Fix type for target-tasks-method
authorAnthony Miyaguchi <>
Wed, 24 Aug 2016 20:23:23 -0700
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Fix type for target-tasks-method
--- a/taskcluster/
+++ b/taskcluster/
@@ -143,17 +143,17 @@ class MachCommands(MachCommandBase):
                      help='email address of who owns this graph')
                      help='SCM level of this repository')
                      choices=['nightly', 'push'],
                      help='Source of execution of the decision graph')
-    @CommandArgument('--target_tasks_method',
+    @CommandArgument('--target-tasks-method',
                      help='method for selecting the target tasks to generate')
     def taskgraph_decision(self, **options):
         """Run the decision task: generate a task graph and submit to
         TaskCluster.  This is only meant to be called within decision tasks,
         and requires a great many arguments.  Commands like `mach taskgraph
         optimized` are better suited to use on the command line, and can take
         the parameters file generated by a decision task.  """