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Fri Mar 27 00:14:01 2015 +0000
10a1f093153e44ec191d5f35fe26d94aa021dc77jmozmoz — Remove obsolete code for old addon manager. default tip
e8f03157029b1b2f769b69a0004f1ee6c340002ajmozmoz — Add 36.0 to compatible version (even so it will break Thunderbird if
Wed Jan 14 23:59:19 2015 +0000
d13fa599dc52cd77440d412ee4c9aed5baa32c3cjmozmoz — Use unique variable name for name spacing.
63186e3afb39dfa3b62561546f19352fc9d7aa96jmozmoz — Another fix for the other actions button context menu
856c8604f38b48ab2f235c997c84511712072072jmozmoz — Fix header toolbar location code and other action button icon
c1a3e4fabf0b1066745c9c7953c4d301d9fd55d2jmozmoz — Put eclipse project and folder AMO into .gitignore
d568b060101d0862823d68dbeac8f71fab88ea10jmozmoz — Fix tests (name of other actions button) and default button settings
Mon Dec 22 14:04:40 2014 +0000
d49249cab656d2bb55caaebf0f42ef218eafe5eeJoachim Herb — Moved tag github/branch36.0a1 to changeset 290d2ce7fc8e (from changeset 609ed45b6881) 36.0a1
290d2ce7fc8e01e56ad284f325704f74d7f739a3Joachim Herb — Other cleanup work for 37.0 36.0a1 github/branch36.0a1
e32540c2b21f87a6e9641cdaa3052dbdae24942eJoachim Herb — Remove obsolete files for old versions of Thunderbird 36.0a1
097ec1ba302328e0c1adad0d437b9d63ddce662aJoachim Herb — Temporarily disable compact header specific other action button 36.0a1
a501055b33c0ef5fa37bb439d9dbcd8d9f78083eJoachim Herb — Try to fix more Javascript strict problems 36.0a1
609ed45b688199c821ebd60969727c34772c11eeJoachim Herb — Merge with default 36.0a1
c17796fa355652f50fc8ab7ba01c03f75cd0e0ecJoachim Herb — Added tag V_2_0_9 for changeset 06ff59781da9
06ff59781da900fa0e3ac6c60c2a49cff5e9fdabJoachim Herb — Fix Japanese accesskey. Fix let in tests. Bump version to 2.0.9 V_2_0_9
e731b1598f787f3d0bd5d1061f9883e0a8e23b98Joachim Herb — First fixes for tests with thunderbird 36.0a1 36.0a1
b74ab8e00fab5598080c3b05c9f6046a186b7190Joachim Herb — Set Thunderbird min version to 36.0a1 36.0a1
7514da272a0a6e735d74ea4ecc986c76cab69b0bJoachim Herb — First fixes for Thunderbird 36.0a1 36.0a1
3119fc8a3e5a99699bd4fd18c8e61105bc07b526Joachim Herb — Starting '36.0a1' branch 36.0a1
8b21cc1bba5635b4d8bfd120a6a43f6715cd81ccJoachim Herb — update .hgignore
5b3f93f718c18d4942126d425e0027672c859836Joachim Herb — Add localization info to install.rdf
d0e9c7cbcea875cd60d93bc1991812c3ae7870ddJoachim Herb — Added tag V_2_0_9beta2 for changeset c3072d9044c6
27dc42dd22280c2b38afa52529b9c1d2d931142dJoachim Herb — Removed tag V_2_0_8beta3
c3072d9044c63860604fd62830cf6ec836720facJoachim Herb — Added tag V_2_0_8beta3 for changeset 3e87cf97c712 V_2_0_9beta2
3e87cf97c71255ef133cdea5ce67f40f6d0128f3Joachim Herb — Add missing access key in Slovenian translation
bb866738b02fc4ff97d053ae135bb12caf3eb454Joachim Herb — Add reference to sl-SI
b77a68743e8da089febf9ea2bf838702e1780f09Joachim Herb — Absolute reference to event listener function
482fe261e5e2216dabfa052ea8e9aa382936c1dfJoachim Herb — Add Slovenian translation
2de7a9b06edd86b6bfa6b72133bff63cd071dc76Joachim Herb — Updated Turkish translation
Thu Oct 17 18:51:35 2013 +0000
8da0b3b6f8741c8ca1a1ea406989143850825916Joachim Herb — Updated links to beta for tests
Thu Oct 17 18:02:52 2013 +0000
f46c887049511f4185bd8ec7d4b0d8616593276eJoachim Herb — Added access key and new translations.
Tue Oct 15 21:03:35 2013 +0000
f88538078b530406b7d82845ae52b8813a7513f5Joachim Herb — Add compact menu entry to application menu toolbar button.
Mon Oct 14 22:12:00 2013 +0000
3362eb18f91e6aae94789cbd33bb7b06ddd7ded1Joachim Herb — Added Dutch translation. Added new menu entry to make shortcut for toggling header more visible. Updated tests.
Mon Aug 26 21:30:02 2013 +0000
95f926cf7e4a3d0968d20d0d13551d819b6ea2e5Joachim Herb — Added tag V_2_0_8 for changeset 8da8524e4c60
8da8524e4c60557a3c3c4723103e0e00dff4e826Joachim Herb — Set version to 2.0.8 V_2_0_8
b83695b7ca85440d8238a35cc036c456b2999c18Joachim Herb — Updated Serbian translations.
48029353cbca38b328c4c3fe77f7c5874f7003bbJoachim Herb — Updated Swedish and Turkish translations.
6bd7a52fa85ecce39559d4a1e4dff1b87e55ce43Joachim Herb — Updated Polish translation
9e72442c40f30cfb377715e732aa2ef90bdcd714Joachim Herb — Updated Russian translation
22970e80112de39646e30e4014d0eb0dbcbdfae6Joachim Herb — Updated Danish translation
4b1c9b658323190d2567a8c147b80d18b27213fdJoachim Herb — Updated English, German, Danish and Japanese translations
Wed Aug 14 23:52:31 2013 +0000
6e3f97a4e5dbe7205bfab992183213f993e96ca9Joachim Herb — Add missing glob in
Wed Aug 14 23:43:02 2013 +0000
753aae84478213932565df1831f321d6f3d27e7bJoachim Herb — Yet another update of tests