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Tue Dec 10 20:58:49 2019 +0000
c7876b1e9faf1434d5970245fdf48636a7c98bc3libmozevent — try_task_config for
8fa835522305be87a3e01507466c2b1aeead6cb3Dave Townsend — Bug 1602176: When available use a site's app manifest to determine what is inside and outside of an SSB. r=Gijs
211cbccebf71ee91ce7c12a7bbbb3d3d7bc00f8dDave Townsend — Bug 1602173: Capture attempts to load pages and redirect back to the browser when needed. r=Gijs
60090e11b49390ab7d500c6142957c22b2d26284Dave Townsend — Bug 1602173: Create a SiteSpecificBrowser class and expose data about it in content processes. r=Gijs
33e3feb274a578d4074bb04e4a2de24957d213feDave Townsend — Bug 1602168: Add a command line argument to launch an ssb. r=Gijs
516be887f6862836049f7d8b0999e9237289ecb1Dave Townsend — Bug 1602123: Add a page action to open the current tab into a standalone window. r=Gijs