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Fri Aug 02 06:13:22 2019 +0000
aa441baefd8dda77557f839f21d9db19c19d957bAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 7a06c08bf267 (bug 1501886) for bc failures e.g. browser_window_menu_list.js on a CLOSED TREE
ef4b44c74fd4c2a631ea480dc60d83295c70a19aZibi Braniecki — Bug 1501886 - Migrate menubar to Fluent. r=fluent-reviewers,Pike,flod
c4c57ebd09c3c1cda49439a88dd4fbb713f60eebMichal Novotny — Bug 1570660 - Add network ID to about:networking, r=mayhemer,fluent-reviewers,flod
84a1175d8a018797f4b6d85b2f37b033588f306bCiure Andrei — Backed out changeset 586a0cf2202e (bug 1549806) for causing browser_noLoginsView.js and browser_masterPassword.js failures CLOSED TREE
2017c7fdd428f29b96573cb5476165bb5d816053Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1567896 - Part 3: Implement social tracking protection doorhanger; r=johannh
d993cb420dd16688a20ba24251d0eeb7e2cacedfTim Nguyen — Bug 1549806 - Implement "No logins" screen for about:logins. r=fluent-reviewers,jaws,flod
5c6efadb9ecc9d0795fed8e2aa06334431c25cceTim Nguyen — Bug 1569723 - Show a 'Discard' dialog when canceling or leaving the edit/create mode in about:logins. r=fluent-reviewers,jaws,flod
96041e5ac00909eb9ec75d9d829663be789fe7d4Erica Wright — Bug 1561336 - Move existing strings to an ftl file. r=fluent-reviewers,mtigley,flod
a4c1e92ddb587ef6b6ca860f748e4fd8f23b3515Tim Huang — Bug 1555231 - Part 2: Add strings for protections panel footer section. r=nhnt11,flod
188cc8c11b91a3c4a5601f242fe514928c38c730Gurzau Raul — Backed out changeset de47b64c35f1 (bug 1549808) for failing at browser_masterPassword.js on a CLOSED TREE.
8a81fe7db3783d17b6509a8baa932980ef47bbc3lesleynorton — Bug 1549808: Add favicons to login list items. r=jaws,fluent-reviewers,flod