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Tue Dec 10 21:01:34 2019 +0000
b30f4d00c856449929d207dd647aa670b04e116fBrad Werth — Fuzzy query=linux 64 debug !sw browser
74ec9db436ef4cc08c400cf356796b5d8e48d02dBrad Werth — Bug 1579178 Part 4: Update test functions and an existing zoom test to work with new RDM UI.
ef9bcea8d4e83264fe0000a14610289adda44893Brad Werth — Bug 1579178 Part 3: Remove the old RDM UI method for save-and-restore of resolution for full zoom changes.
12f9ea7683242f4ab2edcce85a2b773f943a3103Brad Werth — Bug 1579178 Part 2: Move the full zoom save-and-restore of resolution into the ZoomActorChild.
c4420bd689c84b138c8f227fb9490b54dc580ac4Brad Werth — Bug 1579178 Part 1: Make RDM new browser ui change viewport size in response to zoom.