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Fri Jun 01 15:22:50 2018 +0000
b0e8b387f142e54acc23543549fc983a8bf541c3Alexander Surkov — Fuzzy query=a11y
d6129f5a72ebffbef2c97183392399b2b207a4afAlexander Surkov — fixed virtualcursor test
040aa41f523e4abecdd1d7546e90ff179407693dffxbld — No bug, Automated HSTS preload list update from task BqRcopwHQbGAhBJA_2Vuzw
f8dbb1d2d07cb5645d8370b1f766b21da538d392Jonathan Kew — Bug 1464400 - Keep track of CSS generics when resolving to actual font families and faces, and expose as a new CSSGeneric attribute on InspectorFontFace. r=jwatt
36687c035662d43b744ddb1ead29e65d139fae66Jonathan Kew — Bug 1463115 - Try to skip irrelevant (collapsed/trimmed) whitespace when collecting used font faces for devtools inspector. r=jwatt
d5dc8b91fc04c7b4ed1bd5e3c4fe38eec6427043Paolo Amadini — Bug 1457719 - Part 4 - Remove the "autorepeatbutton" element. r=bz
3b014d30c22287b41d16d49cd914e6c54dd1c181Paolo Amadini — Bug 1457719 - Part 3 - Replace "autorepeatbutton" with "toolbarbutton" in the base "arrowscrollbox" binding. r=dao
f352b2883f00d3caa6158e4fd208b1eb5669d5cfPaolo Amadini — Bug 1457719 - Part 2 - Disable the reftest for "arrowscrollbox" scrolling for timing issues. rs=dao
b6b0ef8c7bf8ff915098da8e9793726139e7f637Paolo Amadini — Bug 1457719 - Part 1 - Restore "scrollbox.css" as a XBL stylesheet. r=dao
c9221e2a82ce30347027f53c14f640b794ea7972David Major — Bug 1360120: Run Win64 ASan builds and tests on trunk and try. r=coop
38ec627c4758007cbadf94a16ee188f5505bb9afDavid Major — Bug 1360120: Promote win64-asan builds and tests to tier 2. r=dustin
24447bd95fbd88c310b93e096f476873364a7ab1Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1466008: followup: set the rule type in the custom properties code, since we use it. r=me on a CLOSED TREE