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<!-- General -->
<!ENTITY  "My Calendar" >
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.label     "Calendar">
<!ENTITY calendar.calendar.accesskey "C">

<!ENTITY calendar.confirm.deleteallevents  "Are you sure you want to delete all the selected events?" >
<!ENTITY calendar.confirm.deleteevent "Are you sure you want to delete this event titled: " >
<!ENTITY calendar.confirm.deleteuntitledevent "Are you sure you want to delete this untitled event?" >

<!ENTITY calendar.flat.topbar.choosedate       "Go to Date" >
<!ENTITY calendar.flat.topbar.dayview          "Day View" >
<!ENTITY calendar.dayview.accesskey            "D" >
<!ENTITY calendar.flat.topbar.weekview         "Week View" >
<!ENTITY calendar.weekview.accesskey           "W" >
<!ENTITY calendar.flat.topbar.monthview        "Month View" >
<!ENTITY calendar.monthview.accesskey          "M" >
<!ENTITY calendar.flat.topbar.multiweekview    "Multiweek View" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweekview.accesskey      "u" >
<!ENTITY calendar.dayView.key                  "1" >
<!ENTITY calendar.weekView.key                 "2" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweekView.key            "3" >
<!ENTITY calendar.monthView.key                "4" >

<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.tooltip          "Create a new task" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.tooltip         "Create a new event" >
<!ENTITY calendar.delete.button.tooltip           "Delete selected event" >
<!ENTITY calendar.edit.button.tooltip             "Edit selected event" >

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.todoitems.label       "Tasks" >
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.showcompletedtodos.label "Show completed Tasks">

<!ENTITY calendar.calendartab.label "Date">
<!ENTITY calendar.listofcalendarstab.label "Calendars">
<!ENTITY       "Today">
<!ENTITY calendar.tomorrow.button.label       "Tomorrow">
<!ENTITY calendar.soon.button.label           "Soon">

<!ENTITY "All Events">
<!ENTITY "Today's Events">
<!ENTITY "All Future Events">
<!ENTITY "Currently Selected Day">
<!ENTITY "Events in the Next 7 Days">
<!ENTITY "Events in the Next 14 Days">
<!ENTITY "Events in the Next 31 Days">
<!ENTITY "Events in this Calendar Month">

<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.done.label          "Done">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.priority.label      "Priority">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.title.label         "Title">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.percentcomplete.label "&#37; Complete">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.startdate.label     "Start">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.enddate.label       "End">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duedate.label       "Due">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.completeddate.label "Completed">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.categories.label    "Category">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.location.label      "Location">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.status.label        "Status">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.calendarname.label  "Calendar Name">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.tree.duration.label      "Due in">
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.close.tooltip            "Close event search and event list">
<!ENTITY calendar.find.key  "F">

<!ENTITY            "Go to today" >
<!ENTITY calendar.todaypane.button.tooltip        "Show Today pane" >
<!ENTITY calendar.choosedate.button.tooltip       "Choose date to go to" >
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.button.tooltip        "Find and list events" >

<!ENTITY            "Switch to day view" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.tooltip           "Switch to week view" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.tooltip          "Switch to month view" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.tooltip      "Switch to multiweek view" >

<!ENTITY calendar.nextday.button.tooltip        "Next Day" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevday.button.tooltip        "Previous Day" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextweek.button.tooltip       "Next Week" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevweek.button.tooltip       "Previous Week" >
<!ENTITY calendar.nextmonth.button.tooltip      "Next Month" >
<!ENTITY calendar.prevmonth.button.tooltip      "Previous Month" >

<!ENTITY calendar.newtask.button.label          "New Task" >
<!ENTITY calendar.newevent.button.label         "New Event" >
<!ENTITY calendar.delete.button.label           "Delete" >
<!ENTITY calendar.edit.button.label             "Edit" >

<!ENTITY calendar.choosedate.button.label       "Choose Date" >

<!ENTITY calendar.cut.button.tooltip            "Cut" >
<!ENTITY calendar.copy.button.tooltip           "Copy" >
<!ENTITY calendar.paste.button.tooltip          "Paste" >
<!ENTITY calendar.print.button.tooltip          "Print calendar" >

<!ENTITY calendar.cut.button.label              "Cut" >
<!ENTITY calendar.copy.button.label             "Copy" >
<!ENTITY calendar.paste.button.label            "Paste" >
<!ENTITY calendar.print.button.label            "Print" >

