendorff).
b84a3c09482d1245b0220d3d4164a5124f3566cfBill McCloskey — Bug 633929 - Fix --disable-methodjit (r=dvander)
039b9f95368f6fafaddd70e754f7ad8a5cdbf3d8Doug Turner — Bug 634734 - Fennec ASSERTION: mFUnitsConvFactor not valid: mFUnitsConvFactor > 0.0f [r=karlt a-2.0=pavlov] Whitespace followup. DONTBUILD
9eacc33dd8f2ef8671c74478324864adad9aa63eDoug Turner Bug 634734 - "Fennec ASSERTION: mFUnitsConvFactor not valid: 'mFUnitsConvFactor > 0.0f" [r=karlt a-2.0=pavlov]
ebc51d671b3983eb28412d4b81e3f1ab96e00191Serge Gautherie — Bug 632893 - Remove useless Cc/Ci/Cr/Cu/Services.jsm from Firefox tests; (Bv1) /components/sessionstore/test/browser/.
63bdd49bd8bd924dd0e9f1368a08050de10254e7Matt Woodrow — Bug 634366 - Remove broken CreateForNativePixmapSurface usage from CairoImageOGL. r=joe a=blocking2.0
c9e4457b68ebffe067943fb87a2ee4f92c98ebc3Matt Woodrow — Backed out changeset 0d91127645a1 - Pushed wrong patch
0d91127645a14a4b58617b95684773fdd5d0e156Matt Woodrow — Bug 634366 - Remove broken CreateForNativePixmapSurface usage from CairoImageOGL. r=joe a=blocking2.0
03016b7831d85ede12b44595828b49ed8b9043bbMatt Woodrow — Bug 634784 - Fix scaling being applied twice on component alpha surfaces. r=joe a=blocking2.0
155f765cad6f2599de38e33478b8eb4b071af09eMichael Wu — Bug 634752 - Always drop jsPrincipals before returning from LoadSubScript, r+a=jst
cd63bb369f1c429b0e83a8ed35c2c68acc6d5e74Jono S Xia — Bug 613219: Test pilot notification is transparent because of a missing file. r=dtownsend, a=dtownsend, DONTBUILD
792bb2cb1cb1947bdcffa9ce99065e75f33ff79bJim Mathies — Bug 628949 - Update visible region / glass regions after we paint. r=roc a=2.0.
3a1bdbbca259149b682d270a0a363e172756c195Anthony Ricaud — Bug 633847 - White-on-yellow close button is hard to see (missing-plugin infobar). r=dao a=beltzner
06e5c81524e9744145a6bed7197625ecb6214b7dJonas Sicking — Bug 634435: Add a property to expose the current pushState-state. r=jlebar a=beltzner
2f08f950bffe469a93098ed52a46539c8609d89aDão Gottwald — Bug 634708 - nav bar needs more horizontal padding in large icons mode. r=shorlander a=beltzner
ed3437b7c12b26ef4645501c2ffd5a22a2afb0f1Dão Gottwald — Bug 580970 - Style the tab bar like the menu bar for tabs on top. r=ventron
eb8deade928bd8c1ed2eb1ddb003c877d02a7819ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_RELEASE for changeset 8a91ff54417a. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
0b40d535e53addf8724c36cfa717183e19641ae7ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD3 for changeset 8a91ff54417a. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
8812253737ce2d69b356e278a95630e024a72775Ms2ger — Bug 615501 - Followup to fix assertion; r+a=sicking
eaeb8e7441c8cca282c0c22ce3648d2aec352b97Wes Johnston — backout logging for bug 634532 a=cleanup-test, DONTBUILD
c82fc8c5c438ce3065a7235c00254130f43fd4a8Serge Gautherie — Bug 634626 - test_bug366682 failures because spellchecking is disabled; (Bv1) s/CR+LF/LF/g, Remove ending whitespaces.
4ff3881cac8c669abde6a5100e5a75d6dc81671fRobert Strong — Bug 633728 - After an update, the Firefox desktop shorcut is moved to the top left corner from a user set custom position; r=jmathies a=blocking-betaN
1249116e394c3712fd0ecf5e4376948eb005b29fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 614966 - Blocklist all versions of vksaver.dll up to because of crashes caused by it; r=bsmedberg a=dbaron
8a91ff54417a7198861f3942cc339a816704246aDoug Turner — Bug 631058 - Backing out changesets 0d43e33ce134 and 60d7b8a4c275. r=wes, a=backout-scary-stuff GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD3 FENNEC_4_0b5_RELEASE
b99674516b458e19dd1652b56cc95b9013b46109Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 626998: Better cleanup when browser_bug553455.js fails. r=dtownsend, a=tests
ca8863ba339b3d3171300af6a0287cf49bf4569bDave Townsend — Bug 634680: Fix intermittent failure in browser_bug553455.js test_check_security. r=gavin, a=tests
79bbb1de25774e00508917b672d36dda3c5ebdb2Dave Townsend — Bug 623242: Fix test_localfile to wait for failure rather than popup. r=gavin, a=tests
be20deb20fd7ad96dac3ec45bddf11442e325852Dave Townsend — Bug 623242: Wait for notifications to close before proceeding. r=gavin, a=tests
e66fc103a55eb1781c529302fd494f11cc42df28Olli Pettay — Bug 634916 - Crash on shutdown [@ nsCycleCollector_collect] in DEBUG_CC code, r=peterv, a=NPOTB
7f8e4c2ca53f2c51b26226f9153f52123e9120faJosh Aas — Bug 633463: Never scan old XPCOM/OJI Java plugin directory. r=jmathies a=blocking2.0betaN+
1c61363cc39ff56bc72b7f59286291ea7b1d45eeDoug Turner — Bug 631058 - Backing out changesets 0d43e33ce134 and 60d7b8a4c275. r=wes, a=backout-scary-stuff
299667917db622522909e13718df9fb2c17157ceMarco Bonardo — merge backout a=orange
a96f4d673e66254b66921ef8c4ad76b33f374368Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 753b5de51ba1 due to not explainable crash in ts_places_generated_max
7a9b17cca93d5969169664e220842dd7f4a2fa2bMats Palmgren — Bug 633164 - Zoomed ogg video renders at the wrong size until I move the mouse. r+a=roc
3164addbc63146467523db70efbbd097388bd99aAxel Hecht — bug 631959, add zulu to the firefox build, ra=drivers, CLOSED TREE
6e3e92057d43fb843e3acb23c058c08dcbb11cddMarco Bonardo — merge backout a=bustage on CLOSED TREE but releng approves backout push
fbb6c03b8cbc29340a8f05730e6a35c21180f510Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 6b3353ea6228 due to permaorange
b4f2c723731d0d1925822e1738fe167a17d84824mattm — Bug 584922, leak of unicodePw SECITEM in nsPKCS12Blob::ExportToFile and nsPKCS12Blob::ImportFromFileHelper, r=kaie, a=beltzner
79eacfd734ea177432eba90c6ae16527254925a0Kai Engert — Bug 614852, Enable multiple roots from NSS 3.12.9 for EV. (Nov/Dec 2010 batch), r=honzab.moz, a=johnath
58123a02d149b8a16d973d357eacfc29ced49546Adam — Bug 627207 - "Text" cursor instead of "Move" in the top of tab group r=ian, a=beltzner
8bad52b42fc17ad38c326208427dbc47728d3038Tim Taubert — Bug 634158 - The resizer is displayed in the wrong position on orphan tabs [r=ian, a=beltzner]
6b3353ea6228acf77b8bf27940dd1d0933d938f1Blair McBride — Bug 625465 - Items in list view should launch description view with a single click on an add-on entry. r=dtownsend, a=beltzner
49ad4f49bfbf2bd0366485659315a12875d3f2b7Christopher Aillon — Bug 629833 - Remove the toolkit.networkmanager.disabled pref
51a4f02d76941ce86dd6690f2ea112700b0fdb51Blair McBride — Bug 631059 - Creating a FunctionType pointer instance from a JS function can fail. r=dwitte a=bsmedberg
fc4b2389e865065fdbd9b6f8ac6dc79b42e63787Shawn Wilsher — Bug 629539 - test that proper visit notifications are dispatched (test_async_history_api.js)
753b5de51ba1737b43417a0010a033cb31d80007Marco Bonardo — Bug 626341 - Fix bogus bookmarks position values with PlacesDBUtils.
f817115c1cc97c727092e13f61d6dc2452b26a19Mounir Lamouri — Bug 634616 - Fix build bustage when --disable-ipc. r=romaxa a=NPOTB
dc1e5032ed96fd61b510d17fe3ecea9aea691be7Olli Pettay — Bug 634291, use faster inline method for global object check, r=bz, a=beltzner
2042b8f9756d7956809393df7a0a2865f4067582Justin Lebar — Bug 615501 - Make push/replaceState suppress the popstate-after-load event; r=sicking a=jst
4b9e814fe3ab49bec23e2838363af71b320265bcTim Taubert — Bug 626791 - Add the Panorama button to the toolbar automatically after the user has used Panorama for the first time. r=dao a=beltzner
311b7d07893dddc88b06c6b66c1f5b0003a9541eHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 633861 - Re-enable browser_overflowScroll.js test on linux. r=dao
6387a9f398f42cb1a68aeda318444b867528c314Dão Gottwald — Bug 624292 - Don't completely override titlebar backgrounds (missing gradient when Firefox is maximized). r=felipe a=beltzner
19731df33d98b9b8fa12820f344eb4c80278cdf5Blake Kaplan — Bug 629227 - ObjectIsNativeWrapper lies for document.domain. a=blocker
88799325812a992eea20a020dffdc58ef3b4efb4Andreas Gal — Fix GC/CC scheduling (bug 630932, patch by gal/smaug, r=mrbkap). a=blocker
0ae820da6e20891445ed0993056e86be19c0f840Matt Woodrow — Bug 634521 - Let mac plugins trigger empty transactions. r=roc a=roc
e867ecc61368071c46fa63911fe8597bd6384620Sean Dunn — Bug 628701 - Panorama doesn't render thumbnails for many tabs [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
6de5f3245650296d3958ec17521a7190aa7f16e0Alexander Surkov — Bug 629912, part3 - don't flush layout in a11y, r=davidb, a=betaN
324ab4cc401b505e47d7ea99da91f8436995027fKarl Tomlinson — b=624425 Initialize gtk2drawing before using moz_gtk_get_scrollbar_widget() for eMetric_ScrollArrowStyle r+a=roc
48ef0691b70ce62f9bbf2e73e67831f8f03c8bb5Karl Tomlinson — b=407633 ensure to remove widget grabs from CaptureRollupEvents even when a drag has since started r=kinetik a=roc
1f49cd65c2449a2f6fdc061529eb75889d431caeKarl Tomlinson — b=545429 remove unused GrabKeyboard and related r=roc a=dietrich
d41d5082e0e3cf14ac73cf4d6bee84796f5f486eHiroyuki Ikezoe — b=545429 remove problematic GrabKeyboard from CaptureRollupEvents r=karlt a=dietrich
3cc3be69720d94c22086d8ea7b9c70dea27a9da8Mark Banner — Bustage fix for the bustage fix for bug 626602. Namespace statement is required, so just ifdef it for IPC builds. r+a=bustage fix
2dc1f3613e8664604f70649324f0eabd1500ff0bBas Schouten — Bug 634669: Use scaled size for our drawing surface. r=mattwoodrow a=blocking-betan
f766d6645a51f3ccb48c8d56b97c30545b70eb03Bas Schouten — Fix EOL-style in ThebesLayerD3D9. r=mattwoodrow a=lineendings
dab36a22bd1984894376a8c5a618779d2437bda9ffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_RELEASE for changeset 9693e30b9c9c. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
25155fc1fa5c1c78aaed453dbe4dd1f313125b9effxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD2 for changeset 9693e30b9c9c. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
9693e30b9c9c04faa6aa25488a30b2b912428ddbBrad Lassey — bug 634530 - Fennec fails to startup on Droid Pro when the device is connected to PC via USB r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec CLOSED TREE GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD2
33142eed9686c22e06af2dd43980105d6e0b49feffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_RELEASE for changeset ca4499e291e4. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
3af3e088eeb72727bc6dc1c772f7c41e2c30803bffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD1 for changeset ca4499e291e4. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH
ca4499e291e4246a4b86a6fb5300661e13245ba5ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for fennec 4.0b5 release on GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b12pre_20110216_RELBRANCH FENNEC_4_0b5_BUILD1
0f777e59d48ca4b7e2690312e4bedf38ce904125Chris Jones — Some tests for bug 626602. a=b landing on a CLOSED TREE
a1090cf786b948012bc9cb393cb845692887e5cdChris Jones — Bug 626602, part 10: Don't send the results of the force-paint to the browser, and don't use alpha recovery for it. r=roc
dae302e05a8bfdf3019f0ae15ebf9ab77d65362fChris Jones — Bug 626602, part 9: When possible, copy from a background to an opaque surface and have transparent plugins draw directly on the copied background, instead of doing alpha recovery or hoping plugins give us alpha values. r=bsmedberg,karlt sr=roc
f0404ddb90ed25dde37fa8ddc3f0131211c107acChris Jones — Bug 626602, part 8.1: Close the XDisplay to free the gfxXlibSurface DisplayTable, for the sake of leak checkers. r=karlt
53aad08fcb3b7b3dad86c8b2f5ed9fc74c42f669Chris Jones — Bug 626602, part 8: Dig a tunnel from nsObjectFrame to PluginInstanceParent for background copying. r=bsmedberg sr=roc
e3a73d79b6cdaeca36ece3d3a02513058228843dChris Jones — Bug 626602, part 7: Copy the impl of < and <= from nsIntSize to gfxIntSize. Sigh. sr=roc
1a257991dd13409e81727746e8a8be3ca3f121ecBas Schouten — Bug 626602, part 6: Implement asynchronous D3D10 readback. r=cjones,jrmuizel
9ea24ee202066e886bb00bf25ffa19ddc7cbd9c7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 5: Implement ReadbackLayers for D3D9. r=bas
892a2750be5e6a888ff6922f1b4c298b1711d6b3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 4: Make the display items behind a plugin that needs readback be as visible as we can. r=tnikkel
bafe55cc0292b4644d40234ecdee2d6ce9d8769dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 3: Hook up ReadbackLayers in nsObjectFrame. r=cjones
993a5de16346bfce428a979846fb1feed9f2d836Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 2: BasicLayers implementation of ReadbackLayer. r=cjones
f66564b1510dbc20e7a88205c9ea834073c44368Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 1: Create ReadbackLayer API to enable collection of background pixels in a layer tree. r=bas,sr=cjones
aa7b2f04d225f08c59d830fdaf41575ce71d1334Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 0: Fix header guards. r=bas
663d27e9098c3e6a8af9f439b02e427305f4bd1aChris Jones — Bug 629799, part 4: Fix alpha-recovery fallback on windows and try to use the SIMD path when possible. r=roc a=b
7e8fb5a646dae92615a816e856b8f403b5cd3a77Chris Jones — Bug 629799, part 3: Ensure that SharedDIBWins are aligned well for alpha recovery. r=jimm
2be3da6a6531090be8a1c31ff643c54c726cdfa3Chris Jones — Bug 629799, part 2: Ensure that gfxImageSurfaces are aligned well for alpha recovery. r=roc
22a8b2770f45718e24f0cddcc3d5f2b54d93dd58Chris Jones — Bug 629799, part 1: Add some helpers for aligning surfaces for alpha recovery. sr=roc
08092fa7b8c81058ee49b3e71685b52b8860bcc6Chris Jones — Bug 633436: Work around an apparent gcc/gas quirk. r=vlad a=a
52246c1b17996adb59aafbb7523eab626918bd3bBen Turner — Bug 614347 - 'XPConnect-wrapped JSObjects must clear their gray bit when they are handed out'. r=peterv+gal, a=blocking.
fcfd3cf35d290a621a49621bb0d815960e3e0fbbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 616811 Remove extraneous CRs r=dao a=beltzner
9cf2d6dbcfb3f7fc0eb89147ab42fb750ea87ce0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 616812 Remove extraneous CRs r+a=dbaron
6bbe53909a519dca04814e5f6aae786690ecacb7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 616813 Remove extraneous CRs r=kaie a=beltzner
24e0b001e8586fb1f045b91b722e81eb3e3d2d48Neil Rashbrook — Bug 616808 Remove extraneous CRs r=dao a=johnath
acda9a0a6c6f9ecab055a48e73df96b006e6fbe7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 630462 Tweak test to ignore about:blank pages even harder r=Unfocused
64d579f7746b20d1892852362675204d264311dbMehdi Mulani — Bug 523784 - (Tests) Soft blocked items are not disabled if user clicks "Cancel". r=Unfocused a=blocking+beltzner
a57c236d61de590862835a035fea7494b025c728Mehdi Mulani — Bug 523784 - Soft blocked items are not disabled if user clicks "Cancel". r=Unfocused+Pike a=blocking+beltzner
d77d5f19628679126ca280ee8c83d7c092236b19Mehdi Mulani — Bug 628865 - Add tests for dropping referrer, sessionId persisting, and failed insertion with duplicate guid. r=sdwilsh a=blocking-and-tests
a4784c581b3fcc205c305a575a4b906eca4b82f6Dão Gottwald — Bug 606735 - aero basic tabstrip picking up the wrong color. r=felipe a=beltzner
404386c7d40f670f8e78a2003d5b18a9793cc833Benjamin Smedberg — More diagnostics for bug 626768 - It seems likely that creating a new XPCJSRuntime is failing, but we don't know why or when. Abort in the most obvious failure location to help diagnose the problem. r=bent a=myself
d601906013d8ff19f9bb4acb4d6d4c85927e8c3dSerge Gautherie — Bug 634245 - Correctly fix bug 607309; (Av1) Correctly fix browser_library_views_liveupdate.js.
4599855d0cbd9f26d02fc24fee8e9310478318caSerge Gautherie — Bug 632893 - Remove useless Cc/Ci/Cr/Cu/Services.jsm from Firefox tests; (Av1) /components/places/tests/chrome/.
104a6d17e013c1115adb10e365c8a73f8ba79c2fDave Townsend — Followup for bug 613800, address review comments. r=jst, a=blocks-final
9c0a81f71fbc37cac5da4a6674f03e9bef73f413Wes Johnston — Bug 634532 - Add some logging to debug random oranges r=dougt, a=input-is-good
553f7b1974a3c511178cf399d054174b664e5421stefanh — Bug 624639 - Arrows in Bookmarks panel shouldn't change direction until mouse release. r=dao, a=beltzner.
972ccbb745326b451131da3fd48df3e0ddde45a4Brad Lassey — bug 634530 - Fennec fails to startup on Droid Pro when the device is connected to PC via USB r=mbrubeck a=blocking-fennec
bc02cd2cfd9830772d0a519769e161b94af5a6d5Mike Hommey — Bug 632920 part 2 - Add support for R_ARM_THM_JUMP24 relocation in elfhack. r=tglek,a=bsmedberg
c705e1cdb6ec717762188f14f177c65a48b7c73dMike Hommey — Bug 632920 part 1 - Refactor relocations application to avoid error-prone duplication of code in elfhack. r=tglek,a=bsmedberg
76d33291395a07fbbace83bdfe72cef4d9c4e99eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 633044 - Special case empty text frames to position the caret at the correct position; r=roc a=blocking-final+
45895e0903f29206d3cb8bc0cbf0768fd1e5bd79Margaret Leibovic — Bug 633656 - When split menus are hovered, both the main item and expansion arrow should display on mouse in [r=dao, a=gavin]
1b1f64871b744911be082f86fad962054fc8a799Margaret Leibovic — Bug 633218 - Add removeOnDismissal option to addons notifications that should go away after restart (addons manager restart notification can persist when restart is no longer needed) [r=gavin, a=beltzner]
7ec853227cb306709c4da0b79de6cc8d05cda78ftimeless — Bug 620421 - remove useless check of mTokenPos from nsSVGTransformListParser::GetTransformToken
6a59cfc1766cef27ddb48097b08ff8f4bde3500dtimeless — Bug 620416 - hopefully useless null check of aCol in nsTreeBodyFrame::GetCellAt
4d4b3c0906e28c98bce1c9eda91d3811ad95161etimeless — Bug 620259 - add fall through comments to nsTableCellMap::SetNotTopStart and rename to nsTableCellMap::ResetTopStart
de4b86b6c74d7cde304194ec680dcad4f4bb1376timeless — Bug 584340 - nsIXMLHttpRequest.statusText in Blocklist.prototype.onXMLError
ca7bbf37c6d7a03d8264b86cb48ad6acf439e280timeless — Bug 587484 - warning: suggest parentheses around assignment used as truth value in while (... = GetNextContinuation())
45b687344b211b77e691effcb0ff244a4ab061cdtimeless — Bug 619045 - crash [@ nsHtml5TreeOpExecutor::RunScript(nsIContent*)]
ebcebad396f574497ca35dfcb9456767e38c3d85Markus Stange — Bug 627085 - Reduce font size in urlbar autocomplete.
49186a8f4fa2d6fa25d1fae66fa77f0f9df0f296Marco Bonardo — Bug 628921 - Changing from WAL to a rollback journal to change page_size may cause a infinite loop @AsyncExecuteStatements::executeStatement.
ab0dc35174fb344228c57917698d99eeb7b72697Daniel Holbert — Bug 632143 patch 4: Extend SVGxxxList mochitest to check animVal up-to-date-ness after baseVal's length is mutated. r=roc a=tests
26b045c6f347eddedd85014d67cb34dadd627f7aDaniel Holbert — Bug 632143 patch 3: Update animVal after modifying baseVal length, for DOMSVGPathSegList. r=roc a=blocking-final+
2cf3e2ce18080c15a63cd88a39835ee794167ccfDaniel Holbert — Bug 632143 patch 2: Update animVal after modifying baseVal length, for DOMSVGPointList. r=roc a=blocking-final+
78f8b9ee9ea854d04388907b069117dc771b7b49Jonathan Watt — Bug 632143 patch 1: Update animVal after modifying baseVal length, for DOMSVGLengthList and DOMSVGNumberList. r=roc a=blocking-final+
58cb9a41c8b41c6c7364c87ea4300915e22c7e6aDaniel Holbert — Bug 632143 patch 0: Add helper-method 'UpdateListIndicesFromIndex' to DOMSVGxxxList classes. r=roc a=blocking-final+
b41a6a2499d14d116fe807b7094420008acb8af8Daniel Holbert — Bug 633315: Make "namespace mozilla" usage consistent across DOMSVG*List.cpp files. r+a=roc
7a6f85f6891e76477c641e74f08c2a8eea031a05timeless — Bug 620413 useless check of stopFrame in nsSVGGradientFrame::GetStopInformation
79bbe4072e69e75c355e037c1bbfb53e64348028timeless — Bug 617749 useless null check in nsSVGGlyphFrame::IsAbsolutelyPositioned
b4aa47ca42c1e82f8c3cde4b93ae446285ae1a37Dão Gottwald — Bug 631509 - Don't enforce a size on add-on toolbar button icons. r=mstange a=beltzner
a4ac9b13eab72a05d53f3964b220de30ba5cca0eDão Gottwald — Bug 629841 - Remove padding from .toolbarbutton-1 with menu-button type. r=mstange
d3a08cb37fd49ef98f975ae6f7f04f3bc04454ffDão Gottwald — Bug 626214 - Tweak background tab textures. r=shorlander
1830671ed3e0402edd55424b739c3782188fab4cDão Gottwald — Bug 621481 - App tab icons shift upwards when closing a normal tab. r=felipe
87537a1f7e1f6fb73e9660456c8d54a3ce931df8Dão Gottwald — Bug 633723 - Add-ons "Loading ..." notification has anti-aliased corners. r=Unfocused
8eb1b3531dd96be66ae821dbce402941ed63540dHenri Sivonen — Bug 631751 - Sniff Basic Latin BOMless UTF-16 for IE compat. r=bzbarsky, a=bzbarsky.
cc67cf730f015242834055cf62cff39a0613888aMatt Woodrow — Bustage fix (forgot to qref). r=jst, a=bustage
1fd068c483d8013013ffe7bd12971f63db983decMatt Woodrow — Bug 591687. Disable emtpy transactions with mac plugin layers. r=roc, a=blocker.
b096f6bfce3015a862470756cd2861ecc80ef80cJim Mathies — Bug 628872 - BBC iplayer fullscreen function broken since FF4 beta 9., a=blocker
f9e8182eb1257804a319fc3b7eaa05e602b3ca1aAndreas Gal — Xray wrappers don't cache resolved native properties on the holder object (bug 633382, r=mrbkap/jst, a=blocker).
0d43e33ce1343e713bf7d1ddd31b6a1707bf4667Wes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Part 2 -Only decode Only decode metadata for preload=metadata. This has the fix ups that cpearce requires. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
c0ad0b165d84cde7e4616eda263ca09e257a2a14Doug Turner — Backed out changeset 0000b936e5c6
0000b936e5c67d1fa428c263633bcb27325a195bWes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Part 2 -Only decode Only decode metadata for preload=metadata. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
60d7b8a4c275fdd36f009dc6708bc3c26b62ecb4Wes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Set WebM decoder mDataOffset to zero. r=kinetik a=blocking-fennec
2869e73e38e7032d864439952be4b381db199491Wes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Part 1 - Allow specifying default preload behavior through a pref. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
6ce5857cc0757ea87498ee3cdd3dd8ca7610456cMatt Woodrow — Bug 622585 - Use Clamp instead of Wrap texture sampling in D3D10 layers. r=Bas a=blocking2.0
8e3ab620f9c842c777b1b5a4205b07f912ebf1acMatt Woodrow — Bug 622585 - Disable texture wrapping for intermediate surface in OpenGL. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
2530087be8c57c45e371a3c3817bc2421c00f7a5Matt Woodrow — Bug 622585 - Fix logic deciding when to flip the scissor rect in OpenGL layer. r=jrmuizel a=blocking2.0
ed6776b1ac0d52bb8de9c81af3d09e127080f0cbPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 627642 - Don't restore session into a new window if only the home page is open [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
86dff995b0609582b05b7695f7abb1da52cb1b5fAlan Thomas — Bug 590867 - It is difficult to display context menu "Exit Full Screen Mode" by right-clicking, if browser is "Tabs on Top"; r=dietrich ui-r=faaborg a=beltzner
1593777e94b8103ac0e4f67eaa62599e891545fftimeless — Bug 620312 crash [@ nsTableFrame::InsertCol] because lastColGroup guard did not cover lastColGroup->GetColCount() r=bernd a=dbaron
ecb0354f7c09b3f67737b02c488a64520a00f34cJustin Dolske — Bug 613800 - A Race Condition when closing inactive tab with alerts in OnBeforeUnload; r=jst a=blocking-final
2541eb698bc6014091065ce05536589be6055f55Dave Townsend — Bug 628902: Don't include nonstandard add-on types in AMO metadata ping. r=Unfocused, a=sdwilsh
b5c09f0dce234a29095344a9201b92a69d5014bfDave Townsend — Bug 633571: Multiple entries in the doorhanger for aborted add-on installations. r=Unfocused, a=johnath
eeb1dd9e7028467342a2594f0ed2cf223cda3689Ehsan Akhgari — Disable the test for bug 632781 for all Windows platforms because apparently layersGPUAccelerated is not what we expect it to be on Windows XP; r=joe a=bustage
796db5299d3d08438e6fd6b5897e20f63085e108Tim Taubert — Bug 633748 - JavaScript Error: tabview error: paint [r=ian, a=beltzner]
324bf35e0a9d2ce0c115f20d4ebeb9c9438b35afRich Walsh — Bug 530012 - [OS/2] build break in nsPresArena.cpp; r=wuno a=dbaron
1f5f55c02e511cecf6f221abd66c100c5386ffaaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 496673 - Needless check in nsCanvasRenderingContext2D::Render; r=vlad a=joe
891ce563da542064318742e0a0ac92d08470e43dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 634153 - Back out the changes in bug 355178 because of known regressions and possible risk of not-yet-known regressions; r=sicking a=johnath
5fa15207f617884dbb6150b0518231468600e55cMatthew Gregan — Bug 520101 - Fix audio when hotswapping sound output on Mac. r=doublec a=roc
301a3058c82a20c64f3ce801578d9e150b4a0883Chris Pearce — Bug 629618 - Correct Ogg seek bisection's backoff and termination. r=doublec a=roc
dcc45003a9794b46da90fb556b6ac2b6814c5b17Matthew Gregan — Bug 631953 - Check codec is initialized before using cached serial number. r=cpearce a=roc
1d9299a5024295a35c97d3ed61781d33fa4c6573Timothy Nikkel — Bug 629891. Report tooltips as opaque if theming of them is not supported so they get subpixel AA. r=roc a=joe
08188452982a303010dadafdd7d2899143761c34Doug Turner — Bug 631216 - crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame] (from PAudioParent::SendDrainDone). r=jdm. a=blocking-fennec
9685f88199a691a284d2b1cd0c46dc769a13c3adChris Jones — Bug 631575: Clear the old window when setting a new document, and re-enable tests disabled in bug 631359. r=roc a=a
02311190012b08ac38c78b1d97eb9782af9ca6fbChris Jones — Bug 631585: Don't try to create plugin widgets in content processes, it's never going to work. r=tn a=a
39c1bcf89e728f9917811db9f5c24b4305a53aa0Justin Lebar — Bug 634003 - Fix yasm version check's sed string. r=ted, a2.0=bsmedberg
b4f2b87f03a0730e16a27801553590fe955975ddBobby Holley — Bug 593426 - Increase image discard timer to two minutes. r,a2.0=joe
10d5ec16577a7f1dadcf33715ad73a468980a8edDaniel Holbert — Bug 596478: delay nsImageFrame's IsPercentageAware check until after we've lazily initialized mIntrinsicSize. r=roc a=dbaron
1211777b3f5a194d46b8ee45ea6dc4d818f11fe9Ms2ger — Bug 620359 - Reorder members in nsAudioStreamRemote::nsAudioStreamRemote() constructor; r=kinetik a=dbaron
66d28237fdf7d94343e45530f49632fad673da87Jim Mathies — Bug 629860 - Fix for repaint issues when closing-reopening-restoring from full screen mode. r=vlad, a=final.
fbfd2ea90615a47787eb512b8ed953159d431d53Jonathan Kew — bug 633342 - allow subpixel AA but not the manual show_glyphs path when Asian font has embedded bitmaps. r=bas a=joe
5ba4280da3f74e6835280903dcfdd11b82466c61Jonathan Kew — bug 633342 - get rid of windows newlines in thebes files. r=bas a=joe
e91641354569de01d58ef3e0ed855b1e1dcb5a34Jonathan Kew — bug 633342 - get rid of windows newlines in cairo files. r=bas a=joe
8c89810ed6da63c4f366d27a27e50f8c9fec8ea3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 629908. Don't blindly try to reconstruct the root element; we might not have one. r=dbaron, a=dbaron
0706533de7abbaf20b15a649eef01b7a39c0ae89Oleg Romashin Bug 622470 - "Decode on draw must be enabled for Mobile Fennec" [r=bzbarsky] a=blocking-fennec
d73287c7f0fabff682b5c61e8a277b9179b70992Josh Aas — Bug 610526: Fix bug that caused Flash to not load on machines with GMA9xx GPUs. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0final+
cdde780d7503dbc30bf625ca3dfbaccf80bea110Chris Leary — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. (a=blockers)
d3bcd1655cc59a964b86b3646eb7c1161e1136e4Blake Kaplan — Bug 634055 - Check argc here. r=gal
532ee628dc4fadf2a51b6c3ed77b47f024519d4cAndreas Gal — Don't crash when reaching a non-wrapper along the proto chain of a wrapper (bug 634236, r=mrbkap).
1e38ca07f02f5a2ca7f3f4476c0e21fd284fe6e4Bill McCloskey — Bug 633929 - Fix methodjit-only and tracejit-only modes (r=dvander)
e25c8949931d829e5f1a81d929256cddfb95b4f8Andreas Gal — Backed out changeset dd5c76d35ac4 (bug 632343).
dd5c76d35ac4b0e5858a1a4bd49b77d9f55c6ddbLuke Wagner Bug 632343 - Fix live script check, do not recompile when turning off debugging (r=luke)
c323382f09cd356dc132ea8e0d9bbc9a33bd52c3Phil Ringnalda — Back out 5b7eab632ba6 (bug 633382) for breaking the world
e3c6960a4868c3a9ab1d75355935d9d67039d1b8Bill McCloskey — Fix the usual --disable-methodjit problems
5b7eab632ba6ac13634b46ce83dac7e722bdaf0bAndreas Gal — Xray wrappers don't cache resolved native properties on the holder object (bug 633382, r=mrbkap, a=blocker).
0d78f280408562e6430f294bb7ee30e4bed9475eBill McCloskey — Bug 633069 - Change how tracejit profiler nesting works (r=gal)
6f4d01d31cc1894e163f8f0f91ca36e42898c63bLuke Wagner — Bug 634136 - Add missing argc check to TypedArrayTemplate::create (r=dvander)
f8bec3eead6409e3a96787fba7da0391f3f0a2a7Andreas Gal — Bug 633879 - Stop wrappers from holding old scopes alive.,, a=blocker
fdeafa6f8cc99dbf2a54f5587073a3fdd47a83b5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634118 - JM: fix incorrect m_size assignment on ARM. r=dvander.
124369d447c7c63ba645e98b7e765129d262dd23Jason Orendorff — Trivial fix for a test I added that fails in the browser. r=orange.
63d67240f7e1e2dcf948432c043470360bd18359Jason Orendorff — Silence MSVC warnings about empty statements in jsscope.cpp. rs=Waldo.
432915db49a8b3b2d437e190affa93e6d5935d20Jason Orendorff — Bug 630865 - Resolve interpreted function prototypes more eagerly. r=dvander.
1a043548af6e53fa6951258f55800d252af1f877Jason Orendorff — Bug 633020 - ArgSetter can return false without reporting an error on trace. r=dmandelin, a=sayrer.
589bb166be026d8b3008716e5e361d5041f8d05eJason Orendorff — Bug 627984 - Tighten up assertions in JSObject::methodReadBarrier. r=brendan.
80914cc8ceda18733dfed5ea79556abbf2c41867Jason Orendorff — Bug 631305 - Deleted watchpoints don't always come back when assigned. r=brendan, a=sayrer.
206a4c1c8ad8570502fff9ef6a7b464fb9b42f75Jason Orendorff — Bug 631723 - Make js_UpdateWatchpointsForShape return the new shape (and fix a few coding style nits). r=jimb.
cec3c87c99b18c45081edfe5d64d1b92e7b72c2bGinn Chen — Bug 596338 Undefined symbol js::JMCheckLogging on PPC and SPARC debug build with no methodjit r=dvander
5a9888ce079682c2c55b6ba38c06b2f663047772Andreas Gal — js_UnbrandAndClearSlots leaks, use JS_ClearScope and throw if compile-N-go scripts are run after JS_ClearScope (630072, r=brendan).
1ec6fc4dbab859f0f0c43fe31eeffe8e5990afcdNicholas Nethercote — Fix bustage caused by bug 631951. No bug, r=wmccloskey.
d9a146c4bc58f20445dc44877ea786afd0168cf4Luke Wagner — Bug 633520 - Un-break scope of XPCCallContext in WrapperFactory::PrepareForWrapping (r=mrbkap)
51cecc00aa124fd660f9e6f5b0b9bf006e6ff069Jesse Ruderman — Bug 633023: Add -p option to xpcshell. r=billm
bce779f4d16b5dda9898ed47cc274bdf441be211Luke Wagner — Bug 632358 - Only call resetCompartment() when safe to GC (r=waldo)
c2f23bc4cda7d3c4c34bce513a9c780cfb44c725Luke Wagner — Bug 630064 - Mark floating generator frame slots conservatively (r=dvander)
f6c65cbd98a7817bd090efcf75197bde417bf472Chris Leary — Merge backout head.
b4dbb007e924a40fb95e7151e724301a3dbc9580Chris Leary — Backed out changeset 097da81cf423.
1537ab21153299ba144fc195f569c9be90a67878Chris Leary — Bug 618017: Encountering XML should not override the version. (r=lw)
097da81cf4232c4a946e47998650c0e4c22ab623Dave Herman — Reflect.parse("yield 0") should throw a SyntaxError (bug 632028, r=brendan)
f569d49576bb7271dd6ae7abb7f6525d0e28c712Bill McCloskey — Bug 631951 - Shrink methodjit memory usage by interpreting a few times before compiling (r=dvander)
bf89669b34cba01684dbe6f5b135aeead6c428c7David Anderson — Don't re-use cached iterators that have suppressed deleted properties (bug 633409, r=gal).
