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Wed May 15 17:49:22 2019 +0000
e688b18a11d92158b9bdf1433c16823258b107b6BelĂ©n Albeza — Bug 1540110 - Add help text with links to mdn in the Setup page. r=jdescottes,daisuke,Ola,Harald,flod
285c82554a83df58d0fa00cb2c181ba9ab1e627aGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-beta a=same-version-merge l10n=same
4c93048176ba6e807cfa16517ce781de58220966Michael Kaply — Bug 1522823 - Policy for whitelist/blacklist addons by ID. r=aswan,flod
a3e6cae7d21db4a736e7bf2b9a38b5f68557b36cFlorens Verschelde — Bug 1550040 - Add warning icon to contrast warning badge; r=yzen,mtigley