<!ENTITY calendar.import.button.tooltip            "Import events from a local file" >
<!ENTITY calendar.export.button.tooltip            "Export events to a local file" >
<!ENTITY calendar.subscribe.button.tooltip         "Subscribe to a calendar file on a remote machine" >
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.button.tooltip           "Publish events to a remote machine" >

<!ENTITY calendar.export.calendar                "Export Calendar…" >

<!ENTITY calendar.import.button.label              "Import" >
<!ENTITY calendar.export.button.label              "Export" >
<!ENTITY calendar.subscribe.button.label           "Subscribe" >
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.button.label             "Publish" >
<!ENTITY calendar.unifinder.button.label           "Find Events" >

<!ENTITY calendar.remotereload.button.label   "Reload" >
<!ENTITY calendar.remotereload.button.tooltip   "Reload all remote calendars" >

<!ENTITY              "Day" >
<!ENTITY calendar.week.button.label             "Week" >
<!ENTITY calendar.month.button.label            "Month" >
<!ENTITY calendar.multiweek.button.label        "Multiweek" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.label    "Workweek days only" >
<!ENTITY calendar.onlyworkday.checkbox.accesskey  "r" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.label   "Tasks in View" >
<!ENTITY calendar.displaytodos.checkbox.accesskey "k" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.label     "Show completed Tasks" >
<!ENTITY calendar.completedtasks.checkbox.accesskey "c" >

<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.label "Rotate View" >
<!ENTITY calendar.orientation.accesskey "o" >

<!ENTITY        "W">

<!ENTITY " contain">

<!ENTITY     "Number of Weeks" >
<!ENTITY "N" >
<!ENTITY      "2 Weeks" >
<!ENTITY      "3 Weeks" >
<!ENTITY      "4 Weeks" >
<!ENTITY      "5 Weeks" >
<!ENTITY      "6 Weeks" >

<!ENTITY calendar.list.header.label                 "Calendar">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.title.label           "Show">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.label             "All">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.all.accesskey         "A">
<!ENTITY           "Today">
<!ENTITY       "T">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.label       "Next Seven Days">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.next7days.accesskey   "N">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.label      "Not Started Tasks">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.notstarted.accesskey  "a">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.label         "Overdue Tasks">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.overdue.accesskey     "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.label       "Completed Tasks">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.filter.completed.accesskey   "C">
<!ENTITY            "Incomplete Tasks">
<!ENTITY        "m">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.title.label           "Title:">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.organizer.label       "From:">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.priority2.label       "Priority:">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.priority.low.label    "Low">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.priority.normal.label "Normal">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.priority.high.label   "High">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.status.label          "Status:">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.category.label        "Category:">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.details.repeat.label          "Repeat:">

<!ENTITY calendar.task.category.button.tooltip  "Categorize tasks">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.complete.button.tooltip  "Mark selected tasks completed">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.priority.button.tooltip  "Change the priority">
<!ENTITY calendar.task.delete.button.tooltip    "Delete the selected task">

<!-- Statusbar -->
<!ENTITY statusText.label            "Document: Done">

<!-- customizable toolbars -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.customize.label             "Customize…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.customize.accesskey         "C">
<!ENTITY                "Customize Toolbar…">
<!ENTITY            "C">
<!ENTITY                    "Main Toolbar">
<!ENTITY calendar.maintoolbar.accesskey               "M">

<!-- Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.label      "Open">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewitem.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.label      "Open Task…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyorviewtask.accesskey  "O">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.label              "New Event…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newevent.accesskey          "N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.label               "New Task…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newtodo.accesskey           "k">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifytask.label            "Edit Task…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifytask.accesskey        "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyitem.label            "Edit Item…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.modifyitem.accesskey        "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.label            "Delete Task">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletetask.accesskey        "l">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteitem.label            "Delete">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteitem.accesskey        "l">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.label           "Delete Event">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteevent.accesskey       "l">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletethisevent.label       "This Event">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletethisevent.accesskey   "T">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletecompleteseries.label  "Complete Series">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletecompleteseries.accesskey   "S">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefutureevents.label     "All Future Events">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefutureevents.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefuturetasks.label     "All Future Tasks">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deletefuturetasks.accesskey "F">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.label              "Cut">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.cutevent.accesskey          "t">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.label             "Copy">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.copyevent.accesskey         "C">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.label            "Paste">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.pasteevent.accesskey        "P">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.selectall.label             "Select All">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.selectall.accesskey         "A">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.label                "Today Pane" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.button.accesskey            "T" >

<!-- Task Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.label              "Progress">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.progress.accesskey          "P">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.label              "Priority">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.priority.accesskey          "r">

<!ENTITY percnt "&#38;#37;" ><!--=percent sign-->

<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.label     "Mark Completed">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.markcompleted.accesskey "o">

