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Mon May 20 08:19:54 2019 +0000
08af4671144a815a58c84ca03b5f379f08d9ded9Bob Owen — Fuzzy query='build
3dfdcbf52c4199da60c210444dab741c73a1ffa8Bob Owen — Bug 1515088 Part 2: Set LoaderThreads to 1 in the RTL_USER_PROCESS_PARAMETERS structure on child process start-up.
2b7d8640702eed145c1c2068c98e2e411cd59754David Parks — Permit sandboxed processes to access Flash temporary files.
f1f44ab62d4c6a755f50fe9df5ff78834b82b67cDavid Parks — Add mechanism to libsandbox_s to track names of files that have been given special sandbox access permissions (PermissionsService).
1096c50c2ca0bb76b321af42fb80f82aaae29c94Bob Owen — Add KEY_WOW64_64Key and KEY_WOW64_32KEY to the Chromium sandbox allowed registry read flags.
b792db55b3dd560c6590bd9808f8afc729a7ac78Bob Owen — Change to allow network drives in sandbox rules with non-file device fix.
010a5c47189905883515772e2d50a52af8a71973Bob Owen — Re-apply - Logging changes to the Chromium interception code.
a64b82a23082a8d7e5c46c3063133ec21f61684cBob Owen — Add UNICODE definition to Windows sandbox build. r=aklotz!
526b74888fe9287d19fa37af8660e4307201a825Bob Owen — Bug 1552160: always undefine MemoryBarrier in Windows sandbox on MinGW. r=tjr!
672e222dce87dd64c3e2a1381d16aec71b21aef6Bob Owen — Bug 1552160: ifdef out concurrencysal.h include in windows_type.h on MinGW. r=aklotz!
ccc72b588f1c38a98bfeeb313e76751f7ab59bb3Bob Owen — Hash if out testing functions that cause dependency creep. r=aklotz!
29c2b80215ee9faa43b75c9c0c1d56db2357438aGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 1297740.
35fd863c7589689252f415fcb249afad9e1dccd0Bob Owen — Fix incorrect int use in Kernel32BaseVersion in r=aklotz!
652c34465d5b2f7e78902a6018cd45c92ec44363Tom Ritter — Bug 1461421 Use OffsetOf to calculate the location of parameters_ rather than making assumptions about the parent class
e11fad1d0104e0815d371e8988ea7e7e1e51263aTom Ritter — Bug 1431803 Disable a specific __try block on MinGW
c14849107381f2f03ee10d215424b5254147a7a6Tom Ritter — Bug 1431797 Correct the capitalization of headers inside the chromium code so MinGW can compile
6413cb580dccd986c61e6dbdc72fc370765b8f10Tom Ritter — Bug 1432295 Cast GetProcAddress to (void*)
6c7d2da21e54f60e3ef24e3c52ca00e336b55cfcTom Ritter — Bug 1230910 Declare operator new [](size_t, sandbox::AllocationType, void*)
4944c81c5c5718f281e30d5e49bf5e55f424f561Tom Ritter — Bug 1431825 Map _Copy_s to copy for basic_string compatibility on MinGW
47cb9f72b9ffee741abea262e12d43e2444c194cTom Ritter — Bg 1432790 Remove a stray \ to fix the MinGW build.
891d4c089d859aea765455881fcd3f1fc3c722abBob Owen — Revert commit f7540af7428f4b146136ec19b781886693f8c03f changes to for causing issues with CoInitializeSecurity.
6ceca8b3eb98320949f76eb6d5659751fda06458Bob Owen — Allow a special all paths rule in the Windows process sandbox when using semantics FILES_ALLOW_READONLY.
b0c03c48d7199056df1b3e719f3b3dd55990f9a6Bob Owen — Bug 1366701 - Add option to Windows chromium sandbox policy to not use restricting SIDs.
27281334a464a0656380a6e6a777bcf58fd57e1dBob Owen — Don't compile base::Time::FromStringInternal.
3fcda0e1ceef631e0547da6a84a1cc157155d3edBob Owen — Don't compile sandbox::ApplyMitigationsToCurrentThread.
d354f513c7705f75d7ef602027475c74f55a46e0Bob Owen — Reinstate sandbox::TargetServices::BrokerDuplicateHandle.
da187c32d5d04a0668d8512e90ea1fc8ceed6816Bob Owen — Reinstate sandbox::BrokerServices::AddTargetPeer
6970b490b0eb2f34e928911d69bf9ad3a7815c49Bob Owen — This removes sequence checking on RefCountedBase in DEBUG builds.
00ed201e50a258c16977b2bed2b1c7e024021a08Gian-Carlo Pascutto — Update chromium's list of linux-x86-32 syscalls.
6597592b48aa938b52f29680cfdb3093c8e20809Bob Owen — Mozilla patches to chromium code no longer required after update.
9813619e1c91d7336e530799f7438f9360a5cad8Bob Owen — Add new security/sandbox/chromium/sandbox/linux dependencies from chromium commit a95171383423bed8840d49a9247debb426bf705d r=jld!
2f65436a135b57bdd88cbfb3b51605a1f0756118Bob Owen — Update existing security/sandbox/chromium/sandbox/linux files to chromium commit a95171383423bed8840d49a9247debb426bf705d r=jld!
fd5753ccd32b5222a15de39f39b54e727dce08a4Bob Owen — Changes to chromium-shim and mozilla code required for chromium commit a95171383423bed8840d49a9247debb426bf705d r=aklotz!