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#include "nsTimeRanges.h"
#include "nsDOMError.h"
#include "nsContentUtils.h"


DOMCI_DATA(TimeRanges, nsTimeRanges)


nsTimeRanges::GetLength(PRUint32* aLength) {
  *aLength = mRanges.Length();
  return NS_OK;

nsTimeRanges::Start(PRUint32 aIndex, double* aTime) {
  if (aIndex >= mRanges.Length())
  *aTime = mRanges[aIndex].mStart;
  return NS_OK;

nsTimeRanges::End(PRUint32 aIndex, double* aTime) {
  if (aIndex >= mRanges.Length())
  *aTime = mRanges[aIndex].mEnd;
  return NS_OK;

nsTimeRanges::Add(double aStart, double aEnd) {