47c289a659e8785e3fe1d737d9bac8a1f07a8c49Chris Leary — Fix --disable-methodjit build. (r=billm)
ced73d81ce18c32ff1248ef25eb03d6e44229d44Steve Fink — Bug 633016 - Notify debug hooks of script lifetime when pulling script from the eval cache (r=luke)
51e2af8b2698b5e4fe10d3306e4c38b14488b45eSteve Fink — Bug 633016 - Prevent jsdScripts from leaking by always hooking script creation/destruction (r=gal)
9487445572ced105c1875cb32e04503ca6874ba6Tim Taubert — Bug 634077 - tabviewshown/hidden events are dispatched before Storage.saveVisibilityData() was called [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
4f3ad7dc68394b21e1c3643215ee33c9abb1f8f1Matthew Gregan — Bug 633051 - Remove LOAD_BACKGROUND flag from media channel when load completes. r=roc a=roc
b6dc8964dea823ede0cb5d54ff42f211abab4a28Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 632781 - Scroll non-accelerated canvases correctly with the content; r=matt,joe,roc a=blocking-betaN
9ed6bef2a9aca99ff8a9dae5a6fefb424e3191a7Ehsan Akhgari — Back out changeset f3d13890fbe3 because of Windows reftest orange; a=orange
51b556687380de4f06c55dfe6f15658cedf3b6f4Josh Aas — Merge backout of bug 633942, a=josh
0c91682d0629cd19b5f047f1d5ad26a1a315fe2bJosh Aas — Backed out changeset aa5cc00bf99a, bug 633942, a=josh
9f03f71d115c713f5e42d87a661f37b07ad5e43dDaniel Holbert — (no bug) comment typo fix in 2 tests: s/the affect/the effect/ a=comment-only+test-only DONTBUILD
aa5cc00bf99a5fa33777bf6a43397fa49102fc50Josh Aas — Bug 633942: Add debug logging for OOPP model negotiation. r=bsmedberg a=josh
7b4760f315a7b48260b991564f614a9d506dbeacBrandon Sterne — Bug 558431 - Make fetching CSP policy-uri asyn, r=jst, a=blocking-betaN
acb1475311a2edc5f71b24ddc7aba82af8270bf5Axel Hecht — no bug, update shipped-locales for fx4 beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
f3d13890fbe34902c093950ca80a20e61e2a5f7cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 632781 - Scroll non-accelerated canvases correctly with the content; r=matt,joe,roc a=blocking-betaN
2e288f06c6482a49933d6c33ad200d60407d93b8Alexander Surkov — Bug 634240 - No caret move events are fired for XUL textbox accessible, r=davidb, f=marcoz, a=final+
c9f50a19849e2b83543f4dcf1c586040d039c545Olli Pettay — Bug 633413, don't bfcache so often, part 2, r=bz, a=blocker
ebb58e2a3b29b1c1171db9b1d621e4025eb870dcbzbarsky — Bug 633413, don't bfcache so often, part 1, r=smaug
9ca5948baa2d9deab2a6c9a4362f41ca0900ee46Asaf Romano — Bug 567306 - Only set the Find bar's browser property if its browser ID is valid.
03b1f86f730b36d8235d0b97a3dfe831b345d5b1Marco Bonardo — bug 620789 - Dump state of PlacesStarButton to try figure out intermittent failure in browser_bug581253.js
9d7966447a9bcb93449e3e13b4211abc16f15013Marco Bonardo — Test for Bug 633638.
0d94b660ba285cf819668984e07dc75908b14d7dMarco Bonardo — Bug 633638 (Part 2) - Wrap statement execution so that cancel() will always cause a REASON_CANCELED.
1422443b6c15dd2f057793bf27319b73c483aafcHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 633638 - Need a way to cancel PlacesUtils::asyncGetBookmarkIds requests.
4982e1298b23bf0e164796a3ef82684c830b627cTim Taubert — Bug 633221 - Setting FF as default browser throws error when GIO Service is not available [r=roc, a=roc]
8879c180976d86b293382f260740a2eccf3c7472Jacek Caban — Bug 633820 - nsCrashOnException.cpp compilation fails to compile on mingw r=ehsan a=benjamin
2c646d10b9c7bf68576a7d663660a00436686444Doug Turner — backout due to bustage. a=me
4729f3e52c39035d7153abacfea900789cf4bddeDoug Turner — Merge to default
8cc61e7d5f8da13b32732b36de57ce8c6f375b5fDoug Turner — Backed out changeset 2e49069ac1ad
6f2cd5629101e432a1c5f50c2a707491e9cb3b5bDoug Turner — Backed ou Johnston – Bug 631058 - Part 2 - Only decode metadata for preload=metadata. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
2e49069ac1adfe3ce988ba4eb14d52577ccee1b5Wes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Part 1 - Allow specifying default preload behavior through a pref. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
a8d213604ca686cd17a56cefa8997b1e5f872e9aWes Johnston — Bug 631058 - Part 2 - Only decode metadata for preload=metadata. r=cpearce, a=blocking-fennec
0a7448775fa0c2168bec4b9cefed8f91e74f93a2Michael Wu — Bug 591307 - Hardware and soft keyboard stop working after displaying a dialog in a new window. r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
9ea616f391af2d51a7cb24818f3b4a86cffe6f81Fernando Herrera — Bug 631026 - do no implement nsHyperText for XUL documents, r=surkov, a=davidb
7d54028aae4bc1fac2e8f06091cee678560408cfJohn Daggett — Bug 626611. Fix incorrect buffer size. r=jkew, a=joedrew
89e6a984193148007ed0ec7b03e067f10516076dJohn Daggett — Bug 632155. Check possible error conditions in GetDLLVersion. r=ehsan, a=ehsan
4a6ba480150a97a7a66145f5bf91737a347c5351Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 629189 followup - Typo fixes a=DONTBUILD
db495f146676619f05a07e9a4a4bbb83e153b598Bas Schouten — Bug 629866 - Part 10: Do not upload during SetData call on D3D9. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
30fe9aba82eeb4e2bc2c5afb89467ab2952e55e8Bas Schouten — Bug 629866 - Part 9: Improve ImageLayerD3D9 uploading code. r+a=roc
860a9914464931418991255d3518240e2185db11Ehsan Akhgari — Back out changeset 0fd8793db7f3 (bug 633738) because of various oranges in different test suites on multiple platforms; a=orange
525db94bf558ca556573ee82004d1ba69be3365eMark Finkle — Bug 629475 - Regression: displayport takes longer to refresh [r=cjones a=blocking-fennec]
4c2962ad0a9d688daa00ba3e2cbe2be264182c39Benjamin Stover — Bug 633986 Pref nice value, default to 1 on Android r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
0fd8793db7f37dbf6ed7e5936b311f91e4db8745Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 633738. Fix leak due to session history code keeping an editor alive too long. Patch by peterv and bz,, a=blocker
9e7a0e7f1f61c632741acae675226efc0dee3484Andreas Gal — Bug 633879 - Stop wrappers from holding old scopes alive.,, a=blocker
ef4948301ae0b819dc05d9af240348481f39af53Benoit Jacob — Bug 634032 - remove FIXME in test list filenames - r=vlad, a=joe
0dac834eae79931f2229ae967215bab5b63fa3f7Benoit Jacob — Bug 631643 - Check for ARB_ES2_compatibility before using it, fix MAX_VARYING_VECTORS emulation, clean up getParameters - r=vlad, a=jrmuizel
c58b7b8bc5efbe07825be2dab6d0ac086ca88d46Benoit Jacob — Bug 629265 - dont block NVIDIA 260.19 for now - r+a=joe
da5f01b8838b58b3e2b6eb41e6f7d68d8aecea4bDão Gottwald — Bug 633360 - Drop native appearance from tab bar / add-on bar buttons. ui-r=shorlander r=fryn a=gavin
3a9a361402d2e052c143404602cf6bfcdafa63f2Andreas Gal — js_UnbrandAndClearSlots leaks, use JS_ClearScope and throw if compile-N-go scripts are run after JS_ClearScope (630072, r=brendan, a=blocker).
7464e26236cb786b18d5f42573e2bdb8b47e188bMichael Wu — Bug 633666 - Ignore return code from GetHost in PathifyURI, r=bsmedberg a=shaver
b6d820414fcad117c2243b05be24679873824bd2Rob Campbell — bug 633196 - Object details don't open in the Web Console, when trying a second time, rs=gavin, a=orange
d50fdfb0426d3fa2a864e80e067abf24dd22ad57Mihai Sucan — Bug 630733 - web console does not report data which the server did send (301, 302 and 303); f=rcampbell r=dolske approval2.0=dolske
f02cf259f317bbc1aa50fb8afba00ec9f12fbf2fMihai Sucan — Bug 633196 - Object details don't open in the Web Console, when trying a second time; f=rcampbell r=dolske approval2.0=dolske
c8dbb6a725207d9a8008d0b7810a698bf3b7e311Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 633383 - Only walk the stack when aborting in debug builds; r=dbaron a=blocking-betaN
c46f36d6b1fecebd07cb8f60e2f791a0802bedbaLuke Wagner — Bug 632358 - Only call resetCompartment() when safe to GC (r=waldo,a=blocking)
d429b038ccea3df0be579756dc954f02a7a46008Doug Turner — Bug 632900 - Disable NetworkGeolocationProvider on Android. r=ted a=blassey
6b7306e1932784e933234723339fe8d28896f95eSean Dunn — Bug 602432 - Stacks should generate thumbnails for non-front tabs at a lower priority; r=ian a=dolske
cc7de25eaf70c57fa58cb0b2a16cc00d72de134fRaymond Lee — Bug 631934 - Remove childHitResult.shouldZoom switch in TabItem_zoomIn [r-ian, a=dolske]
e0ff8fb810b9d7768b83bc1eea9643e604985369Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 597980 - Switching into and out of Panorama mode quickly can cause the wrong tab to be selected on return [r=ian, a=dolske]
f049f500468de782c8ec9d6987d403013cb6b986timeless — Bug 629986 unlabeled edit fields in the crash reporter r=ted a=bsmedberg
a655315b0205e2640b3faa5e2bf25d6d896baeaeChristian Legnitto — Bug 618899 - Crash [@ RtlpWaitForCriticalSection | RtlEnterCriticalSection ][@ RtlpWaitOnCriticalSection | RtlpDeCommitFreeBlock | Accelerator.dll@0x56f6c ][@ Accelerator.dll@0x57ab0 ] with Video Accelerator from Speedbit; r=bsmedberg a=blocking-final+
fb67609182be7d85e335ce47ac67646e3166f04fBenoit Jacob — Bug 633622 - Make the webgl mochitest use ANGLE on test machines - r=vlad, a=hardblocker
1a75e03f2a65b8673490864bdc1ada74d238bf77Josh Aas — Bug 633667: Per the spec, return NPRES_USER_BREAK when a plugin rejects an HTTP redirect, not NPRES_NETWORK_ERR. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0final+
1a26bfb6959866438317a33f4cb8fc6413d458fcGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 633833 - Add function keyword to all the single function JSD interfaces, r=timeless, a=bzbarsky
c6e8f8d4468eca1e92bafa9a89f518e3cc1e8420Marco Bonardo — merge backout a=bustage
0c6d2cf554c7030f9bf68bd0c5e3d9f353525e77Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 5b2e1e0e6335 due to m-oth permaorange
7a889fa3d09c9bd8c96bbd75567d0573411cfb3dKyle Huey — Backing out Bug 632587. a=bsmedberg
9d9388fc5e5f84ce0637232edb8defd0233ba0a4Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 7ed4cb02ffbf
8031f6801bd0459749858e92a832b8b6388aaa39Axel Hecht — no bug, update shipped-locales for fx4 beta, ra=drivers, DONTBUILD
5b2e1e0e63357ce3174e1f00758f0bc8d9770c9eTim Taubert — Bug 633221 - Setting FF as default browser throws error when GIO Service is not available [r=roc, a=roc]
ac5bd0a7c1b6b1a9fc74807d8fa5596820646ad0Marco Bonardo — Bug 629756 - Remove the aboutHome.brandStart string.
393fbb42cfe32b0dd39db1a5bb97cebd00d9389bFernando Herrera — Bug 630194 - add mochitest for bug 630194, r=surkov, a=test
7fa4835d58bd4f2a626be548c846663cf4d520ccFernando Herrera — Bug 630194 - Make sure accessibility is notified for all lazily generated frames, r=surkov, sr=bz, a=final+
26421a3b68f3d33e8496c29ecc0de9a9ba523a87Simon Montagu — Test for bug 632379, r=ehsan, a=test
385abb827ff331157305e44c2792e2a3d632e2dfBrad Lassey — bug 632649 - Warn users on devices with 256mb of RAM or less that they are on an unsupported device, version 2 using /proc/meminfo r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
93cd6c60e16b34758a78d7f6b86963ce0cb1b3bbBenoit Girard — Disable OSX Plugin Layer due to regression b=633826 r+a=josh,bustage
c4fbf8fbc1035f046301ec1f1f8627d90c4a5643Phil Ringnalda — Bug 633846 - Places tests hit the network from bookmark properties, r=sdwilsh, a=test
00f2b33bcb6011b50d7e49591489e6f3e0145b92Phil Ringnalda — Back out bf5e32270935 (bug 627642) for tabview orange, a=bustage
36e155375cd924de9d58b5dedc4621223939642eTim Taubert — Bug 588426 - Restoring multiple solely hidden tabs (after crash) breaks session restore [r=paul, a=dolske]
f580cdea927a8f132edf7894b5c01c0eccede1f4Mihai Sucan — Bug 633213 - An invalid (non-functional) Scroll bar is present in the Panorama view where the AppTabs icons should be displayed, r=dao a-2.0=dolske
44dac293dee8dcdc1ddd816896a995032fd04d13Mihai Sucan — Bug 631649 - CSS error -moz-column-count since bug 595965 landed, a-2.0=dolske
bf5e32270935848f52e03938b68d6642704396e4Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 627642 - Don't restore session into a new window if only the home page is open [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
51702867d932550a0e6a50a07edf94d1ca6c7fd6Simon Montagu — Set the position of the childRect in nsXULScrollFrame::LayoutScrollArea before calling Layout. Bug 632379, r=dbaron, a=blocker
d05be9356e44a489c06cbba4d338ac852fd455ddFelipe Gomes — Backout crash fix attempt 019e47cc11e2 as it was uneffective. a=backout
06df051c5655cf7afc7bbe7731225ec231ca070fBenoit Jacob — oops -- fix list of webgl tests expected to fail -- r+a=bustage
d33a5329932c478d8595733560e51d67644c791aBenoit Jacob — Bug 632546 - pass is-object test - r=vlad, a=jrmuizel
fb71559d4431851822f7eac3bb7186a822345628Benoit Jacob — Bug 631707 - pass buffer-data-array-buffer... again - r=vlad, a=jrmuizel
0275087f8fb9a7cbf56867bed9c4df5b4b85bae4Benoit Jacob — Bug 629265 - Crash in NVIDIA driver 260.19 on linux 64bit w/ layers acceleration - r=vladimir, a=jrmuizel
be64c2d2b30690f1333ca7afc009035b6d6dc9cfBenoit Jacob — Bug 632867 - Mesa versions up to 7.10 cause a BadLength error during the first GLX call when the server GLX version < 1.3. - r=karlt, a=hardblocker
65ea4af6833a65bcce2526b441ae85e66edfa8f4Benoit Jacob — Bug 632969 - 4/4 - logic change - r=karlt, a=blocker
f3869889789c91a769d25fee88b6db532140159dBenoit Jacob — Bug 632969 - 3/4 - message wording change - r=karlt, a=blocker
0c4dc6d59c544315fc5a68ee192a64bc0c224b67Karl Tomlinson — Bug 632969 - 2/4 - reset error variable before trying again with no sharing - r=bjacob, a=blocker
895e4d18639adaf4332464023a22a64acb7b1cafKarl Tomlinson — Bug 632969 - 1/4 - X error handling fixes - r=bjacob, a=blocker
7ed4cb02ffbfcc335d38d54b0fb77d2fe45fd6e8Vladimir Vukicevic — Bug 632587 - implement getSupportedExtensions - r=bjacob, a=blocker
e9899b77c6ea78d8c178f9d8c64ece1766f1e778Cameron McCormack — Bug 593372 - Part 4: Work around the Elantech v8 driver's erroneous message timestamps for zoom gestures r=jmathies a=blocking-betaN
fa7c98cbc33959fd77d3939a81941945d53b062bCameron McCormack — Bug 593372 - Part 3: Always process mouse and keyboard events in the right order. r=jmathies a=blocking-betaN
ace573ee54218966898d9b9aae0cc8e1e5951869Cameron McCormack — Bug 593372 - Part 2: Ensure that Elantech driver helper window doesn't prevent zoom gestures from working r=jmathies a=blocking-betaN
720d17e280230b308d75901f40bbff1e939cbcd5Cameron McCormack — Bug 593372 - Part 1: Add a hack for the Elantech touchpad so that three-finger swipe left/right performs a browser back/forward action instead of page up/down r=jmathies a=blocking-betaN
3510c76c789f143101347d7d5e004a2dda650477Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 589495 - Win32 native exceptions (which could be crashes) on WoW64 are not fatal; r=bsmedberg a=blocking-betaN
652d012f9dc8f318cd4baccedc982990d3c3c462Kyle Huey — Bug 605264: Stop content script from mucking around with nsHTMLMediaElement::Observe. r=jst a=b
94f0723d8ee6d60710190be05e30fe9afd6dad9cMatt Woodrow — Bug 591687: Create MacIOSurfaceImages for Core Animation plugins. r=roc r=josh a=blocking2.0betaN+
b0c3b563b2fa0afef993fa4c1fa3c5ae16aee1f8Matt Woodrow — Bug 591687: Add GetImage in order to create mac async plugin images in plugin code instead of nsObjectFrame. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0betaN+
3fb968523cbd2607862d4eb1a0c4edbc519d16a4Matt Woodrow — Bug 591687: Add new image type for IOSurfaces on Mac OS X. r=roc r=benwa a=blocking2.0betaN+
280500da6255330fa72f968947c506286015c6efMatt Woodrow — Bug 591687: Add interface to retrieve plugins actual (remote) drawing model from nsObjectFrame. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0betaN+
aa629c748aba11a9ef419162322435a96a2c0a6eHonza Bambas — Bug 623996 - Offline Application Cache Breaks with Iframe and Shared Empty Files, r=michal.novotny, a2.0=jst
f6f30dac68f7dda26f29820d4cf6bd6b755872e8Honza Bambas — Bug 607418 - revert all test debugging changes, r=honzab, a2.0=jst
95feb77222f25837b34267bb51da9b662b92ffa4ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave21 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
14cb959af2458bfeb2f8578546f167067ed82245Dão Gottwald — merge backout (a==0)
c9331bfef5b6fd724c97538b2b3fe69a1d1be7b7Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset 9698ac3f1c61 because of string impact
19f13dea4d4a9a9506ac72f2a9d1c1c7409b9365Mike Hommey — Bug 629635 part 5 - Gracefully abort elfhack when injected code+data is bigger than original relocation section. r=tglek,a=blocking2.0:final
d79e30ee7a159bade9463a4b6eb61e6ab3ffd8ecMike Hommey — Bug 629635 part 4 - Make elfhack keep PT_GNU_RELRO segments as they were originally. r=tglek,a=blocking2.0:final
c40b2aa98f90aa229c0756f51caa485fb93230c6Mike Hommey — Bug 629635 part 3 - Add ElfSegment::getOffset and ElfSegment::getAddr functions. r=tglek,a=blocking2.0:final
8a96724c2a8d8ab54b7a0e4a562852968ba69a52Mike Hommey — Bug 629635 part 2 - Don't allow elfhack to move the .dynamic section. r=tglek,a=blocking2.0:final
acd473c662fb63cca0194ba49c9552c444e2e52bMike Hommey — Bug 629635 part 1 - Make elfhack fail if different blocks need to be mapped to the same address. r=tglek,a=blocking2.0:final
9455a1a5222567d19db3eb2487970fc91e75bac2Mike Hommey — Bug 632769 - Only build elfhack on x86* and arm. r=khuey,a=NPOTB
9698ac3f1c6173bc770903f705e4339ba4fb3108Steffen Wilberg — Bug 611568 - Move File->Import to the Library. r+a=dolske
32b826fadf945c594f2343059c8e49bdd30a9aabMargaret Leibovic — Bug 633400 - Vertically align geolocation "Learn More..." link with menubutton. r=dao
b18cd90bc0a71132c8fb189241122628b761c354Dão Gottwald — Bug 593687 - Don't let switchToTabHavingURI open tabs in popups. r=gavin
62ae87cc7f0288f536d39171803f7a02a05375ebNeil Rashbrook — Bug 625814 - commonDialog icon and text are now differently misaligned. ui-r=faaborg, r=dolske, a=dolske
644a1f424797dbfdc787afcf44ae6beaa90cb419Frank Yan — Bug 613704 - Improve visual design for tab-modal buttons & dialog. r=dolske, a=dolske
0644a18eb249c04ea9f01963d7f7effdbff6bae3Alex Pakhotin — Bug 628132 - Crash [@ mozilla::ipc::RPCChannel::CxxStackFrame::CxxStackFrame] (from PContentPermissionRequestParent::Send__delete__) [r=cjones a=fennec-crash] DONTBUILD
edf89132ec20b0408562a9bf214eca8c78699775Wes Johnston — Bug 633406 - Check for problems getting the cache directory on Android r=blassey, a=fennec-crash
645fce13f10acd57edf0d8210c8e3afe4f6a0adbAlex Pakhotin — Bug 629100 - Fullscreen video stretches top and bottom rows of pixels to edge of screen [r=roc a=blocking-fennec]
63817ae85b308788af122cb08e15759c0bc30b4aMark Finkle — Backout c49735ad9fa0 (bug 632037) no perf data to support the size increase [a=make-fennec-smaller]
80211f053c460974302e5ee1375386bb086a2f0bKyle Huey — Merging backout. a=orange
033e22fe2d64d0bbd248f983e373f46ac4218060Kyle Huey — Backout
45788b61630ed9868ed94bcb6500171a2b91c40aKyle Huey — Back out failed bustage fix
704dd93dad14faa28e3e2d1c5b4665d54265fe31Johnny Stenback — Backout merge, a=orange.
4c16f0da0671f329b676212edddd044b0e3ebf80Johnny Stenback — Backed out changeset 3fb25cc2c040 due to orange.
44d893bbb66d805e157f8925f540089392539db5Benoit Jacob — fix regression: webgl broken on mac, apparently due to ARB_ES2_compatibility extension not working as advertised on Mac. r+a=bustage
3fb25cc2c04034010077e2381bbf4e816853acadAndreas Gal — Bug 630072. Fix issue with wrappers holding objects from old scopes alive., a=blocker
b5b177ec4d5de4eec95e7acdd42d3ce4d29332adBlake Kaplan — Fixing bug 623810.,, a=blocker.
9d8d272b9314b747727d0001fc8c8d83826bd572Patrick Walton — Bug 628179 - Make top document navigation and tab switching close the Find bar. r=dao ui-r=limi a=sdwilsh
0f7eea1692b24ddbac1d488e7d7bb7f69a2c3b0cBenoit Jacob — Bug 632546 - pass is-object test - r=vlad, a=jrmuizel
a7a4fae9c98015624744288483e45e8f61aa63c7Benoit Jacob — Bug 631707 - pass buffer-data-array-buffer... again - r=vlad, a=jrmuizel
926ea5719563a0ff68d9d5d89ceb323cfa98a783Benoit Jacob — Bug 631643 - Check for ARB_ES2_compatibility before using it, fix MAX_VARYING_VECTORS emulation, clean up getParameters - r=vlad, a=jrmuizel
b39a1fff95fb989a5ad9cb63fdcca652198262d3Benoit Jacob — Bug 629265 - Crash in NVIDIA driver 260.19 on linux 64bit w/ layers acceleration - r=vladimir, a=jrmuizel
a2bd19b90a5fb5e381f15e3c0f321242f4242f06Benoit Jacob — Bug 632867 - Mesa versions up to 7.10 cause a BadLength error during the first GLX call when the server GLX version < 1.3. - r=karlt, a=hardblocker
450b6354b0fa0277ba4de82680af0a124f2d3137Benoit Jacob — Bug 632969 - 4/4 - logic change - r=karlt, a=blocker
89e569d4b7e21e271341e2a5d14de23e08a707bbBenoit Jacob — Bug 632969 - 3/4 - message wording change - r=karlt, a=blocker
9c38a5b184823dc4fe56ddb9a820001e3e1e5abbKarl Tomlinson — Bug 632969 - 2/4 - reset error variable before trying again with no sharing - r=bjacob, a=blocker
d7a1bf23400d390ba8304f49cdfa1e68746b2b11Karl Tomlinson — Bug 632969 - 1/4 - X error handling fixes - r=bjacob, a=blocker
399f8c5eda4e722f15172fda50721e811beb8d0bVladimir Vukicevic — Bug 632587 - implement getSupportedExtensions - r=bjacob, a=blocker
d6f1b1a06eb8316c8adb03a0af0405e8bece5e3aBas Schouten — Bug 633511: Detect surface content type in the correct spot. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betan
1f86b3c908cfd3914622d724129d959b0ed5196aBrad Lassey — bug 632649 - Warn users on devices with 256mb of RAM or less that they are on an unsupported device r=dougt ui-r=madhava a=blocking-fennec
2e96d820f43f599fc6e2ca766871cd3c99ad8a45Jonathan Kew — bug 633453 - testcase. r=roc a=test
caffaf707958ecc7470112128a08b1a9f600777dJonathan Kew — bug 633453 - correctly check the last array element before deciding whether to append or insert. r=roc a=blocking
f36e81d4d60dc115d49219fa5cc0841e5d2cedbbJonathan Kew — bug 633322 - testcase. r=roc a=test
fcf6c9b3bd7d797f825fd44ca33c39ff5f5eb26dJonathan Kew — bug 633322 - ensure GetDetailedGlyphs() is not called when glyph count is zero. r=roc a=blocking
43a8f82dfb3de98c12e6c8606899faa9cdf9ed29Raymond Lee — Bug 625920 - Panorama: display of the lower part of character like g, j or p (in the title tab) is cut [r=ian, a=dietrich]
de0d135053fcb4f77d661f17eef3aed1e700ee86Raymond Lee — Bug 623911 - First tab in stack changes when expand button is opened and then closed [r=ian, a=dietrich]
79266a9bfbeb20fad38c272af9f812c7dada219eRaymond Lee — Bug 590563 - Manually restored tabs are not shown in the main browser view [r=paul, a=dietrich]
fa4b85882789544fc629e5e6c2e931e216030809Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 631747 - Minimize DOM manipulation on startup/TabItem-creation [r=ian, a=dietrich]
6b6e30659dabbbc4d2cc232174700c11a985b69cVivien Nicolas — Bug 629038 - Disabling reflow zoom requires a browser restart; r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
ee6b0aab1d3f9dd048aa58235908ba983e80297aSean Dunn — Bug 632280 - Remove NS_NOTREACHED occurrences near nsCacheEntryDescriptor.cpp:686; r=bzbarsky,khuey a=bsmedberg
2a4dc060de2bcc01445af964318aeb7ab9338f8eFrank Yan — Bug 592676 - (Tabs On Bottom) Add border and gradient to lower toolbars section. r=dao a=blocking2.0-betaN
8364986ccb9fc159f14931deaeefeadba29f3d39Frank Yan — Fix comment typos. a=comment-only
36c9d7639a7c98283ec7d7bdc6642735cad5cd56Frank Yan — Bug 624129 - Make maximized windows w/ many tabs easier to drag. r=dao ui-r=shorlander a=blocking2.0-betaN
ad2df327c3c37c1419fffe4a2faa353188e41dadJonathan Kew — bug 633500 - fix invisible text by not using proxyFontEntry that has been destroyed when all sources fail. r=jrmuizel a=blocking
b59521d4350dbe52544fde1b9a8dd127a3548f78Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 626768 - Add a runtime-abort for recursive layout module initialization, because it is somewhat likely that bugs of this sort could cause the later runtime abort where the cycle collector cannot get the JS runtime service r=bent a=blocker
1ae724a3a54657ffd9b1db8fe73047cc5fdf1013Chris Leary — Merge backout on TM tip to mozilla-central. (a=blockers)
6f18793cdbe2141b92243d821261738252c6332bAndreas Gal — Backed out bug 633409.
987efc5f8ba795a48b4072a3ca53ed80aad4a617Chris Leary — Merge tracemonkey and mozilla-central. (a=blockers)
38536e8a21942e9eac2c9267fd6183e598c869a2Igor Bukanov — bug 632003 - var declarations should ignore prototype properties, r=jwalden
94e3767a268d01f67a107c3bf97fbb6036d31babAndreas Gal — Don't reuse native iterators if delete mutated them (bug 633409, r=dvander).
8c7a2550e7614afe9a840624a6875d00d7157053David Anderson — Fix handling of SETGNAME IC on ARM (bug 627486 part 3, r=cdleary).
bc906595cef3b3e19e948b96f8399c861c0b6cb7Ginn Chen — Bug 633048 32bit Firefox failed to start on a machine with 16GB memory r=gal a=gal
0c7b2e76db077b6e56adc25101c369077c3c19f4Steve Fink — Backout 1b55728f51ad (bug 633016) due to leaking jsdScript objects
2d60ba7e95a18c18f6b4149e16fc85844abd44a7Steve Fink — Bug 632544 - JSD_GetJSFunction can return NULL (r=dmandelin)
02be97f9ef0dd3dc13f3eaeb982bc82fedbab608Luke Wagner — Bug 627954, part 2: ensure nsXPCConvert::VariantData2JS et al are in the correct compartment (r=mrbkap)
d518bc36d7b4cc29b072902efe0b2fa3d4b7b4deLuke Wagner — Bug 627954, part 1: take out unnecessary compartment hack (r=gal)
1b55728f51ad6428b1d3ee631eef5f98354b82fcSteve Fink — Bug 633016 - Notify debug hooks of script lifetime when pulling script from the eval cache (r=luke)
9ecbccbaff7b072e37b10c8bffb74c468895d905Andreas Gal — Fix bad assert in CallJSNativeConstructor (bug 633043, r=luke, a=NPOTB).
9f5cce1a629e3d5b8ed12a2b6650637fed5abbb9bent mozilla — Fix DEBUG_CC (bug 615058, r=gal, a=NPOTB).
c6465659390620d1ffceed0e2279cae58f5dc536Ben Turner — Backout 10ebc5ea11ac due to test failures.
85610aaf53cc46e1ea12718040f53fe3fc4faf9cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 631139 - Put Shape::numSearches and Shape::table in a union. r=brendan, a=sayrer.
10ebc5ea11ac28b232ba48f562e23e6a4b3e0ad7Ben Turner — Bug 614347 - 'XPConnect-wrapped JSObjects must clear their gray bit when they are handed out'. r=peterv+gal, a=blocking.
48dbd9752e5e725f8ae3d1f1d99bdd9e615d2ab0Jim Blandy — Bug 537873: Add 'strict' argument to setters defined throughout Firefox. r=brendan
cae0570a5c4ce7b265b8edd0b10dad3a7e34033fJim Blandy — Bug 537873: Throw errors when strict mode code assigns to an array's length and the truncation would delete non-configurable elements. r=brendan
4b56bfdf61a79a0f0fd896aa7970c48f40195363Jim Blandy — Bug 537873: Add a 'strict' argument to C++ property setter functions. r=brendan
5625f3beded999f92fbbc1fa0fe60574432df4f0Jim Blandy — Bug 537873: Use the standard JS_PropertyStub for setters of typed arrays' read-only properties, not a Jsvalification of the getters. r=brendan
26c98c344fab9f49954cadb0cfdeef262bf24478Jim Blandy — Bug 537873: Re-enable tests for assignments to array lengths in strict mode; add new regression tests. r=brendan
b1f6d5fcafdbdd6bea97bb2a1a18514845ea51c1Jim Blandy — Bug 537873: Avoid writing past the end of ScriptObjectFixture::uc_code. r=jorendorff
d7a159f63e1abf43e7081dc310f14cf22e701fbdJim Blandy — Bug 537873: Make --enable-methodjit-spew work in non-DEBUG code. r=brendan
5d5615e83c8d11103778b1e94421d063b4a1a349Jim Blandy — Bug 605295: Return boolean values from JSStackFrame::computeThis, not random stuff that converts silently to bool. r=waldo
42063595d1865b4a7b44b381dd481b5e81cc45d1Ben Turner — Backout bug 614347 due to test failures
050d216ec2a2699c9f9d6adbc512a07d11797f56Ben Turner — Bug 614347 - 'XPConnect-wrapped JSObjects must clear their gray bit when they are handed out'. r=peterv+gal, a=blocking. Bustage fix.
bfadd87432812ff131a3980ed4c2b75c7fe92959Ben Turner — Bug 614347 - 'XPConnect-wrapped JSObjects must clear their gray bit when they are handed out'. r=peterv+gal, a=blocking.
1121f56087a8924f6b9fb283d2136c2fea66fb0dDavid Anderson — Split up MIC structures (bug 627486 part 2, r=cdleary).
410fe81fff16b4bd8eac4ddec775439a15166f02David Anderson — Fix global set ICs with branded global objects (bug 627486, r=cdleary).
87dc60c12d2499d6abe7a66510687ab9048dfd66Steve Fink — Bug 628758 - Various compartment and request fixes for JSD (r=luke)
d07aab3b3b7c6be1d548a9388586a78cee358485Olli Pettay — Bug 630947, run GC more often before CC, r=gal, a=blocker
ae1e00dc43b72194fd3efb40264497a1ac75db0eJason Orendorff — Bug 628334 - TM: In the special case where o.x=v re-creates a deleted watched property, give up tracing rather than assert. r=gal.
3d78bfa161eb328b860b3b157f9015e760242c38Jason Orendorff — Bug 629968 - Patch SunSpider performance regression. r=brendan, a=sayrer.
fe7ffea4dda103a71d25dc6fa432fec317fb2d0dChris Leary — Follow up fix for bug 626361.
662d6b3a0f873a467f8d0b07096f9733ae71372fChris Leary — Bug 626361: Reserve space for call/equality ICs. (r=dmandelin)
53763d7e9e5445228c284b4a812c70ebb32ec5adNicholas Nethercote — Fix test broken by bug 630456 (NPOTB).
7f471033a507b14f5784fbc5c9f8b1bf102ebdedSteve Fink — Bug 632314 - Clean up ephemeral stack frames (r=timeless)
9b510ceacb9d7b7a461b272aa622de54c6e7cf07Andreas Gal — Expose console and InstallTrigger as content objects (bug 631225, r=dtownsend).
cffa2568bcb0cbf706411afa09a7b0b87e417dd2Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 630456 - Convert objects to dictionary mode less aggressively. r=brendan, a=bz.
3b23b4d5ed13c04816820acead0f94976c9848eeDavid Mandelin — Bug 632206: remove unneeded rooting, r=lw
e8c23ad47a571906e94ab1ef5894ab8d8691dc5aAndreas Gal — Back out bug 631225.
6f74c581ca1ec14e0aa26080769b7324f6b85b41Andreas Gal — Fix syntax error in bug 631225.
808734375cf40692de16947a9ba13acb96365867Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 631788 - Assertion failure: unexpected constantly false guard detected, at jstracer.cpp:4444. r=dmandelin.
dbafcb4a113efe0420e8720a0cc059a723284608Andreas Gal — Expose console and InstallTrigger as content objects (bug 631225, r=dtownsend).
985782685741285a144c42603dbc4b2845425308Andreas Gal — Don't lose getter/setter attribute in default proxy set handler (bug 631488, r=brendan).
a312e5730b2d2fa6a07c1ba8019f85b16db36c2bBlake Kaplan — Finish backing out bug 631225
b490110146ad9ca3f8ea7cfee3c201489da54ef2Blake Kaplan — Backed out changeset e706761cecfd due to mochitest orange.
c05d5ba43182b34abda034c1f81c48eda639c1dcBlake Kaplan — Bug 615834 - get rid of annoying build warning. r+a=merge error
a46dd602c30da01ebf9e7b1fbcf39189df8eccbfDavid Mandelin — Bug 631082: assume functions defined or seen in generators escape, r=brendan
e706761cecfd6dc45873104823f4a1753c7bed72Andreas Gal — Expose console and InstallTrigger as content objects (bug 631225, r=dtownsend).
05365e5ff01bcaadef260f85d25349cfef4ae4f1Bill McCloskey — Bug 629817 - Add an AutoShapeVector to root shape vectors on the stack (r=luke)
04bdab03a775ddb21759cdb2023559812dcd006cGregor Wagner — Bug 631969 - gc_per_compartment option does not work. r=gal
8dce5143d6641d4fefc230dc791b141aa03e8284Jacob Bramley — Reserve IC space in CallICs, and increase the RESERVE_IC_SPACE size. [Bug 627783] [r=cdleary]
d7605f155d76222d5b94aa6f4bb378f9670a62b7Nicholas Nethercote — Move a test into the right place (NPOTB).
b57524d6706fb12b93479c2692942fedab500ec0Brian Crowder — Bug 633533: fix warnings in android/nsAppShell.cpp, r=blassey, a=blassey
da205ca44184423469d158c3d5e0d41d4b6e70e7Justin Wood — Bug 633423 - Checksum generation (build/ needs to open files in binary mode for correct checksums, r=khuey f=nthomas a=beltzner
47cbe0ba759c977963944bcbd5529ff7ece71592Nochum Sossonko — Bug 608191 - Fix dochsell assertion caused by not forwarding relevant nsGlobalWindow functions, r=bzbarsky a=jst
409d5db222eb301d18f955d39c399be4ec586021Olli Pettay — Backout Bug 630932, a=backout, we need Bug 614347
ae4835ed620101db48c46975423631a6f3dfcf8cSerge Gautherie — Bug 604129 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-chrome: "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL / test_crash_submit.xul / EventUtils.js, line 60: aTarget is null"; (Bv1) s/ok(true/todo(false/ when test plugin is not OOP.
6d6899c557cf7ac2a985cb6f9a295906c932527dSerge Gautherie — Bug 604129 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-chrome: "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL / test_crash_submit.xul / EventUtils.js, line 60: aTarget is null"; (Av1a) Skip this test on Seamonkey ftb.
447d780336cc31b944e9bdf3d6ae043316732586Marco Bonardo — Backout Bug 631059 due to m-oth failure a=orange
ef3ae7438c762aaa9f4299b2ddfcc30c3a352eacgal — Bug 630932, change CC/GC scheduling, r=smaug, a=blocker
91debd04e05e4db62f2215e3741a221651606f08Alexander Surkov — Bug 631068 - Accessible recreation breaks relations, r=davidb, a=final+
5062cd0282a677c7bb4538ea5992b0faac268cc4Alexander Surkov — Bug 633483 - don't update children of container for dependent content that has an accessible, r=davidb, a=davidb
2e5aced41e8d230547fb162ad804900cfbdf6b17Alexander Surkov — Bug 631772 - Hashtable recursion assertion with nsDocAccessible on the stack, r=davidb, a=davidb
57157294fb52c46e25426d69f0e430a1610f657fBlair McBride — Bug 631059 - Creating a FunctionType pointer instance from a JS function can fail.
5485a9335191b43060eaaf149728da28e75af1d9Ms2ger — Bug 633481 - maxlength doesn't work on about:home.
