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Sat Nov 03 04:48:36 2018 +0000
736aa614eacd94a11f563f8f0a72464721a77f54Jeff Walden — try: -b d -p all -u all -t none
0902f0000f8c18c09d855c2e1ef09448d377d259Jeff Walden — Bug 1503109 - Use JS::CompileUtf8FileDontDeflate to compile script files in the shell. NOT REVIEWED YET
59082fec9e89f37c6b07e27d31d2eb756a826f77Jeff Walden — Bug 1503105 - Implement JS::CompileUtf8FileDontInflate that performs compilation as UTF-8 without inflating, for opt-in experimental use until code is stable/proven enough that JS::CompileUtf8 can compile directly from UTF-8. NOT REVIEWED YET
43fe7dcc32ae9b410627bcf8e04ba71fc9679f31Jeff Walden — Bug 1503104 - Add a CompileLazyFunction overload that supports UTF-8. NOT REVIEWED YET
2b6e15dc7ad6ed45df1f12c2ca51f975208dbb54Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Convert the two CompileModule functions to template functions, then call them inside non-template overloads. NOT REVIEWED YET
aeb9b21c9ef93e00ff487192126b2e2593c19b61Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Remove the original CompileEvalScript overload, and rewrite all users to use a new (EvalScriptInfo&, SourceText<char16_t>&) overload that calls a UTF-8/16-ready template function. NOT REVIEWED YET
1dec9ec7395d604ae4cf14a4c2c1e7008b2085b0Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Remove the original CompileGlobalScript overload, and rewrite all users to use the new (GlobalScriptInfo&, SourceText<char16_t>&, ScriptSourceObject**) overload. NOT REVIEWED YET
b4c24d037e11d76c51a450da435985930201856fJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Introduce a new BytecodeCompilation.h header for fresh bytecode compilation signatures coming soon. NOT REVIEWED YET
7d960b8f124e6319bda9e02d3e23f9c018bc486fJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Add a UTF-8 parser to the Variant inside EitherParser. NOT REVIEWED YET
3b6cd259a50dae75a33f880c99f21108b393015eJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Implement ScriptSource::appendSubstring for UTF-8 source text, using a newly-implemented StringBuffer::append(const Utf8Unit* units, size_t len). NOT REVIEWED YET
4b09b1ddaaeaf53dcd086223778a67da5e7fc85bJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create syntax and full parsers in bytecode compilation passing |SourceText::units()|, so that Utf8Unit appearing here will continue to require individualized treatment. NOT REVIEWED YET
a24e5178441eeeafd4887cc306eeb04ec60efb5dJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Implement ScriptSource::setSourceCopy to work for both UTF-8 and UTF-16 source text. NOT REVIEWED YET
da08730ebc1c4cc7e1ced954468b8a7e49c74c45Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Implement CompileGlobalScript in terms of a template CreateGlobalScript function that handles UTF-8 and UTF-16 both. NOT REVIEWED YET
5e9ef37f7d8440f3d48ba69a3a32a56c6ca9db4eJeff Walden — Bug 1485800 - Rename SourceBufferHolder to SourceText, and add a <typename Unit> template parameter to it so it can hold putative UTF-8 or UTF-16 source text. NOT REVIEWED YET
307cbf664bee8ae37d4f3779e14711ea5e4bb351Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Templatize everything that's source-aware in bytecode compilation. NOT REVIEWED YET
fc2825851782bbbf93d4eada5403f93d072cb9b3Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Separate source-unit-aware functionality out of BytecodeCompiler into unrelated subclasses so that unit-agnostic functionality can be shared. NOT REVIEWED YET
f44ae23672ffc006f900fec17867dbf2d59ef4bbJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Adjust some access controls now that BytecodeCompiler is used only as base class, not on its own. NOT REVIEWED YET
5e774e5705e3fbdd72150ddd1735e93d196e86bbJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass for standalone function compilation. NOT REVIEWED YET
15ed47e6f2b35cfca2874d39013c05d4ef8c9e55Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass to perform module compilation. NOT REVIEWED YET
b6bae6406daf7386a27cee38bd6d6d5efbf558b5Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass to perform eval script compilation. NOT REVIEWED YET
eb10485c18263055e464bdeda0fb03e1fd35bf2cJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Create a BytecodeCompiler subclass to perform global script compilation. NOT REVIEWED YET
84edee7c49e66e8040ed56d51781cf5739b845dbJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Remove BytecodeCompiler::enclosingScope and just make users provide it themselves when they need it. NOT REVIEWED YET
004b3c4031764f9b668a6967c36f354f33f46e90Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Define BytecodeCompiler::sourceObjectPtr() inline, closer to the top of BytecodeCompiler's definition. NOT REVIEWED YET
747ba7e8f34d47e03c4cacc1977a089408532389Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Move BytecodeCompiler's members to the top of the class definition. NOT REVIEWED YET
