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Wed May 29 12:10:23 2019 +0000
56a15946fcee5c60bc2af6c6189533cae4836123Brad Arant — Bug 1538270 - Removal of extra space at end of message.;r=VladBaicu
a39e7cb31e9228661962aa1fec394df68b13ad13Oana Pop Rus — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
fe9561c5ce31813b7451db6e0fdb30001155ed63Mark Striemer — Bug 1554317 - String for showing add-on recommendations r=rpl,flod
42a3991391ffcbcdb0137fde7f801e6dcb2a7134Robert Strong — Bug 1503341 - Use UX provided text for displaying errors when writing the update settings json file. r=bytesized,flod