584a654b4be6329583ec32856c7a38a8f5c8b546Henri Sivonen — Bug 620106 - Allow chardet (if enabled) reload the page during load. r=sicking, a=blocking2.0-final.
8013e7a30984388b47a3f980088417c3e76ecf75Jonas Sicking — Bug 633414: Update cursor properties to latest spec. r=bent a=jst
231109adff314e22557f1f6504608ef16777e09cJonas Sicking — Bug 629982: Attempt to fix crashes due to too deep DOM trees by making GetBaseURI non-recursive. r=jst a=blocker
69e9525dff19aeeb1344eb92b132d9da17fcf296Jonas Sicking — Bug 583889: Prevent scrolling from leaking information. r=dbaron a=blocker
1ed3464aaa92e923090738fd53120ef2d0413dd5Brian Birtles — Bug 628888 - Ensure external documents loaded after page show get page show update - tests; r=dholbert; a=roc
65938282acdbf127a3874d9068b19bcbcb1d83fcBrian Birtles — Bug 628888 - Ensure external documents loaded after page show get page show update; r=dholbert, bzbarsky; a=roc
c76d7a190b12ce5130d1c1035b31b3d55ec5603dAndreas Gal — Don't lose getter/setter attribute in default proxy set handler (bug 631488, r=brendan). a=blocker
8d2ed27ac04a23199e1226f6575a1c3e178f5e92Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge places with mozilla-central. a=blockers
8930fec7d1c6828c7b7819736bd7b0ea63dc1b45Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge follow-up fix for bug 631891. a=crossweave
b7c66defe2818ac2c1ee323c8f8414003e9f4200Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 631891 - Determine GUID immediately when URIs are about to be deleted. r=rnewman a=crossweave
ded3773978117b307326be642c4a48242ea0995dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 631891 from fx-sync. a=blocking-final
74db19f6be874cd0b2e7e44af98a70f44a1ff61dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 631891 - Don't spin the event loop in a history observer. r=mconnor a=blocking-final
36ba0ce7bdb9d6e6f8209a9026cad74e7e8b4ba5Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 629664 from fx-sync. a=orange
6c2446bf14ee9fb1aaa5eb40903fedc3cd242c73Richard Newman — Bug 629664: Sync: only register engine once in checkServerError test, amongst other things. r=philiKON
fd42b5a411aa106e74039bf1b33d4f9c24ae323aRichard Newman — Bug 629664: Sync: improve checkServerError tests. r=philiKON
935706ff9e55464d340ec438d42a858a23078097Phil Ringnalda — Bug 631841 - Move Valgrind suppression files into mozilla-central, r=ted, a=test
71d5d43ff9efad479d09ac75ac9e667079fd0c8cBrian Birtles — Backing out bug 628888, changeset e3a645b56973 and changeset 4327761b6350 due to failing test, a=bustage
4327761b6350c79e9dfe8f7f85486ee55367d091Brian Birtles — Bug 628888 - Ensure external documents loaded after page show get page show update - tests; r=dholbert; a=roc
e3a645b56973747738f34b0af1b54a014c292342Brian Birtles — Bug 628888 - Ensure external documents loaded after page show get page show update; r=dholbert, bzbarsky; a=roc
e8477acc9c3d613e64ec38f9b4e676993332bce0Mounir Lamouri — Bug 629845 (2/2) - GetRoot() returning null isn't unexpected. r=ehsan a=blocking-final
206db5f72ebb1a867dbf4704a755ac380abc4469Mounir Lamouri — Bug 629845 (1/2) - Don't make nsHTMLDocument::EditingStateChanged fails if BeginningOfDocument fails. r=ehsan a=blocking-final
5a9359bc00f6d4b7e829d6818624421c2e268468Mounir Lamouri — Bug 632428 - Update tests. r=dolske a=tests
23703ec8b73b04eede597ba02d20e645adae95a4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 632428 - r=smaug,dolske a=blocking-final
644c022a65e0fbdb6f19ff0c32ab37db0d65421cWalter Meinl — Bug 632989 [OS2] restore the default behavior when hovering over menu; r=daveryeo a=NPOTB
2a54ec4899eda2b771421eaa26bde7dc7ed13cfaDão Gottwald — Bug 633195 - Overflowing tab bar jerks around when selecting the add-ons manager; r=fryn a=dolske
fd3209b6c4df7a65d0aa605dc9beb6041a351247Dão Gottwald — Bug 624470 - Dark pixel sticks out when tabs are in title bar on Windows XP; r=shorlander a=doslke
8665df09de8bcc9c7c96711a8c11fde6538b0b13Anthony Ricaud — Bug 589219 - [OS X] Update Close Buttons Appearance; f=fryn r=dao ui-r=shorlander a=dolske
722013f84d1f80353fb8e8fc0ad1725f000f16dcMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 618854 - Make Panorama group highlighting more visible [rs=gavin, ui-review=faaborg, a=gavin]
9e8f138a8b9e73a1e350ef6b77932230d228a06aRobert O'Callahan — Bug 633040 - [regression] Text rendering looks scaled; r=cjones a=blocking-final/fennec
5c77943a504d44f99c6a694e2f9fc0aa913f485bDão Gottwald — Bug 631812 - URLBar broken on certain themes; r=gavin a=blocking-final+
0a3f2dd6870f9f4803c9a9c74313eaf700a8bc10Vivien Nicolas — Fix spurious NS_WARNING by adding missing return. (Bug 632802) r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
3268bdbd64c4edc0d86e2cab9511713f83046b09Robert O'Callahan — Bug 622542. Remove unused FrameLayerBuilder::InvalidateAllThebesLayerContents API. r=tnikkel a2.0=blocking
502b2bea2c4de2b2a7d96ae40c18c38ccbb44fe0Mats Palmgren — Bug 629823 - Assert that the root view size is in sync with the pres context visible size. r=tnikkel a=roc
0a9069e1e1b8335db1b4b32c6ef0a8565707e999Mats Palmgren — Bug 629823 - Use the right view manager for the parent view. r=tnikkel a=roc
a28d7d3ce0f0e8ade62d477559fc9ae14f3a16d3Mats Palmgren — Bug 631337 - Cannot resize the window using the corner resizer when body is position:relative. r=roc a=blocking2.0:final
00678ee61f4ab5f211b1fad940c76e3f8c7c77acJono S Xia — Bug 604253 followup, fix for Firefox 3.6. r+a=dtownsend
346e58464d3ddbebcd309ba1cc0486f2dc3a3493Marco Bonardo — Bug 631257 - Only default snippets are styled in Firefox Start Page design. r=gavin a=blocking
9e27e7d046990bc40b502e5710aadeed7799cfedMehdi Mulani — Bug 630276 - Closing full-screen windows does not restore menubar/dock on Mac. r=joshaas,mstange a=blocking2.0
83a0538956cc3fa842c7e786670a07417e875409Mehdi Mulani — Bug 632994 - When previewing personas, tab bar jitters. r=bz a=blocking2.0
3ce0b8db2ebb198ff7b46304fe670c05738c7126Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 336091 - Initialize the out parameters of nsEditor::GetStartNodeAndOffset correctly; r,a=roc
7573d51778309110084e9cde781e0a27ab7c43a6Ehsan Akhgari — Tests for bug 632215; r=roc a=blocking-final+
3eaad34067e4003449252176acfb893b613c5e33Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 632215 - Make the caret ignore -moz-user-modify if we ask it to immediately, instead of waiting for the next caret paint timer; r=roc a=blocking-final+
05e6ab25d30415dd7ab87423053abbb58126dc14Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 633210 - Single hyphens are marked as spelling mistakes; r=smaug a=beltzner
8272387621cf8f562bc4feb97443f757ab4bc98cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 624452. Report the menu background as opaque if theming of it is not supported so it gets subpixel AA. r=roc a=blocking
8379db2b16d29f75ca825e2184275eab134f990eBas Schouten — Bug 628173 - Part 2: Update CanvasLayerD3D10 to match D3D9 style. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
d1c5def46796203e45f690aa1047283c09bb4aa9Bas Schouten — Bug 628173 - Part 1: Update CanvasLayerD3D9 to respect surface content type. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
53d06f07a4d2bacb18a217d243973d97eafdd7caDave Townsend — Bug 630575: Properly distinguish soft and hard blocked items in the update pings. r=Unfocused, a=gavin
75663a5ad23e7a34e514b4f12d7f2c6d21cd0717Margaret Leibovic — Bug 590744 - Add an edit sub menu to the Firefox menu [r=dao, a=blocking-betaN]
18b846f059d1ba76d856dafc5617d0ea24e1b659Margaret Leibovic — Bug 587587 - Always dismiss popup notifications when they are hidden, and add "removeOnDismissal" option to show() [r=gavin, a=blocking-betaN]
cc3f910bf168dfe71efe1bba8acc7b270ffd7bb0Axel Hecht — no bug, update shipped-locales for Firefox 4 Beta, a=NPOTB, DONTBUILD
7698f12bbe7d92ca94e150ab94e2571cc1326773Jonathan Kew — bug 499292 - hide fallback text for a short time while a font downloads. r=jdaggett a=beltzner
98cf4955a4b59b9c2dca36637b5b456645c88c35Marco Bonardo — Bug 632411 - Huge context menu pops up when right click after selected text in sidebar web page.
afb62e95311a2ca29ccf89087591461fdd1f4ddbDietrich Ayala — Bug 630634 - After uninstalling restartless add-on, empty add-on bar reappears on next restart (r=mossop, a=blocker)
221893d96b9383130bb9d0820d1e6511eca0fdf8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 625672. Part 2: Build temporary layer manager to render inactive layers after we've recomputed visibility. r=tnikkel,a=blocker
216a0dd9c4c309d9fa6474cc4a10a3e9f0b707c8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 625672. Part 1.5: Make layer managers silently do nothing when ending a transaction with no root layer. r=bas,a=blocker
4ef484b5eca66f3f753f76f9954fd96cc96d7e51Robert O'Callahan — Bug 625672. Part 1: Fix scrolling tests to actually test stuff correctly. r=dbaron
1431568b3e1b2b4b5f122c2c5d4815278b0b4ae5Robert O'Callahan — Bug 618722. Test.
84cebd5b0f9317a305a7ab732ae834a5ab1367a9Robert O'Callahan — Bug 618722. background-attachment:fixed display items rendered via temporary layer managers can't have their scrolling taken care of via the layer system, so make sure we invalidate them when we scroll in their document. r=tnikkel,a=blocker
199cb628255440c7016a41284b14226160fa38dbJonathan Kew — bug 631035 part 1 - optimize storage of DetailedGlyph records. r=roc a=blocking2.0
f00a192644fd191747dd9cb62a890b709ff53ec9Daniel Holbert — Bug 632754: Annotate svg-as-an-image reftests that fail on d2d as 'fails-if', not 'random-if'. r=roc a=tests
1f8628fd5547e98345a17f01bbbb631a44853331Timothy Nikkel — Bug 597774. Make sure to invalidate when inserting the root view of a document when it is coming out of the bfcache. r=roc,bz a=roc
2ba4709dc2cea19a2ce1e747596f07db0256da6cTimothy Nikkel — Bug 629587. Don't try to scroll based on scrollbar attributes if they represent the current scroll position. r=roc a=blocking
fc119d5000e58dcb29a0296e56fcf7f0e1f4c490Stephen Horlander — Bug 596412 - Make close buttons easier to see on tabs w/ dark colored thumbnails. r=ian a=sdwilsh
f2a249b46e43e275b7cad2e73ced74082c3660acDão Gottwald — Bug 631698 - remove bogus 1px border below active app tabs (w/ tab overflow, Aero Glass, no DirectWrite). r=fryn a=dolske
cd52999e29c797af5ec4c52f98d822b8bbcc122bJono S Xia — Bug 617393: Extend support for major release input submission methods on desktop firefox feedback addon. r+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
8632f4e089e0df18b8cf162ef24645d206b3cb30Josh Aas — Bug 556873: Fix bugs in our secure input implementation for Mac OS X. More reliably enable and disable secure input mode. r=masayuki a=jst
4c1592ca2a7f837b1b3da6c7e759eda416179e38Dave Townsend — Bug 631974: "Finished the undefined study" for a study with empty results. r+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
1e84be857e9ee20e07a4f18efd9ae053dc2e461fJono S Xia — Bug 551716: Need a way to remote-kill studies. r+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
8728536ebec376168bec86580c865fa6c199a2cdWes Johnston — Bug 632170 - Download files to public area on Android [r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec]
b3db908c1b8742244b989b3e80dd5ed14844ca33Justin Lebar — Bug 622088 - Make XHRs' referrers reflect changes to document's URI from history.push/replaceState. r=sicking, a=bz
85edf194b4617e2b9a5e75316474d16d77da4344Justin Lebar — Bug 594223 - Don't call searchFunction unnecessarily in MatchAutoCompleteFunction::OnFunctionCall. r,a=sdwilsh
835b80d17417334a4ca6780c5c7500df82b0cf77Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 630697 - Set WindowProc using the unicode functions in plugin hook procedures. r=jmathies, a=final.
fc87245c91c0c0017d47206e20a60cb10e38e781Jim Mathies — Bug 594821 - Sync update top level windows when they are first shown. r=roc, a=final.
c49735ad9fa0392796e35eb91ee2ff1cf4044b75Mark Finkle — Bug 632037 - Optimize more for speed and less for size [r=blassey r=cdleary a=blocking-fennec]
2e453fece8c93927d04b5815f31d815ab7489c0aBrian Smith — bug 629090: Prevent g^x mod p == 1 in Sync J-PAKE. r=mconnor and r=philipp. a=blocker
e5a6c1fb7e36baef715a6f47eea0f324a8b55741Doug Turner — Bug 630364 - followup to preserve mime info. external application handlers do not honor warning preferences. android-only r=blassey. a=blocking-fennec
c1fce77c84d8b618e99e0c485c376158bd12e68dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 631992 - Status panel: make overlink values left-to-right regardless of the locale direction. r=dao a=gavin
5c3e3621f86eaf257e726af6c0d1e6767abcb7d7Dão Gottwald — Bug 631298 - Status panel: use min-width for loading status messages only. r=gavin
f323dcb530a21b5f975261b079291ea14273b0b2Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 355178 - Part 3: Work around the reftest failure by turning spell checker off; r=roc a=test-only
35437a194bbc45147509a905c9b1846b6c4150dcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 355178 - Raise the maximum spell checked word length to 130 letters; r=smaug a=beltzner
1db71fcbc712ce073a277e778caf51172da9c857Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 355178 - Don't break words on hyphens before passing them to hunspell, as it can handle word breaking on hyphens on its own; r=smaug f=Pike a=beltzner
60c07d9278f7fbf1e70aab64ed0c2c970ed709eaPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 609160 - Wizard header labels should wrap. r=Enn a=blocking-final
5aeac0739b23fa3b6179b445d8ae3bd5cd4330e4Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 631918 - Sync Now can briefly block the menu when not logged in. r+a=mconnor
3731800e5808f4bf7ff7f2effa0ee5a3b25c90bcPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge places with mozilla-central. a=blockers
8b769086fb66c54ed35bb95561df89fa76ea2fedPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge bug 632417 from fx-sync. a=blocking-fennec
8214fee0a3556f1c7d8be2558dc24c2e4e84f9c0Benjamin Stover — Bug 632417 Use mimetype hint for JSON in sync. r=philikon a=blocking-fennec
8af41fd791c1968442ba08fe244306e7a2de5457Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge fx-sync. a=blockers
8d179f565e1bd9dea506bbb6734efd71db637fb9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 631001 - Password sync: apply records batched and in transactions to avoid fsyncs. r=mconnor a=blocking-fennec
80960bc75d8303248c91ccb8024348fd1fa59e5aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 631001 - Make password store tests more unit-y. r=mconnor
03a4afc83814764610a73cfbc4069b93b8e16fdbRichard Newman — Bug 628788: return more readily after processing GUID anno. r=mconnor
7aa0d4e79a8d5f9ddd296be792fa156514dd58c9Richard Newman — Bug 628788: copying a bookmark should yield a new Sync GUID. r=philiKON
7df11fdfc215f949a753af3f2a0b4efe9cd3bdaeShawn Wilsher — Bug 631403 - LoginManagerStorage_mozStorage should be able to deal with an existing transaction
91635b0b00e140d215fee43e94c382498cd5a911Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 632822. Hookup LayerManager ReportFailure to LogFailure. r=bas,a=ehsan
f03a3f52ea03efd4000f2f54cbb14bc4f03e9196Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 632611. Record failures in crash reports. r=ehsan,a=me
d4ebf3b5162f753e3bb7fd0a81e0406dcb8ad83bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 626994. Improve debug logging. r=ehsan,a=b
37e773ecc66f6a75b0e230149a5fb33297a4963bSerge Gautherie — Bug 627146 - Bookmark panel doesn't open in the correct direction in rtl; (Bv1) Remove the comment too.
e79e4e9768e6a9650ff6e88be1fd37675513844fUll Link — Bug 545634 - AIX failure to run configure script in js/ctypes/libffi; r=ted,dwitte a=bsmedberg
000682b4204a61fd6599c1d450c0f2c4a41e250dTaras Glek — Bug 632526 - Report startup time correctly; r=mwu a=blocking-fennec-b5+
e71960b6957c068088d74ee3cd0f5e16a38f6eb3Alon Zakai — Bug 610670 - Reuse a single puppet widget. r=bz,cjones a=blocking-fennec
128423281c995525d1e88ff458544b70446b6309Doug Turner — Bug 630364 - external application handlers do not honor warning preferences. r=blassey. a=blocking-fennec
787ec4f8b8062d6a3800c470d7194c41f11d36fbDaniel Holbert — Bug 614649, patch 3: Add new comprehensive reftests for SVG-as-an-image w/ no viewBox. r=jwatt a=tests
21ee3d8dfada1e24fcc1490ae4b8e0a9fcb1db3dDaniel Holbert — Bug 614649, patch 2: Tweak/repurpose some existing svg-as-an-image reftests, in light of their (intentionally) different rendering as a result of this bug's patch. r=roc a=tests
78ca7c8ec7bd0c5d782dd2be6a35d2a56ecea9a4Daniel Holbert — Bug 614649, patch 1: In SVG-as-an-image with no viewBox, use height & width attrs on <svg> to dynamically synthesize a viewBox. r=jwatt a=roc
36eb30154ca184d53b037a740e8c0c066dbe2d54Daniel Holbert — Bug 614649, patch 0: In SVG-as-an-image internals, rename "mNeedsPreserveAspectRatioFlush" & friends to "mImageNeedsTransformInvalidation". r=jwatt a=roc
0f10a0099dfc0f948c17e1669e1d04d781bebb3fDave Townsend — Bustage fix for bug 591905: Don't try to reload an already visible page. a=bustage
57cb22e845d41ce655e785b0a4dcbec2a77dc120Robert Strong — Main patch for Bug 621873 - Pin to taskbar when setting as default browser on Windows 7. r=jmathies, a=approval2.0
9bdc5192bd767abe5cc247281f71725a30edb954Robert Strong — NSIS plugin for Bug 621873 - Pin to taskbar when setting as default browser on Windows 7. r=vlad, r=jmathies, a=approval2.0
bfee8745b4bdc587bb1421138a4555a70a83d16eBenjamin Stover — Bug 630593 DocShell history gives NS_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY for useGlobalHistory r=bz r=sdwilsh a2.0=mfinkle
f910f72624e2eb22ee3de78699412cab9b73c786Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629878 - Followup to fix build bustage; a=bustage
5d3102a24ad18702f884cea45d8a3efaf4bb822cEhsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 558011; r=smontagu a=test-only
5fbd37417b22f5b5616bba46795a9478d1974b33Brad Lassey — bug 632908 - Java errors and crash on startup with Android 2.1 r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
855ac974c3c163645e874c9a264cdf2c5e110146Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629878 - Part 3: Test case; r=roc a=blocking-final+
c7327b618b343a9ba53be0976c2928652541118fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 629878 - Part 2: Do not scroll the selection into view when restoring the selection offsets for a text control after a reframe; r=roc a=blocking-final+
757171acb2a2068d32cfb57a1971d70dea73ffaeEhsan Akhgari — Bug 629878 - Part 1: Save the scroll state for text controls the standard way; r=roc a=blocking-final+
e328c3c411dfef768547a2cd8b1eea45674e42deEhsan Akhgari — Bug 632326 - Synthesize a Paste command instead of calling the internal goDoCommand in the test for bug 520189; r=roc a=test-only
3fd584ee8ed117b180f427b67ed411e88c5f61f1Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 540360 - Split the borderhandling-rules-border.html reftest into multiple individual tests to prevent it from failing intermittently; r=bernd a=test-only
d37fedadd4ec2028dd0fa933c19e74e2a4b88e0fFrank Yan — Bug 610080 - Border effect for tab overflow. [hardblocker] r=dao ui-r=faaborg a=blocking2.0final
e2c895fafa2718d66138ad7b060867fbf569d67bDave Townsend — Bug 591905: Update back/forward buttons correctly after inner-frame navigations. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-betaN
c99cefaa4c8e0cff713fd9ef3a30c5b11fc2eee3Dave Townsend — Bug 563912: Allow the tab key to only move to the items relevant to the selected extension. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
f089ccbe1893a1bebcc8daa518efd8b6b377f675seabld — Added tag SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_RELEASE for changeset f9d66f4d17bf. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
17affead8c092e0fd8c84991eff5f6d504100395seabld — Added tag SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_BUILD2 for changeset f9d66f4d17bf. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
548c6fb45f53cc846e7327a6ee8d260d0a9f197fMarco Bonardo — Backout bug 629799 due to reftest permaorange causing a=CLOSED TREE
62335c50673bca960c7542aab58f4f0950c01e21Marco Bonardo — Backout bug 626602, follow-ups and conflicting bug 631388 due to Win Tp4 permaorange causing a=CLOSED TREE
4215b25a76c227bd8cd94bd4de0e15bbfb86340cMarco Bonardo — Bug 631115 - Make about:home search field re-use autocomplete values from the old page.
731505d8842290e7e288f09591dfe3b0e37a0456Marco Bonardo — Bug 620522 - Make default add-ons snippet identifiable by AMO.
280e978fc6fb4c731728255a8bc9c70ded2adbeaMark Banner — Bustage fix for the bustage fix for bug 626602. Namespace statement is required, so just ifdef it for IPC builds. r+a=bustage fix
8e550551c79c3c3b829e618360a9c8a66fb94ec2Serge Gautherie — Bug 632408 - [SeaMonkey, Windows] mochitest-chrome: permanent "test_leaf_layers_partition_browser_window.xul | Leaf layers should form a non-overlapping partition of the browser window" failure, since landing; (Av1) Improve test code somewhat.
283fe70e1eb5d8726224631a1089907e68581f57Mark Banner — Non-IPC bustage fix from bug 626602 - unnecessary using namespace mozilla::plugins statement. r+a=bustage fix
1bb9a9e0348326c5c23d790eec91130936cc0668Chris Jones — Test for bug 623636. a=test-only
1c05e64aab5423ad08785b731b96139ccfaf12b7Chris Jones — Bug 632696: Silently fail if we can't allocate a white-background image. r=mattwoodrow a=bustage
fd0817e454feac162e709a0125967b65a76147fcMakoto Kato — Bug 627606 - Remove PGO hack on Win64. r=ted a=bsmedberg
a74a5384f005c6e95483ea7f0e2ae779d0260564Makoto Kato — Bug 625753 - 64-Bit Firefox 4.0b10pre Crash Reports [@ malloc_rtree_set ]. r=ted a=bsmedberg
c8d984f57dbd00dc62df36cd5d7f1dd554e491b0Jim Mathies — merge. a=backout
8ba0d8f0efb2b6e3a6a6b94c7b3984dcff36ba57Jim Mathies — Backing out Elantech patches (bug 593372) because they broke scroll wheel functionality. a=backout
62601280d25dc5c963460b20d45b124ad5bab703Matt Woodrow — Bug 632636: Initialize cond when we have needs-focus. r=cjones a=bustage
fa1a4b6abff0d357235b6e293dcba6aa1e592262Bas Schouten — Bug 612103 - Followup: Only report a failure when the call actually fails. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
c3a4a1970f6cf431770c315fd53d5480e7d42bc9Chris Jones — Bug 631388: Stop trying to center plugin images in their frames. r=roc a=a
a75cef6e752a983991dc8b127925cacb96ae3968Chris Jones — Some tests for bug 626602. a=b
a96c75dbc1518b048819170162ba2c9bec16cd40Chris Jones — Bug 626602, part 9: When possible, copy from a background to an opaque surface and have transparent plugins draw directly on the copied background, instead of doing alpha recovery or hoping plugins give us alpha values. r=bsmedberg,karlt sr=roc
9d3141affbe59260de88d44ce9696148a66b6d07Chris Jones — Bug 626602, part 8.1: Close the XDisplay to free the gfxXlibSurface DisplayTable, for the sake of leak checkers. r=karlt
fd046a4bbb19bf67bfe1157a874a9dc2e559ccd6Chris Jones — Bug 626602, part 8: Dig a tunnel from nsObjectFrame to PluginInstanceParent for background copying. r=bsmedberg sr=roc
580f6ff0b8249874f551545f00867621807e462cChris Jones — Bug 626602, part 7: Copy the impl of < and <= from nsIntSize to gfxIntSize. Sigh. sr=roc
9bb82d1b62a807d462d4fcfcc839277df9f63a04Bas Schouten — Bug 626602, part 6: Implement asynchronous D3D10 readback. r=cjones,jrmuizel
d9d905c76a3efced7d4b7ed0fa20cb5adb487c81Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 5: Implement ReadbackLayers for D3D9. r=bas
a4cc7836fc3c01edb27e5102cfb6f54cb84a6c13Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 4: Make the display items behind a plugin that needs readback be as visible as we can. r=tnikkel
f47bc2d59e5275bb85316aa7b1ee2d7a09010670Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 3: Hook up ReadbackLayers in nsObjectFrame. r=cjones
5300b2ae26ade1f858f4489eea872a82ebcf8485Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 2: BasicLayers implementation of ReadbackLayer. r=cjones
c7f068259a8ae0f6e4e0323e84ca7f52033d1066Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 1: Create ReadbackLayer API to enable collection of background pixels in a layer tree. r=bas,sr=cjones
0fc46487e027ddba0cfb4c72b13e6aac4eaccc8cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626602. Part 0: Fix header guards. r=bas
0903dd13cb784449bcfd706587d001964530f3ccChris Jones — Bug 629799, part 4: Fix alpha-recovery fallback on windows and try to use the SIMD path when possible. r=roc a=b
66459fa063f3b9dfb09557c3e1fcd982117159d7Chris Jones — Bug 629799, part 3: Ensure that SharedDIBWins are aligned well for alpha recovery. r=jimm
e9279a68304de8dc6f9419ea236ff49cebee7942Chris Jones — Bug 629799, part 2: Ensure that gfxImageSurfaces are aligned well for alpha recovery. r=roc
10677c174653cd94f8dea1783f1ea46cff737c7bChris Jones — Bug 629799, part 1: Add some helpers for aligning surfaces for alpha recovery. sr=roc
4c0ca7d630b9041f652f32f6f128d1ad4521bdd4Andreas Gal — Expose console and InstallTrigger as content objects (bug 631225, r=dtownsend). a=blocker
39a631a71d18da05227af7639f74e0112fa3dd44Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 632484 - Land feedback strings for stable releases as Firefox 4.0 strings; r=Mossop a=blocking-betaN DONTBUILD as this is NPOTB yet
52384369a8d479cecf829debe21e31be78cd8de0Honza Bambas — Fix bug 573043., a=blocker.
f34826051dd5351c58cb7c3b2d8d844c72c0c474Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Disable test on mac r,a=orange
682d008059c6740065fa388be1fe0ac47207cc4dMatt Brubeck — Bug 632490: Use a content-type hint in mozJSSubScriptLoader::LoadSubScript. r=shaver a=blocking-fennec
3872a1e4a8811c41dd444cdeed36e62b7a393b04Patrick McManus — Bug 632061 - Firefox 4 does not always properly handle HTTP/0.9 responses r=bz a=blocking-2.0
ca548ef9d8c653adddc82177befb141e27c8c35fPriit Laes — Bug 628222 - Add support for libnotify-0.7+. r=karlt a=joe
d2db6c6be747f9228e66b8d2b66d23c88dff2732Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 593372 - Part 4: Work around the Elantech v8 driver's erroneous message timestamps for zoom gestures (v2.1) r=jmathies a=blocking-final
0da0c99b690d1f222e5676d04706f8eeab93a332Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 593372 - Part 3: Always process mouse and keyboard events in the right order. r=:jimm
c0ee311faca1713c4e30d1dd1bb9916210e6c41eCameron McCormack — Bug 593372 - Part 2: Ensure that Elantech driver helper window doesn't prevent zoom gestures from working (v2.1) r=jmathies a=blocking-final
87fb25283d8d2ff4b2c6232d46278e93c7d8e159Cameron McCormack — Bug 593372 - Part 1: Add a hack for the Elantech touchpad so that three-finger swipe left/right performs a browser back/forward action instead of page up/down (v2.2) r=jmathies a=blocking-final
0625f07b31f5a8bdaf70d3c9acde21e3d4a8ba31Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Followup test fix to address the orange on OS X; rs=roc
b0dc575e0a12eee3924c92a33cafdadedc635aabJustin Dolske — Bug 627896 - tab-modal prompts should handle Cmd-. on OS X; r,a=gavin
fd47f7c9a3b8b2df660075db31126019c919de77Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 631607 - Crash while spell checking with French modern dictionary 4.0.3 [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) ][@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | mozalloc_handle_oom() ]; r=jst a=blocking-betaN+
33dc58befe48543c95e4a64e8ef3d677dad42eb0Dave Townsend — Bug 631440: Crash [@ nsDocShell::AddToSessionHistory] with pushState. r=bz, a=bsmedberg
46b44e59d2c5cdaf673f59659833ea0c2548e686Karl Tomlinson — b=631978 check old icon names first for bidi icons r=roc a=blocking-betaN+
00fcffcbd800a18d163e0c2012693d5341724eb7Karl Tomlinson — b=621962 modifiy comment to address review on patch in 57536671a363; a=comment only change which blocks a hardblocker!
37094ed97c9e82d2161c21f9edc6c2a0b97438abDan Witte — Bug 625496 - Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when Cookies is selected in Clear Recent History. r=ehsan, a=final+
2ff5b862446372b8eb2511427c148414ceef1d12Dan Witte — Bug 625497 - Clear Adobe Flash Cookies (LSOs) when "Forget This Site" is selected. r=ehsan, a=final+
d0ea866fef6e2b9b61e7dede3d5dd7d0e4a797e3Dan Witte — Bug 508167 - NPAPI additions for clearing recent history (e.g. for "flash cookies"). r=josh, a=beltzner
05752611dd994e978cf2ed81e08ce269a4a83e73Boris Zbarsky — Fix test description. a=DONTBUILD
db3e06f7018efefdccd1bbddb12c97d2a96fda6fPeter Van der Beken — Bug 623437 - restore for-in order of canvas methods (r=gal/peterv, a=jst).
b715a81bb7aaa2069838cf6a1bcaf5c7cf06e14cBoris Zbarsky — Bug 631352. Changes to @lang need to restyle all descendants. r=dbaron, a=blocker
0399ff8f614c598d722836b49ffcb56dfa6f6c59Boris Zbarsky — Bug 623437. Restore the relative enumeration order of arc and arcTo. r=peterv,gal a=jst
ee0596d83d99e22925f7a85ff792eb702bd05e34Boris Zbarsky — Bug 630465. Don't pretend everything is ok when allocating image surfaces failes. r=vlad, a=joe
ef4d491f9ba0fbece23448cfce69710e1d639680Margaret Leibovic — Bug 628805 - Add test for unstored sessionId to test_async_history_api.js and fix the way session ids are stored with places visits [r=sdwilsh, a=blocking-final]
175623f0113a5a428eb6950710bf3936bd3b5e9fMargaret Leibovic — Bug 628805 - Add tests for invalid referrerURI and invalid sessionId to test_async_history_api.js [r=sdwilsh, a=blocking-final]
0b4c13e87e5a2ff707882409661ec06e7f913085Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Part 5 - Add reftest for resolution handling. r=roc a=blocking2.0
15396f4b2b54a0987093169cb14fe9aa2ec1b0e5Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Part 4 - Add resolution handling to ThebesLayerD3D10. r=Bas a=blocking2.0
9feb4c4ae2e7d5fa195b12cfb538e8a07a017149Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Part 3 - Add resolution handling to ThebesLayerD3D9. r=Bas a=blocking2.0
acec86b21f5ee4b38145d92cc182a206be0e3299Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Part 2b - Add resolution handling to ThebesLayerOGL. r=joe a=blocking2.0
b0512b9a8c11ae974391a714753aca994857a391Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Part 2a - Add ScaleRoundOut to nsIntRect/Region. r=joe a=blocking2.0
5ed6c4935486d1aee52f9edcd96043b0fab86fb8Matt Woodrow — Bug 586683 - Part 1 - Add resolution handling to BasicLayers. r=roc a=blocking2.0
ffe65159d361f313c2f7dbf83e498acf112b0eddTimothy Nikkel — Bug 622818. Don't clip fixed backgrounds to the viewport if we are inside a transform. r=roc a=blocking
78778779f3706333863ffcbe44ff2b35a57fe5abTimothy Nikkel — Bug 624781. When converting from app units to pixels use an intermediate double to do the calculation so no precision is lost. r=roc a=blocking
a3a568807d829f04722d5bb9e2be1fa846f40058Alex Vincent — Bug 628470 - popup.xml#popup-base, hidePopup method throws exceptions for failed QI to nsIMenuBoxObject; r=enndeakin a=Mossop
18b96505628988dcaacdc095e648240b958884f1Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — [Bug 631868] Tab drift in TabItem_setBounds code [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
6f4c4e84943d63d7eaf3a1d0e8a56eb50da2c4aaMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 629189 - Rect.contains should be inclusive [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
d265cdc8c02c3c69335ec3506d057f30c53ebf5ftimeless — Bug 589488 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in storage; r,a=sdwilsh
4861b373c5630e3715ec1b93abb08556e3a00422Christopher Aillon — Bug 628252 - fails to compile against GCC 4.6, missing #include <cstddef>; r,a=roc
b1be334b5f1c544e38e1f7be41b310b7bf45720aDão Gottwald — Bug 632366 - Add a hidden pref for the overlink delay duration; r,a=gavin
25fd6de1de0de88b884e6248f3f2ff0db045160fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Trial fix for bug 620789 - Intermittent browser_bug581253.js | Test timed out followed by Found a tab after previous test timed out; r=mak a=tests
c8a7ff3b95437336abc9e0e412cf3fd1a3454667Ms2ger — Bug 620357 - Fix unused variable warning in nsZipReaderCache::GetInnerZip; r=taras a=mossop
a07bf48ebb0b40fa3f225b5e1cbd4cb4e2949386Geoff Lankow — Bug 627274 - "Automatic updates" should come before "Last Updated" in the detailed view of the add-ons manager; r=Unfocused a=Mossop
fb3786a7d988257da0f42c2b64d949b523a79789Michael Wu — Bug 595522 - Enumerate all prefs in defaults/pref, r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0
39959be42c6f52fc3e976d6826ad140896747dafPaul O’Shannessy — Followup to Bug 629485 - Show close window warning when closing the last window [r=gavin, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
152fe0de3c821983c5e42b9bbdacdff6606e6b9fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 573960 - Make the bordercolor attribute on table elements work again; r=bernd a=blocking-betaN+
791cca7bf97b95accfa1c4c72acb8b68a9c75d4ePatrick Walton — Bug 631598 - Use the system UI font for Panorama. r=dao ui-r=faaborg a=sdwilsh
3db48dc4454c8daa79c95253f82b42dd9f5a7332Dave Townsend — Bump Test pilot version for beta 12, no bug, rs+a=dtownsend DONTBUILD
08ce5cb2061f83dd189b0536c955573859f203e9Ginn Chen — Bug 591214: Fix test pilot styling on Solaris. r+a=dtownsend
a47344f024eeed4953a90e446eedfd3c0d609358Jono S Xia — Bug 604253: Decide which UI to show based on the update channel. r+a=dtownsend
025ec6dfef031b94a902f51abe53b1ec8022d563Anas Husseini — Bug 462064 - Download manager shows decimal digit for bytes when file below 100 bytes. r=edilee,sdwilsh a=mossop
8e716006f3970c8ac276f0da42287b6715ec1853Neil Deakin — Bug 627065, copy commands on context menu don't work on sidebar pages, r=dao,a=blocking
cd6e4e7241185d8ca1624e6583fc6a93355e9f99Markus Stange — Bug 631502 - Use an SVG filter for the pressed icon state in preferences windows and remove unnecessary icon images. r=dao, a=dtownsend
5cdf898ba382f6c31f677445619da33da20e7465Markus Stange — Bug 631339 - Disable OpenGL acceleration for popup windows in order to avoid the intense flashing on opening that started with the workaround for bug 603134. r=josh, a=blocking2.0:final+
5268e56c2b267c0e04712acfa741a046d4461fc1Jonathan Watt — Bug 631946 - SVG DOM lists should limit the number of items to the number they can index. r=roc, a=roc.
