2013-01-09 00:39 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Missed refactoring: OBJDIR is superfluous now; just reference the default .dmg via BASEDIR plus objdir/arch/dist path directly. default tip
2013-01-09 00:34 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Refactor sign_exp.sh to act either on the default .dmg or a passed-in .dmg, and mount the image to examine the enclosed Camino rather than cheating (which only worked when signing a locally-produced .dmg)
2013-01-08 23:56 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Intermediate step in refactoring originally designed to support passing in either .dmg, .app, or .app's parent folder; for historical reference only!
2013-01-08 22:40 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Fix typo in BASEDIR + an objdir path should use OBJDIR directly change
2013-01-08 22:39 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - BASEDIR + an objdir path should use OBJDIR directly
2012-06-14 23:17 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Added tag JAVA_CONTENT_POLICY_1_0_1 for changeset 2a51f9685273
2012-05-28 00:01 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Tweak wording of update-check message to include version numbers and be more similar to Sparkle. Also switch back to a dialogue from a sheet. JAVA_CONTENT_POLICY_1_0_1
2012-05-22 03:24 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Second half of upate-checking, rough cut: compare version strings, prompt if an update is available, and load the page if the user wants to visit it. Also make sure to fetch the version number text file ignoring cache, because Gecko by default appears not to fetch an updated copy.
2012-05-19 03:13 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - First half of update-checking: fire off an XMLHttpRequest on profile-after-change (the latest event Gecko fires in Camino) to get the contents of a text file.
2012-05-18 23:30 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Stip spaces and any trailing comma from the whitelist string before transforming it into a regexp.
2012-05-18 03:04 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Strip spaces when transforming the whitelist string into a regexp in order to prevent users who type comma-space by force-of-habit from breaking their whitelist.
2012-05-18 02:36 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Now that we check only for hostnames, switch the placeholder pref value from space to underscore. As a result, fix a latent bug (related to the double-calling of setUpPrefs on launch) the switch uncovered, where the second launch would have allowed all Java applets because the empty string matches everything! Also add some additional logging for the cases where we reject the site so it's easier to tell wonky Java loading issues from actual content policy denials.
2012-05-18 01:45 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Switch from the nsIURI spec to host to match what's specified in the Readme and what I intended all along, a whitelist of hosts or hostname fragments.
2012-05-18 01:19 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Fix placement of semi-colons after the switch from Components.interfaces.nsIContentPolicy.FOO to numeric constants. I can't believe this wasn't broken; aren't non-rigorous languages great :-P
2012-05-08 16:03 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add a dump() version of the other log instance in setUpPrefs so that it appears when called during startup.
2012-05-08 02:52 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add more logging to track down the source of the dummy pref creation failure, and switch to first calling setUpPrefs only after profile-after-change, to ensure the dummy pref can be written on first run.
2012-05-04 16:29 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Tagged revision 15299267f759 as JAVA_CONTENT_POLICY_1_0
2012-05-04 16:28 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Replace Components.interfaces.nsIContentPolicy.FOO lookups with nsIContentPolicy numeric constants (should improve performance JAVA_CONTENT_POLICY_1_0
2012-05-04 03:28 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add pref observer (and xpcom-shutdown observer required for tearing down prefs observer) and switch prefs reading to at-component-creation, with re-reading triggered by the pref change observer. Also tweak some of the logging and comments.
2012-05-03 02:03 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Switch to new symbolpush server in uploadsyms.sh
2012-05-03 02:02 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Refactor the prefs-reading code into its own function
2012-05-03 01:23 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Refactor to use early return for non-Java loads
2012-04-19 00:18 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Refactor logging
2012-04-11 01:53 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - The a=-only check won't work; add comment to explain what's wrong for sometime when I'm less tired
2012-04-11 01:37 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Version of bugnum with a more robust(?) check that only allows a=-only commits on Gecko relbranches
2012-04-11 01:35 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Interim bugnum revision that had a quick hack to support a=-only transplants on Gecko relbranches
2012-04-11 01:13 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add a non-working wrapper script to drive creation of an “experimental build” with software update support.
2012-04-11 01:01 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Actually block only Java, not all plug-ins, and fetch the whitelisted URLs from a pref instead of hardcoding the regexp.
2012-04-11 00:58 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Initial version of Java-blocking content policy component
2012-04-11 00:57 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add test content policy from Wladimir Palant from https://bug498399.bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=383302
2012-02-02 17:21 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Add ability for sign_exp.sh to generate a skeleton update definition.
2011-09-08 00:27 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Comment-out the interactive inspection of APPEND mode transplants
2011-09-07 23:53 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - My modifications to transplant.sh: Append the additional comment at the end of the last line, not on a new line; explicitly define my editor and other local fixes.
2011-09-07 23:51 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - neil's bugfix
2011-09-07 23:50 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add ted's transplant.sh
2011-08-31 15:41 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Allow Gecko version bump messages to escape the bug/reviewer checks (for use with hg transplant and relbranches).
2011-07-26 17:04 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add some sanity-checks and some help to the cookies-extraction script.
2011-07-26 17:00 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add cookie-extraction script from http://slacy.com/blog/2010/02/using-cookies-sqlite-in-wget-or-curl/
2011-01-17 23:30 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Add one more useful release-wrangling phrase to the exceptions, and add a TODO comment.
2011-01-17 22:14 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Add some useful release-wrangling phrases to the exceptions lists
2010-11-19 16:09 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Change uploadsys.sh to explicitly request bash to ensure export works
2010-11-19 15:39 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Add support for pulling the symbol index filename out of the archive, reading the post-uploadsymbols command from a tinder-config, and exporting both in order to make OS Symbols uploads compatible with bug 607951 and friends (on-server conversion of text symbols to binary symbols)
2010-11-19 15:15 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Add the convenience script I used to sign the experimental 1.9.2 builds for Sparkle updates to version control
2010-11-19 15:14 -0500
Smokey Ardisson - Add OS Symbols convenience scripts to version control
2010-09-26 21:13 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add support for detecting try-chooser syntax in lieu of reviewer, complete with a warning to use 'hg rollback' after pushing to try.
2010-07-26 00:18 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Allow backing out without requiring a reviewer.
2010-07-24 18:56 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add .hgrc (installation) syntax for the hook and re-order the comments.
2010-06-10 01:35 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - v1.0.3 of the modified PrettyPrint.xsl (since I don't have 1.0.1 or 1.0.2 saved anywhere that I can find); these versions 1) move timestamps back to the left and change the default colors 2) replace instances of 'you' in events with the log-owner's nick, and change the headers 3) remove any zero-width spaces (used by Colloquy to force breaks in links and other things in the WebView) from user-generated messages
2010-06-10 01:28 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Commit the original version of Zak Greant's Colloquy-to-MediaWiki XSL (from http://colloquy.info/project/ticket/1285)
2010-06-05 00:30 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add echoURL, designed for use as an 'outgoing' hook, that will echo the remote URL of the changeset on successful push, to allow for easy copy-paste into bugs.
2010-05-22 17:36 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add checks for reviewer/superreviewer in the commit message
2010-05-22 17:35 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Add beginning-of-word checks to 'or' clauses
2010-05-22 17:34 -0400
Smokey Ardisson - Initial version of bugnum hook to prevent checkins to Mozilla repos without a bug number (or 'no bug') in the commit message
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