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+Vendoring Puppeteer
+As mentioned in the chapter on [Testing], we run the full [Puppeteer
+test suite] on try.  These tests are vendored in central under
+_remote/test/puppeteer/_ and we have a script to pull in the most
+recent changes.
+We currently use [a fork of Puppeteer] with a small number of tweaks
+and workaround to make them run against Firefox.  These changes
+will be upstreamed to Puppeteer when we feel more comfortable about
+compatibility with Chrome.
+To update the vendored copy of Puppeteer under _remote/test/puppeteer/_:
+	% ./mach vendor puppeteer
+	 0:00.40 Removing old checkout from remote/test/puppeteer
+	 0:00.56 Checking out firefox from https://github.com/andreastt/puppeteer.git to remote/test/puppeteer
+	 0:03.35 Removing unnecessary files
+	 0:03.35 Updating remote/test/puppeteer/moz.yaml
+	 0:03.35 Registering changes with version control
+	 0:03.73 Updated Puppeteer to firefox
+This will replace the current checkout with a fresh copy from
+the predefined remote, which currently is the `firefox` branch on
+https://github.com/andreastt/puppeteer.git.  You can override which
+remote and commit to use with the `--remote` and `--committish` flags:
+	  -c COMMITISH, --commitish COMMITISH
+	                        Repository tag or commit to update to.
+	  --remote REMOTE       Remote git repository.
+	  --ignore-modified     Ignore modified files in current checkout.
+[Testing]: ./Testing.html
+[Puppeteer test suite]: https://github.com/GoogleChrome/puppeteer/tree/master/test
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+  PuppeteerVendor.md
 Bugs are tracked under the `Remote Protocol product`_.
 .. _Remote Protocol product: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/describecomponents.cgi?product=Remote%20Protocol