7f6b89af70745490e1baeddac84849290c062c27Jonathan Watt — Bug 631939 - New SVG list item DOM wrappers get confused if there are more than 256 items in list. r=roc, a=roc.
b25476c227531b9fd735c2beb039b77e95834e68Jacek Caban — Bug 631937 - Use case insensitive string comparison in TypeForClassID for clsid test r=bzbarsky a=jst
4d146de846b39ccdc6264ccf86902d0d1f89277aRich Walsh — Bug 561273 - [OS/2] Window Position Bugs r=wuno a=NPOTB
0a2e06927c31e412d9ceae42dbe5d429dd460b1aOlli Pettay — Bug 630947, run GC more often before CC, r=gal, a=blocker
e87ba550a5d7c9959bda68cf1e500532d33d0e5ctimeless — Bug 615842 - comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in ReadStrings. r=rstrong a=mossop
18cca558e0ff2c1354d972684b63090fc3739b54Dão Gottwald — Bug 631856 - sidebar splitter visible above new statuspanel. r=ehsan
e24d6f8127b2b044b34f51fa39daca04c4bd644fBrad Lassey — bug 631760 - don't hard code /data/data/<package name>, follow up r=me a=bustage
3470891975c7ff2cacb92c5c2a8f51dba94ae51eVladimir Vukicevic — b=632162; use correct flags on armv7 to enable VFP FPU; r=blassey, a=b
18ba9b350dec4a80a2238e803734e5c0e19db339Vladimir Vukicevic — Back out 6cfd4d2e due to maemo breakage. a=backout
6cfd4d2e8932478a2996516ae1451d7d6dbd56d8Vladimir Vukicevic — Bug 632162 - specify hardware vfp flags for armv7. r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec
26d3a5196a5e8f99f11db92c2e9887972d01dfd8John Daggett — Bug 629611. Fix file handle leak, compiler warnings. r=joedrew, a=joedrew
bb740aa9e48efd0003fbaed25f38aac72e5ecb53Johnny Stenback — Bug 631490. Fix compartment mismatch when dealing with certain types of global properties., a=blocker
622553a5c89dc7be9d73393e52c4d449ebc91dc7Alexander Surkov — Bug 626660, part2 - fix text diff algorithm, r=davidb, sr=neil, a=betaN
051f4dc0ca988b7d4bb47591b44a2ee5652e3034Brad Lassey — bug 627289 - "Exit" hard coded string needs to be localizable r+a=dougt
9f036ae7dd5d07b224f4a1c86027ee49091fc142Brad Lassey — bug 631760 - don't hard code "/data/data/<package name>" r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
70f37cb8fdde24eaf263e9be472a115df2b41a59Brad Lassey — bug 615519 - profile data should be stored on sd card when application is moved to sd card r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
7dce529f72b2b611f3d16de27713ede460ae64a5Brad Lassey — bug 611163 - Fennec doesn't start due a problem with "ashmem buffer" in DDMS, patch to add logging r=taras a=blockingfennec
dd1474517009c71fbb6a46e9c86f9c05c7aab5daDão Gottwald — Bug 631192. Overlay with status messages is misaligned with aero glass in non-maximized windows. r+a=gavin
3001bf0ba0a3e2cc46b864fd709128ff3c22a43cPhil Ringnalda — Bug 628974 - Make dom-level1-core tests load a local copy of instead of hitting the network, r=bz, a=tests
7e17f32c76e86b3fcf2913d82a55b891af06d87bRobert Strong — Bug 631840 - Remove nsProcess plugin and associated code since it is no longer used. r=jimm, a=approval2.0
36c70dd6a52944398115b641b0d162e5273f2c43Robert Strong — Bug 575266 - Mozilla Crash Reporter should not display all options but 'Close Window' - based on a patch from timeless. feedback=timeless, r=ted.mielczarek, a=approval2.0
34a452a19db1ccceed0a36b69338e66e09ac0adbRobert Strong — Bug 575296 - Firefox Update should show no options in the context menu (e.g. right click) - based on a patch from timeless. r=jimm, a=approval2.0
e8ab0b0ca15306e471bf19d794b9c32528be4c8aFelipe Gomes — Bug 616793. Fullscreen toolbars fail to show on mouseover after browser window is minimized and restored. r=jimm a=blocking-final
84921e24be9c926298a5743a882c7cee29aa760fPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 629485 - Show close window warning when closing the last window [r=gavin, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
d95c8766b4a8fc8f72661aac5e49478b78c376f8Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 630723 - Deferred session restore doesn't work with browser.session_restore.resume_from_crash = false [r=dietrich, a=gavin]
ed15fbc0f165e3a17f581d9f6b732c28fc227cc4Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 631336 - Advanced should be the last pane [r=dolske, a=dolske]
3249d9d62b58e34bb6e68c8e209e40d0491c68eeJosh Matthews — Bug 619559 - Make permission manager notify observers in content processes. r=dwitte a=jst
d21aa818cd7b469361d2415e09e9929fa55b3360Josh Matthews — Bug 622381 - Fail geolocation operations if we can't do cross-process operations. r=dougt a=jst
a4aadd1f8ce46752c7cfc1a498c6f115d7fffc59Josh Matthews — Bug 622479 - Ensure IME events don't try to use a destroyed TabParent. r=cjones a=b-f
165b354e3ec9d02049d5c3bd6ae62e799dd2acf6Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 617028. Expose graphics failures in about:support. r=ehsan,a=blocking
5ad8c0a9981c1fa34cf16b45c4fd89a9d0ff9ad0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 617028. Add example call to LogFailure when binding a buffer fails. r=mattwoodrow
acbcae89e653d0b790062d6bf621468a5e61bcaeJeff Muizelaar — Bug 617028. Add support for logging graphics failures. r=joe
136bf950ef2710bc31e58ef29d3f0260abd0a33fBenoit Jacob — Bug 630628 - fix comm-central build, thanks to Standard8 r+a=fix-comm-central
858e2e5520c7a6bee957ab57363ef98dafdeae5fBenoit Jacob — Bug 630628 - about:license changes to cover the bits of the DirectX SDK that we ship - r=harvey_anderson, a=blocker
8c58b6b17f7eacadf606ffc7ff642212d0182662Benoit Jacob — Bug 630628 - Extract d3dx9_*.dll and d3dcompiler_*.dll from DirectX SDK at build time, and ship them with the build - r=vlad, a=blocker
00f207cb2898ca9bc53835d110771a8d7780c488Brad Lassey — bug 614356 - default to next action hint for form inputs r=roc,masayuki,smaug f=volkmar a=blocking-fennec
366d47bce1287a11d28b56281d79d351fb8d2260Jory A. Pratt — Bug 623797 (2/2) - Check to ensure system cairo has tee backend support. r=jmuizelaar a=joe
a92182a3c71fe8f1db54c0c6c0c8aeef8f2dfe5fJory A. Pratt — Bug 623797 (1/2) - Work around new features that are not avaliable in system-cairo on linux. r=jmuizelaar a=joe
4e01315e79d3c2f46ccac0dfaeb1eab6849cdecbTimothy Nikkel — Bug 631848. Make sure to invalidate when removing the root view of a document when it is moving into the bfcache. r=roc a=blocking
973e68977fb0dac025cf3a28ea41c1a1a92018a3Simon Montagu — Disable OSX 32/64-bit restart mode in non-libxul builds. Bug 631564, r+a=Mossop
94d61f41b3b56642c96c2c64f5ab3560b9fc6350Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 620789 - Intermittent browser_bug581253.js timeout. Check _ignoreClicks.
42c5b5d520ccf4c4f288efdd6ebe17f1f62ea8bcBrian Carpenter — Bug 630479 - remove "advanced search" and "preferences" from Firefox Start (about:home).
49fde7346226453c7eedfd98c2538df0da0a4b55Jim Mathies — Bug 631932 - Respect global taskbar tab preview pref when exiting Panorama. r=Dao, a=blocking.
8660345ea10e9ff7e173aae361a4dc6fcd7ad0e5Neil Deakin — Bug 626403, scrollwheel not working after no printers dialog is closed, r=jimm,a=roc
bf732d3308db9998c25d60e1ad509d45a788af7eNeil Deakin — Bug 628157, ensure focus is set on print dialogs, r=jimm,a=blocking
88952ceddd0552e04e594aca15c57b6bb44ed525Asaf Romano (Mano) — Bug 580638 - App Tab closes with keystroke or middle click. r=dao. a=blocker.
e1fea09f31bf57ccdc9dbf4c259af74acfd8972bJim Mathies — Merge, a=backout
898e308926dc78f0777769608d8d7622badf934eJim Mathies — Backout bug 613037 r=Dao, a=backout.
e0b266ea525f755b3e68645728a913553d50f36fSimon Montagu — Mark failing reftest as random-if(cocoaWidget), a=bustage
4c62984f12d18cdcef8b7bdc531892bdc9492d04Simon Montagu — Bug 508816: remove browser workarounds. a=blocker
fffaf649c714022652ab544d854f3cd81d3ec33bSimon Montagu — Bug 508816 - layout patch
2609e7fdf1bfc3ca68fb0deaafdba6f293d1bdf4Simon Montagu — Tests for bug 508816, from dbaron and Enn
18a59f6f099be4ee334f3f8d363cb5d6d93a32fbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 508816 - Part E3: XUL and HTML reftests
71eb12acc8d3c63fded73c6dbd82e96c2a7a6e22Justin Wood — Bug 631493 - missing Firefox version in SeaMonkey's useragent string on OSX. r=khuey, a=NPOTB/khuey DONTBUILD
16cc18d74a8c43eb530479a72b2a3de028df81e4Boris Zbarsky — Bug 631682. Make sure to start background image loads for the root element when we compute its style and decide to construct a frame. r+a=dbaron
a02c6f4ffe4a0d3e14e14228f128f885c6acb91aChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (a=blockers)
8e517eae885d7c628b6c8bb42a08358f35127ba3Phil Ringnalda — Back out a26c9e7823e4 (bug 620291), didn't notice it was nanojit
a26c9e7823e42821968755cfde2424e44d58fc1ctimeless — Bug 620291 useless assert of free_block [@ CodeAlloc::free], r=gal, edwsmith
3a14243ea7277e9638a9e549516ca4755b1a5530Rich Walsh — Bug 560042 - [OS/2] Build break in js/src/jsgcchunk.cpp, r=gal
8003e273cd7e99530414ec09b39aadf0bb9dcfe7Walter Meinl — Bug 587369 - [OS/2] let YARR build on OS/2, r=daveryeo, gal
db8be4e3f373398ea980eb3c68de9860114c3a50Bill McCloskey — Bug 609104 - Move the property tree to the compartment (r=brendan)
c08656eb9e399f7256a289afc0ab25705c63a2fdJeff Walden — Bug 631098 - Ensure slow arrays always have a length property. r=brendan, a=b
a1a8cd4accba5128e33440ab7b7a49d09ec37fc8Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 630445 - JM: shrink JITScript by optimizing the representation of variable-length sections. r=dvander.
10df92bfb41443af53586fa5dc0d73fbad4e70d0Chris Leary — Fix --disable-tracejit build. (rs=Waldo)
13ddee17c69141e356ec0baca64629dfde31d352David Mandelin — Bug 631219: define property instead of setting it in ArgSetter, r=brendan
d461afeeae3def4eed95d55184296e3682540ff6Steve Fink — Bug 630471 - Enter compartment when creating XPC stack frame, before JS_PCToLineNumber (r=gal)
e8c7fea4eff36f732c1e4d9155d935c6c0fdce2dSteve Fink — Bug 629242 - Declare, error check for EnableSingleStepInterrupts (r=dmandelin)
fa29bac3f8583a4ae2176156130c2f40eea43e30Steve Fink — Bug 627758 - XPConnect should turn debugging off immediately, without waiting for a quiescent stack (r=dmandelin)
b647ff21bfed897b3f9f0c26821e3e407e7a2b0eSteve Fink — Bug 626830 - Allow JSD to turn on debugging when no JS code is running, not just when XPConnect stack is completely empty (r=dmandelin)
c56d2246df658acddcee5ef1b0b588f2cf3782d5Jason Orendorff — Add comments explaining how we cope with clobbering deep bails, and fix a small bug in one of the cases. Bug 627692, r=dvander. Second landing: new test case takes 100% less of eternity to run.
53403b41c153c5d68f042737076f9c77e99f9107Dave Herman — Bug 630735 - NodeVector is not GC-safe (r=jorendorff)
08bccc769e48b37862407e6014e589fd6276f056Bill McCloskey — Merge backout
bfab16ea5cdc90192ab37aea250660952333ac21Bill McCloskey — Backed out bug 609104 (csets ac3ba38f20c0 and 7717cabaf20c) (orange)
73efdea6fda017564243a2c5e23dc136fc487ceeJeff Walden — Bug 630746 - Implement --no-extensions, providing support for running only those tests which are pure ES5 and which use no engine-specific extensions. r=dmandelin
e518c56eaffd8536e9b5c6bc1080a12607c80ee0Jeff Walden — Bug 630770 - Correctly warn about duplicate parameters when the strict option is enabled. r=jimb
5f7eb378dac68f1444bd8747e11f0572bca4daa7Jim Blandy — Bug 629723: Don't include directive prologues when decompiling specific expressions for error messages. r=brendan
7717cabaf20ceee7452e21904629dad221723fe2Bill McCloskey — Bug 609104 - Fix nits
ac3ba38f20c083c8893a721aa0db2d11662d80a5Bill McCloskey — Bug 609104 - Move the property tree to the compartment (r=brendan)
6a5665476ee411e4317f6510430af813b3d85930Bill McCloskey — Bug 630288 - Reduce stack usage of MiniDumpCallback (r=ted)
17e52535ac5b93b3b6dd1cc4f0ab020b306c004dJason Orendorff — Sprinkle #ifdef JS_THREADSAFE so the non-threadsafe shell builds again. It was broken by 641a33d0932f (bug 626743).
641a33d0932fad734983c7e7158dac07af51098cSteve Fink — Bug 626743 - Set debug mode for all compartments in main thread (r=dmandelin, a=blocker)
a1cba95edcf98a66b32aa9f511c34622e2b51959Jason Orendorff — Test for bug 630543 - Constant folding should not assume `this` is truthy in strict-mode functions. Pushed at brendan's request; see comment 3 in the bug.
42bd70d77a863cbb6de76316d4dda13214db3d45Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8fbb8ff7a712 (bug 627692) on suspicion of causing orange
819776ea6cceedb3c54f8f464f5826150be86e4cPhil Ringnalda — Back out 252f0e61e918 (bug 630543) on suspicion of causing orange
3b3710520c0ebe07bd9f6a026c171e606f213f6cPaul Biggar — Bug 620850 (part 2) - don't run silentfail tests on OSX (which lacks ulimit support) (r=igor)
5b62b6dd7ec07dc1c63c1d529aae2f06d37e8276Paul Biggar — Bug 620850 (part 1) - mark slow tests as slow in the manifest (r=igor)
252f0e61e918001ac7bb93cb05e4c9b0387dba44Jason Orendorff — Test for bug 630543 - Constant folding should not assume `this` is truthy in strict-mode functions. Pushed at brendan's request; see comment 3 in the bug.
8fbb8ff7a71294fdc50845d494c55b46becae5dcJason Orendorff — Add comments explaining how we cope with clobbering deep bails, and fix a small bug in one of the cases. Bug 627692, r=dvander.
a2afd41ae041c6a967bd472e5ac86d7cbdad7dafDavid Mandelin — Bug 630533: fix minor OOM crash involving shapes, r=brendan
4cb688939afcdf0262f0c82ecca52685d350a221Jeff Walden — Bug 629187 - Strict mode keywords are accepted as argument names and function name for strict mode functions. r=jimb
f05154f8738c872d9461a277d0d1f2276cca80a2Andreas Gal — Enter compartment in AutoScriptEvaluate (bug 630243, r=jst, a=blocker).
6882211c4a80df43d9ea10904ac26ada8fbd4875David Mandelin — Bug 611652: clear values instead of scope when global window is cleared, r=brendan,enn,jeff,mrbkap,smaug
c97ba1410e59d3dbb500101ca08118fdf65b6b1bLuke Wagner — Bug 629974 - js_TraceObject doesn't need to mark past slotSpan (r=brendan)
f1afdc854d3fd0ca4bfb82fc4a9093ca4f33fc24David Anderson — Merge backout.
11238fb4caf3575eef1a3e5fbc823dcb55786db3David Anderson — Backed out changeset 54a515a97151
a4b132fe80298d2a2312762c8f93784517f5413dDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
884ece11403551ac0c3ceea021d05c34d2cf57a3David Anderson — Backed out changeset aa1cf1121a20
92a6b1ebfb9e56a8cc555ce95b2d9bfdf1103834Bill McCloskey — Bug 623297 - Fix profiler regression (r=dvander)
e510e0303de5870e875815f68835f6f67072d3f0Bill McCloskey — Bug 628332 - Fix tracedScripts memory leak (causing orange)
a7a3317dac326fe906fffe2f241968e901b66a84David Anderson — Fix incoherent PC in FixupArity failure case (bug 629650, r=luke).
aa1cf1121a203aac671b85ba308510976a9cf454David Anderson — Split up MIC structures to avoid bloat (bug 627486 part 2, r=cdleary).
54a515a97151625ed10eb2096546ee40bb3ce95eDavid Anderson — Fix global set ICs with branded global objects (bug 627486, r=cdleary).
01ab61f0066a3f16c6cbbd2d2ba465e5a551b550Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central to tracemonkey.
09a7b12700126bbb56e1f293c2f9e6ad158b2f9aLuke Wagner — Bug 628564 - Make sure we don't miss the AbortIfUnexpectedGlobalWrite check (r=brendan)
ee3a4f42994264ab290c27b3b07a96762e9b0de7Bill McCloskey — Bug 623297 - Make JS_TRACE_MONITOR more robust by distinguishing callers (r=gal)
c7e8f00451a52498cfcafc0dd48f49881873456eBill McCloskey — Bug 623297 - Reduce usage of JS_TRACE_MONITOR in jstracer (r=gal)
41e2276b9b788966daf00bab73b9acbb6aa1559cBrendan Eich — Remove JSOP_THIS case from Boolish to fix ES5 strict this-as-truthy bug (630543, r=me).
33e1b18c10d08e29e76f46a187b3dd219df44390Igor Bukanov — bug 619120 - patch from Wesley W. Garland to add run function to js shell + tiny fixes. r=jorendorff
df86b2068da5a62d03031d281ee4a69ed0d62142Igor Bukanov — bug 630039 - fixing JSScript size sgtatic assert. r=dmandelin
a6d56af51d69f383956fba7259d9c4695ae7ed12Andreas Gal — Disable jetpack service and unit tests (bug 629197, r=shaver).
77129ae5af5b311a8f47ca9b30c387d3d178834eChris Leary — Merge the backout head.
8db4bbd751d61343d2bda2d10802386d056eced7Chris Leary — Backed out changeset a4ec3ddcfc37 due to failure parsing manifest file.
87f62dc9eff2126a128417bef0d694fb814db330Jeff Walden — Bug 619283 - Built-in JS methods must not box undefined or null into the global object when called, both to comply with ES5 and to prevent inadvertent global object exposure to secure JS variants. r=dmandelin
28cbbdf03431e9007437a484dc94ca2e95a0b61fJeff Walden — Detabify js1_6/extensions/regress-312385-01.js for readability. r=tabsmustdie
bed5c6205a00a7219155e1668c85fec2165ef8b9async processingjs — Bug 620869 - Unexpected failure in JavaScript shell if snarf() is used (r=jorendorff)
03a9950994835c60fe37136ed41227371fe62fe2Paul Biggar — Bug 628332 - Don't double-free when a compartment is not properly allocated (r=billm)
f826d4d3bc532091fbc5bd6d53d0d0f5f0dcbbd4Paul Biggar — Bug 618337 - Fix incorrect error message (r=dmandelin).
a4ec3ddcfc37d4c8ee4eb8df74ef243af699fb3bPaul Biggar — Bug 620850 - don't run silentfail tests on platforms without ulimit support (aka OSX) (r=igor)
ea2b1b5e3837c0f98dd7a8ce381dbbf45f753b21Paul Biggar — Bug 625141 - Avoid overwriting used register in TypedArray IC (r=dvander)
2ce5e1843ce88e2b3d8e542c3789041195a85411Neil Rashbrook — Bug 630462 Tweak test to ignore about:blank pages harder r=Unfocused a=test-only
236989b3a807fafa2e1057f879da2fb89dcfa023Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 623129 - x86_64 NS_InvokeByIndex_P asm decl to reserve registers is not guaranteed to work as advertised; r=glandium a=shaver
025a5df6580136dc94067bb05177c4d5545582e1Ehsan Akhgari — Test case for bug 447749; r=smontagu a=tests
9f8e3021db7f3076b404c76d36b19864a9e9041eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 624202 - Remove the subscriber on tab close to prevent possible leaks; r=ian a=dolske
615fb6d6eacc0fadf7c3cc6fa4e997e0753a7402Philipp von Weitershausen — Merge places with mozilla-central. a=blockers
bf09d7997084ae03b87059e1c3a2b2bd3f3a5a77Richard Newman — Bug 574380: make Sync constants useful on trunk. r=khuey,mconnor
98aa2eb5f212fc61487b7df8755936ada59e772aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Back out a change from bug 574380.
ddd847f6fe893a2619c7008a971a3760c632f3acPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600261 - Don't spam user with notifications when there are network problems. r=mconnor a=blocking-betaN
90a18a0b6438819340780ae274303497d0da1b48Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 630885 - Sync key listed as undefined and generates an error on 'Change Sync Key'. r=mconnor a=blocking-final
2926f4941ab3f6b6ffa903f100bb0d3e992de079Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 630885 - Sync key listed as undefined and generates an error on 'Change Sync Key'. r=mconnor a=blocking-final
21083faea88b009acbee662c7734632fe8ff0a6fRichard Newman — Bug 620593 - Username should allow leading and trailing whitespace. r=philikon a=mconnor
3a32a792863e8aec0ceb3e9dfd50eea3e4e6d155Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 629780 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blockers
a073422b224623d06d3884bd2e2ef0e9d9ebb819Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 600261 - Provide hooks for ignoring network errors. r=mconnor a=blocking-betaN
1728e5425e0c731fb25e5b5299b2f01040810fc5Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 630720 - Form sync: apply records batched and in transactions to avoid fsyncs. r+a=mconnor
0f4b93da5a8a00b04338951735a6cd06a44bfa75Richard Newman — Bug 609380: password sync: don't apply records with both httpRealm and formSubmitURL. r=mconnor
aa9d8ceefe9afa1640923e2a26a355cbdde28554Richard Newman — Bug 574380: make constants useful on trunk. r=mconnor
c4ae1660dee9285c0176f82366b7c1b8cc8103f9Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 591102 - Correctly identify network errors. r=mconnor
c6fafc22853b50388e5eb6612042cd0e9f3e2c46Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 591102 - Ensure exceptions from [Async]Resource contain the status code. r=mconnor
5a096b270075e87ce5aa771b868beee515194eb7Dão Gottwald — Bug 609127 - Window resizer interferes with items in the add-on bar. r=enn a=dietrich
d907bea5f40f202217bc0e3532770401e16c83adHonza Bambas — Bug 630193: Stop observing various notifications when the nsGlobalWindow is CleanUp()ed rather than destroyed. r=jst a=b
1e03f7e81637fa6c66ce0dabc5f6d9703d550300Jonathan Watt — Bug 630760 - DOMSVGLengthList ctor synchronizes animVal instances to the baseVal internal list, plus sync some divergence between comments and code in list types. r=roc, a=blocking.
eb35c4e6d50e1fb397d950072873e02c206adf60Dave Townsend — Followup to Bug 577916 - mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in plugins. r=joshmoz, a=approval2.0 DONTBUILD
f40e9a9977e2de293486ff515efbae4bc5698573Neil Rashbrook — Fix for Windows-only non-libxul bustage a=NPOTDB DONTBUILD
8eaee3e456e4240a6acc0e038b63c665993bc937Neil Rashbrook — Bug 616809 Remove CRs from netwerk r=biesi a=jst DONTBUILD
5bf94fcd5115692b32da8c5aeecba23ef2f4ca71Phil Ringnalda — Bug 629430 - annotate border-padding-1 through -3 as random on Win7, since they have been since the January driver update, a=rhymes-with-orange
378f8ebcc920cae1a9574d0a69e396b7434b147fTim Taubert — Bug 631662 - We are painting thumbnails while in the background [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:final+]
20ffcaad9700b0add9cf1a91b38f2256d3622945Tim Taubert — Bug 625561 - Flickering due to late application of external CSS when loaded/reloaded; inconsistent across browser windows [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:final+]
f0205c1265ea39a28b70f1a9af2934c45b5ac8e9Jim Mathies — Merge, a=backout
20608b6f871d19147bb1e9457e98d693f9956444Jim Mathies — Backout bug 630697 due to focus regressions (bug 631794).
2c75ba75d05ad7cb36f70569adc285c02035ceb6Phil Ringnalda — Bug 631832 - mark windowless-clipping-1.html as random on Win7, since the January driver update made it so, a=slow-moving-bustage
c14987c4d6a00b5c65656caacb3f0c52b9a8d133Phil Ringnalda — Bug 520436 - re-enable reftest that was temporarily commented out in 2009, a=ha
953be21166fee9b361f5edb1cac13a12b2264ed5Jim Mathies — Bug 581726 - Disable tab previews for windows that have panorama displayed. r=dao, a=2.0.
68881eaeeebb69f1085793714589468c72d2f0f6Jim Mathies — Bug 613037 - add common windows themes to default themes list. r=neil, a=2.0.
9d810f5ea61c88ed1a9b38c971a70f01424bd6a3Zack Weinberg — Bug 631615: suppress CSS parser diagnostics in ParseSelectorString. r=dbaron a2.0=dbaron
7cb3e9795d040dc8ef9718a09735bd2f4fe322daMarco Bonardo — Bug 629285 - Crash at AsyncGetBookmarksForURI.
3088ca1e27bfc9ad9cc06154fec890c96bec79bdffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host moz2-linux-slave35 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
60c78add19a8d06a4adb52eebf3e6270b1787d03Steffen Wilberg — Bug 626825: Hide redundant menu commands unless the user invokes the menu using the keyboard (make use of the openedWithKey attribute). r=dao, a=beltzner
dd6f4de4515204519e4292e442dbb88f9c41b4c6Dão Gottwald — Bug 599215 - Update addon-bar style for aero glass theme. r=felipe a=b
2534b939914dfe49cf0b4c3334d861f0357db35fDão Gottwald — Bug 606909 - Don't put the tab drop indicator above tabs. r=gavin
4574f9e56d49dcc037a678bc26bc3f29abf96069Phil Ringnalda — Bug 629202 followup, perhaps this is what the patch actually meant to do, a=bustage
0797666b621296998743309937e45bfcf46745b4Edmund Wong — Bug 629202 - Fixed 'ImportError: No module named automation' during valgrind-linux test, r+a=ted
6a78c8b01e9bae2242d61d1971dfbc3094e36aa1Reed Loden — Bug 631497 - "Restore http to link target overlay" [r=dao ui-r=beltzner a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
d49d590321e9718758e5d0fda9df6fa3a11967cbJim Mathies — Bug 629709 - White line of highlight pixels appears above navigation toolbar if the window is maximized; r=roc a=gavin
c1d4dc902b7a4804c6a2fe61b6bce7f821d94e39Jim Mathies — Bug 630697 - Flash crash [@ _SEH_prolog ]; r=bsmedberg a=blocking-final+
08b8b657652754c38fc208b06c2e1230ce005ca2timeless — Bug 577915 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in libjar; r=dveditz a=jst
637ec623065ec8dd0cd2482094079fcb13cb262cbjarne — Bug 612135: Content Encoding Error (partial content request) on r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0
10ecb300665e8113f9e8b524b971cfcc5835761eKevin Gadd — Attempt to make the test for bug 629838 less sensitive to OS-triggered paints and CPU load; r=cjones a=test
c96db95315d3d801ba0867acd898ff330d4962eaOleg Romashin — Bug 607936 - Make possible to apply transform on topLevel LayerManager scene r=matt,roc a=joe
a6517388880906ce748dabd556886530637dc264Ms2ger — Bug 623589 - Remove aCanBePercent parameter from nsAttrValue::ParseSpecialIntValue; r=peterv a=jst
eb6683a406b131bddca3365d771b370830447adetimeless — Bug 584967 mark deprecated dom interfaces with [deprecated]; r=smaug a=jst
b57004abf327ce35f58ff3bb19199b54d7c3670dtimeless — Bug 583727 DOMCI_CASTABLE_INTERFACE: macro redefinition; r=peterv a=jst
d12432562484ba649ea1273b2954a7fee3c84aeaJonas Sicking — Bug 587928 - Disable support for <meta http-equiv="Link">; r,a=jst
a80bddafafb815cf075f59ac5ec35010e203c608Mike Conley — Bug 629521 - Extensions and themes which are marked to get removed are not grouped but remain at the original location; r,a=Mossop
cf5069883c1da0b55ad3e8b3c184b0214bf4dfbdEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=orange
afdc0c8b967492ccc1d1e120d8235856dbdcfe4fEhsan Akhgari — Backout all of the bugs in the 7e12e3e16e6c pushlog because of the orange.
16734797ece93a2f6699fc3402d63e13f02b09cfShawn Wilsher — Bug 580790 - Connection::initialize can access preferences off of the main thread
fa598dd31ac6dbb1b8b08345ad7009af586845a1Shawn Wilsher — Bug 631423 - crash [@ mozilla::places::GenerateRandomBytes]
6176d7a437b53c99bd3adaba827c3bcf5e48276cDavid Dahl — Bug 628651 - [OSX] show notification bar offering to restart in 32-bit mode when content tries to use a 32-bit plugin using carbon based NPAPI a=hardblocker r=gavin, mossop
7e12e3e16e6c053affbd82b3bfde196f405af6ebJim Mathies — Bug 629709 - White line of highlight pixels appears above navigation toolbar if the window is maximized; r=roc a=gavin
3aecade382afd7ac978b15e4f7e91e39e2cb2831Jim Mathies — Bug 630697 - Flash crash [@ _SEH_prolog ]; r=bsmedberg a=blocking-final+
11a85f5c2a34057aac90bc606d387980025e8450timeless — Bug 577915 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in libjar; r=dveditz a=jst
35b9f3cffefcaf02c16402e67e908a9403767b5bbjarne — Bug 612135: Content Encoding Error (partial content request) on r=bzbarsky a=blocking2.0
261614faec16fd03500260004219bda4bd341b66kevingadd — Attempt to make the test for bug 629838 less sensitive to OS-triggered paints and CPU load; r=cjones a=test
c8a2a8063a1cb47a343b8fffed522d4b1eb83e9bOleg Romashin — Bug 607936 - Make possible to apply transform on topLevel LayerManager scene r=matt,roc a=joe
beb7483fcb5d1236d46a399f4e35cb5471d53adeMs2ger — Bug 623589 - Remove aCanBePercent parameter from nsAttrValue::ParseSpecialIntValue; r=peterv a=jst
82f92ddcec7fb5b8c52163e59fe5423a1ef7ae48Ms2ger — Bug 599975 - Fire error event for images with empty string src value; r=smaug a=jst
2a73f1addf2f0253e54a9363c2f9eb5b2876a40btimeless — Bug 584967 mark deprecated dom interfaces with [deprecated]; r=smaug a=jst
bff2cdc499f6042e554463cd09aa939931be64e2timeless — Bug 583727 DOMCI_CASTABLE_INTERFACE: macro redefinition; r=peterv a=jst
c14b6fd8ed6d5626f1a157c08bcf35c1923513c2Jonas Sicking — Bug 587928 - Disable support for <meta http-equiv="Link">; r,a=jst
cff79fb2f133b50e5349b6edf27e746407b7038fMike Conley — Bug 629521 - Extensions and themes which are marked to get removed are not grouped but remain at the original location; r,a=Mossop
9414d1eaeeeb0342fc6e44e6c4efcdb10f213803Ben Turner — Bug 631452 - 'LazyIdleThread can race with newly dispatched events when shutting down'. r=sdwilsh, a=blocking.
313e35cc080e4aa039fef2dea78322ee5cf78bc4Daniel Holbert — Bug 631300: Synchronize the "do not track" pref w/ Firefox Sync. r=philikon a=jst
8dd5c5f90bf3cca9c167d13631747f3354edf036Daniel Holbert — Bug 630588: use PRInt32 as iterator variable in nsGlobalWindow::FireDelayedDOMEvents to fix build warning. r=jst a=jst
5a4ab9b3fd2ffac5712a894aa22b4ebae4eb5f05Joel Maher — bug 624001 update for reboot, getdirectory and isdir cleanup. r=mcote, a=NPOTB
dc85ecc5f1dcfdbad46f44867749a63a197443fdAlon Zakai — Bug 610727 - Mark canvas layers inactive when relevant. r=roc a=blocking-fennec
88f322876de1368d0d0acaf301815b575b95beb5Chris Jones — Bug 631359: These tests seem to work OK in <browser remote> but fail an assertion. Band-aid them for now. rs=bz a=tests
e3ba71476fccf0777281b887759d57fcebb97558Mihai Sucan — Bug 595965 - App tabs bleed out of the group box r=ian+ehsan, a=blocking
e8ad36c57a90e1308bf6141bdc4bc57e54fdf5d6Tim Taubert — Bug 630157 - double clicking anywhere in a group with any mouse button creates new tabs [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
5e1f1bb2bb8708c552d12b7bccada78d3b736c9cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 631412 - Bug 629401 breaks non-libxul builds due to unresolved reference to nsContentUtils::DispatchTrustedEvent(nsIDocument*, nsISupports*, nsAString_internal const&, int, int, int*); r=khuey a=NPOTB
9c9bb1b6e94a464c8fd865a1a9c74c0a0207bf75Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 631406 - PeekOffsetNoAmount doesn't accept null as its second argument; r,a=roc
b50320be8d3a3c82e581aeaa75750fc0fed92bbaStephen Horlander — Cleanup about:home with relative font-sizes and cleaner Session Restore icon scaling.
84c5a8661d9c05f0f3aa4ed33ee9b9fc90a61600Johnathan Nightingale — Bug 627596 - Move about:home snippets url to https r=mak a=beltzner
61db518f85e365031c47695c8bc16e9e7b481b0aKyle Huey — Bug 628599: Test. a=test
3341241b6ee0220bd781ca65217fdf42d339f1f0Kyle Huey — Bug 604262: Test. a=test
958c71be62e043eecfab41b7b9fc3142e8366e12Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 631002 - Crashes in our RPC code because something is crashing (not sure what yet) and the primitive __try/__catch crash catching in the plugin host screws up the IPC invariants. Disable the __try/__catch blocks because we shouldn't need them any longer and they are covering up core problems. r=josh a=myself
a82d1ab8f0100729dd62c5bcd15100f288ee73b2Josh Aas — Bug 626608: Make sure plugin is in a state to receive callbacks before calling NPP_UrlRedirectNotify. r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0final+
51f36c6a7d38cf27d2a64078832bef4b7b507fcbMounir Lamouri — Bug 627328 - ###!!! ASSERTION: This is unsafe! Fix the caller!: 'Error' when changing a personas. r=bz a=blocking-final
04ec9b6ace68c38ffa98e2b55402692c71edb62etimeless — Bug 577918 - mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in parser r=mrbkap a=jst
744e274074da6b74ca6935c81411b3df8a556c07timeless — Bug 577916 - mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in plugins r=josh a=jst
8a05b23cfebae9ec6bb40858dd1cb97e410c2458Jacek Caban — Bug 630844 - gfxWindowsPlatform.cpp fails to cross compile on case-sensitive OSes after landing bug 629611 r=jdaggett a=joe
fa442c0d6d2939b18d5068312659c9702d2023fdJacek Caban — Bug 631252 - Use -mstackrealign on 32-bit mingw r=dbaron a=NPOTB
f2a6a78478dc6692fc06cb85a97d130650676018Raymond Lee — Bug 626525 - Disable "move to group" and "next group" if Panorama hasn't been run. r=dao a=b
847a825087f209993654ab1ff726998b9cb91a04Paolo Amadini — Bug 626382 - Allow themes to set the iconsize on specific toolbars. r=dao a=b
dca717e815337ddc3dbd20d293f283b57488e69cDão Gottwald — Bug 631302 - Let the statuspanel move away when dragging over it. r=gavin
59642a869419147f416c0d911ed1de5bdd826113Markus Stange — Bug 607464 - Don't use smooth scrolling for pixel scrolling. r=roc, a=roc
473bc28d68f4733405e1c272034050896fd34f17seabld — Added tag SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_RELEASE for changeset f9d66f4d17bf. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
8a0d7bfe5627df5704f0824f13e65974bb4c90e0seabld — Added tag SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_BUILD1 for changeset f9d66f4d17bf. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
ed958cdc83961766749b7b0d0f7ae415e9b77905Blake Kaplan — Bug 630716 - Use a better method of comparing URIs for determining whether two compartments are same origin. r=bzbarsky, r=gal, a=blocker
d37f71235123ed544df53da2fe8dc11b3c0ed659Blake Kaplan — Bug 629331 - Fix handling of class getters with slotful values. r=gal, r=brendan, a=blocker
95fa72a8e8ab387ae57d177addfa9b93f1873170Jim Mathies — Bug 628872 - BBC iplayer fullscreen function broken in FF4 beta 9, 10 and nightly builds., a=blocker
019e47cc11e27c8fbd2dd3909f3dbca2baa1bda0Felipe Gomes — Bug 556524. Check for nsWindow existence before creating taskbar preview. r=roc a=blocker
d6fb5f21cc57a789e4115c142930bbb8a5c08cf8Felipe Gomes — Bug 628863. Provide an entry point for the hidechrome attribute for add-ons. r+a=gavin
64cb344a0145721180b55ff1a01ddc7ac29adc6bMounir Lamouri — Backing out d3f9af8a4997. a=orange
7b4e4cbd95dea4dc70f59bb6ade9754fe473b45aDaniel Holbert — Bug 629143: Re-enable svg-as-an-image tests that didn't work with OpenGL-accelerated layers now that we've disabled OpenGL on the versions of OS X that have the bug. a=tests-only DONTBUILD
d3f9af8a49970d55eed462077db393b9101d62a1Mounir Lamouri — Bug 627328 - ###!!! ASSERTION: This is unsafe! Fix the caller!: 'Error' when changing a personas. r=bz a=blocking-final
89be93b83dcefe8a522751c12672ed035014d141Mounir Lamouri — Follow-up from bug 623870.
