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Mon Apr 19 16:33:13 2021 +0000
ffe9b90454f1ebf17ddf8b4ba92a1f6086ae53beSteve Fink — Fuzzy query='sm-package
6fbd428a1d1ac10a857e54002b2a9586fe3b8a6aSteve Fink — Minor updates to spidermonkey source package
a324d5024604c48483a05f76884e30fd12cfb68aSteve Fink — Bug 1705783 - stop clearing MOZ_AUTOMATION for SM(pkg)
78cb613b07435df9c189c735967a7628880d517bSteve Fink — Default --enable-project to 'mozjs' if sentinel file README-mozjs is found.
729f8459e0f8745101e5da83d7f6796887e9b977Steve Fink — Re-order some configuration to enable later change.
4b93d9a0ed7ffa9615901f5690f8d4c9d4088446Steve Fink — Allow --enable-project=mozjs to build the 'js' project with defaults for the standalone spidermonkey source package
a6068cc73be6f974124994e7c2fc33b83cbb3b0dSteve Fink — add encoding errors=... param to mozunit mocked open()
74ca28fc4d8f29c87a5dbde3ecd2239acb91e387Steve Fink — Pre-existing test fixes
9bfc0d35e026cf446021bcc74c38bb1c259e05dfSteve Fink — Bug 1697929 - Make mach work in the spidermonkey release package
00cbb7d01e11298824d8fb302a49672a1eb9c925Steve Fink — Bug 1697929 - autospider: remove use of tooltool
982942766556a2d00641fc2349dbe4135515ab5eSteve Fink — Bug 1697929 - Switch to use mach for configure, builds, recurse_syms using an autogenerated mozconfig
2a18f86060e29f243a08eebb32a8d26894e2d705Steve Fink — Bug 1697929 - Create a breakpad injector toolchain build.
87114611713aa8aef1931d5cee68be797080f478Steve Fink — Bug 1697929 - Allow missing mach commands in the spidermonkey release package
d9a1c32ab2fd98929c362be8a918dd65e139593bSteve Fink — Bug 1697929 - Do not use MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPLOAD for controlling SM uploads because it breaks `mach build` when set