7dcdb7ebc340beedf952e60a9008458601649b74Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Split BytecodeCompiler::compileStandaloneFunction into BytecodeCompiler::{parse,compile}StandaloneFunction. NOT REVIEWED YET
381f322f1b83b96a111859f6649edbe27c0c5baaJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Rename BytecodeCompiler::createScript() to BytecodeCompiler::createCompleteScript(). NOT REVIEWED YET
2db33764510db2ae6a7e730542b73b7d5209c4e8Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Move script creation into prepareModuleParse. NOT REVIEWED YET
a0c9e208e960ce4bdba504921693e063f443112eJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Move script creation into prepareScriptParse. NOT REVIEWED YET
aabcacd430fa10824b96123a084dd382182aff0cJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Move standalone function-compilation's createSourceAndParser call into a separate prepareStandaloneFunctionParse function, anticipating when that function will have to deal with multiple kinds of SourceBufferHolder. NOT REVIEWED YET
c2608c01e434ea712ce26a145c11cd1c7e1e734aJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Move script-compilation's createSourceAndParser call into a separate prepareScriptParse function, anticipating when only that function will have to deal with multiple kinds of SourceBufferHolder. NOT REVIEWED YET
08d5106ec4de8f234d4ae2c03920b0d56ee4cf93Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Move module-compilation's createSourceAndParser call into a separate prepareModuleParse function, anticipating when only that function will have to deal with multiple kinds of SourceBufferHolder. NOT REVIEWED YET
91a1208ac240270a0621894b3840a9e2774fa5acJeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Compute script start position after creating the script proper, in BC::compileScript. NOT REVIEWED YET
bad0a60c6323f89ddf0b269d5a3bc805d8213493Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - When compiling a module script, create the ModuleObject after creating the script for it. NOT REVIEWED YET
1513c4e8c9ba16704d45da6af4db7748ac820ea0Jeff Walden — Bug 1498320 - Remove obsolete "|options.utf8| must be set" comments from UTF-8 compilation function docs. NOT REVIEWED YET
01668902c16622f6a4e6cbbde95b2623f52f403cJeff Walden — Bug 1503086 - Initialize all SourceBufferHolders with a fallible function that in all cases assumes ownership of given-ownership data. NOT REVIEWED YET
e9fd6a7890cac4b217a58ac8105c4c038d893856Jeff Walden — Bug 1499192 - Don't null-terminate ScriptSource source-code chunks. r=tcampbell
7efc6de436ed7a63f5fc31986842972b3fa7257fJeff Walden — Bug 1501821 - Implement GetBeginLoc and GetEndLoc helper functions in the clang plugin that use SFINAE to pick the function from getBeginLoc/getLocStart and getEndLoc/getLocEnd that clang actually implements -- enabling forward compatibility with clang 8 which normalized the names of these functions. NOT REVIEWED YET
79fe86c6047bd5e5580320f2f041a29e9fa2759bTom Ritter — Bug 1502686 - When fuzzyfox is enabled, first put it into an initializing state before telling TimeStamp is it enabled r=baku
63f135d2db22375b51cf0ded745279afe2188022Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 48 changesets (bug 1376873, bug 1502992) for causing windows 7 wpt crashes on several files.
cad4c41bf7fefbc2f2142ce9d57c7b0a0ee8c4a8Kris Maglione — Bug 1482091: Follow-up: Whitelist errors in yet another fullscreen test. r=bustage
dfd04bbbf00d65f7a474ccbf800878f69799e7b6Kris Maglione — Bug 1482091: Follow-up: Whitelist errors in another fullscreen test. r=backouts-are-terrible-for-blame-walking-and-should-always-be-a-last-resort
26b4dcdfd6274fb7f648a5a66bfc398b1c28ab92Kris Maglione — Bug 1482091: Part 2 - Remove TelemetryStopwatch.jsm in favor of native implementation. r=chutten
b3e02a455dc587e31302c594e952594c1cf4d64bKris Maglione — Bug 1482091: Part 1 - Add native TelemetryStopwatch implementation. r=chutten,mccr8
b82f3434f70ca38c79fdd959df093e1809178450arthur.iakab — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1482091) for bc failures on browser_domFullscreen_fullscreenMode.js
b9db1780bb9c56883527709e75f58c8c6a06bcb6Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1502992 - Disable frequently failing webrtc/RTCRtpTransceiver.https.html on Windows 7
016dbf6331618cddb769ad7344cd3021c65747f0Cosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound. a=merge
72b791de2f09b12e873469a13a92012ff45d9d98Jonathan Kew — Bug 1503928 - Optimize FontFamilyList::Contains to avoid allocation and string-copying. r=lsalzman
e8c25ac5d5bb1189555ae867cf6ffbda5b47e088Tom Ritter — Bug 1501808 - Bump MinGW Version to capture several MinGW fixes. r=dmajor
24f10efb4ce15935103f61a360969af89503a41dLars T Hansen — Bug 1446307 - Compute toggled call size properly; fix constant pool header. r=sstangl
7e03d8a3978934889f2081e6cd92adc2c00d3421Eitan Isaacson — Bug 1503728 - Get proxy's SessionAccessible from its chrome doc. r=Jamie
73a273670597c16d7c0644cc2d6d9b61c6fe8204Valentin Gosu — Bug 1503725 - Do not deallocate nsThreadShutdownContext when leaking thread. r=erahm