2c29556f324b8fea661b079378822bfe30668aecMounir Lamouri — Bug 623870 - Update the message in the invalid form popup when the error message changes. r=gavin a=jst
2efc7cc537d753ef8c8478276cd1ca9e1a766d32Mounir Lamouri — Bug 628695 - Make invalid form popup offset aware of the zoom level. r=enndeakin a=jst
c618b7b138fbec66dc18a0e6a7fe61ab9945c266Chris Jones — Followup to bug 615386: This test wants focus too. rs=ehsan a=a
aebd2f355859be18ff73b6462d5ce9abf0ab9ce2Ian Gilman — Bug 628165 - Windows key should not be mapped to Panorama search
1cb679417a8ba3f4f5e13c7bc880a9c70944f3f8Shawn Wilsher — Bug 629814 - Async history API should ignore place ids
ab87d34e89fa00423266c8177ee3eb1811e08f61Shawn Wilsher — Bug 630730 - Let consumers who probably know what they are doing access the database connection
ddf00cef28a3c514756f22046f61b1e31c9bb079Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b9_2011011018_RELBRANCH
925fbad258237d786953dac8c81940bfda540165Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b8_20101214_RELBRANCH
be8185869ee2b94824dc3ce3dbcfb4b7ae7e3e6aShawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 COMM2000_20101116_RELBRANCH
8c455c8c43cfbbc305206ffd200a44c53bbd5c55Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b7_20101104_RELBRANCH
5b9b74ab35f3f3f96263bf2fa851b40c9dd70189Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b7pre_20101029_RELBRANCH
b9d28b10409811828b55ebd08329b29e40cd68d9Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b7pre_20101006_RELBRANCH
2089ef52646d0ba4b92663e6b58b09b19d028f26Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b7pre_20100929_RELBRANCH
35056c98e71956ef4fefccd4b29fb304209ae4b9Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b5_20100831_RELBRANCH
c64d97a1ebd769831a69410b1064749bf7630a64Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b5pre_20100820_RELBRANCH
5d64141b77508fa1a928e2ac4a8b5580c3f98edcShawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b4_20100817_RELBRANCH
19655f2f9f78de6a502564c25aa55c7f35d70ad4Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b3_20100804_RELBRANCH
4307d141e63a6845295b829718e3eace79c88d0dShawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 COMM20b4_20100815_RELBRANCH
2b138e7791e5be1e20a4baf9dabae04915ff9590Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b1_20100628_RELBRANCH
bc5188a32f31d72f3219cc2a73a729a2e1d00766Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO20b2_20100720_RELBRANCH
6910fa5cbb3c101a1c5da13f9180b35f7283c1faShawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 COMM193a5_20100623_RELBRANCH
9b3dd92ccff46f4c13bc089fabbcbbfe19b6b7e4Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO193a5_20100610_RELBRANCH
62bd36d202ed1c78d0964c50833ec40a04635fceShawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO193a4_20100407_RELBRANCH
d8d2a10a8572879d96384bcdbf90c7a5a9ad76b3Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 COMM193a4_20100510_RELBRANCH
a608ba89e49dd149c588d4ce30b411e1ca1d3588Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO193a3_20100315_RELBRANCH
2886f78c105abf50185a9b5766ef1e7262f141dcShawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO193a2_20100228_RELBRANCH
fc0787d7c9c1514b2ef4d0ca4395c1309dc37f23Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO193a1_20100208_RELBRANCH
ad21235547c04c56a971b0cb4a8631d965f213f0Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO192a1_20090806_RELBRANCH
16ff8fc5362f32c20defdb573b43ac07934bc965Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO191b2_20081125_RELBRANCH
fa571a7a6a1e721d42e7099d435a75f6c11acfd6Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 FENNEC_A1_BRANCH
d799e0529ac68c3a38ae82e0f14a564f3b26e740Shawn Wilsher — closing old branch that is no longer used per bug 611030 GECKO191b1_20081007_RELBRANCH
9d4981bff7a6f3c4fc94409c82308f4ab6928220ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD3 for changeset f9d66f4d17bf. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
c32325744c1659e14e7d913f96a1c6ed3a77d359ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_RELEASE for changeset f9d66f4d17bf. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
344de3f6033f1b849a44568fd7ed2188d9e632acFlorian Hanel — Bug 631170 - mouse hover broken in Qt build r=romaxa a=npodb
b22b865abf30f0381173a6c61092274ce9cdaa61Joe Drew — Bug 603134 - Sometimes windows on OS X don't refresh until you move them. r=jrmuizel,josh a=b
c6993d965d0a373f8e0f1545e3144c761131728dJoe Drew — Bug 629016 - Re-enable tests that didn't work with OpenGL-accelerated layers now that we've disabled OpenGL on the versions of OS X that have the bug. r=jrmuizel a=b
0ab68a939a4561e0674b9217ec5fae74c595c9a2Joe Drew — Bug 629016 - Don't enable OpenGL on 10.6.x where x < 3, because updating subrects of textures sometimes puts the updated content in the wrong place on those OSes. r=jrmuizel,josh a=b
41258e566f2e5ccb14cee2c645635d9f811cc522Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 616400 - When a plugin returns a failure code from NPP_New, but creates JS objects in the process, anyone trying to script those objects after NPP_New fails will crash (Silverlight crash @NPObjWrapper_NewResolve). Call nsJSNPRuntime::OnPluginDestroy on a failed-init case just as we do in a normal cleanup case. r=josh a=blocker
f9d66f4d17bfb3c4bc6eb94f0711ebfcebb89b23Christian Legnitto — Disable test for 628410 as the patch was backed out, a=LegNeato GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD3 FIREFOX_4_0b11_RELEASE SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_BUILD1 SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_BUILD2 SEAMONKEY_2_1b2_RELEASE
c1523d3f78410892b1750d98e414171ca4793fe3Chris Jones — Rollup of bug 615386, parts 1-6. Teach the reftest harness about <browser remote>. r=dbaron,roc,ted a=a
76521b9cdb59ea83586c0c9bd82ebda45f25c5b4Christian Legnitto — Backed out due to bug 631225, a=LegNeato GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
be22ea0c325f2c173dcdc5eeffbe2fdec85ecce1Christian Legnitto — Backed out due to bug 631225, a=LegNeato GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
086d21e38a579966267afe338a9a225e50a893ddChristian Legnitto — Backed out changeset 771d5cb2c5a3 due to bug 631225 GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
d7bd84fc85da815e67a6b1fdaef80fe7c5a9c12dChristian Legnitto — Backed out changeset 6d5c859c452d due to bug 631225 GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
7893f45c72c5dd307ed6747c7d351375586bcad9Alexander Surkov — Bug 631160 - embedded accessible may expose wrong text, r=davidb, r=marcoz, a=blocking GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
bb8247382c3e27be839e83eec90e946eb9209f48Fernando Herrera — Mochitest for Bug 630841 - Crash in nsHyperTextAccessible::GetText(), r=surkov GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
6d9ac157fc84be6c489ecfcdc6a4dfb5fc3b8b0dFernando Herrera — Bug 630841 - Crash in nsHyperTextAccessible::GetText(), r=surkov, a=blocking GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
9c815db836e360e9ca4fa4c6f54f31852e13f004Boris Zbarsky — Bug 629291. Don't use native leaf names in safe output streams; they lose information. r=bsmedberg, a=jst
69f3807d4bb498a6bc9ffedbc8e2a02b7e92425bJosh Aas — Bug 629401: Carbon plugins that cannot load in X64 Mac should send an event or notifyObservers of failure. r=BenWa, a=blocks-betaN
4b90fd0c1c4d249436d38b6a07a7e77e1fb79c90Dave Townsend — Bug 602256: Using history.pushState in a page breaks history tracking for inner frames. r=bz, a=blocks-betaN
f00b81064d570e372b70ac673ca4b00c40556f2eDave Townsend — Bug 630703: Provide a way to restart in 32-bit mode. r=josh, r=bsmedberg, a=blocks-betaN
3c87074d5f50d069edf461fe21d86a5b558cfd98Tim Taubert — Bug 624847 - 'Undo Close Tab' closes current group when only one blank tab is left [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
be4f8b47377e4c75398fdf56507469a9c163f967Tim Taubert — Bug 618816 - Character by character selection using the mouse in the tab group name field [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
fd7962a458688e92cc5edd857d30da928438ad03Tim Taubert — Bug 608405 - GroupItem.add should auto remove from previous group [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
54da8f75df7f9d2a91d9a16019c850f25994c6a3Tim Taubert — Bug 594958 - Tab thumbnails sometimes have gray (now black) bars at the bottom [r=ian, a=blocking2.0:final+]
490e39e1d9569f606e3ff5675c9569b4c7b8529dRaymond Lee — Bug 630102 - The unpinned tab doesn't display in the correct place in Panorama view [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
602d24b981e53778e7dc5fcc0fee212f6c8af716Raymond Lee — Bug 629195 - Restore previous session does bad things if you have an 'undo close group' and an app tab [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
562ae97b263612a46f215d9212d8377acf9cc378Karl Tomlinson — b=621962 convert -ltr/-rtl moz-icon stock names to gtk stock ids r=roc a=blocking-final+
29df2b0fa77bb689e9984499c5f604b8507da8b3Karl Tomlinson — b=621962 no longer add stock id to icon name mappings for icons found by name r=roc
57536671a3637d216f06e1f28b0ddf8b8c5250d3Karl Tomlinson — b=621962 rearrange nsIconChannel::Init to make what is happening clearer r=roc
9a9f6f3eec6ba9acb0249e3d8e4310770c40d59dKarl Tomlinson — b=621962 don't realize unnecessary windows for stock image widget r=roc
bc23b0490406ea8019ba9f7e5e193c60354642dcKarl Tomlinson — b=621962 remove support for compilation with GTK+ < 2.4.0 r=roc
bc9d7938cdc714d841a23a007adc6eb7b3b0c42dJosh Matthews — Bug 618716 - Fix warnings in nsPermissionManager.cpp r=dwitte a=jst
30d1de20ece27bf8b53d7745960e13b4b4bc0f8cRich Walsh — Bug 377392 - 'Copy Link Location' strips random characters from URLs copied to the clipboard; r=wuno,bzbarsky a=dbaron
d62ae33c94d7ce71f2bb126a4eaf0a5b7a1dae66Michael Wu — Bug 606194 - Use mmap given addresses if necessary, r=taras a=blocking-fennec
f1f0bf6fedbbe884eecc2699799c357628286f7fNeil Deakin — Bug 624127, clear mousedown selection state in frame where mouse was pressed down,r=smaug,a=jst
ba7090bbf9fe42387f589659f75686517e9f4838Rob Campbell — Bug 626607 - Select All on webconsole includes messages that were filtered out; r=dolske a=blocking-final+
108aec53a28051831834d4f909e1336046c57dcbEhsan Akhgari — Bug 630564 - Ctrl+Shift+X in the location bar in RTL mode should change the text alignment in addition to directionality; r=roc a=blocking-final+
dfe5ab77a706b6d795d406b9a13f56c666e8cc0cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 629697 - Cache the XPConnect services for accesses from Places; r=bsmedberg a=sdwilsh
e9fe7402dc536c0ba9386381da934b718bf19795Alexander Surkov — Bug 630001 - Stop usage of nsIFrame::GetRenderedText in GetTextAt/Before/After for boundary char, r=fer, a=betaN
f6cbc806e87cdf852218c232bd261666a4844f88Alexander Surkov — Bug 631160 - embedded accessible may expose wrong text, r=marcoz, davidb, a=betaN
02b5151b2a191b0e10074fb4ccf92f2a58d27404Fernando Herrera — Bug 630841 - add mochitest for bug 630841, r=surkov, a=test
f911fba0ea0bc71b96d788e42b4d2c96e05958baJonathan Kew — bug 629386 - avoid using GDI font table loading for symbol fonts and italic faces in Arabic locales. r=jdaggett a=blocking2.0
094a7967e1713423cf2d6c907ce4e54cf0819fd1Serge Gautherie — Bug 619350 - Better identify the 2 'Deadlock detector correctness' tests; (Av1) Remove unwanted ";" at end of macros, Make test names and (failed) result logs more explicit, Add a log when skipping TestDeadlockDetectorScalability tests.
274e546e9da95d02da1e1706d2cf2ecfa5532020Robert O'Callahan — Bug 625288. Part 3: Test that a browser window containing a single empty tab builds a layer tree whose leaf layers form a non-overlapping partition of the window. r=tnikkel,a=test
c5b8aa1d4c8ac937c1ceeb518103f50ce3e99af1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 622542. Ensure that the layer tree is updated after NS_DOCUMENT_STATE_WINDOW_INACTIVE has changed. r=tnikkel,a=blocking
2a13f323dfa05b3a249110a06e0ff219c795c982Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626962. Implement empty transactions for GL. r=bas,a=blocking
b4e9a17e7fe2f98f46c528af4ead056527e1d7b7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 626962. Part 0: Don't do empty transactions when painting to a widget's non-retaining layer manager. r=tnikkel,a=blocker
e1d2e090c9a6aa796f2bc4aff97a8e497ee81d4dEhsan Akhgari — Bug 631156 - Bug 628885 breaks non-libxul builds with an undefined reference error for CrashReporter::AppendAppNotesToCrashReport(nsACString_internal const&), r=cjones,a=roc
133443c095646cb8f83ef10f3b67090b9b80c764Cameron McCormack — Bug 616919 - Make "History > Home" work on Mac if no browser windows are open. r=mano a=blocker
a12d11c8912de1d650f8a587376fd03e4561f4dbMatthew Printz — Bug 629438 - Add-ons manager add-on icon should be positioned correctly in list and not cause sizing differences. r+a=Mossop
2f353922a56cfd345ecf179e6c28a18517a39f88Dão Gottwald — Bug 629898 - Set min-width on statuspanel for less jitter. r=jag/gavin
8c8a1ef2a816f1aacf329cb7c5aa537d0c0450d3Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 630635 - [@~nsFilePicker] crashes on close r=romaxa a=npodb
1317342408b9facde40968d5b8a4751a31e9e794Tatiana Meshkova — Bug 627067 - Dialogs are broken in qt desktop r=romaxa a=npotb
7961753fcc67b2b78b1c747baf3a213a9e5d0f0eJeremias Bosch — Bug 626595 - Make it possible to build maemo 6 platform version without meegotouch r=romaxa,ted.mielczarek a=approval2.0
d384e2adf22e4c1382bae2a827f55436d68ac2d9Dão Gottwald — Bug 541656 - Display hyperlink URLs at bottom of window (instead of right side of location bar). r=gavin a=b
ec65b5c5f68a74841ed43a6be7c937664a51fca9Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Fix end-of-line whitespace in SVG-as-an-image code & tests. r+a=whitespace-only DONTBUILD
82709dbd2c96ee46881aabdd13ebb34d2dfb7fb1Makoto Kato — Bug 625315 - Invalid ssize_t define on Windows x64. r=jasone a=bsmedberg
bdb4c38c56dee48ca514f6e3294f4895e2a6aa44Andreas Gal — Bug 630772. Fix compartment mismatch in evalInSandbox(). a=blocker
d8fda3716eaec78f6ba1d63640712acccdec2d8eMatthew Gregan — Bug 627139 - Report seek target as current time immediately after seeking. r=roc a=roc
81dec7f81e693de6acffbcb50d2a0da26f7ff6beChris Double — Bug 630461 - Fix signed/unsigned comparison compiler warnings in nsBuiltinDecoderStateMachine - r=cpearce a=roc
59bcb91cc3489dde592d03e7e7a4968998166243Chris Pearce — Bug 607838 - Don't drain audio stream when it's paused, it won't finish. r=kinetik a=blocking2.0:final
ee00364d30927ea8981eaac56dcb6e14a343bb77Chris Double — Bug 607838 - Allow audio drains to be interrupted - r=cpearce a=blocking2.0:final
5212ab4ae8082122ad57b5e8bc8015fb25814f68Michael Wu — Bug 595522 - Read defaults/autoconfig/* from omnijar as appropriate, r=bsmedberg a=blocking2.0
7f80cd5abf478daa50394bb3ffd525f77114348fMounir Lamouri — Bug 619230 - Remove useless warning. r=peterv a=jst
a6efb78078966b277c3a48824d8a0055c0e8e2e5Gavin Sharp — Bug 631006 - make-package (make-sourcestamp-file) broken when using MOZ_PKG_PRETTYNAMES=1; r=bsmedberg a=gavin/bustage
8a376e2a54009434f02c6574b875144757c5c642Mike Hommey — Bug 629639 - Build elfhack injected code without stack protection. r=khuey a=bsmedberg
2772a0cf36d1d5231c1babab93cad542bf2d0783Mike Hommey — Bug 629638 - Build elfhack injected code with a limited set of CFLAGS. r=khuey a=bsmedberg
10c5b6239ce3366157cdc689c33b9af02a9a74c4Mounir Lamouri — Bug 620788 - Do not silently fall back to bundled NSS/NSPR if system ones can't be used. r=khuey a=bsmedberg
6f2a03f7876d05e99f485c34caeca1e0e8c7620fDan Witte — Fix bug 624764. r=bsmedberg, a=betaN+
a8f321ab835c5773360a51b977b8df3283dce262Daniel Holbert — Bug 629885: mark non-HTTP-version of test 'svg-stylesheet-external-1.html' as random. a=tests,orange DONTBUILD
139845554a62308fd65911d6ba5e34cdc1840e5effxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD2 for changeset 49c3ca45a79f. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
108020f6a4f3af66f9d2ff3ea9ba95c68d8d0da6ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_RELEASE for changeset 49c3ca45a79f. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
e039358204f572f20d0c4bded87db468ece08304Peter Van der Beken — Bug 628599. Traverse expando objects., a=blocker
f83ed5f4e8857ef49025fb5187c760cbdd563236Peter Van der Beken — Bug 628599. Fix traversal of nsInProcessTabChildGlobal., a=blocker
b0325a41a1670c42bb9f9a27c61427b28a05fbe1Patrick Walton — Bug 630891 - Don't repaint nsSubDocumentFrames when they move. r=roc a=roc
49c3ca45a79ffdd33f0573dfa98c7d63643f907bChristian Legnitto — Backed out changeset 0d93633ce739 due to bug 631006, a=LegNeato GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD2
34f30df8072398de1e8004178ee35235c3d16dd1Christian Legnitto — Backed out changeset 0d93633ce739 due to bug 631006 GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
c0397dc901f46fa2aedd8e6c990f51e70259ef05Benjamin Stover — Bug 630883 Crash at [@ nsDOMWindowUtils::FindElementWithViewID] r=cjones a=blocking-fennec
e9c5611100b73b555d1173d1c36d10a60f09639dJosh Aas — Bug 630935: Support NPNVsupportsCarbonBool variable for OOPP on Mac OS X. r=benwa a=blocking2.0final+
36f4e8a8b953e9b8ce54b0e3c8ded5edba56753eJeff Muizelaar — Bug 626994. Fix the depth counting. r=ehsan a=joe (landing on the beta11 release branch) GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
e2290c8b6d36b760ece62c2ff731585c8893f928Doug Turner — Bug 630595 - Backing out the jemalloc file backend r=me a=b
8590bb1f1104d08fa573d9b3f2fea3d71eb27f69Ehsan Akhgari — Merge backout a=back-the-untested-patch-out
1f1e236c45f47e423036b4e23112c58ae4aac164Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset af87fa0a3052 because of build failures
db765563b6fdb027901a40ca54aa32397abddab0Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 626994. Fix the depth counting. r=ehsan a=joe
e5ce46fd72037b04f98a0988e75886858fcf65c2timeless — Bug 577913 mark DEBUG only variables as ifdef DEBUG in xpconnect; r=mrbkap a=jst
f4c949162937888ad4574266f3c2c3515784c147Kevin Gadd — bug 629838 - After incrementing mozPaintCount during an empty transaction, also dispatch MozAfterPaint; r=roc a=blocking-final+
8df0d4bd765f2e5b601341a30f2158d97c867440Josh Matthews — Bug 621386 - Clean up all ContentParent observers and listeners on actor destruction and xpcom-shutdown. r,a=bsmedberg
a548a19f34a291c13fc3714a07c10747f3566927Rich Walsh — Bug 611934 - OS/2 - implement fallocate() and fix build break; r=taras a=bsmedberg
af87fa0a3052d6dd3ae3f5ce3d2f7b5ee64af3eftimeless — Bug 584967 mark deprecated dom interfaces and methods with [deprecated]; r=smaug a=jst
4eb9e146d2304d06e2df85dc01d0b0eb24bb2495Josh Matthews — Bug 621366 - Content process nsDOMStorageManager observes notifications needlessly; r=honzab a=jst
5947cd7a6ca2af3febf77c63f8cd1d68ffa0eca8Németh László — Bug 626195 - Hunspell topcrash [@ AffixMgr::suffix_check ]. r=ehsan, a=blocking-final+
4753f5a91e75c9bfed45c35e7b699853d1784582Patrick McManus — 624374 - remove unused nsHttpConnection::mLock.,
800b80b291939f9d08f0b89cf076d49e6ed4f0beffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 4.0b11 release. CLOSED TREE a=release
fe971e94722f3d8f14b70b572a4270be6d7f23b8ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD1 for changeset fd83b4d38925. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
737c9c152381c47d5223d3d10dc32d21c5599be0ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b11_RELEASE for changeset fd83b4d38925. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH
fd83b4d3892580aa06852dc086f377f427e9614bffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump for firefox 4.0b11 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11_2011020209_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0b11_BUILD1
04a3cfea8e20be68b31ca430661e07bf1d0ac66cSerge Gautherie — Bug 626169 - [Win2k3 SDK] "nsExceptionHandler.cpp(739) : error C2065: 'MiniDumpWithFullMemoryInfo' : undeclared identifier"; (Av1) Match existing |ifdef XP_WIN32|, Add |#if MOZ_WINSDK_TARGETVER >= MOZ_NTDDI_LONGHORN|.
6cb543f7d5b0613aacffbb115ba392851ca5259cFernando Herrera — Bug 630841 - update text offsets when remove child from hypertext accessible, r=surkov, a=final
95b2986b495e2877f98be1d82d389d5c78e98924L. David Baron — Ensure that 'load' and 'script' tests do layout and painting before we go on to the next test. (Bug 624279) r=roc a2.0=blocking
10df9d3ed091f6a3880f875452f75b7fe9e1b479L. David Baron — Make the parts of reftest-analyzer scroll independently. (Bug 612505)
7abdd2abd9cbf3976fbccd5de41c2f162cdc9c8aBrian Carpenter — Bug 607232 - Remove "For Internet Explorer Users" from the Help menu.
58138404336ff2ad6d5ae9dcfc4fadcefa3cfae5Asaf Romano — Bug 555547 - A command of placesContextMenu is carried out for a wrong bookmark item.
17b4a1ed16af5fa748ff9557b7cd05333516c623Marco Bonardo — Bug 630059 - "Advanced search" and "Preferences" links in about:home are broken in Russian Firefox build.
dc93a523cdbd0330a81e49c290da7a2099386015Marco Bonardo — Bug 630838 - Clear document.popupNode between browser chrome tests.
837cbbef3695a32342bd65f72d638c8d16969de9Kev Needham — Bug 625115: update default eBay search plugin (add support for search suggestions), r=gavin, a=blocking
dc8abaadc629a1f1cc8aad985026e8673cf3557bStephen Horlander — Bug 609372 - Better icons and color palette for the Web Console; f=pwalton r=dao
07833d6a068539742a7ebafde72647cb86fcee1eDoug Turner — Bug 630595 - Followup. Do not need a dash before the option. Removing unused memory watcher. r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec
1bbbe11e29681528d1dedfd2b32dafc92f34bf1aDoug Turner — Bug 630595 - Never over allocate - Set jemalloc option on the Nexus S to preview overallocation. r=blassey, a=blocking-fennec
99af9d6485bb634aea32bfed429c064d8257d3c2Doug Turner — Bug 630595. Backing out 37e4ab3abc44. r=blassey. a=blocking-fennec
9dad67994e828eafb3813a4443d6dce3d0b57becDoug Turner — Bug 630595. Backing out f05874a6bac5. r=blassey. a=blocking-fennec
1c2d53a2dcfb5c347564c51fc021fb656f1f95f8Serge Gautherie — Bug 471959 - [SeaMonkey] test_bug458898.html reports incorrect innerWidth/innerHeight; (Av1) Revert workaround from bug 469331, now that the underlying m-c bug is fixed.
a55b45fb3d7c3753c4e240ccd2f239795abec46dGavin Sharp — Bug 623110 - prioritise the loading of user-installed search engines over app-shipped engines. r=dolske, a=blocker
76b361ae1c3a5c78d59dc6c911d8de2be71ef41fPaolo Amadini — Bug 620615 - New tab-modal alerts can make Firefox unable to quit (part 2). r=dolske, a=blocker
835b313007b49d24a8243dbddf070e65c9e59c01Justin Dolske — Bug 621764 - tab-modal prompt in Gmail eventually triggers slow-script dialog for nsPrompter.js. r=mrbkap, sr=jst, a=blocker
3fd821a55f6d9cd9e9a8d03497aab09c5fc9e8bcJeff Muizelaar — Bug 626994. Add debugging for infinite recursion in spline flattening. r=ehsan,a=b
c698ef73edae81063d1f30875689007eb10c2ff4Kyle Huey — Bug 630444. Remove LSP annotations. r=ted
96570116d62a16fb7a04ba6fb6d694137f0dda1aAndreas Gal — Enter compartment in AutoScriptEvaluate (bug 630243, r=jst, a=blocker).
3ef515fa898933c406c0f155aa3af74bf88ea8a4Vladimir Vukicevic — b=630177, update webgl tests for slice->subarray renaming, a=block
7c00a00d8b8f87d6463c0bdff149fa3884722b15Vladimir Vukicevic — b=630117, rename typed array slice() -> subarray(); r=jwalden, a=block
298c555d0c6e0151db9ce00c15a5d766ab044d67Jonas Sicking — Backed out changesets 808970eca6d5 and 84c8b33619e0 due to continued orange. a=bustage
808970eca6d5530ee7d0e83288e29b53de8845b1Jonas Sicking — Fix orange from bug 630117. a=bustage
9797baa9246d12c9c7e96627dd0494c15abcc5dbBrandon Sterne — Backed out changeset 9ce4d80efab6
9ce4d80efab6876ed990089f97169d9984c696e0Brandon Sterne — Bug 558431 - make CSP policy-uri fetching asynchronous, r=jst, a=blocker
84c8b33619e0f950e4f024f1fd3824891f0396e8Vladimir Vukicevic — b=630117, rename typed array slice() -> subset(); r=jwalden, a=block
5c92181d4b31c1b67a98af74711c7a89fabc7f87Vladimir Vukicevic — b=630184; SetPixelFormat crash fix attempt; r=jrmuizel, a=crashfix
3568f13924d2e7ba1cb06465e0cfbda05dc823bbChris Leary — Bug 630284: Restore |RegExp.compile|, don't break the web. (r=brendan, a=sayrer)
a8ca394b3a40f611f1860fb8be2530d02e64f1faDave Townsend — Bustage fix for bug 629418. a=bustage
6de40288cc33484324ad06e2da274abd0597fed8Luke Wagner — Bug 629974 - js_TraceObject doesn't need to mark past slotSpan (r=brendan,a=blocking)
1c4fcf164f1836bf2ce127d26496c4cfd23ff250Tim Taubert — Bug 628270 - Undo close (hidden) tab causes panorama and session restore(?) to break unrecoverably [r=ian, r=zpao, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
3fab3dca98175177b3976f5d7e884d9285225814Marco Bonardo — Bug 630405 - about pages DOMStorage should be case-insensitive. r=mayhemer a=blocking
a85d6ae60d96ff4523de57ab315ba72fd96a955dAndreas Gal — Disable jetpack service and unit tests (bug 629197, r=shaver, a=blocker).
4b8f9705b339fd050bf0981d591f7a02c8a686e6Dave Townsend — Bug 629418: If the add-ons manager is opened as a background tab (e.g. by session restore) then the back and forward buttons are hidden. r=Unfocused, a=sdwilsh
9521cf441d3ad078398e9ffbee7cc02e998841e3Chris Jones — Bug 628885: Note in minidumps when we generate them by RUNTIMEABORT()ing. r=ted a=a
f4199091704ce9342f640185a2b1faefdd942799Chris Jones — Bug 625060: Make sure XRE_ShutdownChildProcess() actually does that on mac. r=bent a=b
4ef52d80176f648c6951cd32f4ed31463cad0c79Chris Jones — Bug 625060: Process tasks that might otherwise have been ignored because of failed NS_DispatchToMainThread() early in startup. r=bent
6ad50f1f840f29101912bbcc26ae61377726c415Chris Jones — Bug 625060: Only plugin-container needs to walk out of to find the real GRE dir. r=bent
c41670743f353b8018d201b0c2daa9a7e710954bMs2ger — Bug 630036 - Throw NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR instead of SYNTAX_ERR when calling cx.create{Linear|Radial}Gradient with non-finite values; r+a=roc
22aa43f18646fef1b3804e7bcf2ed2b88b4536e6Ms2ger — Bug 630062 - Don't throw on setting lineWidth and ignore non-positive values; r+a=roc
301997f0df6207f0d411015b156f62a8da303e56Ms2ger — Bug 630056 - Don't throw on setting miterLimit and ignore non-positive values; r+a=roc
263e4f35b7975fd80eb6ac0ae7956013c4e82ea8Ms2ger — Bug 630068 - Throw when attempting to create an arc with a negative radius; r+a=roc
7aa71efbb69cd7501611fe082f9a347056c17ad1Jonathan Watt — Bug 630083 - Use SetParsedAttr in nsSVGElement::DidChangeXxx instead of SetAttr. r=roc, a=roc.
bcf40420cf32d9e94cb62a10d8d1d63105a1bc4bJonathan Watt — Bug 610990 - Regression: SVGPathSegList should allow manipulation of invalid paths. r=roc,sicking, a=blocking.
d66a65c62e2e22398b9e4b9dbdcb24d9c0d6fde8Oleg Romashin — Bug 627678 - Crashreporter need to be ported on Qt. r=ted.mielczarek a=approval2.0
5735139db6db323bd20493bbeeaf40c83eeb5e76Jeremias Bosch — Bug 625686 - Restrict include of mce/dbus-names.h in dom/system/unix/nsHapticFeedback.cpp to maemo 5. r=romaxa a=approval2.0
0a74956ae143984f9f6006067139c4954e76472fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 626994. Try to detect and report Cisco VPN usage. r=ehsan,a=b
c0c64f24c8a701fc8ebff7bcf8c62311b0150263Gervase Markham — Bug 600215b - restore Camino initial developers, add in Mobile as well. a=hardblocker.
a79b46eef8f2b15d7d88a2979c4c5bde2515e1cbBlake Kaplan — Fix bug 691359., a=blocker
3d69803eee340303a2517f5291ac2b2fcaf9d35cJeff Walden — Bug 619283 - Built-in JS methods must not box undefined or null into the global object when called, both to comply with ES5 and to prevent inadvertent global object exposure to secure JS variants. r=dmandelin, a=blocking
a4aba81e9a292bb235fe7b6aa0d7823951abdd8cJeff Walden — Detabify js1_6/extensions/regress-312385-01.js for readability. r=tabsmustdie
19bdf0a54ccef980c2ca6b7599875c970e646c06Alexander Surkov — Bug 630202 - Crash [@ nsDocAccessible::UpdateTreeInternal(nsAccessible*, nsIContent*, nsIContent*, int) ][@ nsDocAccessible::UpdateTreeInternal(nsIContent*, nsIContent*, int) ], r=davidb, a=davidb
ae9bc934ead9b02f0840644e1a29bda833dfbb46Alexander Surkov — Bug 630488 - ASSERTION: Document accessible isn't a child of outerdoc accessible in nsOuterDocAccessible::CacheChildren(), r=davidb, a=davidb
6a2099306114ea14cac313611b15fdbc82bb610aAlexander Surkov — Bug 630001, part3 - rewrite GetText, r=davidb, a=betaN
83e9acc504c2eb417a3cf137a0032bf7a6be7919Alexander Surkov — Bug 630000 - crash [@ NotificationController::Shutdown()], r=davidb, sr=neil, a=davidb
059044e443143f6478ea9efa28bbbcc316b646dcNeil Deakin — Bug 619089, retarget key events if the focus changes during a keydown event from content to chrome, r=olli,a=blocking
296a46e08491f7dacb11b9fc6e25774b59c90373Dietrich Ayala — Bug 616015 - Add a keyboard shortcut to reveal and hide the add-on bar (r=dao, a=blocker)
839aa4b8c6f2bb7507093eba786d411a95dc10fdMs2ger — Bug 629309 - Fix unmatched enum warning in nsDeviceContextSpecGTK::GetSurfaceForPrinter; r=roc a=joe
9e3297bed92ba2620d58fe4f0c15c61a14cf943bDão Gottwald — Bug 604257 - Enable test_arrowpanel.xul on Linux
214a2453b44177352b9ff85b21229a9b9bd66765Neil Deakin — Bug 626997 - Correctly initialize the resizer for newly created browsers. r=dao
8b5cb26bbb1019dd932d7ae9346ed932fa2d9436Alexander Surkov — Bug 629950 - [@ nsIPresShell::RemoveRefreshObserverInternal(nsARefreshObserver*, mozFlushType)], r=bz, a=bz
155ffb7e886c4f78de14c95dba8680fe6e0bdc2aEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=orange-should-die
6f5b3b1c6c7886205a2b311749303fed5396fdccEhsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset d545aa98feb1 (bug 609372) because of browser-chrome test failure on OS X
4beb0e6ba654390ee712b5a6153fb4d0b2cdbb4bJohnny Stenback — Fixing bug 604262. Fix crash in nsImageLoadingContent::OnStartDecode()., a=blocker
d545aa98feb18c4a39a65645a591091f9ac9ab11Stephen Horlander — Bug 609372 - Better icons and color palette for the Web Console; f=pwalton r=dao
c7290e6e795b8eb7bc257a71416f1dc985ee1627Robert O'Callahan — Bug 629866. Part 1: Create a DIB for a Win32 surface that's similar to a parent surface with alpha, even if the parent surface doesn't have a DIB. r=jrmuizel
8679bd6e8290e37c60a13ee17c04e4cd174ccec3Kevin Gadd — bug 625248 - During each paint, build a list (stored as a FrameProperty of the root nsIFrame) of all the PresShells that are visible during this paint, so that we can increment their paint count correctly during an empty transaction; r=roc a=blocking-final+
27e81aa25025037973a39210c5d87d04484c9173Glenn Randers-Pehrson — Bug 623796 - nsPNGDecoder.cpp:642:44: warning: passing NULL to non-pointer argument 2 of 'void MOZ_PNG_set_crc_action(png_struct*, int, int)'; r,a=joe
fd63bdaa9cfc0351c75a5945f1bd0fcd5b19cf8bChris Leary — Merge new mozilla-central head. (a=blockers)
dd753ec085e2a9090abae279eac9f3d1b0aa85afChris Leary — Merge tracemonkey to mozilla-central. (a=blockers)
9459c4b15890ed138e044da121ccd73a7b7c683bJim Blandy — Bug 554955: Revert fix (changesets 297b1312f534, 18a1effafe19, 26d40e1e80bf, f6117465a979): 14% performance hit as measured by Talos. r=talos
68e341f7ac4ec233e953716c038e97d68dd8e8e6David Mandelin — Bug 627609 followup 2: add missing helper for tests, r=orange
0f340f13b1714b8080e224b0b1d1d5f7df6749e3David Mandelin — Bug 627609 followup: address comments and check for start of opcode stream before atOptionalBracket
9f58085a90818d68942f5914c03a171de0147248David Mandelin — Bug 627609: make PCRE handling of empty matches within quantified groups match ECMA-262, r=cdleary
c2f1e6f0d3a44903c07e1d554ddfa3497a8f61feSteve Fink — Bug 627758 - Handle cancelled GC runs properly (r=dmandelin)
8eb17a6a39aa001ca3f44e56889db1cdc1bb3956Jim Blandy — Bug 621103: Rename js::Anchor to JS::Anchor: 'JS' is the public namespace. r=waldo
d3e265afe157b64a720ee2dfe66b84d9009005bdBill McCloskey — Bug 630340 - Fix undefined value in compartment assertion (r=Waldo)
02d1466338929adbfb4365c47402f8a617ad0bf0Jason Orendorff — Call a class a class, to avoid MSVC warning. rs=Waldo.
f727e6cd2f06fe07d2e1d5d2b7979a051223c053Jason Orendorff — js_InitExceptionClasses was skipping part js_InitClass, leading to "Assertion failure: proto->canProvideEmptyShape". Bug 624968, r=Waldo.
caca24ca36cd721eb9e4ed371fa40258d3e7a278Jason Orendorff — Remove assertion that has clearly outlived its usefulness. Bug 626592, r=dvander.
7fcc58bfd920b9e2fc9439ea0c10962f8d23736eDavid Anderson — Fix constant folding bug in Uint8Clamped arrays (bug 624483, r=vlad).
62ba32799f6fc8863358334a9d1ae2e2aeb51957David Anderson — Fix jsanalyze missing a GETLOCAL case (bug 630048, r=dmandelin).
297b1312f534a4c610c4d987a7faa394bb84a898Jim Blandy — Bug 554955: Give blocks and call objects unique shapes when they have parents that may be extended with new bindings. r=jorendorff
18a1effafe19ab82f760864f1757e63ac2171b31Jim Blandy — Bug 554955: Make JSObject::setMap not pretend to take a const shape. r=jorendorff
26d40e1e80bfbe1b381f8a23344fb5f91ec4624bJim Blandy — Bug 554955: Introduce a typed accessor for retreiving functions from JSFunctionBoxes. r=brendan
f6117465a9798ddc0105550415c242710a7d8949Jim Blandy — Bug 554955: Drive-by comment fix. no r.
a94566343ba676c26b4073224d2676cc44f2df98Phil Ringnalda — Backed out changeset 81c46a78201f (bug 629197) for failing tests and only being half checked in
81c46a78201f1650ae9f3472a47411a1e646687aAndreas Gal — Disable jetpack service (bug 629197, r=shaver).
