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Wed Jan 09 05:39:21 2013 +0000
d5a8a534399c0c24d45e073b7ea5f82b731b9f71Smokey Ardisson — Missed refactoring: OBJDIR is superfluous now; just reference the default .dmg via BASEDIR plus objdir/arch/dist path directly. default tip
Wed Jan 09 05:34:15 2013 +0000
9f1ab9a88537e5502d850b07c3f9d4fa4ce16d90Smokey Ardisson — Refactor to act either on the default .dmg or a passed-in .dmg, and mount the image to examine the enclosed Camino rather than cheating (which only worked when signing a locally-produced .dmg)
Wed Jan 09 04:56:39 2013 +0000
909128ba85a5647011bf6341caa3fc7027d71253Smokey Ardisson — Intermediate step in refactoring originally designed to support passing in either .dmg, .app, or .app's parent folder; for historical reference only!
Wed Jan 09 03:41:05 2013 +0000
06c4390df5696314e7198960247f3f02d844257eSmokey Ardisson — Fix typo in BASEDIR + an objdir path should use OBJDIR directly change
Wed Jan 09 03:39:22 2013 +0000
b7f05c8e69365fe25de359664ebc2204d67d0e16Smokey Ardisson — BASEDIR + an objdir path should use OBJDIR directly
Fri Jun 15 03:26:45 2012 +0000
9eb9bf9d752de0cf08e989c4d41b64cdd0087005Smokey Ardisson — Added tag JAVA_CONTENT_POLICY_1_0_1 for changeset 2a51f9685273
Mon May 28 04:01:19 2012 +0000
2a51f9685273ff6479e4778cbfdb18e3caff10e8Smokey Ardisson — Tweak wording of update-check message to include version numbers and be more similar to Sparkle. Also switch back to a dialogue from a sheet. JAVA_CONTENT_POLICY_1_0_1
Tue May 22 07:24:21 2012 +0000
44955d3c1ffad863e827786621877fea80c1d6fbSmokey Ardisson — Second half of upate-checking, rough cut: compare version strings, prompt if an update is available, and load the page if the user wants to visit it. Also make sure to fetch the version number text file ignoring cache, because Gecko by default appears not to fetch an updated copy.
4101f967e4767904e2e809d202782749af4c8f30Smokey Ardisson — First half of update-checking: fire off an XMLHttpRequest on profile-after-change (the latest event Gecko fires in Camino) to get the contents of a text file.
Sat May 19 03:30:06 2012 +0000
71d9f5acdb262ebd8634ddac22446acca87e0977Smokey Ardisson — Stip spaces and any trailing comma from the whitelist string before transforming it into a regexp.
Fri May 18 07:04:17 2012 +0000
7c5bdc008c0aceee5a08b73578fa3817bb941e25Smokey Ardisson — Strip spaces when transforming the whitelist string into a regexp in order to prevent users who type comma-space by force-of-habit from breaking their whitelist.