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Sat Mar 31 05:40:41 2018 +0000
375eb201c5411ebf6e75b29f6eea8664c380984cSteve Fink — try: -b do -p all -u all
f81b7c49018d9d4bb89453efc2b87ae5e1664632Steve Fink — Use delegation rather than inheritance for the BufferList in JSStructuredCloneData
82b8a5f9df87fd71d5126e6fed15022f6441f1d9Steve Fink — Remove unused JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer::copy
c3d1ff08494b0875b8fa88aca68086f305fb39bdSteve Fink — Comment the purpose of JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer
07ffab8c7948be6aaf3dcd2572c66392a0ab869eSteve Fink — Remove unused alternate callback option to JSAutoStructuredCloneBuffer::clear
5fb29d2db77ed0bcf6f0f4fe860a4b4cf593399aSteve Fink — Bulk up SCOutput by changing it from storing a bare BufferList to a full JSStructuredCloneData.
04e51a9c75eec336be12ee7449fcf92bca75825aSteve Fink — Restrict discardTransferables to only the freeTransfer callback
916dfcfb58c38641299734b5a22498e60d123560Steve Fink — Allow synthetic clone buffers to contain transferables
78d53646681efbf4f262555b2cf93a5efae26374Steve Fink — Update sixgill to ab06fc42cf0f for bug 1450379, r=bhackett
3f8778d19c401304222fd614a004cabb74b2d52cSteve Fink — Bug 1449066 - Annotate more func<AllowGC::NoGC> as not being able to GC, r=jonco
870f0aeb6adefc835e4b1d4a3c6ef15481c03881Steve Fink — Bug 1449066 - Switch hazard builds to GCC 6, r=froydnj