771d5cb2c5a38f575ca947486ea98c3acd3c62a6Andreas Gal — Allow toString on InstallTrigger (toSource is already allowed, bug 628410).
59d84fe951ba848ad0ebb05cb17d1ee3fcc97883Jonas Sicking — Tests for bug 594999 (r=mrbkap).
2fb3475b30365f1fbceee6298206828a3c6cc0eaAndreas Gal — Silenty return undefined instead of throwing when content tries to access non-exposed chrome properties (bug 594999, r=mrbkap).
6d5c859c452db930a3e1d620c8b2592a124ff79cJonas Sicking — Disallow content access to chrome functions without __exposedProps__ (bug 628410, r=gal).
8835fffb27afe4de1580c98596abe3f10ea2d83cIgor Bukanov — bug 624880 - renaming JSD public API to reflect the signature change. r=timeless
378cfa4ae4f53ad02167900355664110b9769213Igor Bukanov — bug 624364 - r=jorendorff
824f69dad2bc82141bd6a7572cb5829306bcd424Brendan Eich — Followup fix for gaping hole in patch for bug 591846 (credit to jorendorff, r=me).
5dbc4a422c1b0b2247ab0a13c997990d65a66e27Igor Bukanov — bug 629655 - avoid influencing the malloc GC counters when dumping the heap. r=anygregor
e201f9d09799634f4f7f8857e96d501f01a3f510Andreas Gal — Cache result of Function.prototype.toString (bug 629590, r/a=shaver).
13ccf78a3eed6285c0ea28f0d3f493f1fe5c7a90Boris Zbarsky — Bug 628209 partial fix. On trace, make the element getter for typed arrays of unsigned integers that are less than 32 bits get signed 32-bit ints, not unsigned 32-bit ints. r=gal
3f23c77191005967f39559db98d92f0fa64cb1bfBrendan Eich — Allow PropertyOp-based data properties to be frozen at last-got value (591846, r=jwalden).
6fbc3c08894e5988b230aebb4ef25a3e0a3c1ff5Timothy Nikkel — Bug 626343. Revert accidental addition of unrelated debugging code in 73f7643d522d. a=oops DONTBUILD
ba5140cd34c868e285886214bf4110b44eafd6b4Alexander Surkov — Bug 630001, part2 - fix nsAccUtils::TextLength to not use nsIFrame::GetRenderedText, r=davidb, a=betaN
0a5bf58306bce274399c7583620b3f1db1a0ae1dAlexander Surkov — Bug 630001, part 1 - fix AppendTextTo to not use nsIFrame::GetRenderedText, r=davidb, a=betaN
ae887246ba3400e8861e7c5620eeecdc3f81d7b9Alexander Surkov — Bug 606924, part7 - recreate subtree when root is recreated, r=fer, davidb, a=final+
f169d30d28a5983047b749c73cad5dfacb21b6a0Doug Turner — Bug 625415 - Position is lost after a few seconds r=jdm, a=approval-2.0
163c0ed43150ea2a571797a38e8ae050a37c6efbDoug Turner — Bug 630133 - Need to unmap files in the non fork case, or we leak libraries. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
f05874a6bac536f55317b7eb2e0a463d7414f96eDoug Turner — Bug 629432 - [Nexus S] Opening frequently hangs the phone. Make it only work run on the Nexus S. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
37e4ab3abc4469fc81ac60579fe614b078ebeb36Doug Turner — Bug 629432 - [Nexus S] Opening frequently hangs the phone r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
5b083d0cd966e96a12815085722cc67898eeadf0Kyle Huey — Back out a=afrosdwilsh
011c2aff519bacba7c64652fa7d23ff245e068e7Kyle Huey — Backed out changeset 10c381463850
abe3d7efd84fb6616418e9ecabaeb6b6d7ae32bfPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 593421 - Provide link to "Restore Previous Session" on Firefox Start [r=gavin, r=ehsan, a=blocking2.0:betaN+]
9b9a2799483964a543d4851959c1e2c560078cf7Mike Beltzner — Bug 627472 - Change values for sessionstore.privacy_level_deferred to not save secure session cookies [r=zpao, a=blocking2.0:final+]
10c381463850b3970d9032bcd493bad6c16a9691Paolo Amadini — Bug 620615: Actually make sure we shut down the prompt. r=dolske a=b
d94a56d7812335f29492a373a4e843865c2f9909Patrick Walton — Bug 624931 - Use -moz-transform for Panorama zoom. r=iangilman a=sdwilsh
73f7643d522d8d167b35c87b071ddfeaff7b7863Timothy Nikkel — Bug 626343. Check return value when creating a plugin widget. r=roc a=blocking
4a62f7e1f1289161b9e47d7bf2e5435bc4f5d818Benoit Jacob — Bug 630019 - the DXSDK way didn't work on build slaves! reverting to the way using the registry that was earlier reviewed by jag on bug 630019. r=jag, a=blocking2.0
a7287af461b576568e8fab40de9cfd15b26d9385Dave Townsend — Backing out changeset 5e4632c4dd7c from bug 563912 due to test failures. a=backout
1c6e36066e735a20661126bd0a825bcdd55ec45bSerge Gautherie — Bug 614474 - ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/dom/indexedDB/test/test_bfcache.html | Test timed out; (Cv1) Disable this test on (all) Windows 2003 as a workaround.
fe7b943b7a25fac7d8756a48bf4ca1d869b161c8Gavin Sharp — Fix line endings from 22f4e4c325d6, a=bustage
46d40c236f3d39f433269412e0af46d4dc62038dVladimir Vukicevic — b=625353; webgl canvas "show image" upside down; r=bjacob, a=b
688dd0a52427bb90a0fd747f111f44f22b440859Vladimir Vukicevic — b=627798; get a 24bpp depth buffer if possible, regardless of minimum (if > 0); r=jrmuizel
932330bec6e5c30bd8f19220f679f24a057a9719Vladimir Vukicevic — b=628088; fix pbuffer bind-to-texture attribs in contexts; r=jrmuizel
5eb64cb4592d93cd788f589684c278c17ce4bccaVladimir Vukicevic — b=629149; [webgl] TextureImageUnits used instead of TextureUnits; r=bjacob
e5cad0f838ae065d0d495f3199381c5eb6bc6766Benoit Jacob — Bug 623338 - map Windows 2003 to Windows XP for the graphics blacklist - r=joe, a=blocking2.0
55196a9321b13b64f181aadb226f297f424a865cVladimir Vukicevic — Bug 630019 - updated ANGLE PBuffers patch (makes ANGLE work again) - r=bjacob, a=blocking2.0
f745282ddbff5e2ea884964db31ac9593e13801aBenoit Jacob — Bug 612007 - Blocklist D3D9 layers on nvidia 6200 TC due to glitches when scrolling - r=joe, a=blocking2.0
22f4e4c325d64306f66756baca9c29613434b75eBenoit Jacob — Bug 630019 - fix ANGLE build, find any version of DirectX SDK - r=jag, a=blocking2.0
5e4632c4dd7c085cc2dbed10a89484655b708de6Dave Townsend — Bug 563912: Allow the tab key to only move to the items relevant to the selected extension. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
947ba01d23f3713824a87190dfc33577ac23543aAsaf Romano (Mano) — Bug 630265 - Bookmarks menu broken in non browser windows. r=mak. a=blocker.
0162ac678b8ff5e7278275243758835e3c072679Asaf Romano (Mano) — Bug 629889 - open all in tabs is broken from Library when no browser window is open. r=mak. a=blocker.
c71dc0ee1973787687100c3b294238c775a85f9aBrandon Sterne — Bug 600584 - add more detail to CSP violation report logging, r=jst, a=LegNeato
2e64d11f6885dc70aa08e6fbe10de1f161d8ceb6Wes Johnston — Bug 615897 - Use text rather than title for Android notificaiton ticker text r=blassey, a=approval-2.0
7b2109426e83a5e892f3727e7fc3713d77ec5063Brad Lassey — finish backout of af70cc3963ac (Bug 629432) [r=me a=fennec-should-build]
0a47be5cdd94fb2c591152322650fc7892a21b41Mark Finkle — Backout af70cc3963ac (Bug 629432) [r=me a=fennec-should-load-pages]
242d17a9bc33c22705dc80257027608c02bf898bBas Schouten — Bug 630096: Fix cairo_d2d_finish destruction order. r=jrmuizel a=joedrew
7a5f8241cfa475e9f60b2bdaa06e1c1c9c2ec6e0Alexander Surkov — Bug 626660 - cache rendered text on a11y side, r=davidb, f=marcoz, a=betaN
732a38102733f90cf7ad41c9c885f7262f27a288Alexander Surkov — Bug 629912, part2 - crash [@ NotificationController::TextEnumerator, keep text nodes addrefed, r=marcoz, sr=neil, a=betaN
ba3fe7ee56b9e09023d825f6fae1b8e297e8f92aDão Gottwald — Bug 601304 - add a top border to the add-on bar. r+a=dietrich
688eccc5d20e5496e743f5ff098dd776bbcdf6b8Dão Gottwald — Bug 629923 - statuspanel shouldn't inherit text-shadow. r=gavin
4a05e5eaca001c59cfcbb0b1524ea528ae702ae6Dão Gottwald — Bug 629969 - Don't show status messages for XHR requests. r=jag/gavin
ee7c16ea0e606be5e37a17b5d137270953ff17c1Serge Gautherie — Bug 628589 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-3: permanent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/gfx/test_acceleration.html | Acceleration enabled on x86-64 OS X". (Windows 2003 too); (Dv1) test_selection_underline.html: Move waitForExplicitFinish() out of onLoad(), Make existing todo() more explicit.
fcc4f82e4d3ca18226565c41e3d91735c9ea9636Daniel Holbert — Bug 627776: Rewrite reftests for bug 621253 to fix randomorange. r=roc a=tests
9679a78759adf851dc0ad769034f4c97b35ea6dbJustin Wood — Bug 598252 - Disable test_play_twice.html on SeaMonkey. r=cpearce, a=DONTBUILD
dd74bee1601c0f9cf6f4b11d824120b2d2ed0caaPhil Ringnalda — Bug 628984 - Don't hit the network in test_Microformats_hCalendar.html, rs=gavin, a=test
1c9b037420c1e6ae488135e38680a73205480c1fAlexander Surkov — Bug 571610 - ASSERTION: Can't create document accessible, r=davidb, a=davidb
70b1c8dd220e247efcde9bc720077ce4ea27c313Alexander Surkov — Bug 626667, part3 - rudiment of GetIndexInParent fix, r=davidb, a=final+
46c4c8b31b60fb334b466745706bad15c8a84030Alexander Surkov — Bug 629912 - 4.0b11pre crash [@ NotificationController::TextEnumerator(nsPtrHashKey<nsIContent>*, void*) ][@ nsINode::GetFlags()], r=davidb, a=betaN+
c07fe14fcd5307705681b0202c6c936287eb347bAlexander Surkov — Bug 629862 - text update notification should schedule notifications processing, r=davidb, a=final+
48772c7edf0c81d38d3eedccba41556fc1530e2bAlexander Surkov — Bug 629640 - remove rudiment aContainer argument of UpdateTreeInternal, r=davidb, a=davidb
c4bbf11d4c5453c8308c7fbbc785b35572ead228John Daggett — Bug 629611. Add font cache size info to about:support. r=bas,joedrew a=joedrew
74860484ed4d066b264e8ea6f2ff9520927afb37Nick Thomas — Bug 590953, packaging fixes from 3.6.14 --> 4.0b10 major update testing, r=rstrong, a=blocker
3dd2962dade53d2ab4c4f4dc00392ba26647ba1eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 625991 - Let the server socket code deal with the cases where we don't have a live socket transport service due to being offline; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-final+
0aefa58c96403c7b292ce2fd9ac472cf19a6f7eeBenoit Jacob — Bug 623338 - NVIDIA drivers use different internal version numbers on WinXP than they do on newer Windows versions, as a result in today's nightly they were accidentally blacklisted - r+a=trust-me-we-want-this-in
cb0f7b37208df372c787ecdb433cb4016b1a4b12Tim Taubert — Bug 629233 - Intermittent 'TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/browser/base/content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug608037.js | Test timed out' during OSX 10.6 opt Moth [r=ian, a=test]
10e879bc17a470372647c85aae9a89e60bdf50efJacek Caban — Bug 627335 - Port patch from bug 567707 to GCC assembly r=timeless a=NPOTB
4c199b3e02cd11f45a74453d3d7f96bcabe6154dMark Banner — Bustage fix follow-up to bug 629538. Fix pedantic error in ShaderLang.h that only shows up in non-IPC builds due to the way IPC disables pedantic. r=bjacob,a=bustage-fix
e058817c0ab0ce6d70d6ad7d6982fcb02768a899Dão Gottwald — Bug 629964 - Make status messages unaffected by JS again, backing out bogus change from bug 574688. a=backout
336d5906cb0f7be789450241d9813f8412ebe360Tim Taubert — Bug 625424 - Dropping a tab onto the 'undo close group' dialog adds the tab to that group [r=ian, a=beltzner]
aacc3b418049d4547423c13aa0022f630161b537timeless — Bug 586671 AffixMgr::parse_convtable leaks pattern/pattern2 if it can't create both. r=ryanvm, a=roc.
8cfa767f666cec411c63b1025cc552e8487efa56timeless — Bug 586686 Hunspell::spellml + Hunspell::get_xml_list are messy. r=ryanvm, a=roc.
dfdded687f2aad3f1e6c8c8666a5051453d5c25ftimeless — Bug 603311 HashMgr::load_tables leaks dict when decode_flags fails. r=ryanvm, a=roc.
6a05c245907e93d58c57751332471dd4fdca43a9Caolan McNamara — Bug 617953 - Hunspell::analyze leaks p = pSMgr->suggest_morph(). r=timeless, a=roc.
e734b97f0420b92c96a860cb44caf4c897cff6b7Mihai Sucan — Bug 627301 - Update Firefox Start Page design (with no string impact). r=ehsan, a=blocking.
9665f848871b0eb007d3cebc4babdffbd921f6aaRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 627614 - Re-order init list to fix build warning. r=bent a=dtownsend
7e2774d221166f15c4867b0a38ae315a1a878629Sid Stamm — Bug 628198. Add UI for do not track header., ui-r=faaborg, a=blocking.
178298b4d9dbb27c091868d440b2f1ec96e2d0e6Serge Gautherie — Bug 628589 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-3: permanent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/gfx/test_acceleration.html | Acceleration enabled on x86-64 OS X". (Windows 2003 too); (Fv1) s/DWrite/DirectWrite/g.
3bb4b3a3189af29ddccb7a53599568de7fd42457Serge Gautherie — Bug 628589 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-3: permanent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/gfx/test_acceleration.html | Acceleration enabled on x86-64 OS X". (Windows 2003 too); (Cv1) Enhance existing checks, Add Windows 2000 check, Add Windows checks for DWrite, Add default case/check (for non-MacOSX non-Windows).
b7ca6147425eb75cfff026e1abe8f5446d3688e0Serge Gautherie — Bug 628589 - [SeaMonkey] mochitest-plain-3: permanent "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /tests/gfx/test_acceleration.html | Acceleration enabled on x86-64 OS X". (Windows 2003 too); (Bv1) Add missing 'var', Sort os names alphabetically.
28bef0ccd9278beb0e136c0f9bc6f66f38a72209Benoit Jacob — Bug 629971 - fix non-libXUL build: had damaged and not properly applied angle-shared.patch - r+a=bustage-of-non-libxul-build
7dc2ef0666bcd942ac118d2ed82bc5de0b220114Matthew Gregan — Bug 624572 - Abort in content process receiving PAudio:SampleOffsetUpdate r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
11638b7314557166f2ce849e9f84e74ad0b30b79Doug Turner — Bug 624758 - crash [@nsSHistory::EvictContentViewersInRange] and [@nsSHistory::EvictGlobalContentViewer] don't handle failure of GetTransactionAtIndex. r=smaug, a=blocking-fennec
af70cc3963ac532466de7ed6ee8c8b0977a074c0Doug Turner — Bug 629432 - [Nexus S] Opening frequently hangs the phone r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
b0f17cbbfd20be2ed628aec00384f6651492c293Benoit Jacob — Bug 629952 - whitelist the fake vendor IDs used by the GfxInfo xpschell tests - r+a=bustage
aecb4a72e8d81d07fa00bb1e2e3ec4eafaf5f84bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Merge places and mozilla-central. a=blockers
2a7a03e4d6d80b1bb7029cabb79aa9f9072e5430Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central and Places to make the orange stop.
e70226a62985a7f866e98480f9946cd02b14d35fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 629603 - Merge fx-sync. a=blockers
bf7d5ec5ce41b105526ab99efbf0f5b9df19ab10Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 629664 - Attempt at improving randomly failing test. r=rnewman a=orange
fbe19a7e2322678e64402c0b68a387b3f5910234Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 606353 - History sync: use mozIAsyncHistory::updatePlaces. r=rnewman
01b0083ca0d6fbf43db38d3291b8c6c021026e68Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 606353 - Add a Utils.checkGUID() helper. r=rnewman
ee57bd80ed9f44700868776bf3b80b58940a591ePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 606353 - Improve and harden history sync tests. r=rnewman
508651c01140cb6f0395c22f35d2b66e412060bePhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 622762 - Add batch API for incoming records, deal with exceptions in SyncEngine's recordHandler. r=mconnor,rnewman
bcae0a9ee46506e2458a723f8db44741e26e6915Richard Newman — Bug 610501: better rewriting of tag search smart bookmarks. r=philiKON
2d337598fd758ed41a3e7bb8c4cb2a0d28b4d5d7Richard Newman — Bug 610501: dupe Smart Bookmarks based on anno. r=philiKON
dd5e9bfd0f6aade836e51f6a7242927441106d9dBenoit Jacob — Bug 629933 - WebGL mochitest mistakenly disabled on Mac OS 10.6 - r=vlad, a=obviously-should-be-blocking2.0
e0cc3c15ef087fccbcede7409fcc6c2d66a85600Benoit Jacob — Bug 629538 - Upgrade ANGLE to r550 - 3/3 - r=vlad, a=blocking2.0
af518fbee5648062828ba6bc074d7812820738fdBenoit Jacob — Bug 629538 - Upgrade ANGLE to r550 - 2/3 - r=vlad, a=blocking2.0
268957af2047b4565587b46f052669b18b9079fdBenoit Jacob — Bug 629538 - Upgrade ANGLE to r550 - 1/3 - r=vlad, a=blocking2.0
0ab93abd23cb40f5918e16b0e1b5b7706fd18a2eBenoit Jacob — Bug 569431 - Optimization in DrawElements - followup: fix warning - r=vlad, a=blocking2.0
3ea2b5a7c9c8eaa346875fe644c444df5f388d38Olli Pettay — Bug 624549, Don't call GC so aggressively in nsJSContext::CC, r=gal, a=jst
ba84db82eed5945f6f1cf0ebef383d3e905c8ae7Benoit Jacob — Bug 623338 - only whitelist Intel, NVIDIA, ATI - r=joe, a=blocking2.0
983c98ba560baf911b79efc18e3ac5d98bc5f610Benoit Jacob — Bug 623338 - Block old drivers for ATI & NVIDIA (older than June 2010) - r=joe, a=blocking2.0
a76570899a34e5cc44d72ad7b530b3c10a336894Tim Taubert — Bug 624727 - Removed app tabs get overriden and reused in nsSessionStore::restoreWindow() [r=zpao+ian, a=blocking2.0]
cf073a3eafdfe4c38260b50d2d87b86a05f5f771Mehdi Mulani — Test for bug 581937 [r=zpao, a=blocking2.0:final+]
8e99b3137026617564fc7da45a2b3f8914ffeed2Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 581937 - "Recently closed tabs" list keep blank tabs [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:final+]
30d746c939326dbd29fff864f869abb886d0f570Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 599909 - to-be-restored tabs don't show up in switch-to-tab [r=dietrich, a=blocking2.0:.x]
5502c6978c73bb33159111ef1119e23160f37b72Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 628231. r=jst, a=blocker
fc363326e0ef338a554f554248240a76ac79022eOlli Pettay — Bug 622259, make rangeParent to return null, not SystemOnlyWrapper, r=jst, a=blocker
94a51a3b64d40175c2d32419cbe467604f183f4dMike Hommey — Merge backout. a=bustage
ef9290eb777b6ec2240449d8f41c74ba7dee8003Mike Hommey — Backed out changeset 32542df68da3 because of maemo bustage. a=bustage
f2148c181f5597d8ae8fd4fe01b958518c678cdcJeremias Bosch — Bug 609843 - Improve usage of Meego Input Method. - Minimal Meego/Qt Fixes. r=romaxa a=npodb
11db9166ba1c991ae12446351d40bf2e7bce11bdJeremias Bosch — Bug 609843 - Make Fn key working. r=romaxa a=npodb
e006628cc089ab82641e56c9e9ae08315a97b3a3Alexander Surkov — Bug 626667, part2 - get rid GetCachedParent, r=davidb, a=davidb try: -u mochitest-o
4b8113a528f00a023fdfbd6ec499f435c5baf978Alexander Surkov — Bug 626667, part1 - getParent shouldn't repair the tree, r=davidb, a=davidb
c5e11345cd0bd76a72037ea420dee6eca7b77d5bRobert O'Callahan — Bug 616085 - Renable 508908-1.html crashtest without it hitting the network, a=test
ac74d4c7d72b16a86be3f5cc752d36c613f5a290Phil Ringnalda — Bug 618541 - Remove long-obsolete contents.rdf in official branding, r=dolske, a=NPOTB
8e94c9b9d497f5495fcc8ab86c793691f7560db4Phil Ringnalda — Bug 625562 - Fix intermittent frameLoaded is not defined by moving the iframes below the definition of frameLoaded, r=jwatt, a=orange
bfd144a54f0adcb1f01995403f16bdf8d33ab0e1Mats Palmgren — Bug 617076 - Large white space under Add-on Manager when switching tabs and panes. r=tnikkel a=blocking2.0:betaN
03c41bf59d8206bd4d3e3d355701ae6c28da7fd5Clint Talbert — Bug 616383 - backport crash reporter fixes for mozmill to 1.5.1 mozmill in m-c r=harth a=NPOTB DONTBUILD
8e01633a1a7ddf1c164669778379955933530993Benoit Jacob — merge backout, r+a=bustage
b88123213dfc880f6654668b76826dbb1eeb57e9Benoit Jacob — Backed out changeset 6eb16f7e331d
1783e5dc6f3acdbf3ef7ce93c3d93257f92ecd39Benoit Jacob — backouts, r+a=bustage, and sorry for the empty changeset, MQ wont import a merge commit :-(
4b0d8f4ec88d52b012cb983211d9c6c59ce7e155Benoit Jacob — merge 2 backouts
2bd0a1ff78f3bf3b63192e377c08acca406ed599Benoit Jacob — Backed out changeset faa8b3f0c677
773aa9530056d2f103ed73ed8097558c9c3d91e9Benoit Jacob — Backed out changeset 5bea893dd9b2
5bea893dd9b256296f2ce05d2cc384da510ae19aBenoit Jacob — Bug 628384 - Bypass graphics blacklist on reftest and mochitest - r+a=dbaron
6eb16f7e331d91e72de1a47ab139c6f4da3e5e6cBenoit Jacob — Bug 623338 - only whitelist Intel, NVIDIA, ATI - r=joe, a=blocking2.0
faa8b3f0c677cadaf90c1e9dc17a613a9fb9d1d7Benoit Jacob — Bug 623338 - Block old drivers for ATI & NVIDIA (older than June 2010) - r=joe, a=blocking2.0
828decbcc564718527dc890da335564cbd627701Benoit Jacob — Bug 628403 - rename webgl.prefer_gl to webgl.prefer-native-gl - r=vlad, a=joe
2a7ac44076692b40386defdc1b2f7cf70019f33cBenoit Jacob — Bug 628403 - introduce webgl.force-enabled and webgl.disabled prefs - r=vlad, a=joe
f704da8cce12481a5436cafbb692df22691e1b7dMats Palmgren — Bug 597627 - Adding and removing lines in big textareas is really slow. r=roc a=blocking2.0:final
a2f4bc829c88d52e5720109e9b9ecf6954e90e94Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 616288 followup, comment fix; a=cleanup-after-myself DONTBUILD
b5ee327bf5367e5c5e64230969dee2b297d81c1aTim Taubert — Bug 627288 - Tabs restored from last session show stale cache data; r=ian a=sdwilsh
a63f1b9d9878fe213f63f5e53dd6e3a5ac75edd5Dão Gottwald — Bug 626148 - Opening link in new tab from background window opens tab in foreground window; r,a=dolske
a1698173698c0dc98315f547035a2e6f3acd0fd4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 628980 - browserscope richedit tests load over the network; r=roc a=NPOTB
7cf9d28a0a4064b183754e949b0f515327aec2bcEhsan Akhgari — Bug 616288 - crash [@ nsAutoCompleteController::StartSearch ] when typing things too rapidly inside the location bar; r=sdwilsh a=gavin
53a26f3050bc2d8d5a0405b06ba2de56218af18eVivien Nicolas — Bug 619679 - [Maemo] Dismissing the virtual keyboard causes issues. r=enndeakin, a=approval2.0
120b98a578ee89845d2d671db512ea7452aa15bbMargaret Leibovic — Bug 605409 - Document load progress no longer accessible; r=gavin a=blocking-betaN+
e102c0b5f6f07afe5155ee1c9770b7934fa69f52Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629577 - non-libxul builds broken by changes to History, unresolved symbol nsContentUtils::sXPConnect; r=mak a=sdwilsh
3de1641119d1c5bb0a3daa9ae9e7f2fdce3bc0f6Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629172 - Fix the regression in switching the text input direction using Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+X; r=roc a=blocking-final+
7e5338ae09f9ce53057caed795d3c2541e023665Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629145 - Part 3: Make sure that the iframes are large enough to cover all of the tests; r,a=roc
0fc69d3548fde1839bfe6e558f3d92b0f610500cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 629145 - Part 2: Fix incorrect assumptions about autofocus; r,a=roc
1fb93d40acc9e4bf4d207d02d9dc6a822fb8f7c5Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629145 - Make test_reftests_with_caret.html not fail silently the first time that it is run; r,a=roc
3bba6b2caabd6be9b8b4a40c63d6592669230074Honza Bambas — Bug 614526 - fixing AI_CANONNAME condition bustage, r=wtc, a=bz
846f2ea91e63392221ea1944ae8c1156e1f06139Ted Mielczarek — bug 599301 - Make Breakpad include memory around instruction pointer in minidumps on older versions of Windows. r=mento, a=beltzner
a39147a05a1e384aaa70a5c382c509a1e0034260Ted Mielczarek — Fix whitespace from bug 620974
5e576c6e3d75482fe989bc4aaa1b4e8e29a80fb9Asaf Romano — Bug 562998 - Selecting commands from a bookmarks context menu while the window isn't active does nothing.
e2f9d9c8b18ca0a3ff3909db12417729b2c01124Marco Bonardo — Bug 588011 - "Bookmark All Tabs" should ignore App Tabs.
cfd957a4ac9f9d8a07083f94b326ca2b18fd9472Tim Taubert — Bug 628620 - intermittent timeout in content/test/tabview/browser_tabview_bug606657.js [r=ian, a=test]
21f96c423923858a0796954ae1075c1b133777a2Daniel Holbert — Bug 628747: (patch v2) Disallow SVG-as-an-image from loading external resources, unless we're sure they won't hit the network. r=bz r=roc a=roc
9332128cc4373c462dd7fd4938d3dbc850f6a4cfDaniel Holbert — Bug 628747: Back out 0435ed183c2d (first version of this bug's patch). a=backout
37bf42a252ef0d431a6e9ae2242fc4965a823ac1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 629035 test followup. Add the test too. a=orange-n-such
9d99616ce506b48c4430b02f4e9bc99c0f04e07fPatrick McManus — bug 628832 - fix regression in http/0.9 detection from 363109; r=zbarsky a=blocking-2.0
979ef5bad8c4c63399d63ffe121b11454e9c920bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 629035 test. a=test
fe8180d48b5dcf9c15a73112017e36a28855fa31Boris Zbarsky — Bug 629035. Don't try to reconstruct frames if we don't have any. r=dbaron, a=blocker
5e7903dbbd2854d372da018f273665749c7dfbe0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 625712. Make useGlobalHistory work again on docshells. r=sdwilsh
915e3095944404064d7525c4cbfdac8e0445e778Josh Aas — Bug 613710: Fix handling of cmd-. keyboard equivalent, don't let Mac OS X convert it to a cancelOperation: action. r=smichaud a=blocking2.0final+
8432660873e0f532acfd4be043c1a174e6de0ddfDão Gottwald — Bug 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of screen. r=gavin a=b
6662101e4dbff0773044ee13970c2e92043e10b7Mihai Sucan — Bug 613280 - Cannot copy result text in console. r=dolske, feedback=rcampbell, a=blocking
51e086b46dd0f1cb3e976629ff974c7953d06795Mihai Sucan — Bug 618322. Web Console: Inspect pop-up should have scroll bars and be wider. r=dolske, feedback=rcampbell, a=dolske.
332b2da9de82cbc1a5f4870bf6c3d62d3e6d2988Brian Carpenter — Bug 607234. Remove "Release Notes" from the Help menu. r=dolske, a=dolske.
b005c115fea264ea6046724c13786de83678f490Mounir Lamouri — Bug 595310 - Drag and drop of text into an input field does not remove placeholder. r=ehsan,roc a=jst
a84260b56b08e65aefaaff49b286b650772dcf47Jonathan Kew — merge backout of b8d97566aa8a. a=backout
ae405aed26bdb05da3d647e129810bd9e1509f9aJonathan Kew — backing out changeset b8d97566aa8a (bug 621386) for causing xpcshell orange. a=backout
5769afe9da465bfe8a818ed11fe1b13851b0c7f0Jonathan Kew — bug 628091 - PostScript Type1 fonts fail via GDI rendering. r=jdaggett a=joe
32a319ca404241bcbe02a1c1cdab7154a17dafc4Jonathan Kew — merge backout of 7eac2da4ca5e
9962128c19d63807e6e914694d4d924a9db07408Jonathan Kew — backing out changeset 7eac2da4ca5e (bug 628654) for causing orange (see bug 629628)
993b69aa088aa90519f46f77f5e98bc60a15965bJonathan Watt — Merge backout to tip. a=orange.
c995186796be97f57c74802efb103b86b2db8474Jonathan Watt — Backed out changeset 97e4df251673 due to failing new test. a=orange
3cbf026c2ce2287efc08e29468d7b41eb345863bJacek Caban — Bug 627693 - GfxInfo.cpp fails to compile on mingw after landing bug 590373 r=bjacob a=dbaron
e21c1c2813ad013e5e50a87e11940700a32fc769Jacek Caban — Bug 611986 - nsWindow.cpp compilation failure on mingw after landing bug 586228 r=roc a=dbaron
51188908033fe5622d00beb98fe182249344ef76Jacek Caban — Bug 626049 - mingw build crashes in [@ EnumAllChildWindProc] r=bas.schouten a=dbaron
06d9df6ca0fa29bf6192e46f540bc3658e494cd4Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 597931 - New CSS' Item bounds incorrectly include highlighting [r=ian, a=beltzner]
58d8ac6ba70eac57ab8527456e9476c1f2a222c6Stephen Horlander — Bug 626886. Update all-tabs glyph to a standard dropdown arrow. r=gavin, a=gavin.
b8d97566aa8aa76e9994aa28d1f6fa5a3d8a096eJosh Matthews — Bug 621386 - Clean up all ContentParent observers and listeners on actor destruction and xpcom-shutdown. r=bsmedberg, a=bsmedberg
b390764cfa3bfd97a90ef71a4e553509ce3070ddJosh Matthews — Bug 627355 - Don't dangle pointers to dead objects. r=dougt a=b-f
85ec8d10fdfba4e59b808f27e54af017283b5da8Stephen Horlander — Bug 620762. Add Focused Tab Highlight to Panorama on Linux. r=ian, feedback=tim.taubert, a=dietrich.
6dbe10320e8aa15181da1b06858ef2c29f0a3737Stephen Horlander — Bug 593597 - Design and implement updated CSS styling for Linux [r=ian, a=sdwilsh]
dc8a96be2009d4d523fa85205888c612395c85a2Alexander Surkov — Bug 625652 - 'test a11y tree on text data removal' mochitest, r=marcoz, a=test
95a9192221ea7956ba1f26d24f5462007e860936Alexander Surkov — Bug 625652 - make sure accessible tree is correct when rendered text is changed, r=davidb, sr=roc, a=roc
42ff81cddcec3b20d6b5b741bbcacb9b24c25b6cAlexander Surkov — Bug 628922 fix Solaris build - layout should use cached nsIAccessibilityService, r=roc, a=roc
102d318965db65fc68ee4c14640b80a2039cd7ccMike Hommey — Bug 628303 - Pass HOST_LDFLAGS to the build system. r=khuey,a=sdwilsh
712162d0a093097abfced080c639c8246ceb5beeMakoto Kato — Bug 628606 - elfhack causes bustage since ARM target may not return arm. r=glandium,a=sdwilsh
32542df68da39768b7d7e88014ac2e898f6fbdedMike Hommey — Bug 627299 - Fix assembler arguments passed in CFLAGS. r=khuey,r=wtc,a=sdwilsh
4949da34f21bd07b06be5f9ec08d41f70041fbc4Mike Hommey — Bug 628233 part 2 - Enable elfhack on Android. r=khuey,a=sdwilsh
ce61c1a52114e5d5184b5e750d8f47453273a84eMike Hommey — Bug 628233 part 1 - Make the Android linker stop assuming there is only one read-only PT_LOAD entry. r=mwu,a=sdwilsh
47939414eff65fd6101bd8a182fe527d4e08c46fMike Hommey — Bug 628988 part 2 - Adapt symbol tables content to elfhack changes. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
abb349de09a08079450528424929d8efadec58ecMike Hommey — Bug 628988 part 1 - Modify elfhack test so that the executable actively calls something from the library. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
a96a3a08a74df43d4f5de40de3ad8c8c912644e5Mike Hommey — Bug 628595 - Avoid compiler warning about C++ style comments in C code in elfhack. r=jag,a-sdwilsh
5c35c496cb6d10e7c16739359235ac3bafbc0cebMike Hommey — Bug 628593 - Remove -fno-exceptions from CXXFLAGS when building elfhack. r=khuey,a=sdwilsh
d99da3128e4f60427ba95e6eb043dead92466790Mike Hommey — Bug 628232 part 2 - Allow to build elfhack injected code as thumb. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
072b2d4fa1176ca23d94b2c823f4771ef243109cMike Hommey — Bug 628232 part 1 - Use the init symbol from elfhack injected code as an entry point instead of hardcoding 0. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
78c74aa85e18cfa2728d3b2ddbc2c3366b56f3f3Mike Hommey — Bug 628627 part 2 - Add messages inviting to file bugs and use --disable-elf-hack in case of elfhack failures. r=khuey,a=sdwilsh
be7d5e061ba63af8f22408824b39e0aa98d6ffc2Mike Hommey — Bug 628627 part 1 - Raise hard errors in some more cases in elfhack. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
4396179e309416d9fbfa909a46d6077de64142f1Mike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 7 - Use a whitelist of ELF sections that can be moved. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
66ebc5e21967bc6500cd6e73f4b7b8b142f5c658Mike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 6 - Delay refreshing of ElfSection addresses and offsets. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
839312525a7d8659e3a23ec48845428c2f72272eMike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 5 - Don't set DT_REL*COUNT if it wasn't already set. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
b4a47cdebab6446343fcf5cdc4b3df77e840c75dMike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 4 - Initially set an address for the fake phdr ElfSection. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
babff49f9e0df733c3cae832b997418702e32049Mike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 3 - An ElfSection is relocatable if it has the SHF_ALLOC flag set independently of other flags. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
49f01e77666acf58caa0fd6c4bd311546cd0e39dMike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 2 - PT_DYNAMIC segment only contains SHT_DYNAMIC section. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
b8426f83a0a62a30ddfc2d8a2cfb2b0a5762fd19Mike Hommey — Bug 628618 part 1 - Support ElfLocations without a corresponding ElfSection. r=tglek,a=sdwilsh
7eac2da4ca5ee9042495a77ab86cefe568e2d11fDão Gottwald — Bug 628654 - Show connecting / waiting / loading status messages in small overlay on top of content at bottom of screen. r=gavin a=b
0e50480c408f203660c4de22edd01f5cafa0bdd5Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 609163 - Get rid of Item.locked [r=ian, a=dietrich]
97e4df25167392923bddc4c6924de728674632efMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 627239 - Don't store thumbnails for https pages [r=ian, a=dietrich]
6963333a74d1f7a8460d034f374acbc0b5c92e56Sid Stamm — Bug 628197. Implement do-not-track HTTP header to express user intent to halt tracking across site. r=dwitte, a=jst.
408332b0a8342ec2cb2ee4c9a5f4164645785495Chris Pearce — Bug 626979 - Handle WebM frame size changes. r=kinetik a=blocking2.0
822a61861a3831b5d56ded46cc0d138e06281cbbJonathan Watt — Bug 619955. 'pointer-events' broken on SVG text. r=longsonr, a=roc.
f4081cd9428b6fcd6ed3addfaa8d685fb6c956eaJohnny Stenback — backout merge, a=orange
3eaae21385861107a300cec0e3f53d56b32a506cJohnny Stenback — Backed out changeset 244738bdb248 due to test failures
733c4bc77ab51d7498461778f23b7553c8005e3fPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 622936 - Sync error close button is on right side of bar. r+a=mconnor
0733169a5289c31749bb768a51783dc401c0d30aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 629305 - "Change your Sync Key" dialog doesn't have Print and Save buttons. r+a=mconnor
c4d7975b8ea1ded7a209cec3de41975b4aca3434Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 627511 - Merge fx-sync to mozilla-central. a=blockers
0fd671f28555f8257bea69431534a5cf6346c000Philipp von Weitershausen — Bug 608757 - Make Utils.jsonSave/Load use NetUtil.asyncCopy and asyncFetch, respectively. r=mconnor
13c45cd92b477fb51d08c5b67c282af87f26bf8bPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 608757 - Make API and tests for Utils.json{Load|Save} async. r=mconnor
eff3225f51e95d6f610dd9a306de44cc3e9cd31dPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 615284 - Download chunking needs to be more resilient against app shutdowns. r=mconnor
1c9bdb06d07af6863735848255907f0f223ae4fbRichard Newman — Bug 610501: handle smart bookmarks correctly in Sync.
