Fix bug 394771 - Lightning calendar view context menus use wrong entities. r=ssitter
authorPhilipp Kewisch <>
Thu, 25 Mar 2010 22:05:04 +0100
changeset 7315 7db38e17ae64137cb7404206044ac5866aa194e4
parent 7314 466a5624a1874a6264733126c71e7296dbd0f4a5
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Fix bug 394771 - Lightning calendar view context menus use wrong entities. r=ssitter X-Channel-Repo: comm-central X-Channel-Converted-Revision: 98e96c27cb83ea42a73d4015890bf2841e988f4c
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/calendar.dtd
@@ -83,22 +83,28 @@
 <!ENTITY            "Go to today" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.todaypane.button.tooltip        "Show Today pane" >
 <!ENTITY            "Switch to day view" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.week.button.tooltip           "Switch to week view" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.month.button.tooltip          "Switch to month view" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.tooltip      "Switch to multiweek view" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.button.tooltip        "Next Day" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.button.tooltip        "Previous Day" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.button.tooltip       "Next Week" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.button.tooltip       "Previous Week" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.button.tooltip      "Next Month" >
-<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.button.tooltip      "Previous Month" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.label                 "Next Day" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.label                 "Previous Day" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.accesskey             "x" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.accesskey             "s" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.label                "Next Week" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.label                "Previous Week" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.accesskey            "x" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.accesskey            "s" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.label               "Next Month" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.label               "Previous Month" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.accesskey           "x" >
+<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.accesskey           "s" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextday.tooltip    "One Day Forward" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevday.tooltip    "One Day Back" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextweek.tooltip   "One Week Forward" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevweek.tooltip   "One Week Back" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.nextmonth.tooltip  "One Month Forward" >
 <!ENTITY calendar.navigation.prevmonth.tooltip  "One Month Back" >
--- a/calendar/chrome/calendar/menuOverlay.dtd
+++ b/calendar/chrome/calendar/menuOverlay.dtd
@@ -87,23 +87,13 @@
 <!ENTITY          "Three Weeks">
 <!ENTITY          "Four Weeks">
 <!ENTITY          "Five Weeks">
 <!ENTITY          "Six Weeks">
 <!ENTITY goTodayCmd.label                       "Today">
 <!ENTITY goTodayCmd.accesskey                   "T">
-<!ENTITY                "Previous Day">
-<!ENTITY goPreviousCmd.week.label               "Previous Week">
-<!ENTITY goPreviousCmd.month.label              "Previous Month">
-<!ENTITY goPreviousCmd.accesskey                "P">
-<!ENTITY                    "Next Day">
-<!ENTITY goNextCmd.week.label                   "Next Week">
-<!ENTITY goNextCmd.month.label                  "Next Month">
-<!ENTITY goNextCmd.all.accesskey                "e">
 <!ENTITY showCurrentView.label                  "Current View">
 <!ENTITY showCurrentView.accesskey              "V">
 <!ENTITY              "Calendar Properties…">
 <!ENTITY          "C">