<!ENTITY progress.level.0             "0&percnt; Completed">
<!ENTITY progress.level.0.accesskey   "0">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25            "25&percnt; Completed">
<!ENTITY progress.level.25.accesskey  "2">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50            "50&percnt; Completed">
<!ENTITY progress.level.50.accesskey  "5">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75            "75&percnt; Completed">
<!ENTITY progress.level.75.accesskey  "7">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100            "100&percnt; Completed">
<!ENTITY progress.level.100.accesskey  "1">

<!ENTITY priority.level.none                "Not specified">
<!ENTITY priority.level.none.accesskey      "s">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low                 "Low">
<!ENTITY priority.level.low.accesskey       "L">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal              "Normal">
<!ENTITY priority.level.normal.accesskey    "N">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high                "High">
<!ENTITY priority.level.high.accesskey      "H">

<!-- Server Context Menu -->
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.label              "New Calendar…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.newserver.accesskey          "N">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.label           "Find Calendar…" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.findcalendar.accesskey       "F" >
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.label           "Delete Calendar">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.deleteserver.accesskey       "D">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.reloadserver.label           "Reload Remote Calendars">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.reloadserver.accesskey       "R">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.label                "Publish Calendar…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.publish.accesskey            "b">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.label                 "Export Calendar…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.export.accesskey             "E">
<!ENTITY             "Properties">
<!ENTITY         "P">

<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.label              "Convert To">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.mail     "n">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.accesskey.calendar "v">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.label        "Event…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.event.accesskey    "E">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.label      "Message…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.message.accesskey  "M">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.label         "Task…">
<!ENTITY calendar.context.convertmenu.task.accesskey     "T">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.label           "Mini Month">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.minimonth.accesskey       "M">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.label        "Calendar List">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.calendarlist.accesskey    "L">

<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.label           "Filter Tasks">
<!ENTITY calendar.tasks.view.filtertasks.accesskey       "F">

<!-- Calendar Alarm Dialog -->

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.location.label              "Location:" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.details.label               "Details…" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozefor.label             "Snooze for" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snoozeallfor.label          "Snooze All for" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.title.label                 "Calendar Alarm" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismiss.label               "Dismiss" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.dismissall.label            "Dismiss All" >

<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.5minutes.label       "5 Minutes" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.10minutes.label      "10 Minutes" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.15minutes.label      "15 Minutes" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.30minutes.label      "30 Minutes" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.45minutes.label      "45 Minutes" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1hour.label          "1 Hour" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.2hours.label         "2 Hours" >
<!ENTITY calendar.alarm.snooze.1day.label           "1 Day" >

<!-- Calendar Server Dialog -->
<!ENTITY calendar.server.dialog.title.edit          "Edit Calendar">
<!ENTITY          "Calendar Name:">

<!-- Calendar Properties -->
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.color.label    "Color:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.webdav.label   "iCalendar (ICS)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.caldav.label   "CalDAV">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.wcap.label     "Sun Java System Calendar Server (WCAP)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.format.label   "Format:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.location.label "Location:">
<!ENTITY     "Name:">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.readonly.label "Read Only">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.firealarms.label "Show Alarms">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.cache.label    "Cache (EXPERIMENTAL, requires restart)">
<!ENTITY calendarproperties.enabled.label "Switch this calendar on">

<!-- Sunbird Help -->
<!ENTITY               "Help Contents">
<!ENTITY           "H">

<!-- Calendar Publish Dialog -->
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.dialog.title              "Publish Calendar">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.url.label                 "Publishing URL">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.publish.button      "Publish">
<!ENTITY calendar.publish.close.button      "Close">

<!ENTITY calendar.publish.example.url.description   "Something like">

<!-- Select Calendar Dialog -->
<!ENTITY    "Select Calendar">

<!-- Calendar Printing -->
<!ENTITY calendar.print.window.title "Print A Calendar">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.title.label "Title:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.layout.label "Layout:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.range.label "What to Print">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.currentview.label "Events in current view">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.selected.label "Selected events">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.custom.label "Custom date range:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.from.label "From:">
<!ENTITY "To:">
<!ENTITY calendar.print.settingsGroup.label "Print Settings">

<!-- Error reporting -->
<!ENTITY calendar.error.detail "Details…">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.number "Error number:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.description "Description:">
<!ENTITY calendar.error.title "An error has occurred">

<!-- LOCALIZATION NOTE (mainWindow.title): DONT_TRANSLATE -->
<!ENTITY mainWindow.title "&brandFullName;">