9bff5fa7cab3833d9a4fb79f28b2cccb16aa227cRichard Newman — Bug 627097: Audit usage of js-ctypes in Sync/WeaveCrypto. r=philiKON
53e6fd558a14a4838247d153c268465a82a5b01fRichard Newman — Bug 627497: remove annotations from copied bookmarks. r=philiKON
3662781c9732f25bf27659943ffc482540e54d82Richard Newman — Bug 626796: Bookmark sync: restore from backup should trigger reupload. r=philiKON
6eb6c710dc93135e71fc6b1c8f6b72cd11e1c633Richard Newman — Bug 627490: Bookmark sync: don't cache places IDs. r=philiKON
244738bdb2483eec6257720d4b802c70f6258bd1Blake Kaplan — Fix bug 628231., a=blocker
8bb432a920fe2f5ac88dda2ab5e0c310d7dae3fcBas Schouten — Bug 612846 - Part 5: Make ContainerLayerD3D10 support component alpha. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-betan
b064de51203d809e3ebfa29c61a1fb2943fa355cMatt Woodrow — Bug 612846 - Part 4: Make ThebesLayerD3D10 support component alpha. r=bas a=blocking-betan
4b4ea122f4231377cfa2b30f4bbadf16e8c51d8bMatt Woodrow — Bug 612846 - Part 3: Add component alpha shaders to D3D10. r=bas a=blocking-betan
99c20fdff1c2cd3a539b3bb98fad8c9cfd013922Matt Woodrow — Bug 612846 - Part 2: Make cairo_tee_surface support flush. r=roc a=blocking-betan
bbee61de7173e2031ebaccea0e6dba737647b08aMatt Woodrow — Bug 612846 - Part 1: Refactor ThebesLayers to only draw within Validate. r=bas a=blocking-betan
d55f25baadb30b3d1ca14a169462210374252e36David Bolter — Bug 581096 - aria-hidden should expose hidden attribute and fire attributechange events, r=surkov, f=marcoz, a=davidb
c85650001fa9a045f3cd15e6a43aee59a5ca9fcdAlexander Surkov — Bug 629394, part3 - replace do_QueryObject on AsHyperText, r=fer, a=davidb
523d042cda9724664e511aa6dc1a4e95dbbfa163Alexander Surkov — Bug 629394, part2 - add AsHyperText method, r=fer, sr=neil, a=davidb
307d7ab0729f241377094ceaf46978fb5a5f40faAlexander Surkov — Bug 629394, part1 - turn children flags into generic flags, r=fer, sr=neil, a=davidb
7749a10c82320eb596c7d97b9011e6d5017a396aAlexander Surkov — Bug 629000 - the text leaf accessible bound to the tree shouldn't be checked for relations, r=davidb, a=davidb
cb3fcbce2ef47d71d607e7b5b413ebcfeda492cfAlexander Surkov — Bug 628922 - layout should use cached nsIAccessibilityService, r=davidb, sr=roc, a=roc
a2d89cf5cd1820b09fdd1a6af41f8a6849f3ec7bAlexander Surkov — Bug 629289 - forcing value to bool (performance warning C4800), r=davidb, a=davidb
0b39828124f935852a17dc07d9d8179d6a3e826fAlexander Surkov — Bug 606924, part6 - move GetAccessibleOrContainer to nsDocAccessible, r=fer, a=final+
63586498435058ef012421c3057b09b6f0965f13Alexander Surkov — Bug 606924, part5 - rename GetCachedAccessible, r=fer, a=final+
103c3d98d560ce2f0d32a2f867e08f63218928fdJonathan Kew — bug 629450 - Sinhala requires specific shaping support, don't render via harfbuzz by default. r=jdaggett, a=blocking
787b1e101a5f6c0a338bf3009ee76082e1e3d2edChris Leary — CLOSED TREE: Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (a=blockers)
c5d19264bbfb8cbaf258a5afb17c02e5e98c0ae3Chris Leary — Back out changeset 7d82892cb8df.
696a87a674ee74fb76dbf14c65b1c52757b78a52Chris Leary — Merge the backout head.
36a4ecbcb4be58b3bc1f9ae208069b756faa2a3fChris Leary — Backed out changeset b5ca98debed0
7d82892cb8dfff9c0108e6557ab0cba33122d100Bill McCloskey — Bug 609104 - Move the property tree to the compartment (r=brendan)
8474f8f13bb1ad491364ec4eca67628590628fc8Blake Kaplan — Fix bustage from bug 611485. r=gal
a2825fbe23e39d34451769d44ab0cf2e3a883253Blake Kaplan — Bug 611485 - Don't enter the foreign compartment when calling through Xray wrappers. r=gal
68931522981d42fd4ca3b8b5f8447d5e73cc52feBlake Kaplan — Bug 627302 - Don't violate COM rules by forgetting to check the return value. r+a=jst
c098265c18e28ea1ff0cb82ec9be7ce6a4366014timeless — Bug 615834 warning: inline function ‘JSCompartment* JSObject::getCompartment() const’ used but never defined. r=gal
dd71c1b1159e4b8deed8fc22309c6f5a04e82f4eChris Leary — Bug 595691, take 2: fix versioning across VM instances, remove _options. (r=luke,brendan,igor)
0a28e819fb0aa7a6140a8a3723ef105ac14eefd0Andreas Gal — Follow-up fix for bug 625559.
9ac5cb7a9aeea5bdeb8782cb87a1c5e6d68311fdBlake Kaplan — Catch chrome eval escaping into content (bug 625559, r=gal).
53dea513311e6b915b229cf2f8d784b3cc482559Jeff Walden — Followup to change a no-longer-passed-by-us test after the last push for bug 497869. r=orange
b5ca98debed07f8bf861c23cb80e49c0323bc5deDavid Mandelin — Bug 611653: clear values instead of scope when global window shuts down, r=brendan,smaug
b0ae8b5a88a036df4d6596d3a795fba8c3d39f72Andreas Gal — Remove JSAutoRequest from Handle::ToJSObject (bug 628930, r=jst).
9d8a15c1f22f331c17c3e7706511a32373b60494Andreas Gal — Fix compartment mismatches in js/jetpack (bug 624366, r=jst).
b57667518fd004ed97123326b16595aabc166c29Jeff Walden — Bug 497869 - Switch ES5's FutureReservedWords to be reserved only in strict mode, because we foolishly unreserved them once in the past. r=brendan
6962ba9824d70e91245fef9b1d2edc17c9cefacaDavid Anderson — Clone lambdas in heavyweight scopes (bug 625157, r=brendan).
df6e9f32a9463a95b036aa546c4b2dea2f755145Andreas Gal — In Proxy get(own)PropertyDescriptor return undefined if property doesn't exist (bug 582967, r=brendan/jorendorff).
82727ded88e6a38cdbe2b96ad148c7d5f079d16eDavid Mandelin — Bug 628612 followup: fix mochitest that assumes constructors are non-configurable, r=orange, a=blocker
4003aacbc67503b2c6b7677f6e1edcbe8303f650Chris Leary — Follow up fix 2 for bug 623435. (r=brendan)
3489b017fd2a9f7766fb5b3f075ca1287dad5cdcDavid Mandelin — Bug 628612: make window constructor properties configurable so Facebook works, r=cam,jeff, a=blocker
4bc54aa1e5660099bae879c1e6bf6c8c1e938d47Chris Leary — Follow up fix for bug 623435. (r=brendan)
a23e97df1b9fed3ed60997cc70c1ef2982443498Chris Leary — Bug 623435: Rip out deprecated RegExp.compile. (r=brendan)
cce9e7d1fe172de4bbebff58a074c95107e32826Luke Wagner — Bug 627227 - Remove retval-jsval optimization in CallMethod; take the normal wrapping path (r=jst)
cd38397ec06eae16d89e3f61336c9a2b823e0f9fDavid Mandelin — Bug 624041: skip elements deleted via shift or reverse in iteration, r=igor
cf00ef2103a4bb9102de77b12a15cd1bf723314fJeff Walden — Oops, shell-only test. r=sparky
5836983f910a010986365d46809ee3696096ccdaLuke Wagner — Bug 627959, part 3 - move dtoaCache into the compartment (r=billm)
8e7cf978049e68ec87d9191ca328361b25ba43e6Luke Wagner — Bug 627959, part 2 - wrap exception in XPCThrower::ThrowExceptionObject (r=gal)
f3e687a7fe94fe550e3e2ced62940ca8b10e2b92Luke Wagner — Bug 627959, part 1 - Also assert same compartment on strings (r=me)
c321d4757563c2ab7162f5c6f7d3746974baa14bJeff Walden — Add tests for behavior of function statements inside with. r=tests
7af02efabd075a92e0353fea5b91f4212f63ec89Steve Fink — Improve comment. Related to bug 627943.
2089bf870890d746410c2a747c7889a3acc08a2bSteve Fink — Bug 627516 - Unconditionally #include assembler/wtf/Platform.h to fix crash with --disable-methodjit, r=cdleary
fc8ec5cca4a2f0ae9ed5a18ec92516906f3dd207Steve Fink — Bug 627943 - Bad ordering of exception save/wrap/restore, r=gal
066a856dc43f965f066b5ae0636b72ca5335bea4Chris Leary — Backed out changeset b88172246b66 due to Win32 debug failures.
b88172246b66ddebd84ea37f9bfa8c8872806ad0Chris Leary — Bug 595691: fix versioning across VM instances, remove _options. (r=luke,brendan,igor)
fa0ee8f877e8c9233ee19aa3d97900176f8035d2Andreas Gal — Trigger appropriate proxy trap for Object.getOwnPropertyNames (bug 628333, r=jwalden).
3b4f201929d4ca81c3cca688ca4b362b4c6652b4John Daggett — Bug 628152. Fix crash in BuildFontList and revert lazy metrics initialization in gfxDWriteFont. r=jkew, a=blocker
6a883344c0f02004e2ea6c221d0450be55085b62Tim Taubert — Bug 628165 - Windows key should not be mapped to Panorama search [r=ian, a=dietrich+blocking2.0-final]
037c029a23293be181cdeaa1d637c068d71c65eeTim Taubert — Bug 628867 - browser_tabview_bug586553.js loads about:credits, which hits the network [r=ian, a=test]
b5b1e065bc0ebca21a13a89d87cefc9b945e6d67Frank Yan — Bug 627332 - add-ons compatibility check always presents "Minefield is working offline" dialog when network link state detection is disabled. r=roc a=dolske
81d830ef76fd06057743a10395993de9e89d24f2Frank Yan — Bug 620472 - Disable unreliable "Work offline" autodetection. r=roc a=beltzner
00bf6b6767d31def2a2d37acf3d5529bb8714f82Wan-Teh Chang — Bug 614526: Pass AI_ADDRCONFIG to getaddrinfo if PR_AI_ADDRCONFIG is set.
3211c8b1b76109ba025ec76afe57ad8a916749e0Patrick Walton — Bug 612470 - Don't close the current Panorama group if there are still app tabs left. r=iangilman a=blocking2.0:betaN+
a7b806aebf0920fba1ba9dca702fa37f25acc302Patrick Walton — Bug 629334 - Back out changeset 84ed248b728d (ignore native events when in event tracking mode on Mac) due to menu bar weirdness. r=backout a=backout
7bf7239c16b39caa3a961257092be6f74c1c8f76Mark Banner — Follow up to bug 606966, catch NS_ERROR_FAILURE instead of NS_ERROR_MALFORMED_URI. rs=sdwilsh a=test-only bustage fix for mailnews add-ons DONTBUILD
c1124d3fb216a0f850190e7d8811a2ac7fd86f6dJim Mathies — Bug 622328 - Fixup widget's UpdateTransparentRegion now that layout's transparent region includes all content. r=roc, a=blocking.
217162ad801ac766ae43a0ccddf1e28e72b58384Jim Mathies — Bug 622328 - Limit glass margin adjustments to kGlassMarginAdjustment for frames that hold opaque content. r=roc, a=blocking.
c165b31279753b01f84089924ab585fa4f43d1c2Timothy Nikkel — Bug 622328 - Always make sure the area of the root content document is considered opaque. r=roc, a=blocking.
4215d5d9bc906b8a6f4438a2f9e73b6029bc8136Michal Novotny — Bug 614513 - Crash in nsCacheService::DeactivateEntry during Linux Talos., a=blocker
5e0bba79c052f89caa54df38210fa0a7a1028bdfPaolo Amadini — Bug 622326. If we still have script running when we want to clear our window scope, use a termination function, not a runnable, to wait for it to finish. r=bzbarsky,jst a=blocker
ecb1a0b69e0bc9b7c49570cbbd1654ada670d63aBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 625425 - Don't re-share the plugin surfaces every time we flip front/back buffers on Windows. r=jimm,karlt, a=blocking
f3377ef65cd9fe6050a20bd253f36f16b729249eJonas Sicking — Bug 618590 Part 3: When a page is destroyed, abort any running indexedDB transactions. r=bent a=blocker
b5d546033d082156a77b50fdf381a7430ab6b726Jonas Sicking — Bug 618590 Part 2: Don't put a document in bfcache if there are running transactions in it. r=bent a=blocker
28f148c2b2eeafa2c28ef9307c750ae86561fb35Jonas Sicking — Bug 618590 Part 1: Change Abort() so that it's possible to abort from outside of transaction callbacks. r=bent a=blocker
03189d3ee1a80078d3b53d4139b4c9fe824da744Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 629416 - Disable the correct test on Windows 7; a=sdwilsh-the-perma-sheriff
bdfa2b67da3ee5df14427b8aa1e309078e22b8f4Ben Turner — Bug 563891 - 'ReferenceError: java is not defined in XUL window'. r=joshmoz, a=blocking.
3f076db5e9300ea0c0e1f02bb3b097648fb099d9Robert Strong — Bug 524294 - [Mac] Updater window does not resize to fit text label on localized builds. r=joshmoz, a=approval2.0
db5d6ac59163ceac183725aea4dd9ad243484862Robert Strong — Patch part 2 - Bug 628829 - Updater crashes when localized strings excess 200 utf-8 bytes, as bn-IN, kn, ml, and te do. r=mossop, a=blocking2.0-final
7bd612d05f85d750b73efebbc04446905061b6a2Jim Mathies — Bug 590453 - Set the theme background for sliders to opaque, fixes a redraw issue. r=roc, a=final.
9f2831978b1cd144fc136605a7abc3dcf99c1a9aJim Mathies — Bug 629275 - Recent nightly kills Win7 Taskbar Jumplists/Tasks. r=rstrong, a=blocking2.0-betaN
1b7a520af7e1b2e7ec4a1e937f34c536cc69bc41Dave Townsend — Bug 629237: If a user has turned off updates for individual add-ons then they should not be included in the metadata ping. r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
0f83f4ac8de4748ec5d95d4c9a1066f1429f477dDave Townsend — Bug 628703: Should not pass the ID of add-ons that have opted out of metadata pings to the discovery view.r=Unfocused, a=blocks-final
df89c9ff9f9f7f0175c923c220beaba4ee563542Shawn Wilsher — Empty changeset so I can say a=blockers
48a2827780f5c6d0e725a0137b760c1ae3556110Shawn Wilsher — Merge Places and mozilla-central one more time.
ee366bd3df42207994d1c2236ed4f85fca3142b6Shawn Wilsher — Merge Places and mozilla-central.
4f3ea17d645d4f9517b0891c55f96e143e88e7d1Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
2f9e83d546d31e54235c91d3dc0f9b74bf6be293Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
61bc209bf1b43fa55281d1d471262bf39c8116d2Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
5186a60fddfdf62ef9a3c6263fc55485e302085aShawn Wilsher — Backout of 3962f456fd9a (Bug 606966 Part 21) due to Moth failures.
8abbd360989e7806a442b1c853fe56c103f17a43Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
3962f456fd9a51ad9049aaf3872fa3499bd1becfShawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
af4e43e6d0484fb575c3a7b7823bfdb5e551cc03Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
3a4e6a96823ac51cf9ce8b2eeb0ecf49d262dc42Shawn Wilsher — Merge mozilla-central into Places.
c03b00587c5da3c1d68d33458d37294cc553e2e0Shawn Wilsher — Bug 606966 - Need an async history visit API exposed to JS
5a54c2ccaf597c5b9a590d673fb703643a0d435dEhsan Akhgari — (Hopefully) disable the failing reftests on Windows to fix our CLOSED TREE; a=me,myself,andI
90b3dedc677dc03aaff9382d2f48e0b1631dd3f0Ehsan Akhgari — Disable failing reftests on Windows 7, pending further investigation in bug 629416
db43ef3f7813a16ff47b14b5dd5f1f254e018983Benoit Jacob — CLOSED TREE - Bug 629396 - update list of failing webgl tests after driver update on test slaves to fix WebGL mochitest failures - r+a=bustage
09bfc85b151c7d2612a310277c3eea87b7d5fe3bGervase Markham — Bug 615530 - update .bt entry in PSL. a=jst.
346786d7a6fe332ed886e5e305398731afd0dfcbGervase Markham — Bug 600215 - commit to pass hook check. a=johnath.
c020414fb66f3d438282326654f3b11509fef715Gervase Markham — Merge checkin.
1365c44328dc9865613de013d5a6af88943672c9Gervase Markham — Bug 600215 - update MPL Initial Developers list.
f2ae721b926a467ff164f6cf5e29e8d72c59593fGervase Markham — Updates for latest run.
9e599ca8c19b183028d6e08af0822b84da0d893bGervase Markham — Removing relic test files - they create false positives in MXR, and this test stuff hasn't been used for years anyway. a=NPOTB.
eac13651595b8821bc26ed6a272c6e4191439f38Mounir Lamouri — Bug 628970 - test_bug347174_write.html should not load an image over the network. r=sicking a=tests
42d7daff9dd3d64e60177cd39524bc5506347ba5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 622597 - form.novalidate should not be taken into account for validity UI when focusing an element. r+a=sicking
e98b94aa64fa5064365fdacdb34992fd0156fec1Asaf Romano (Mano) — Bug 610682 - Position of the reload button in the location bar in RTL firefox should be at the same side in all platforms. r=dao. a=blocker
c07c9b91ec4d819b0cf726d13b74fd0097edfc36Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 620789 - cleanup bookmarks when browser_bug581253.js times out.
e31e67a25d54979b98ef93804f93f9b7c3f11ce1Marco Bonardo — Bug 394353 (Part 2) - Tag list is not updated when manually adding, renaming, or deleting tags from within the tags field.
b2a6ee5242f96a9a6357c6057606fb584941da2aMarco Bonardo — Bug 628258 - inverted method arguments in treeView.js::_buildVisibleSection.
2c27b1eb2085f98a38a4d0da168bcfee553e290fMarco Bonardo — Bug 621273 - Internal URLs show up as results after RSS feed preview.
b5314bc1a92665889cf3bcb22b246c612af20db5Frank Yan — Bug 613749 - Fix tab-modal prompt sizing. [hardblocker] r=dolske a=blocking2.0-final
8eb124d7bcc61baa8ef63b89a09dbf422c95ddc9Markus Stange — Bug 627309 - In RTL mode, flip the whole back/forward toolbarbuttons instead of just the icons so that the lightweight theme clip on the forward button is flipped, too. r=dao, a=blocking-final
a2b243069bc12cc10fbff876976126a3617c0b7eMarkus Stange — Merge backout.
4cdb4fa82aa4ea084c216522bf03a53c61b4aad9Markus Stange — Merge backout.
2cfc443d28ee87835e17b665d41be3a6fb0dca23Markus Stange — Backed out changeset 44c42d8b8d08 (bug 562138 part 1) because it caused bug 627824 and bug 628861.
433f39574cd72d30e47e6500fad52a0398753367Markus Stange — Backed out changeset f948c56cb86f (bug 562138 part 2) because it depends on changeset 44c42d8b8d08 which is going to be backed out.
2df909c5921d8e665102f4fac392745e0e78a658Patrick Walton — Bug 627819 - Fix broken icon in the "The Web Console API has been disabled" message. r=gavin a=gavin
0435ed183c2da73dd99b6e9f9ee6209aa5db935aDaniel Holbert — Bug 628747: Disallow SVG-as-an-image from loading external resources. r=bz a=roc
d72773c698eb9e30222c770e5fbd57bbc4565813Robert Strong — Bug 628829 - Updater crashes when localized strings excess 200 utf-8 bytes, as bn-IN, kn, ml, and te do. r=mossop, a=blocking2.0-final
f0f5638a8f519c61e85fc24e53aaf5d35710febeAlexander Surkov — Bug 606924 - deal with cached accessible tree only, r=davidb, a=blocking2.0final+
0d93633ce73922e9efe0a6cb865b443c5494a2d4Smokey Ardisson — Bug 549958 - Switch the format of the build sourcestamp file so that it can be useful for apps built from multiple repositiories. Also ensure that always generates the platform changeset in multiple repo situations (rather than the changeset of the repo of the installer Makefile that includes r=ted, a2.0=bsmedberg
4ece1ca8430d61a98a0354cf43824f15e64d3959John Daggett — Bug 551313. Workaround synthetic Gill Sans family when DirectWrite is used. r=jkew, a=joedrew
58d3e2cfdbd0b1b69e36408d41298ead581673b9Karl Tomlinson — b=495343 reimplement periodic dragover events such that the source expects feedback from the destination r+a=roc
df375746f0cd9a21cebd123af12d3441bac996f1Karl Tomlinson — b=495343 remove problematic periodic drag events r+a=roc
922a9e593e6f7300173bee7d60395fc6bc5385c3Adrian Johnson — b=490475 disable hinting when printing r=karlt a=joe
52aa9a2bc021491700751eaedcb7afe9a13d8ea6Ben Turner — Bug 628071 - 'Crash inspecting IDBRequest('. r=sicking, a=blocking.
e3c72c59c09a0fa9bda97746177d1c872563ef2affxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b4_RELEASE for changeset 7905eefc489d. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11pre_20110126_RELBRANCH
900e742845d943ce797256e3e08d58287f3dfc9dffxbld — Added tag FENNEC_4_0b4_BUILD1 for changeset 7905eefc489d. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11pre_20110126_RELBRANCH
7905eefc489d22d9defe1593724b97c8d5699919ffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for fennec 4.0b4 release on GECKO20b11pre_20110126_RELBRANCH CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b11pre_20110126_RELBRANCH FENNEC_4_0b4_BUILD1 FENNEC_4_0b4_RELEASE
fb1b47703b5a33db2a927b4ff0b7c07270f6894bEhsan Akhgari — (Hopefully) fix all of the things which are permaorange on our CLOSED TREE. a=me,myself,andI
72dfc2983fae12d17bf3a1e2a0cbc32a7716579fEhsan Akhgari — Backout bug 626962 on suspicion of causing test failures and being completely untested before landing
0e42a4b9e9525dd6a0224b1294bfdc49f518f47fChris Jones — Fix for the fix for the fix of bug 627273. r=roc a=b
de488f6c12cfb915150d79a6409bf999e9ca0e03Ehsan Akhgari — Disable the permaorange OSX64 failures under investigation in bug 629016 only on 10.6
b3e0486f4e9b10f041694ce6620e437a159dcdb7Ehsan Akhgari — Disable the remaining perma oranges on OSX64. The investigation will happen in bug 629016.
c241c552de29aa937090c0abf0c89e4753e1d9f3Brad Lassey — bug 628926 - Crash on startup on Motorola Droid at GeckoAppShell.loadGeckoLibs r=dougt a=blocing-fennec CLOSED TREE
0e7b88440e17591f8f9cf469bb40f6f095687c7bDaniel Holbert — Bug 629143 - disable some near-permaorange-on-osx64 reftests (img-height-meet-2.html, img-height-slice-2.html, img-width-meet-2.html, img-width-slice-2.html), pending investigation. r+a=stop-the-orange on a CLOSED TREE
14c9cceb76498fe2d8d55cd78967b9ce7c8fd4c2Patrick Walton — Bug 612470 - Back out changeset 63adefe33a92 (closing the last tab of a group switches to the wrong group) due to Linux test failures. r=backout a=backout CLOSED TREE
7b2654a9c5994b9531cf19977878d409d6579b7eEhsan Akhgari — Disable another reftest failure on OSX64 pending investigation in bug 629016. approval=joe a=uselessflag
f2ac3e4722c42177b61d96ce157c2d8030f544b8Doug Turner — Bug 624652 - remove the threshold from the memory watcher. r=blassey a=blocking-fennec
657f6dac1e0cfe1f353ea752f5d3e7f23800f469Chris Jones — Followup to bug 627273: Fix bad fix. r=Bas a=b
63adefe33a921ed1fd356e6f5311ef16d48ffc48Patrick Walton — Bug 612470 - Don't close the current Panorama group if there are still app tabs left. r=iangilman a=blocking2.0:betaN+
a6a96e15c3690bf0e1834ac904d99ac5b68f0d44Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 580298 - Hide version numbers for lightweight themes; r=Mossop a=blocking-betaN+
2d3c0374a0f9a0faa804d5c6ff868b673c18afe7Matthew Printz — Bug 623211 - Add-ons manager add-on author name and link should be removed from list view; r=Mossop a=blocking-final+
908ae37abec8501d792986c701136ad2c10b28acTim Taubert — Bug 626368 - Empty space left between tabs when closing multiple pages in Panorama view [r=ian, a=beltzner]
bb6aa94958c459504b3f8d32064b147885e22926Tim Taubert — Bug 622288 - CSS warnings: Error in parsing value for 'height'/'width'. Declaration dropped. [r=ian, a=beltzner]
89b83442d8c946ddc81af6cd4b4c8803aab7980cSean Dunn — Bug 606148 - "When Panorama starts to stack tabs, it becomes extremely slow" [f=ian r=ian a=blocking]
e8a37c179e5e6c099825a3c48870dd0be34e920eSean Dunn — Bug 567029 - "Titles of tab items get clipped off within groups" [f=ian r=dietrich a=blocking]
c83167f1e7da6af53fb39e193ce9d7ba530bffb0Raymond Lee — Bug 626338 - Searchbox doesn't get the focus if it's activated using the search button [r=ian,a=beltzner]
1b475db72be2468aae9b40e25c0aa26ffec7e4d6Dão Gottwald — Bug 628807 - Firefox button split menu sub-menus disappear immediately on mouse out of the main command, if you touch another split menu; r,a=gavin
f1c061dec937db28d84367b655ec55447f98b5b7Michael Wu — Bug 618352 - Handle all key events in onKeyPreIme when possible, r=crowder a=blocking-fennec
1044b021f34c8980e8a82ab1cd04a8a580819a4eHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 559932 - intermittent content/html/document/test/test_bug445004.html | [SimpleTest/SimpleTest.js, window.onerror] An error occurred - uri.match(/^http:\/\/([a-z.0-9]*)/) is null; r=bzbarsky a=test-only
13651d82b77fd0f4c6c8954dc0cfcee3fbfe6104Alon Zakai — Bug 594771 - Reset animations when .src changes. r=joe,bz a=blocking-final
256fe61e0caa23f4868cc911b1ca49c21e71c4b5Alon Zakai — Bug 610417 followup - Fix types in function definitions. r=smaug a=blocking-fennec
c2cef09c8c7bab6bdbfd6ee25b331014d05df153Alon Zakai — Bug 625237 - Always call DecrementAnimationConsumers in nsDocument::RemoveImage. r=bz a=blocking-fennec
410390378caaf6d2b55ff704012cac7f50b267b0Alon Zakai — Bug 601723 - Fix gifs not animating on page reload. r=joe a=blocking-final
6e590b267675d578082281e70059901ee26e8952Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579767 - Frame borders are sometimes not redrawn correctly after dragging them or resizing the window; r,a=roc
8149e1a06476462075134a338170c0f8ca3ba9a4Timothy Nikkel — Bug 628745. Replace rounded rect clips with their non-rounded cousins whenever possible. r=roc a=roc
c06b04702cf85bebea03fb92a6de28f36417f6d3Joe Drew — Bug 629016 - Disable reftests that are permaorange until we fix the bug that causes the permaorange. a=bustage
cb707fbc99d445f8ab9ea661cb73106b0ba93aebSerge Gautherie — Bug 628890 - mochitests-2: test_bug509055.html should not call SimpleTest.finish() before it actually has; (Av1) Wrap the call in SimpleTest.executeSoon() (ftb).
a5f732abf109e62fb9dd2a21779fb1f666b3b673Dão Gottwald — Bug 620658, re-enable arrow-panel styling on Linux, a=b
af7e65f1ee6f04175e054674da78847f057fdbb6Rail Aliev — Rename firefox-*.mac64.dmg to firefox-*.mac.dmg. r=ted, a=benjamin, CLOSED TREE
e0fc18b3bc41ad073fb6bd48891c005b1496a4e2Alexander Surkov — Bug 606924, part3 - handing document concept, r=davidb, a=blocking2.0Final+
0f592a9724829c19e1b8fecf218c11e3b802ca78Chris Jones — Bug 620658: Dispatch WILL_PAINT before PAINT to allow scripts etc. to run, which may change the window bounds. r=karl sr=roc a=b
23cfa8965c9e749afda622091c4ee40cee0047ceChris Jones — Bug 620658: Add nsRegion::Contains(nsRegion). sr=roc
bfd44071cce9c3a35c059915959c876ad61d2365Chris Jones — Fix test-ipcbrowser bug, as part of bug 593310 why not. a=b
8d160fb8f2db3f7929f656732c4f479b13b6a420Chris Jones — Bug 593310: Add initial support for drawing a moving, default background where shadow-layer content is undefined (as efficiently as possible). r=stechz,roc
73bfa3627d0c9cf0e21d3c630760926543285b92Chris Jones — Bug 627273, part 4: Basic impl of ImageLayer tiling for basic layers. r=roc,vlad
da677975bab102f9a06af64c7448c53dc47e2f74Chris Jones — Bug 627273, part 3: Add gfxContext::FillWithOpacity. sr=vlad
3bdbbd75eb04786b2560dcf762c4da9172983aeaChris Jones — Bug 627273, part 2: Add some gfx path helpers. sr=roc
656ed06c9a100e29d7b5814c471cb3d7745a20b6Chris Jones — Bug 627273, part 1: API for tiling Layers. r=Bas sr=roc
5a0f46c26d12b1b915ba7003308cbf978757f058Phil Ringnalda — Back out 8cfa54285e34 (bug 625424) in a CLOSED TREE, a=bustage
21a7c88123caa715d161598cff269d828ab24fc8Phil Ringnalda — Back out f0f8c5391540 (bug 626368) a=bustage
84431e8293867784d04eded2eb75bfa187b0b82ePhil Ringnalda — Back out f68e1a3a3705 (bug 622288) a=bustage
4d6554646378a04e911d00d53bc39f332027bb50Jonathan Watt — Bug 619959, part 2. Fix handling of various values of pointer-events when stroke-opacity="0". r=longsonr,heycam. a=roc.
049638523ae99aac1a6171f76a0bb746e948ed99Jonathan Watt — Bug 619959, part 1. Rename test_pointer-events.xhtml. r=longsonr, a=test.
224125dfee94654263894bb9def1f59cc5359becBas Schouten — Bug 628658: Ensure the container layer's clip is reset when done drawing a layer. r=roc,joedrew a=blocking-final
8b600831f1152d97ab3240fdbfbc3802690be491David Mandelin — Bug 628612 followup: fix mochitest that assumes constructors are non-configurable, r=orange, a=blocker
ba6017b613c8c117f4235a753ce84fc334c521aePatrick Walton — Bug 612470 - Back out changeset ea8bf490e66d (don't close the current Panorama group if there are app tabs) due to test failure on Windows. r=backout a=backout
75745dcb484f016f3e46d9e5c5e50ce4d37a931cDavid Mandelin — Bug 628612: make window constructor properties configurable so Facebook works, r=cam,jeff, a=blocker
25b143f03be42327ce408c87b95cfc152452b7bdChris Double — Bug 623998 - Reduce frameset size limit - r=roc a=blocking2.0:final
464f3a23aa4efff066d255fb0435899dc31041e9Lukas Blakk lsblakk — Bug 627604 - Update jetpack location for buildsteps r=ctalbert a=test-only
c3d566d610628fe0c5964d2798fc834cdec508aaBenoit Jacob — Bug 625118 - block WebGL on OpenGL on intel cards on windows - r=vlad, a=joe
b2ee69bb52c3962c238884a1bf2eb641eb84d67eBenoit Jacob — Bug 628382 - Use 24 bit depth buffers where available - r=vlad, a=joe
d0a4c07f4a4082106ee9cf020f20fd227feb1743Benoit Jacob — Bug 569431 - Optimization in DrawElements - r=vlad, a=joe
c0e58545ce43c858b6a82187f163473259e519e7Vladimir Vukicevic — b=628800; [webgl] VALIDATE_STATUS should always be 1 on MacOS X; r=bjacob, a=b
44ab59b32b35228d3ae3dcf56ec0432329bed13dVladimir Vukicevic — b=606218; webgl Y axis upside down; followup to fix opacity; r=cjones
710deb1c54fb0b5941837730779b4163e7ed3454Alex Munroe (Eevee) — Bug 610557 - Tab group resizer handle hover area is too small. Expand it to the edge of the group container. r=ian a=gavin
ea8bf490e66dba910d6396e12418f2a0496ec667Patrick Walton — Bug 612470 - Don't close the current Panorama group if there are still app tabs left. r=iangilman a=blocking2.0:betaN+
f68e1a3a37056152780d53552261e95ee5fcf880Tim Taubert — Bug 622288 - CSS warnings: Error in parsing value for 'height'/'width'. Declaration dropped. [r=ian, a=beltzner]
f0f8c5391540155c2ed128776cc36fe46f2c33deTim Taubert — Bug 626368 - Empty space left between tabs when closing multiple pages in Panorama view [r=ian, a=beltzner]
8cfa54285e3459f111193cc90b87446ddab5ab33Tim Taubert — Bug 625424 - Dropping a tab onto the 'undo close group' dialog adds the tab to that group [r=ian, a=beltzner]
5daf5e03b8e1f05e0f25069c54e3a3822cec33caSteven Michaud — Bug 550392 - "Assertion failure in -[NSNextStepFrame lockFocus]" (NSInternalInconsistencyException) r=josh,roc a=josh
2f104bf64adf2f011ed4aa2e2f642fda952f620bJohn Ford — Bug 623287, bump nightly version to 4.0b11pre, r=nthomas a=release DONTBUILD
0fb025a8495820a070fa3b43ff44bfad2e68d54aVladimir Vukicevic — Bug 616061 - Disable TLS in jemalloc on Android, r=mwu a=blassey
7864ae3b2a0e9561147bcfe2be6ab43590312842Pascal Chevrel — Bug 627881 - bad file path in toolkit/themes/gnomestripe/mozapps/; r,a=Mossop
196efe55875452002d41e6e61a5e35a3eda99c0fRaymond Lee — Bug 622872 - Broken experience with the following STR (leads to frozen UI) [r=ian,a=blocking2.0final+]
c8ea68010263bf8963d532375625b656a55d0046Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 628051 - Remove killNewTabGroup; r=ian a=beltzner
6253431ae03f5688ecdd8095fe5c235d640fab8bMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 627736 - fix tab focusing after closing a group in panorama [r=ian, a=beltzner]
43da3bf218c3fcb5a7336441df70b5dc259fef29Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 625156 - Tab Groups menu button does not toggle Tab View when browser window is out of focus [r=dao, a=beltzner]
8af189735840c0f08899114d9843a39a36232e45Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 606837 - Gray out Panorama background on inactive windows [r=ian, ui=shorlander, a=beltzner]
205aa17e715f6de2511491876d516085d5e3cb73Dão Gottwald — Bug 626071 - Remove the unused edit.png; r=ian a=belztner
ae5dcbff45dfca3518ab450d208f7e2afb341007Edmund Wong — Bug 418896 - Removed from being preprocessed; r=ted a=NPOTB
c3ec6be6b1cac177d199ef7714842288c98bf1b3Paolo Amadini — Bug 610661 - Addon object not passed to custom about dialogs; r,a=Mossop
7e8ac324ad320ef3e8384f6937cf97e81cb8938cBenjamin Stover — Bug 624451 Toolkit update to Geometry.jsm r=Mossop a=blocking-fennec
95f9c203178e4099321bb34c009fa81bbc85ab68Neil Deakin — Bug 626997, don't show window resizer when window is maximized or fullscreen, r=dao, a=gavin
a3c8dbfe99b9cf12cb66ad1b858b391db0e9a851Brad Lassey — bug 624227 - Fennec crash in nsAString_internal::Assign [@ ][@ ][@ ][@ ][@ ][@ ][@ ] r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
273cb783edac27156fef0348a1a0b716a953805fKevin Gadd — bug 627628 - Throttle the dispatching of starved paints so that time is allowed for the processing of input events between each starved paint. This helps maintain responsiveness in cases where input events are being generated very rapidly or where painting is extremely expensive. r=roc a=roc
dbf0cee832f64531ceca28c7466750f9e1fc3c8aPaul O’Shannessy — Fix & re-enable bug_580512.js [r=dietrich, a=test]
5d466f5defc920bd96a85022ab332a31a14e1b89Mehdi Mulani — Bug 627834 - Intermittent test failure in browser_625257.js. r=zpao a=orange
d04d532303309e4778a214e0e6fbe8795121fdedneil — Bug 563643 - [Debug MacOSX SeaMonkey] leak test: "ASSERTION: Want to fire mutation events, but it's not safe" since bug 429175 landing. ("all" other test suites too); (Av1b) With 2 extra ifdefs as agreed on IRC.
e9190bcf96a2899f757f1082ddddb86011323138Serge Gautherie — Bug 622868 - nsDocument.cpp: remove bug 595708 workaround, obsoleted by bug 610936; (Av1) Just revert it.
