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Wed Apr 25 22:37:34 2018 +0000
bec011a346bd5872e04a1df05185f28fb62645f0Jeff Walden — try: -b do -p all -u all -t none
5a09bdf6e3e20b773c94aa58ed7ecfb7ee29a5f1Jeff Walden — [mq]: more
444b4c2ef6ba620abd3bd4ddeadffea02b9172e5Jeff Walden — Bug 1456296 - Move IdentifierName parsing into a separate function from TSS::getTokenInternal to simplify some control flow. r=arai
ee36b000e3adae7acc7976372eeed1f1ca8db6efSteve Fink — Bug 1448522 - Handle errors in transferOwnership correctly, r=jorendorff
6cd19d2e0138d698749d329088659ab4d4a9810cRobert Longson — Bug 1455763 - Remove SVGViewElement.viewTarget r=heycam r=mystor
37fc9c4f9a214a5bc242cd6ca0eec6a02d608035David Major — Bug 1456952: Reapply bug 624198 fix that got lost in an upstream update. r=jrmuizel
129e90aed47a91b44a0b8ac3b3c44b0b8b9c72caAndrew Swan — Bug 1447551 Part 2: Convert webRequest to persistent events r=mixedpuppy,kmag
49295192e8a854f21854f70d658f04cb51e8aa36Andrew Swan — Bug 1447551 Part 1: Fix some issues with persistent EventManagers r=kmag
43fb3472db5f3c1e811697993316cfd4e434cfdbRyan Hunt — Bug 1455408 - Remove thread priority suppport from HAL as it isn't used any longer. r=gsvelto
c1e5abfc4b6a52d25aed3381b4beb64f8ea66c67Ryan Hunt — Bug 1455408 - Remove dead code from CompositorBridgeParent that was used for changing thread priority. r=kats
070ece578a860d1b471b21e0208b883fef7f5677Ryan Hunt — Bug 1455408 - Remove dead code in ImageBridge that was used for changing thread priority. r=kats