[mq]: gtest-build draft
authorGeoff Brown <gbrown@mozilla.com>
Wed, 10 Apr 2019 09:26:25 -0600
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[mq]: gtest-build
--- a/moz.configure
+++ b/moz.configure
@@ -315,25 +315,25 @@ def check_objdir_backend_reuse(build_env
                     build_env.topobjdir, prev)
        help='Force disable building the gtest libxul during the build.',
 # Determine whether to build the gtest xul. This happens in automation
-# on Android and Desktop platforms with the exception of Windows PGO, where
+# on Android x86_64 and Desktop platforms with the exception of Windows PGO, where
 # linking xul-gtest.dll takes too long.
 @depends('MOZ_PGO', build_project, target, 'MOZ_AUTOMATION', '--disable-gtest-in-build',
          enable_tests, when='--enable-compile-environment')
 def build_gtest(pgo, build_project, target, automation, enabled, enable_tests):
     if not enable_tests or not enabled:
         return None
     if (automation and build_project in ('browser', 'mobile/android') and
-        not (pgo and target.os == 'WINNT')):
+        not ((pgo and target.os == 'WINNT') or (target.os == 'Android' and target.cpu_arch != 'x86_64'))):
         return True
 set_config('LINK_GTEST_DURING_COMPILE', build_gtest)
 # Localization
 # ==============================================================
 option('--enable-ui-locale', default='en-US',
        help='Select the user interface locale (default: en-US)')