90ee185d052e65045de30c9c015267f85f6b46c9Daniel Holbert — Bug 625290: intermittent failure in layout/reftests/bugs/621918-2.svg. Apply filters.svg#empty hack to hopefully fix this randomorange. r+a=tests-only
547b0ea9f1c996f30302fbea5672f9e45c914317Mike Conley — Bug 624808 - Add-ons should be grouped in list view according to their status (enabled, disabled, etc). r=Mossop a=b
42847b167826859cb709e38af0ee9832c0a6ad61Kyle Huey — Bug 620615 - Make double-extra-sure that we shutdown the prompt. r=dolske
2b66675f6750bbe48262a29861e510280fbe5574Geoff Lankow — Bug 623207 - Add-ons manager last updated date and sorting bar should be removed from list view. r=Mossop a=b
7252a4d4e94344553a97545b5d86c3c98ae78496Ms2ger — Bug 620362 - Uninitialized variable warning in nsNavHistory::InternalAddNewPage. r=mak
1fc29746701e7011bd4edf9dc69b5ee5a930332aRobert O'Callahan — Fixing reftest, a=test
fa9b50ad86a60ae7fc4e2ccfd18a27f9d20010bfMounir Lamouri — Bug 622264 - Make synthesizeDrop works in more situations. r=enndeakin a=tests
c93381b53df3c59c3be379d247d5663bc796db99Jonathan Kew — bug 627840 - (DirectWrite) only check for bitmaps in CJK fonts. r=masayuki a=joe
4568082aec55e3d6798526563ba2294b3f7b0d2eRobert O'Callahan — Bug 627262. gfxQuartzSurfaces should disable the copy-background optimization when printing. r=jrmuizel,a=blocking
dd3dcc6f3b1de0680bc050feea426288bbe263e7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 627393. Set correct alpha value for D3D10 ColorLayers. r=bas,a=blocking
17539a7e42757a207c8c348045c36d516f1dd76cRobert O'Callahan — Bug 626962. Implement empty transactions for GL. r=bas,a=blocking
bbf235e368ed7a597c3484089f948ec26558498dRobert O'Callahan — Bug 619117. When invalidating due to a transform change, use the cached post-transform visual overflow rect to avoid depending on the new transform style. r=dbaron,a=blocking
6a097e294828c13e9ae8bf4094f1344e9b42b391Daniel Holbert — Bug 628477: Remove declaration for now-defunct helper method PaintBackgroundLayer in nsCSSRendering.cpp. r=roc a=roc
c2436d38a86b2c32cad87e5bfd93a11c13c8fd2cTaras Glek — Bug 628363: make startup measurements less bogus after restart. r=mossop a=mossop
a93600cd7a40159b9e6803b3a996f5b91f40f624Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 628452: Fix invalid tag in test_bug445004.html. r=bz a=tests
7ee91bd90e7a402b5589212c3d5c30694a8a45b7Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (a=blockers)
6f9c6b316b35090efb36711d1fb67ebe0cd0354aChris Leary — Back out changeset 72cb2f4a893c
72cb2f4a893c0a9ced7125084cb4345786b4f5b6Andreas Gal — Trigger appropriate proxy trap for Object.getOwnPropertyNames (bug 628333, r=jwalden).
681559908e2aeb59afac01b6c2b43b2fc7bdee36Andreas Gal — Don't include jsapi.h in nsContentUtils.h (bug 628178, r/a=jst).
4f9f2c9f1e64c1eccb7962a307fdd9ca4f8f70c2Bill McCloskey — Bug 627475 - Fix missing return stmt for Android (fixes changeset 4031baed59f7)
bee0e6e72ca50dedbe19f284e8149fb03f2f2d42Steve Fink — Backed out changeset e13f3b909fa2
77f9d80847c7f44470d80de6d5d6dbc83bb4f4eaSteve Fink — Backed out changeset 6dcf1547ea08
19574542e48f9e0da70c3e81e058128f17c9fad8Steve Fink — Backed out changeset 47678330818a
32cf4e3c7a20c8c7f481a17aca7a4d9387795fa6Steve Fink — Backed out changeset 8743def9e748
8f09ff778d691f8d9a08fd3acdd6d7882121924dSteve Fink — Backed out changeset b7e91bafdcd9
c52e5d68a7476f91d4b001b69e5829603f1beb60Steve Fink — Backed out changeset d54eac606dd7
dcb713798848b074b3bb714b878c98be621bd388Steve Fink — Backed out changeset c10e63cba3b6
c10e63cba3b67bb7486d1d119ac4422e9781b258Steve Fink — Improve comment. Related to bug 627943.
d54eac606dd725129d2d18324aac1ca73e652e68Steve Fink — Bug 626830 - XPConnect should turn debugging off immediately, without waiting for a quiescent stack
b7e91bafdcd9b826f145199105d5ab1c2fab8978Steve Fink — Bug 626830 - Allow JSD to turn on debugging when no JS code is running, not just when XPConnect stack is completely empty, r=dmandelin
8743def9e74889fc13c351b574487dcde7b8bf20Steve Fink — Bug 627758 - Detect forced GC end case to fix giving NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE, r=dmandelin
47678330818a94f0d06aa5f79d9b6bd945b683faSteve Fink — Bug 626743 - Set debug mode for whole runtime, avoiding compartment-less contexts, r=dmandelin
6dcf1547ea08ef0e7c4c028fd8e7d06c701cf781Steve Fink — Bug 627516 - Unconditionally #include assembler/wtf/Platform.h to fix crash with --disable-methodjit, r=cdleary
e13f3b909fa222ad57ae6f3c7e7b5e1785ea1674Steve Fink — Bug 627943 - Bad ordering of exception save/wrap/restore, r=gal
4031baed59f75e5b39c1b7ba2d86216000cfaaecBill McCloskey — Bug 627475 - Clean up methodjit OOM handling (r=dmandelin)
df4c38d9144eb27d437bd457fdf88b81ab0c6834Bill McCloskey — Bug 610088 - Don't assert when DecompileValueGenerator called from script prologue (r=dmandelin)
30c2d7eaef7d9e2a3b3c0edd562643daad185c70Bill McCloskey — Backed out changeset f3b470fb91a9 (orange) for bug 623297
f3b470fb91a9741c87994f5d4b4d79dc17c06a8cBill McCloskey — Bug 623297 - To decide JS_ON_TRACE, check the thread, not the compartment (r=gal)
9de332a8e330844d52d9ebd4ab1255a7acb2bc5dLuke Wagner — Bug 626526 - Change cx->busyArrays to use SystemAllocPolicy; avoid JSContext init subtleties (r=pbiggar)
3d6533055424fa46de6e9ac797e61aad3ad37501Jeff Walden — Bug 497869 - Forbid let and yield in strict mode code in scripts which are not JS1.7 or greater (that is, any web script not explicitly opted into JS1.7+ with a <script type>). r=brendan
b21d0f75e50a22a9919a5fa89d6531db5d0986bdJeff Walden — Bug 497869 - Future reserved words are syntax errors in strict mode. r=brendan
46b9f2a8343b45dc4b59a5bad97ce6db280ddab6Jeff Walden — Bug 624110 - Properly traverse the scope chain over strict eval frames in the tracer. r=brendan
a7d178f043dbc420c38e1bdd8f62453745c94572Jeff Walden — Back out everything from the last several hours for turning into a disaster zone finally ending in total orange. r=return-to-sanity
b2024811aea7dcb7a7145ca6221da1172d0b96d4Jeff Walden — Another round of orange fixes, sigh. r=orange yet again
e107ac5e475217cbb6b7eb478a836fea931c1825Jeff Walden — Fix redness. jsd being C and not C++ bites again! r=redness
7da52f991c293c40455e78d41799f474c00dcf33Andreas Gal — Don't lose error condition in decompiler (bug 621988, r=brendan).
bbcc51fa912b89282886ee9404afed5e482536bdJeff Walden — More orange-fixing. r=yellowish-red
26bcf65a0229eb417a7d6069d7752085432e095eJeff Walden — Orange fixes, bad code using reserved words as identifiers. r=orange
bc2ae2ec69c40cf50144257ee35578f3c5b36470Jeff Walden — Bug 624110 - Properly traverse the scope chain over strict eval frames in the tracer. r=brendan
e0ce1fb5e566b17b62d845c842d7208bec4551cdJeff Walden — Bug 497869 - Future reserved words are syntax errors in strict mode. r=brendan
e8753473cdff6b22b5fe3f80d3f287856c1c06bdRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 622144 - Code must #include <string.h> to use memset. r=dmandelin, a=shaver
e4d449cdd3be7cc382a119182cd5c82538b7169aJeff Walden — Bug 577325 - Implement function definition per ES5 plus errata (still with support for our extensions, of course). r=igor
a4b72ddb9e6e8af2fca372d1f5546d3330a24daaAndreas Gal — Cache eval CSP check (bug 614137, r=mrbkap, a=dmandelin).
5a6e9e7e487a04c6bcdcca3220c7d55644e11e0aAndreas Gal — Bug 613515 - JS properties set from chrome are lost., a=blocker
c22d4fa6edee89763dd08d25b7d2a2b8ccf42153Luke Wagner — Bug 625251 - nsJSEnvironment should enter the compartment before converting arguments to jsvals (r=mrbkap)
737a29c9ba554602cc923f702010d92b00c5ef5aChris Leary — Merge mozilla-central into tracemonkey.
96f460867847b25eedd685c7621da40d3672f7b1David Anderson — Fix SetGlobalName checking for getters instead of setters (bug 625438, r=jorendorff).
33f07113de5fcf6bbe59ce554402b22c91cfebcbJason Orendorff — Bug 617609 - Upvar analysis marks functions as NULL_CLOSURE incorrectly. r=brendan.
34359bdfcde48e5765b8806c20343174aa909da6Jason Orendorff — Add js_CheckForStringIndex call to trace recorder path for JSOP_INITPROP, to match what the interpreter does. Bug 626345, r=Waldo.
74190651d91a9744f73b6ebf0360bf3f8580f0c0Andreas Gal — AnyName can't have a NULL parent (bug 617485, r=brendan).
e63f5adc428007495c5fa32d9ccfbcfcac149317Andrew Drake — Bug 621464 - Fix xml_replace thinko introduced by 1d1fe1d1e626 (r=lw)
143179160c52221606233644bdf50e189b6edc39Andreas Gal — Follow-up fix 2 for bug 590325.
6852eeba1dd52ea9f8ddff36909d395037bce0b9Andreas Gal — Follow-up fix for bug 590325.
245900601090df69057da0f37a93be6fd8683b4dAndreas Gal — Global Object created in CentralizedAdminPrefManagerInit needs its own compartment (bug 590325, r=mrbkap).
fa9577c17daf2a9840c5921898970ba29a9c0850Jacek Caban — Bug 628117 - nsAppRunner.cpp fails to compilr with dwrite disabled; r=jdaggett,Bas approval2.0=joedrew
12e99b3942fe2732bb3aca6f7e06922b301b1fd1Alexander Surkov — Bug 613919 - Make characterCount fast, r=davidb, a=2.0+
bb98075d9d2ccbdeab9d59695c2255fb902a9598Alexander Surkov — Bug 625693 - nsAccessibilityService::NotifyOfAnchorJumpTo should be processed as document notification, r=davidb, a=blocking2.0Final+
f28ee131df7a7e7c174c42719f7827ceb6b6f36fPatrick Walton — Bug 628110 - Back out changeset d1adb7b245bd (removal of MaybeGC() every 20th script execution) to fix SunSpider regression. r=gal a=blocking2.0:betaN+
9d9dbd3c1a6d9c7ea7c3d5357913fa2af37fa7e8Margaret Leibovic — Bug 595271 - Create focus styles for split menu buttons in popup (doorhanger) notifications [r=dao, a=blocking]
cd10b3f59da431fe26318abb89558bd31b0e6fccDão Gottwald — Bug 627324 - Bottom toolbox border interrupts shadow on the sides. r=fryn a=dolske
0fde0139fb6fa3eda6b188113f17a3eb4415cd77Frank Yan — Bug 591652 - Make the tab view (Panorama) background transparent to reveal glass (if enabled) on Windows. r=dao ui-r=faaborg a=dolske
e8cb2ddaf8ae18b5d979bd439f61de1988e9cb96Frank Yan — Remove outdated windows versions from makefile comment. a=comment-only
c566b1cd7df8e14beec5fc8e993acba0b0e7257fFrank Yan — Bug 612053 - clicking a few pixels down from "Plugins" should not make hidden pane appear. r=bmcbride a=dolske
742bc2628690e5fa8d3496478f2a71267ed72bdcL. David Baron — By default, disable MozAfterPaint for content. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
9c1bea8d506b17ac12c96cf63d80cc7955cde29fL. David Baron — Clean up setting of preferences for reftest. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
dfc9b86cea803b7396ec5d4c5d268d03c9a75319L. David Baron — Honor the "gfx.color_management.force_srgb" when it is set as a default pref in addition to when it is set as a user pref. (Bug 608030) r=jrmuizel a2.0=blocking2.0:betaN+
ac6c96109dcf468c65912e6677ab8c5f638c7135Dave Townsend — Backout of changeset 9acd51502a65 from bug 579846. a=bustage
07e249383f3f61d1908d369c27aba94afc55c2beDave Townsend — Backout of changeset 38d1b321c98b from bug 579846. a=bustage
57db6ae6d83266e95f8d462520e0bc7d7868a9fcSid Stamm — bug 557598 - Support strict-transport-security (STS) in private browsing mode; r=ehsan,dveditz a=blocking-betaN+
2221636653f7704f5a53c36aa7195b4adfaa3374Boris Zbarsky — Add tests for bug 609227. a=test-only
263ba81f2447615ba3648c70cd55f77b744dd71aBoris Zbarsky — Bug 585745. Make sure the .style getter fails for MathML elements too. r=peterv, a=blocker
e1419349c6fa99ce187132c7efdf110d01d72194Robert O'Callahan — Bug 620991 - test_windowed_invalidate.html runs after mochitest shutdown, trips assertion / JS_Assert; r=ehsan a=NPOTB
66c7448cb19b2f0e45612ad5133a8c2502518d80Mike Hommey — Bug 628283 - Make elfhack handle GNU_RELRO segments better. r=tglek,a=dbaron
e874889e43d1b40f16c8234d53f39126a04e6621Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579374 - Clear cached resources for GTK windows when we hide/destroy them; r=roc a=blocking-final+
d8afbee0fb2ae7d3345e988f18fd014562264f1eRobert Strong — Bug 504019 - When hiding the program via 'Set program access and computer defaults' the Start Menu entries aren't removed. r=jmathies, a=approval2.0
99de13ffb4fef5d008781fff1aad06ae2e60720aPhilipp von Weitershausen — Bug 626949 - Sync UI: Style generic change dialogs like the setup and Add a Device wizards. r=mconnor a=blocking-betaN
19dc218c5da181323e1b0720d3457161dde6ee2fOleg Romashin — Bug 627661 - RGBA surface clear was broken in 593733 r=roc,mattwoodrow a=approval2.0
ef150764ac976fcb8b17a40f43ce1f93e617297eTim Taubert — Bug 613541 - Panorama closes browser window when closing 'undo close group' r=ian a=blocking
3f19e5698520a8cd63e15719a8dce7f2bd90463cBas Schouten — Bug 625043: Properly save and restore old clip rect. r=jrmuizel a=blocking-final
6128904992831ad1d9b65880417e6998e5eaed06Daniel Holbert — Bug 627858: Use AutoSaveRestore objects in SVGDrawingCallback::operator(), rather than manually saving & restoring gfxContext state. r=jwatt a=roc
9ec42a4717062c495cc70fe6d7b10c23b3d79243Daniel Holbert — Bug 608818: trivial followup to fix constructor init list order & build warning. r=dougt a=dougt
812710794ca1a65b9f5c5014babc948d32376bbbPatrick Walton — Bug 611440 - Smart abbreviation for URLs in the Web Console; f=mihai.sucan,dolske r=dolske approval2.0=dolske
e09b598992e8f4495e1bd7d51f8b95d39ee966deTetsuro Kato — Bug 600280. Use Setup API instead of the registry directly to get device information. r=jrmuizel,a=joe
32f8623164fbe5a0a5438333bab96d61072e6ca3Neil Deakin — Bug 626157, drag and drop disabled when a plugin is open in another tab, r=karlt,a=roc
00caaac7044f4e49da06fd8419543ee2fbbe05b2Neil Deakin — Bug 618907, focus frame when mousedown event on content is cancelled and chrome is currently focused, fixes focus issues with, r=smaug,a=blocking
d461fff2e9208cacb490dcc68721b4156a8a0b1eMounir Lamouri — Bug 627146 - Bookmark panel doesn't open in the correct direction in rtl. r=enndeakin a=blocking-blocker
9a6de1e28d4bf476870fec0d01f29e4be6f05dccMike Hommey — Bug 606145 part 3 - Integrate elfhack with the build system. r=khuey,a=bsmedberg
a1ccb1c489baeeb2e738ce9173b5ee079b0243f9Mike Hommey — Bug 606145 part 2 - Import elfhack code. r=tglek,a=bsmedberg
0d947763fe67c2a728141f97f328ce3b8055e270Mike Hommey — Bug 606145 part 1 - Properly link host programs written in C++. r=khuey,a=bsmedberg
80266029824bf03159356f29ab04d0fc54a664b0L. David Baron — Backout changeset ffebdc3ddb62 (bug 608030) due to reftest orange related to color-management pref. a=orange
f5cf80c6dae4bf1a9df6a56cb8db521054fed5ecL. David Baron — Backout changeset 3248feddc867 (bug 608030).
a186a082a084c97b997d007e17f326e8e1b55ebcEhsan Akhgari — Merge backout; a=bustage
064c6937f64e461372d3d772003a11695b0979c3Ehsan Akhgari — Backed out changeset afe951130c65 because of test failure
4e57b18dd908c3537f1497fe6f7d0c28e8f7a6c6Ehsan Akhgari — merge landing; a=...
6149b3a93e1b2f436601bb3375ff8620137eaa0fMax Stepin — Bug 222176 - Animated GIF loops 1 time too many (additional patch); r,a=joe
afe951130c656a404cce775b78a89992086b5d25Robert O'Callahan — Bug 620991 - test_windowed_invalidate.html runs after mochitest shutdown, trips assertion / JS_Assert; r=ehsan a=NPOTB
1c89c6d9574cff4c07195565b9c3736b048a19dcTim Taubert — Bug 624952 - Firefox 4.0 often shows all tab groups' tabs on startup [r=ian, a=dolske]
32738fd1cdfb5721bfe0f442d122a075c6e89f10Tim Taubert — Bug 624101 - Make our canvases be moz-opaque [r=ian, a=sayrer]
b38ba02fdeb4cb44a36743be8e4ac25374d472e0Tim Taubert — Bug 616729 - rearranging tabs in panorama won't match tab ordering on tab bar [r=ian, a=dolske]
979d2ebe8b7e521807d7cd43d9a42c2d885092c0Tim Taubert — Bug 600812 - Dragging tab between groups doesn't work [r=ian, a=dolske]
bc2fda9a8b321ac4880275c1a2ec21d1c0e18978L. David Baron — Uncomment the previously landed xpc_DumpJSStack call for now, since it no longer causes fatal JS_Asserts. (Bug 510489) a2.0=DEBUG-only
3248feddc867e210b7490618e7a4e7c5dd035803L. David Baron — By default, disable MozAfterPaint for content. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
ffebdc3ddb6272691777d1c99f13b12c8947bfa5L. David Baron — Clean up setting of preferences for reftest. (Bug 608030) r=roc a=blocking2.0:betaN+
54913bb4cb03cefef0392e2fe85fdff8c786359bCameron McCormack — Bug 612505 - Part 2: Add a pixel value inspection panel to the reftest analyzer rs=dbaron
d332f94fa019dfa31a299d665ce711aaa1744fb2Cameron McCormack — Bug 612505 - Part 1: Whitespace cleanups. rs=dbaron
26e88d430849a4620fcf266f256a07af8c880b31Alexander Surkov — Bug 606924, part2 - create initial tree, r=davidb, a=blocking2.0Final+
42b5ac790e511de3992cd6bd001b257a162e1eadBrad Lassey — bug 627853 - Crash in GeckoConnectivityReceiver (java.lang.NullPointerException) upon device startup r=mwu a=blocking-fennec
38d1b321c98bbdbda5a2017812c9f2fa798c8991Honza Bambas — Bug 579846 - nsIHttpChannel::SetResponseHeader should work after the stream has ended [Fennec part], r=jduell, a=betaN+
9acd51502a6580b024d12d90429aa9c25f3e63fcHonza Bambas — Bug 579846 - nsIHttpChannel::SetResponseHeader should work after the stream has ended, r=bzbarsky+hsivonen, a=betaN+
d92d9dd27d9b13634e7ef0d5d65fcf0025cc8ea0Joe Drew — Bug 627498 - Test to ensure hardware acceleration is enabled where we expect it. r=jrmuizel a=test
c16db7731c12900cb9b25f4e16d7f9b5ade6a085Chris Leary — Bug 627938: Fix nsGlobalChromeWindow cleanup. (r=smaug, a=jst)
0e28cbfc91bee69a3e7f47ea327c23c84504929eBen Turner — Bug 624531 - 'IndexedDB: Change the enum values of IDBTransaction to match spec'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
c30066b127433e9bb3ca63497dea543fe96eea1fBen Turner — Bug 628063 - 'IndexedDB: Indexes created after data are added are sometimes improperly populated'. r=sicking, a=blocking.
5a20393b0ce0f755d3ca83cdd9884a5c235659e2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 626998 - The listener for install dialog shoule be registered before sending mouse event. r=mossop a=tests
e3b9490af708327b4ec0c3853b409ccacd0d4c44Jesse Ruderman — Bug 627306. dispatchEvent should return true when there's no document (and thus nothing that might call preventDefault). r=smaug a=sdwilsh
fb8e4cdf2346a4752a47aadaeb2866d0255df19dJohnny Stenback — Bug 623810. First part, fix moving wrappers from one scope to another., a=blocker
eab0007fa9d4c287091e9bde94084366e0ae3825Dão Gottwald — Bug 628000, adding missing semicolon. a=typo, DONTBUILD
8c793123320465629bf8332842b23673a54b4aa4Dão Gottwald — Bug 589146 followup: use updated class name. a=b
8aac5bdd2796a0cd74c5587d7bdce69c89c6d397Jacek Caban — Bug 627213 - nptest.rc doesn't compile with windres r=jfkthame a=test-only
fa9559ec420a5cedef5b66fc3417d8deb507a4f6Jacek Caban — Bug 627341 - Wrong stack alignment in Convert_ascii_run call on mingw build r=dbaron a=NPOTB
2e05b59c835240640e860a2cf4641c41e0ad82d7Jacek Caban — Bug 611984 - Compilation failure on mingw in modules/libjar after bug 598416 landing r=tglek a=benjamin
52d6439d7d19cc07fae8dc50f82c93faecf13a99Margaret Leibovic — Bug 627817 - Add ANGLE license to about:license. r=gerv/gavin a=blocking
dc22e591c18457f09a547ad620960e5fe63d5a3eDão Gottwald — Bug 589146 - Firefox menu items should display sub-menu on a slightly delayed hover. r=gavin
0718ec1414744ca58d21982ace95750039652626Frank Yan — Bug 601060 - Hovering links shows "moz-action:switchtab" text and hides "Switch to tab:" label in URL bar when it contains a switch-to-tab URL. r=dao
ed2a0893d0cf6072675f0bdbb2190aaac78c3b0cffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave11 (DONTBUILD) - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
7b396ca5495378ffa6e3f3d84dbd640d79030b84Marco Bonardo — empty changeset for backout approval. a=bustage
79f5a9b1c69e88e9dfe8bd1a44c3ad5aa941c9c4Marco Bonardo — merge backout
21bfcb551f60f2415c34bb042e03e1122d02dff1Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset dd398fdba56f due to permaorange
3bb2399979aac03d4db84de9c2f4ea5af60cab9bMarco Bonardo — merge backout
ad326c7126f1d89e752d38c575d54adea2920a3aMarco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 7a7b760d31ac due to permaorange
ebbbdc4ef9f45bcdebad7b2e2fd2fef59daaa1a9Marco Bonardo — Backed out changeset 4dc906ad8b6d due to permaorange
4dc906ad8b6d629cd662b8cb9607fd196e9e2b59Gavin Sharp — Revert unintentional change in dd398fdba56f (bug 562998), a=bustage
7a7b760d31acad0b5532b082f350ff6df53f7d18Asaf Romano (Mano) — typo fix for 562998 (a=blocker)
dd398fdba56f162be8976a21b40eb4b8b22924f9Asaf Romano (Mano) — Bug 562998 - Selecting commands from a bookmarks context menu while the window isn't active does nothing. r=mak. a=blocker.
daecedbdcd103e9607b497baf169cf6a4b276ad6ffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b10_BUILD1 for changeset bb9089ae2322. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b10_2011012115_RELBRANCH
d1f2ccfb89ef3da9af1b79717bb29f1a8e7c61ffffxbld — Added tag FIREFOX_4_0b10_RELEASE for changeset bb9089ae2322. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b10_2011012115_RELBRANCH
bb9089ae2322a6c0663c95e3067306c2614f5eacffxbld — Automated checkin: version bump remove "pre" from version number for firefox 4.0b10 release. CLOSED TREE a=release GECKO20b10_2011012115_RELBRANCH FIREFOX_4_0b10_BUILD1 FIREFOX_4_0b10_RELEASE
d341b2ece4e43d655c9a57f80cda919d85321996Mounir Lamouri — Bug 627657 - Allow email's with no dot in the domain name for <input type='email'>. r=smaug a=sicking
3f36d14effd1dc1baf2b4c8f731793424db2de35Mounir Lamouri — Bug 320462 - Send an input event when a value is selected from the autocomple or list dropdown. r=smaug a=sicking
ac1ddab6de5909de9a7046103cb7bd764100dc04Kyle Huey — Update to NSPR 4.8.7 RTM to erase changes that landed in Bug 618789. a=me
7940a0d8ad48cb4250e6f3e05fb34a0083159a38Kyle Huey — Bug 625617: Message manager leaks JSObject holder class. r=smaug a=bsmedberg
84f88de431f83fc941b0cfc5ddc7640477f46c4dKyle Huey — Bug 467392: Tests. a=tests
16bd82195df8b677ee813a6dc02690a8883fdc5dJim Mathies — Bug 618420 - increase the size of the lower border resizer area on windows. r=felipe, a=final.
02d2bfb6af2d1824f54fdb1ce0406ca280de2689Robert Strong — Bug 627848 - Start menu shortcut isn't migrated as implemented in bug 598779. r=Mossop, a=blocking2.0-betaN
84ed248b728db45455ebc54179dbb4d314a689cbPatrick Walton — Bug 625454 - Ignore native events on Mac when the run loop is in event tracking mode. r=smichaud a=LegNeato
ddd42df9beb7d5ed80180f52cd9ba1507f71e4daMichael Yoshitaka Erlewine — Bug 625269 - Reduce some unnecessary resizing of Items when resizing the window [r=ian, a=dietrich]
8f8108abcff2be98d287d9b934d33cff428bbba3Max Stepin — Bug 222176 - Animated GIF loops 1 time too many; r=bholly,joe a=joe
7699976cd9defa01295252999f9af0a96ea75ccaMatthias Versen — Bug 622528 - Open RTF document in Thunderbird with OpenOffice is not correct Ascii mode; r=bzbarsky a=bsmedberg
c3917d4b7a65475f5fb34ec7f80244d37b2aed59bjarne — Bug 467392 - Docshell leak with document.write(document.body.innerHTML) and window.location.reload r=michal.novotny, a=blocking-final+
c249c39e6f21c5ea1ea72a50c901e694887145ddPaul O’Shannessy — Bug 618315 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.4 [r=sdwilsh, a=sdwilsh]
73c1b27a22e964bb4dcc440a4686fbcf3098dc00Paul O’Shannessy — Bug 618315 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.7.4 [rs=mconnor, a=sdwilsh]
60bd77aec10e561a260b70be6fb5f978fd8cb8ccDave Townsend — Bug 594858: Package Feedback as a distribution add-on. r=robstrong, a=blocks-betaN
fe9298abe0696c164334f214c376721b84ed068dBrad Lassey — bug 627767 - When starting up fennec, there are two fennec process, don't fork for lib cache when there are no libs to cache r=dougt a=blocking-fennec
4cfa1d632c93ead96d4afc0742f83ce68b54bf55Jonathan Kew — bug 626299 patch 2 - don't use subpixel-AA mode with DWrite fonts when bitmaps are present. r=jdaggett a=blocking
7294ab636e1d10985ac01d53ecbd1cd21e59b645Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 581536 - Part 3: Disconnect the transaction manager from the pres context as soon as it's disconnected from the pres shell; r=dbaron a=blocking-betaN+
80df95979d3af65c8501c29d41dc86d941c5a2e4Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 581536 - Part 2: Reconstruct the document element frames when the dir attribute is set on the document; r=bzbarsky a=blocking-betaN+
f3432e1de08529930142e00a7da7519955ff5e24Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 581536 - Resizer direction doesn't handle dynamic changes correctly; r=bsbarsky a=blocking-betaN+
f12f55c744f4890f9dd89177288ef9cb6349a1d3Boris Zbarsky — Bug 581536 part 0. Change SetDocumentInternal to share the normal prescontext/presshell initialization codepath. r=dbaron
49b68a67b57537980d8203dce696392776bbf914Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 601974 - [clang]: error: exception specification in declaration does not match previous declaration MOZALLOC_THROW_BAD_ALLOC in /toolkit/xre; r,a=bsmedberg
b17f28507ab402e155819cd7921b37d454f2680dRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 623122 - CurrentThreadId does not have a return for an unreachable exit path (missing return); r=ted a=bsmedberg
b0c917ad881b815fc1ba6d06fadb95f03d9a221bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 623121 - Add constructor for CPPLanguage (which inherits from Language) to placate CLang; r=jimb a=bsmedberg
3915ec30a8322b95d930ec9c5354e466d13e3b9bRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 623119 - exception_raise_state exception_raise_state_identity have Duplicated parameter name thread_state_count; r=ted a=bsmedberg
5641916170a5ea26f5308f2f6bb40fa69af46ef7Ian Gilman — merge backout a=bustage
1f6f73ea3bbc86aa3162bed6d04770905e1b3b98Ian Gilman — Backed out changeset 599e9b6cd5e5 a=bustage
e7e1971ead8849848f8d38c50cd05d07093513eeGavin Sharp — back out c0547fd3a3cc (bug 620472) due to bug 627332, a=blocking-b10
fe04d3537b36eb95a03decd282f6974432277cbdMark Finkle — Bug 627087 - Awesomescreen + Preferences Screens: jerky, text disappears (backout) [r=blassey a=b-f]
64c7b8b4e0465f7cc9e89c0785528fa58bc8d504Hiroyuki Ikezoe Bug 627670 - "The argument of callback function of PopupNotifications is only event name." [r+a-2.0=dtownsend]
a01589063ec0571339b76e9f7eb137d14997fd0cMehdi Mulani — Bug 625257 - Undo Close Tab does not work for not-yet-loaded tab. r=zpao a=blocking2.0
599e9b6cd5e5cf56d3b1858b2cb2cbbcc85c090eRaymond Lee — Bug 622872 - Broken experience with the following STR (leads to frozen UI) r=ian a=blocking
f9e25d57bb252f1099ed8d3de25520ed0d39e32cGavin Sharp — Bug 624843: PopupNotifications need to work after customizing the location bar, r=dolske, a=blocking
ffb56732bdbeba4566897e7656a99b257749cc17Margaret Leibovic — Bug 569342 - Find bar should not be enabled in about:addons [r=dtownsend,gavin a=blocking]
2a14b48cc2877c945798f99b4c13719e7c944f91John Daggett — Bug 602792. Lazy initialize mUseFontGlyphWidths to avoid unnecessary font io. r=jkew, a=blocker
5c836d01b70a82e75e33fa538b7bc1cdb5fe8acbJohn Daggett — Bug 602792. Initialize dwrite factory at app startup to avoid startup slowdown. r=bas, a=blocker
3428fc1009fe85194867d91679a90116b1ad6ff9John Daggett — Bug 602792. Clean up font logs and add system fallback logging. r=bas, a=blocker
ea3a3ca326ee7b1cf907a87afc98727a3557e592John Daggett — Bug 602792. Use GDI for font table loading to avoid excessive dwrite I/O. r=bas, a=blocker
dbe700a4db442e49e7f79d6fc584f74b36576d04Blair McBride — Bug 626358: No loading indicator anymore on Get Addons pane. r=dtownsend, a=blocks-final
40b7e12784d5ba27151b6b2f4ca72b79d55b50f2Jennifer Boriss — Bug 626498: Selected category title text in add-ons manager should not be bold. r=Unfocused, a=beltzner
4f296157ad3eca6a6662ead36fa7659de76373bbDave Townsend — Bug 623950: Send startup time measurements along with the metadata requests. r=Unfocused, a=sdwilsh
4d89f48b2abdd9b001728b05f257a5972918da80Jono S Xia — Bug 625507: Allow studies and surveys to use arbitrary logic to decide whether to run or not. r+a=dtownsend
3d49b553bc4ba88e083bd13fd4a8ea25a5081fd1Josh Aas — Bug 610015: Implement updated Cocoa NPAPI text input spec. Part of this patch written by Steven Michaud. r=josh r=smichaud a=blocking2.0betaN+
a7026bd0bd6b664758e48225fcd78b11b20603e5Dão Gottwald — Bug 619422, addressing review comment, a=DONTBUILD
85c787353aacc434acf5c825e6af6c215b277570Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 452706 - Avoid the confusion of indistinguishable failure reasons. r=sayrer a=tests
e0ea4e4d401ffb439fc87a6196c84302aa4b3ec8Jonathan Kew — bug 574907 - reftests for snapping DirectWrite font size to integer when bitmap is present. a=test-only
e0c9841ac3ddec2a86b8cbee70cba5039f71e5d1Jonathan Kew — bug 574907 - don't let DWrite use fractional font sizes and subpixel positioning when embedded bitmaps are present. r=masayuki a=joe
02b92b61f5cdaa8efd8dfa5c8cb86d4a0f25aa01Jonathan Kew — bug 624310 - get glyph widths via directwrite rather than font tables when using simulated bold. r=bas a=joe
6dca94a53967cb3d0a12a0d1316615fe8e9a50f7Markus Stange — Bug 626042 - Make the shadow in the tab bar more subtle. ui-r=shorlander, a=dtownsend
8d52e3b68ca6d9db61f6fcf6cd1f88b1b61a3611Dan Mosedale — Bug 616472 - Unify most icon sizes across platforms to ease add-on authors lives., a=blocker.
2b3bc2611e6e6ad37f604043ac4da1d0cbb08ea5Craig Topper — Bug 625722 - Firefox freezes in Mozilla TreeWalker demo. r=sicking a=blocking2.0
b7ea3d9683bad08798a619a99f13297c586fd88fBas Schouten — Bug 627399: Do not forget mTarget if a transaction is incomplete. r=cjoned a=blocking-beta10
aa618e93942e2491f5f19d14b70d13b12fcaad13Chris Leary — Merge mozilla-central and tracemonkey. (a=blockers)
64274de90e2d279d923b89199d761d197b1feec8Daniel Holbert — Bug 612408: return NS_ERROR_FAILURE instead of NULL in failure case within mozJSComponentLoader::ImportInto. r=gal
ccd420e49864c24f889afa6ef0521f446b8a01ceDavid Mandelin — Bug 599854: fix repeated matching of empty groups, r=cdleary
33313f209f4d1a161648732b25c34271d120eb64Andreas Gal — Actually stop shark when stopProfiling() is called (bug 626437, r=bz).
b03242ce2fce26958fcab6a4d61b932784394868Andreas Gal — Distinguish between wrappers and proxies in WN::Unwrap (bug 623614, r=mrbkap).
02ff49abd451045639df41fbaf2126413053c7c7Jason Orendorff — Add an assertion per bug 626436 comments 7-9. rs=brendan.
a80b4c08c18970806a318e0a15cf15c075379838Luke Wagner — Bug 626631 - nsAutoJSValHolder should root its jsval (r=gal)
7d0779c2b7ec84a29884c01af84da1cb7124de56Andreas Gal — Unwrap before applying waiver wrapper (bug 626290, r=mrbkap).
b07c1abab201f4e520dd5e339c78c9f71f4b27adJim Blandy — Bug 576847: Don't assume that definition nodes have atoms (functions don't); use the atom we find in the use node. Make ordinary placeholder nodes. r=brendan
268548d24690ad376b660e419cd628a2cf44b1fdJim Blandy — Bug 576847: Propagate error returns out of CompExprTransplanter::transplant. r=luke
073f74dafec78397443ca34392a60e140259cee3Jim Blandy — Bug 576847: Remove unused arguments in generator expression parsing functions. r=jorendorff
5f815fe7434dba10e453c75b8b89e483f8dcea4eDavid Mandelin — Bug 595208: Add missing call to Pop in GetDebugObject, r=smaug
5cc0da184040edfef0a1a7aadbfbd41a60d155f9David Anderson — Use the right JIT script when disabling trace ICs (bug 627150, r=billm).
284811f39ca6f3a6f3cb5d8f7568a3f93826995bDavid Anderson — Get rid of value snapshotting in value iterators (bug 624421, r=luke,gal).
a13615394e09b675162e66894ff8abf9ffd2fbf7Gregor Wagner — Bug 624224 - cleanup compartment sweep code, r=brendan
d90128361cb89eece957ebfc9fce563c1a290611Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 623428 - TM: avoid bloat caused by multiple mReserve arrays in VMAllo