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Tue Mar 19 17:18:17 2019 +0000
4265ced22c20d9a75cedbf54d67da78514a106d5tanhengyeow — Bug 1491008 - Netmonitor should not unescape URL-escaped parameters. r=Honza
9045cbbd2951149a33a9629ea9131ce95e0ea544Mirko Brodesser — Bug 1165211: Add UseCounter for 'MouseEvent.mozPressure' and deprecate it. r=alchen,smaug
fde310729a344dbae0c5782129748cc3bc5d13bashindli — Backed out changeset c0996caf797f (bug 1523761) for bc failures in browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_947914_button_history.js CLOSED TREE
d0fe37498cdfd8d0922275ebe649f648c98e702cYuan Cheng — Bug 1523761 - Move the syncedTabs strings from browser.dtd to fluent, r=Gijs,flod